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#RedHen AdorableDeplorable1-A @AdorDeplor3dux🔁 The Red Hen Restaurant is dirty on the inside ...

#RedHen #QAnon

Chuck Woolery @chuckwoolery🔁Retaliate. Have a meeting at with all Black supporters of . I'd like to see how they handle that one. Can we get som twitter.com e service please?
#RedHen Mike Jones @MagaMike4USA🔁 The Red Hen Restaurant's future business forecast ...

#RedHen #QAnon

#RedHen B Dubya @tankerdude01🔁 The tolerant left strikes again..

Red Hen Go Cluck Yourself!


MARK SIMONE @MarkSimoneNY🔁No one can figure out what Democrats want. They believe absolutely anyone should be able to walk across the border a twitter.com nd be a citizen, but they’ll pick and choose who’s allowed to come into their restaurant.
Ben Garrison Cartoons at GrrrGraphics.com @GrrrGraphics🔁Your Sunny Side up The Left Lays an Egg-

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for more ! twitter.com

💋🇺🇸𝒸𝒶𝒿𝓊𝓃 𝒸𝒽𝒾𝒸𝓀🇺🇸💋{⭐️} @JenNongel🔁The thugs at followed down the street and harassed the group. I hope the have to shut the doors. The Dems want to harass us and it's time to stand up against these idiots.
🌈In memory of Gus & Gunther🌈 @THE_2Gs🔁OH PLEASE, , , and Doug Brinkley, why focus on the incident and not your POTUS holding rallies where crowds chant "lock her up" about a private citizen? Being booted from a restaurant is NOTHING like calls to imprison a political opponent.
Linda Stanley @lmouth64🔁Retaliate. Have a meeting at with all Black supporters of . I'd like to see how they handle that one. Can we get some service please?
Kathy team @Jared_T_Swift & @mammaLon @7tt_Kathy🔁Here's my letter to Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of , the restaurant that Sarah Sanders was kicked out of because she works for . We stand with u and
Brian @briandaly473🔁All the executive orders that our king has signed are more valuable as toilet paper in the #RedHen restrooms.
Reid Luzzader @ReidLuzzader🔁I wouldn't have refused to serve her. No one actually thinks that just because you cook or bake something for a custo twitter.com mer you are politically supporting them.
James Stewart @Cicero3345🔁📍OMG - Red Hen Restaurant Owner Stalked Sarah Sanders’ Family📍

She FOLLOWED THEM To Next Restaurant to Continue Harassment & Organized A Protest Where Her Family Was Dinning At Across The Street‼️

Loony Liberals Have Lost Their Minds‼️🤯

Bobbi Dykema @bdk1521🔁If you don't want to force homophobic bakers to make a cake for a same sex couple—you don't get to be upset when a restaurant doesn't want to serve someone who weekly lies for a living in ways that jeopardize millions of people.

Dg_gibbens @dg_gibbens🔁 at its worst! Kicking out wasn’t ENOUGH the owner followed her & CONTINUED harassing her! Unacceptable !
Owner Stalked Sarah Sanders' Family - FOLLOWED THEM to Next Restaurant to Continue Harassment! via
Starving4Justice @fauxgoddess386🔁 Eat at #RedHen if you like raw meat juice on your cookies. twitter.com
T🇺🇸T🇺🇸 @thomesinc🔁Will the real leader of the Democratic Party stand up and tell their liberal party followers violence is never acceptable under any circumstance.
Bunny Killer @BunnyKiller9🔁Ever notice how the biggest rule-benders & law-breakers are also the first to insist that everyone else follow the rules & obey the laws when things don't go their way? Same with those who whine about a lack of civility.
Rebecca Exley @rebecca_exley🔁 Wow. The #RedHen should sue you for this attack. Reporting tweet for targeted harassment. twitter.com
Frank Jimenez @faj2007🔁Trump & Trumpsters whining about a lack of civility in public discourse? Please. That's like Steve Bannon complaining about the lack of personal hygiene & sobriety among the general population. Nobody's buying it.
Joe Michalsky @joeUM77🔁Mike Huckabee has yet another crazy story from the 'Red Hen'!!! And the President defends ...
says, "I always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it's dirty on the inside!"

