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#red4ed allie blanchard @allieblanchard_🔁 Definitely true these days! #Red4Ed
#red4ed Adam Hughes @AdamHughes33🔁I love a good sports reference…
#red4ed#red4ed Bakersfield Teachers @BetaTeachers🔁 At #Red4Ed with NCAE Strong rising up for our students and our schools!@NEAToday
#red4ed#red4ed#red4ed#red4ed Kim McKellar @mikimbe3🔁 Representing with my husband who’s a science teacher in @WCPSS #Red4Ed
#red4ed ʀɦɨǟռռռօռռ @Rhiannnonn🔁 My 10 yr old was just interviewed by Newsweek. #Red4ED #respect #dotconnector #makeyourmark
WRAL Gov't Coverage @NCCapitol🔁Two basic facts - NC teachers do not have a union. Collective bargaining by public employees is illegal in NC and h twitter.com as been since 1959. Also, this is not a strike or a walkout - teachers used allotted personal days to attend.
Bree Newsome @BreeNewsome🔁SUPPORT OUR TEACHERS 👏🏾 Love & light to all those taking a stand for education in North Carolina today #Red4Ed
The News & Observer @newsobserver🔁Teachers across the state are rallying in Raleigh to demand raises and more education spending. Stay up to date here. twitter.com
💓💓💓 @khaidollaz🔁average income for a NC teacher that has 25+ years of experience is $51k. average income for a first year teacher in NC is $35k. it takes 16 years of experience for the average NC teacher income to reach the state average of $46k. don’t lie and mislead people.
Henry Donoghue @Hdono10795🔁North Carolina teachers are fighting back against a decade of education cuts. Our teachers deserve higher pay and our students deserve well funded schools.
ʀɦɨǟռռռօռռ @Rhiannnonn🔁Hey how about funding our schools, paying our teachers, supporting our students with books, tech, and counselors? Your neglect is overwhelming yet you expect our teachers to literally give their lives.
Toni R @tonirtx🔁Teachers are physicians of the mind. We try to unlock the minds of hundreds of students. Thank and for having me and and keeping the walkouts font and center
ʀɦɨǟռռռօռռ @Rhiannnonn🔁Retweeted Red T Raccoon ():

Teachers in North Carolina care about their students.

If you need proof, just look at Raleigh.

ʀɦɨǟռռռօռռ @Rhiannnonn🔁So now we can see the truth! Veteran teachers who have seen little or no raise for the past 5 years will continue to be ignored! March on, my colleagues! Teachers & students in NC deserve better! It is time for educators to stand up for children and themselves!
ʀɦɨǟռռռօռռ @Rhiannnonn🔁Fuzzy math exposed: Experts debunk GOP teacher pay "facts" (infographic) pulse.ncpolicywatch.org
Lauren💕🌸 @Queennnnlauren🔁Crowd estimates are coming in for the Teachers March in Raleigh, North Carolina at 20,000.

This is far exceeding expectations.

Marc G. 💧🦄 @marcasamoah🔁Secret Service Busts Texas Pedophile with 58 Terabytes of Child Porn After Largest Raid in History

Susan Swope @zuzuridesagain🔁Good work, teachers. That's as big a crowd as we saw in Phoenix.
Citizens, fight to have state proceeds from the coming-soon legal sports betting go to your state's public education.
Dr. Lily (Espinoza) Ploski @LilyEPloski🔁Educators across the Commonwealth wore in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in North Carolina, who marched on the state capitol for their "Rally for Respect"!
Susan Swope @zuzuridesagain🔁#NorthCarolina #teachers standing up for their students.
#BlueWaveComing2018 twitter.com
TeachIz @MichelleIzzo🔁NC teachers marched on the streets. Now what? Panelists at Community Voices forum talk about how to support teachers.

Susan Swope @zuzuridesagain🔁I am standing with #teachers in #NorthCarolina
#BlueWaveComing2018 twitter.com
Randi Weingarten @rweingarten🔁People want things to be better for themselves. But state legislatures decided to do tax cuts instead. twitter.com
Randi Weingarten @rweingarten🔁Teachers are physicians of the mind. We try to unlock the minds of hundreds of students. Thank and for having me an twitter.com d and keeping the walkouts font and center
Susan Swope @zuzuridesagain🔁We need to vote out our legislators who don’t care about our children & education.

Ro Khanna @RoKhanna🔁North Carolina teachers are fighting back against a decade of education cuts. Our teachers deserve higher pay and our twitter.com students deserve well funded schools.
lex🍯✂️ @allexis_h🔁“Here for you guys today! You're worth it to me.” -a text from my agriculture teachers. THIS is the reason they deserve our support. No words can describe the impact teachers have on student’s lives. They’re not just people we see 180 days a year.
Lisa @masserio17🔁Teachers want to make a difference in the lives of children. Teachers go into this job because it’s fulfilling. They do it because it’s the future. -
Susan Swope @zuzuridesagain🔁For all teachers across America. We are sorry.
We promise we will try to do better.
Please don’t make me go to the P twitter.com rincipal’s Office again.

Judy Woods @JudyWoods8🔁“Remember, remember. Vote in November!”
Teachers, continue to use your voice from now until Election Day- and then use it by voting for public school advocates who will support you and most importantly, listen to you.

Tamaria 💖 @tamaria_moore🔁My teachers shouldn’t have to struggle to keep themselves from drowning when they’re saving and shaping the lives of students, including myself, every single day. They give us more than they have to. It’s time to give back.
Halifax Rise @HalifaxRise🔁We love our public schools. Supporting North Carolina public education at the Empowerment Zone!! twitter.com


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