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Julio Chávez #52925 @JulioChavez998🔁 13 years ago today. Let's do it again Reds.
Liverpool FC @LFC🔁From Merseyside to Kiev. On board with the Reds...


Reds VolkanTanır @volkantanir🔁While counting down for the #UCLFinal2018 @LFC #YNWA #REDS
E.D.Twinam ⚾ 🍕 @etcats2🔁 Is it lunchtime yet? #GrandSalami
frnkiero: Party Dad @FrankIero🔁Ok frendz it’s time! On Saturday the boys in red are off to Kiev to crush the UCL Final! And to celebrate wants to g ive 12 lucky fans some rad LFC prizes. To enter just RT this tweet & follow The contest ends & winners will be picked at 8pm EST. Go Reds!
Liverpool FC @LFC🔁🎶 'It would be my Glastonbury' 🎶

Scouser and fan explains what it would mean to soundtrack another European triu mph for the Reds 🏆


Edward⚡️ @Loftus_Flair🔁Dear Reds family. Please pray for my daughter as she goes through chemo for her leukemia. She's United all the way!
Tyler Richards! △⃒⃘ @TheRealTR19🔁One day left, Kiev on my mind, Up The Reds🔴🔴🔴
Tim @TimDuffy83🔁I get to plenty of games, yes.
But that still has nothing to do with laughing at fellow reds having their plans to t ravel to the biggest game of their lives scuppered last minute.
Blacksea Storm @Tayfun61trb🔁13 years to the day that history was made and the Reds staged the greatest come back modern football has ever seen. The miracle of Istanbul. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
El-ahrairah @JohnseyDM🔁 Nerves are proper kicking in now, Up The Reds 👏👏🔥
Jay the Red @LFC__REDS🔁 We're all too busy thinking about tomorrow to remember that today is the anniversary of Istanbul. Boss that.
Mikolaj Dhillon @Mikolaj_Dhillon🔁I liked a @YouTube video Inside Kiev: Reds head to Ukraine | Two days until the Champions League final
Amalio Yances @AmalioYances🔁🎶 'It would be my Glastonbury' 🎶

Scouser and fan explains what it would mean to soundtrack another European triumph for the Reds 🏆


John N @johnneeso🔁Up the glorious fucking reds. Slowest day of my life! FUCKING CMAAAAN! #LFC
Raph @Reipha🔁@ben_binstead @CrosbyDark @LifeOfARed_ @CenkTosun14_ Too busy obsessed with reds to notice it?
Man United News @ManUtdMEN🔁A few Reds still won’t be getting excited by the prospect of Fred until they see him wearing the club shirt #mufc
Shashank Narayanan @SN23_🔁The day before a final is definitely the worst. I'm switching between doubt, fear, joy and pride every 5 minutes. Head's about to explode, arse's gone, thoughts running wild. Bring on the match already. Up the Reds.
Jay the Red @LFC__REDS🔁Thanks for getting us here boss
Ticketmaster Canada @TicketmasterCA🔁It's a game day!
Come out to to catch the Reds host FC Dallas⚽

Last minute tickets 🎟️➡️

creator @BluntBuckeye🔁@AndrewBurch14 Bc I haven’t watched the Reds in years and I’m basically a local now.
Més Que @Mes_Que🔁 We’ll see you there!

Get in early Reds!

Baz @barryjehu🔁Breathing deep already. Can't wait for tomorrow. Let's get right into them. Up the mighty reds #UCLfinal #AllezAllezAllez #LFC
Loz Kennedy @kennedy_loz🔁@TimDuffy83 I hope cockney reds like you get sorted for all the big games next season seen as you’re a ‘real Liverpool fan’
(LMcK) @jpcr7x🔁I'm still in Liverpool. Eating Coco Pops and doing the school run, like any other day.

Tomorrow I'll be on stage In Kiev and watching the Reds in a Champions League Final.

This life is mad as tits la.


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