JNo @JNo_MAGA🔁Wow, their review score went from 2.5 stars with 2700 review this am to 1.5 stars and almost 16,000 reviews now. 🤣🤣 twitter.com 🤣

Also their new pics are great and their getting hilarious memes.

James Lea @jimwlea🔁 You treat people badly and expect them to not complain.
"Sarah Sanders' restaurant encounter kicks off debate ab twitter.com out confronting Trump allies"
Principia wants this service to ban Nazis @Principia🔁In doing their jobs OGE, OIG and the The Congress would have removed the need for the to ban shs from their corner of the public square.

The reality is when people feel alienated by power structures they elect, they act.


The posts this quote from MLK on their restaurant:
“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”
Instead of acting with love, you showed hate and intolerance. Practice what you preach!

bRad FitzPatriot +++ @BradFitzpatriot🔁Heads Up Patriots ...
Sarah may have been pointing us directly at the ...
... 🙏🇺🇸🙏 twitter.com
Molly Robicheaux @mdr651🔁I love the idea of Black Trump supporters descending upon the in Lexington, VA--don't forget your proud red hats!

How do you feel about about a civil rights charge, Stephanie Wilkinson?

Karen Young @beaner1karen🔁Trump supporters continually threatened violence against HRC

Trump called the media our real enemy

Trump offered to pay the legal fees for anyone striking a protester

An OR state employee said just shoot immigrants

But righteous indignation over

Barley Fields @BarleyFields1🔁The shouldn't have kicked Sarah Sanders out. They should have served her no food and simply left a bill with a 30% tariff tacked on to it along with a note sayin' that she was served more and better food than anyone since FDR.
The Amazing Laurie @LaurieTMiller🔁.: The owner is right. Stop defending decorum and do something about Donald Trump. via
AdorableDeplorable1-A @AdorDeplor3dux🔁Sarah Sanders was kicked out of because the owner had “moral convictions” but we have uncovered the dirty secret she does not want anyone to know: Her business is funded by a convicted pedophile. She has no “moral convictions” with pedos. What is it with liberals & pedos?
Urban II @Urbanus_II🔁Pfffft 😂🤣😂 look at these winners.
🦅 ATL Falcon 4 Lyfe @lil_supe🔁Meanwhile the restaurant passed its most recent health evaluation with ZERO violations. Realize Tang attacked them because they refused service to his mouthpiece.

It's not like they refused to bake a cake or anything.

Southern girl @drhrose🔁 The Red Hen filing for Bankruptcy.


Even BETTER ...

#RedHen #QAnon twitter.com 👇

Debbie Dalone @DebbieDalone🔁No one can figure out what Democrats want. They believe absolutely anyone should be able to walk across the border and be a citizen, but they’ll pick and choose who’s allowed to come into their restaurant.
Delete Your Account @loucarra🔁Hearing that people were harassed at different businesses named Red Hen, goes to show you how important it is to know your facts. #RedHen
Ronald @RonaldNJPoem🔁 Imagine if all Trump supporters usonly used the bathrooms as tjey pass by.


frank flizack @frankflizack🔁📍President Trump Fires Back At VA Restaurant📍

"The should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, doors & windows rather than refusing to serve a fine person like Sarah Huckabee Sanders"‼️

Universal Hermit @cpjackson79🔁Don't start no sh*, won't be no sh* #redhen
chach malone @chachmalone🔁 #RedHen owner’s business partner is listed as a sex offender.

The more you know. twitter.com

dangermouth @madavis323🔁As expected, & commonsense would indicate, Maxine Waters publically crystal cleared that she was not advocating viole twitter.com nce when she called for 'confronting' the Trump administration as they're out, & about in their daily lives...
Peter Peterson @PeterPeterson95🔁Your Sunny Side up The Left Lays an Egg-

more at the post-
for more !

MzLifeIsBeautiful @UberSFRealWorld🔁Haha that's what gets "no money from customers" what did they expect sheesh. Who wants to eat somewhere that discriminates against anyone for anything they may not agree with. There's too many other places to eat. Shame on
(((Barbara Albin))) @topmom100🔁Today I am demanding an ethics review of for targeting an -friendly business because she was asked to leave because of her support for and promotion of Trump's anti- policies.

Sanders tweet is against the law and also has subjected to myriad attacks.


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