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RepublicansRepublicans Ravi Tiwari @RaviTiw99675224🔁 Thankful to have met such strong supporters at the @SAC_PR Republicans Christmas party last night!
Sen Dianne Feinstein @SenFeinstein🔁It’s the height of hypocrisy for Republicans to vote for a tax cut that would add at least $1 trillion to the deficit after spending eight years railing against the national debt.
Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff🔁I’m increasingly worried Republicans will shut down the House Intelligence Committee investigation at the end of the month.

Here’s why:

Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁Dear : FBI Director Christopher Wray gave over $39,000 exclusively to Republicans. Are you okay with that? Because if you are, then you need to shut up with the partisan talk about our dedicated, professional and patriotic FBI officials.
Clare North 🍒⚪️ @ClareNorth🔁Obama gave a heartbreaking, teary-eyed speech, begging Congress to tackle gun violence after Sandy Hook.
Republicans mocked Obama for being emotional and Trump just hosted the NRA at the White House on the anniversary of the shooting.

We've fallen so so far.

Uber Alt-Leftist 🌹 @stardustnf🔁I don't care what your arguments against are; there is no argument compelling enough to support three unelected people overruling the will of 83% of the public, including 75% of Republicans. This violation of public will is inexcusable.

Parker Nay @justbeinpnay🔁Dear Democrats & Republicans,

Your party is not always right. Your party can be wrong. The answer might be somewhere in the middle, between the extremes. It’s okay to not be right 100% of the time. Compromise is okay. It’s vital for democracy.

Most of us in America

Majken Bergman @majken_bergman🔁 History will look kindly upon those who oppose Trump.
msprissy @mzprissy1947🔁This is the man Republicans on Capitol Hill and in state media are attempting to rewrite into a virtual criminal, in their determination fo serve and protect Donald Trump. Read this and then take that in.
marc @Delight7Deserts🔁SOURCES/ Here's the second-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), discussing new rumors in Washington, D.C. that Trump plans to wait until all of Congress has left the capital to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller.
Faye Igdari @FIgdari🔁So the pro-Clinton texts House Republicans used to prove pro-Clinton bias at the DOJ and FBI and push Mueller's firing were illegally leaked to the media by *pro-Trump* elements at the DOJ and FBI, mirroring pro-Trump leaks at the DOJ and FBI that aided Trump's election.

Got it.

Noreen Sweeney @cmc7591🔁No matter how Republicans try to spin it, the American people cannot afford the . It:

- Gives major tax cuts to corporations
- Kills the ACA individual mandate
- Could trigger slashes to Medicare and Medicaid
- Increases deficit by nearly $1.5 trillion

