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Rep. Frederica Wilson Abe smith @Abesmit99660733🔁 Rep. Frederica Wilson should apologize for her crimes against fashion.
Rep. Frederica Wilson James D. Hawkins @jhawk2467🔁 "Rep. Frederica Wilson" She owes the American people an apology for her pathetic voting record.
TheAlcoholMemoirs @AlcoholMemoirs🔁#EmptyBarrel "Rep. Frederica Wilson"
Rep. Frederica Wilson johnkelly @jkellyr🔁 "Rep. Frederica Wilson" All hat and no cattle.
Fox News @FoxNews🔁Rep. Frederica Wilson says Gen. Kelly should 'apologize to nation'
Josh Marshall @joshtpm🔁Rep. Wilson: John Kelly Owes The Nation An Apology For Lying About Me via @TPM
Fox News @FoxNews🔁On Twitter, fired off a new missive at White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly.
susan kearney @sckearney1🔁Read the tweets on the Rep. Frederica Wilson tag and tell me we don't have a race and misogyny issue in America.
Dave @Prodigass🔁Gen. John Kelly is such a bada**!! I don't think 🇺🇸Trump could have found a better .

& the I think they can just bully their way around. Well, not with THIS President & his !! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Kevin Andrews @kevin9359🔁IM SO PROUD of Alabama’s Roy Moore, he’s a candidate. He’d never try and use military families, like Rep. Frederica Wilson did.

Dub Cee @mactown25🔁 “Rep. Frederica Wilson” is trending entirely because of bots. This is outrageous. You should be catching these things before they grow out of control like this. When are you going to make your platform honest?
ItsAWonderfulLife🌟 @NowPleaseClap🔁Yes it’s race and gender foul play that explain the world’s cringe each time bedazzled Rep Frederica Wilson gallops t o the House saloon, swings open the doors and presents her tasseled chaps and vitriolic blah blah …
Tee Bee @tb0811🔁 "Rep. Frederica Wilson" She is disgrace to government. We elect ignorant, poorly educated, corrupt, unAmerican people into govt.. then can not figure out why it is corrupt! We know why! People like HER!
🎶Cathy✌ @beebecathy🔁Kelly lied abt what "Rep. Frederica Wilson" said and did, lied, but I guess in world, liars in chief and keep those dang Ds in line. This entire condemnation of Wilson abuses the widows and dead troops
Ginger Eitel 🇺🇸 @idlegigi🔁 Rep. Frederica Wilson says Gen. Kelly should 'apologize to nation'
schwank @jwskss🔁 Frederica who? Name sounds vaguely familiar. Some blast from the past who’s 15 seconds of fame were over some time a go?
zacarystoneXXX @stoopidboi🔁
Scrolling down reading the most hateful, vile, racist and misogynist tweets about "Rep. Frederica Wilson" only shows what type of voters support Trump!

C-SPAM @c__spam🔁Deputy Sheriff in Virginia wore blackface, dressed up as Rep. Frederica Wilson for Halloween and was not fired nor suspended
Mandarin O Twisted @Mandari25733571🔁Seriously, why is Rep. Frederica Wilson trending?! I’ve wasted time scrolling tweets and found absolutely nothing new news-wise.
#IStandWithTrump👠 @superyayadize🔁Rep. Frederica Wilson says Gen. Kelly should 'apologize to nation'. Broken record, just more deflection from & list of MISOGYNIST DEM MEN‼️‼️
Always4Hillary @MtinaMorgan🔁Kelly lied to the nation from the White House Press podium and he owes the nation an apology. He was shown to be a liar in the the video of the dedication that he apparently didn't know existed. "Rep. Frederica Wilson"
Connie Cryan @ccryan41🔁Empty as empty can be. Just think of the deepest blackest emptiness pit you can imagine and you will find Rep. Frederica Wilson at the bottom in her party hat.
LJ Scott @lscott163🔁"Rep. Frederica Wilson" at it again? Is $730,000 not enough in the GoFundMe page?
Senpai 3:16 🇺🇸 @Kansei13Kansei🔁Al Franken is on his last legs in the US Senate.

A distraction trend appears: "Rep. Frederica Wilson"

Joe Tortorice @joe_tortorice🔁This is the ONLY uniform Rep. Frederica Wilson has ever worn. She has never served this country with Honor.
Dan Freeman @Mulder24🔁Rep. Frederica Wilson, at best, is qualified to be the fry cook at Jack In the Box.
Richard Goulden @Richard_Goulden🔁 Rep. Frederica Wilson says Gen. Kelly should 'apologize to nation'
Tee Bee @tb0811🔁 "Rep. Frederica Wilson" She is disgrace to government. We elect ignorant, poorly educated, corrupt, unAmerican p eople into govt.. then can not figure out why it is corrupt! We know why! People like HER!
Teresa Corino @corino_teresa🔁@FoxNews Get some work done, Rep. Frederica Wilson...the American people are not paying you to be on personal crusades against Gen. Kelly!!
John perkins @Johndav48480672🔁"Rep. Frederica Wilson" is in the sick puppy box

Just one of MANY sick puppies who are PROUD to be 🐍

Harmless if she weren’t a Politician

Why do we vote these people into power?


Kacey Hall @KaceyHall10🔁 Rep. Frederica Wilson says Gen. Kelly should 'apologize to nation'
STRIVE for America @lesstaxingcpa🔁 What a nasty loon. Rep. Frederica Wilson says Gen. Kelly should 'apologize to nation' #FoxNews


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