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#RedWings Carmen SantaFerrara @BigRagu75🔁Nice night at the ballpark! #baseball #RedWings #fireworks
Sportsnet @Sportsnet🔁The have denounced a white nationalist group using their logo and are exploring their legal options.

Detroit Red Wings @DetroitRedWings🔁The are saddened to learn of the passing of Bryan Murray a deeply-respected staple in the NHL community for 35 years .
#RedWings Red Wings Report @redwings_fanly🔁How Phillies' Aaron Nola is delivering historic run #RedWings
97.1 The Ticket @971theticketxyt🔁#RedWings Denounce Use Of Logo At White Nationalist Rally
Patricia Kelly Adams @PatriciaKAdams🔁Latest : Logo-stealing Detroit "Right Wings" used to finance their trip to .

Coach Dave Aikman @AikmanCMU🔁Proud & respectful of my squad for, once again, showing why this is a first class organization. 🐙🇺🇸
Craig @WardenBear🔁I was raised Jewish but can we drop the Hava Nagilah song/cheer at #Tigers and #RedWings games? It just sounds stupid at a sporting event.
Mike W. @ScheimTime34🔁The didn't make it to the playoffs, but they got this right. ... Look who's the last skater at Joe Louis Arena. It's our buddy Al.
gregg krupa @greggkrupa🔁gordon "red" berenson:



Red Wings Spyder @RedWingsSpyder🔁[Hockey Buzz] - Bob Duff - Murray's mark on Detroit should not be forgotten #RedWings
Bob Duff @asktheduffer🔁Murray's mark on #RedWings should not be forgotten:
Michelle McClain @MomentswithMi🔁 #RedWings Denounce Use Of Logo At White Nationalist Rally
Alec Petrelak @APetrelak🔁Luke Glendening signed photo -$18 obo. Kyle Quincey signed photo -$8 obo. Plus shipping. Please rt!
Alec Petrelak @APetrelak🔁 alumni line up sheet signed by Eddie Mio, Paul Ysebaert, Lee Norwood, and Dennis Hextall. $18 shipped or best offer. Please rt!
Alec Petrelak @APetrelak🔁 calendar signed by Mike Babcock, Kirk Maltby, and Kris Draper. $45 or best offer plus SH. Please rt!
Michael Dawson @mdawsongreen🔁The logo one of the best, if not the best, in sports. To be used by white suprematist group dispicable and beyond unfair to team.
Dave Cottenie @profan9🔁Beautiful, sunny day for vs

Debbie @DesignerDeb3🔁 logo will now be purged by , Obama, et al
along w historical flags & statues

David McGuffin @mcguffindavid🔁The are saddened to learn of the passing of Bryan Murray a deeply-respected staple in the NHL community for 35 years.
Katie @PunkRockPoet84🔁 The latest Sommbeer ! Thanks to @PunkRockPoet84 #craftbeer #redwings
SommBeer @SommBeer🔁The latest Sommbeer ! Thanks to @PunkRockPoet84 #craftbeer #redwings
Alec Petrelak @APetrelak🔁Tomas Tatar signed mini stick with authentication from Upper Deck. $50 or best offer. Please RT!
Red Wings Spyder @RedWingsSpyder🔁[Yahoo Sports] Charlottesville White Nationalist Groups: a Guide #RedWings
Red Wings Spyder @RedWingsSpyder🔁[Fanrag Sports] Thomas Vanek among the most valuable remaining UFAs #RedWings
OverlyOptimisticCane @OptimistiCaniac🔁 Oh boy, this is a great #NHLAltHistory for #Hurricanes and #RedWings fans! via @YahooSports #NHL
The Want List @hockeymedia🔁I've known for decades. If anyone should write about the years at , Ken is it. Get "If These Walls Could Talk."


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