Marie Proia#Resist @marieproia🔁The utter obedience of Republicans to Donald Trump, and their determination to defend him at all costs, even to the point of demonizing a respected public servant like Bob Mueller, will be noted in history. That includes you, Senator.
VON KUEHLSCHRANK @alienscatology🔁It appears Republicans will not stop Trump if he fires Mueller and pulls a full on coup, started with the help of a foreign dictator.
Debbie Brady @RechecktoCheck🔁Why is this even a question any more? Republicans and Democrats and Intel and Defense officials agree. Only the president is the outlier.
Alex Gladwell @Alex_Gladwell🔁Speaking on behalf of the vast majority of the American people, Republicans in Congress be forewarned:any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated.These are BS attacks on him/his staff that are blatantly political-designed to hide the real wrongdoing. Country not party
Greykat @_greykat🔁Dear : FBI Director Christopher Wray gave over $39,000 exclusively to Republicans. Are you okay with that? Because if you are, then you need to shut up with the partisan talk about our dedicated, professional and patriotic FBI officials.
Ronn Thomason @RonnThomason🔁I’m getting tired of having to say an action by this administration was terrible. So I’ll just say: Republicans and Dems in Virginia asked for an extension. He denied it anyway. President Trump never misses a chance to make health care worse in America.
CoastalMistress @CoastalMistress🔁Dem senator urges GOP to stand up to Trump over CDC word ban: This isn't what we do in America
Trump Facts @Real_TrumpFacts🔁The irony is Republicans are okay releasing FBI agents’ text messages from government accounts directly to the press, but are not okay turning over emails from government accounts related to a criminal investigation? Go figure.
星月漫天 @xymtiann🔁Republicans accused of concocting email scandal against Robert Mueller
Ashansen @Ashansen2017🔁12/ One other thing is clear: Congressional Republicans lack the will—or, in the House, the interest—to stand up to Trump should he overturn the rule of law. That said, Democrats would only need a small number of Republican allies in the two houses of Congress to protect Mueller.
yetiite @yetiite🔁@JuddLegum When trump can nominate a Dalmatian to be a lifelong judge, and republicans appoint it, democracy is dead. No recourse.
Lisa Farnan @mennekinpis🔁Rep. Ted Lieu: "The only reason that Republicans are attacking the FBI is because they're getting desperate that Special Counsel Mueller's investigation is getting closer to the very top of our federal government"
No Fake News! App @politiciandirec🔁Republicans release their final tax bill ahead of key vote next week
Carmella DiRienzo @232372🔁It’s like Republicans live in a completely different universe, where Trump is God, FoxNews is the Bible, Hillary is president when they need someone to blame, they trust Russia more than Democrats, are loud when a Dem is accused of sex crimes & silent on Trump’s 20 victims. SAD!
Lawson Kilpatrick @lkilpatr606🔁 Republicans accused of concocting email scandal against Robert Mueller
RobinDotNet @RobinDotNet🔁The big “scandal” about Obamacare was that Dems secured votes by including provisions (Cornhusker Kickback, etc.) that benefitted lawmakers *constituents*. Republicans have literally bought off their senators with cash.
Casta Diva @castadiva95🔁 Man, if only there were a test case for this experiment that Republicans could look at... #ksleg
Chridmans @chridmans🔁Republicans: Politica correctness is horrible! Thought police! Why should I have to not say words!

Also Republicans: you literally can't say "science" anymore because it makes us feel bad

David Alvarez-Carbon @alvarezcarbonel🔁*30 minutes after Trump wins election*
Republicans: Why won't this crooked bitch Hillary concede!
*96 hours after Doug Jones wins election*
Robyn Szczelaszczyk @Robynszcz🔁Dem senator urges GOP to stand up to Trump over CDC word ban: This isn't what we do in America
Jim Giesler @GieslerJim🔁OMG I hope this is true, I know the votes were tampered with in Michigan! Why else did the republicans fight the recounts so hard that they were Stopped?
Shelley Evans @ShelleyJEvans🔁Republicans on the House Intel Committee are trying to shut down the Russia investigation. Here are their names RT

Devin Nunes
E. Stefanik
Peter King
Michael Turner
Brad Wenstrup
F. LoBiondo
Mike Conaway
C. Stewart
Rick Crawford
Tom Rooney
W. Hurd
Trey Gowdy
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Rishu Raj 💦 @rissu_raj🔁 Trump's plan to cut taxes for richest Americans now has enough votes to pass
Theresa @theresamax🔁 Time for impeachment.
Cindy @cynsha🔁We know that Paul Ryan had a major part of the Trump-Russia collusion, and so he's forcing the Republicans to follow along with him. Looks like blackmail to me.
lynda fallowfield @grammielynda1🔁Republicans are rushing to pass their disaster of a tax bill, so please keep up the calls, tweets, letters, emails. We need your voice now more than ever.
KAREN ROTHERY @SlimROTHERY🔁Republicans released their thousand page tax bill around 5:30 p.m. yesterday. They want to vote on it early next week. That barely gives Senators enough time to go over the bill, let alone have constituents weigh in.
Pamela Guth @pamela_guth🔁I wouldn’t make this bet, because Trump is impulsive and corrupt, but delegitimizing the investigation, to create pretense for Republicans to ignore Mueller’s findings, fits the facts just as well as laying the groundwork to fire him.
#Biophilia @mikealbeland🔁It would be unlawful to fire FBI agents due to their private political beliefs. Should FBI Director Wray be fired because he donated to Republicans?
Tizzy @tizzy1432🔁The Russia investigation must continue because public trust requires it. The rule of law is more important than Trump’s ego & insecurities. If Republicans need something to do, they can act to protect our nation from foreign interference in our election. Crickets.

jogeo @jogeo🔁What people are you putting first?🙄 The people of Dem majority led California wanted & a fair primary.. What happened to that?🤷 You have the same donors as the Republicans and literally swoon every time Romney walks in the room.

Just shut the entire fuck up Nancy

B.A.N.Y.C. @BANYC_🔁The United Nations monitor on poverty and human rights has issued a devastating report on the condition of America, accusing Trump and the Republican leadership in Congress of attempting to turn the country into the “world champion of extreme inequality”.
last.caress @lastcaress1972🔁Drumpf wriggling back off the hook once more. America is so very fucked. Its system simply isn't designed to deal wit h a scumbag this brazen. Maybe shouldn't have elected one POTUS.

Republicans accused of concocting email scandal against Robert Mueller

Tabetha Taylor @TabberAnn🔁House Intel's to Dem just spooned the alarm: Republicans are anxious to end their probe for partisan reasons.

needs to break the internet spreading the word.

Nathan Becker @netbacker🔁But no, average Americans will go on clinging to the lies so they can attack Republicans (even though Democrats tell the same lies). Besides, the peasants are not happy unless they have some (fake) “crisis” to worry about.
Presi_Dunce 🍊Twit @MyP_Chicago🔁Gabby Giffords’s gun safety group is buying ads against 8 Republicans on the new concealed carry legislation.
Joan Frank @jefranques🔁Problem is that the Republicans are paving the way for Trump to Fire Mueller and the Democrats are preparing to roll over and cry about it. We can not count on our Democratic leaders we need to tell them that they cannot agree to budget w/o protections for Mueller.
艾尔莱丽 @aeileiyi🔁Republicans accused of concocting email scandal against Robert Mueller
British Covfefe @AHarrisGB🔁U.S. renewable fuel industry relieved as keep tax credits -

The final retains the production and investment tax credits for and that have spurred investment in the fast-growth industries👍

smokinpolitical @imthe420nerd🔁Legislative Malpractice. Republicans don't want to govern. They want to use government as a lever for profit. They don't care about American prosperity... just their own.
Lynn Shoenut Yaney @LyynnYaney🔁To distribute a list of banned words to a scientific agency is simply not what we do in the United States of America. Every American has to stand up against this. Republicans too, and maybe especially.
Rockinbear @Rockinbear05🔁What are the Republicans, Trump, and his associates so frightened about regarding his transition emails? Soviet meddling on behalf of Trump? Money laundering? Treason...

The Independent @Independent🔁Trump's plan to cut taxes for richest Americans now has enough votes to pass
Kathryn Edwards @Keds1250878727🔁Imagine. Even with people like you and Bannon helping, even though they tried to prevent from voting by listing them as inactive, even though they set it up so they'd be able to steal the election and destroy the evidence - REPUBLICANS STILL LOST.
qunazhixun @qunazhixun🔁Republicans accused of concocting email scandal against Robert Mueller
Carmella DiRienzo @232372🔁It’s the height of hypocrisy for Republicans to vote for a tax cut that would add at least $1 trillion to the deficit after spending eight years railing against the national debt.
EmDG @emilydoutre🔁At 5:30 on a Friday evening, Republicans handed a nice little holiday present to their corporate donors.

See for yourself, this bill is a disaster.

FRANKLYSOMETHING @LMWG19🔁Trump lawyer: Mueller improperly obtained transition documents in Russia probe


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c🗿h🌋a🏝r🛸l🥑i✨e🌈 @Av1anFlu🔁I feel like it's worth saying over and over again that no one cares about "bipartisan solutions." Democrats concede needlessly to Republicans expecting a thumbs-up from the hall monitor, and then when Republicans are in power they literally lock Democrats out of the chamber


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