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Real MadridReal MadridReal MadridReal Madrid Raju Ahmmed @iamr4ju🔁 Liverpool
Bayern Munich
Real Madrid

Ladies and gents, your four Champions League semi-finalists! 🏆

Real Madrid masterpiece @murugu_mwaniki🔁 Cristiano Ronaldo is great and everything but Michael Oliver is Real Madrid's best signing ever.
Real Madrid Daniel Asensio @AjayiTaiwo_🔁 Me going to sleep tonight knowing Real Madrid are in the SemiFinals & Barca Isn’t
Real Madrid Dave... @Rodneydave3🔁 ⚽️ Real Madrid 0-1 Juventus 😳

🎉 Harry Kane with the final-touch! 🔥

Real Madrid Lebz@ Letso@lo @LebogangRefilw1🔁Real Madrid made me proud in fact the referee Michael Oliver made me even more proud and then CR7 did the rest
Takeshi Kovacs @msmrzTM🔁 Juventus vs Real Madrid today!!
Real Madrid Djembe @Dubois_5_9🔁 Real Madrid fans right now
L'arrogance @blixbllk🔁 Juventus vs Real Madrid today!!
UEFA Champions League @ChampionsLeague🔁And then there were four!

Liverpool 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Roma 🇮🇹
Bayern 🇩🇪
Real Madrid 🇪🇸

What's your dream #UCL final?

FOX Soccer @FOXSoccer🔁Ronaldo always delivers!

His stoppage-time penalty denies Juventus the epic comeback bid and sends Real Madrid to t heir 8th straight UCL semifinal.

Ladbrokes @Ladbrokes🔁A quick look at tonight's fixtures as we pass the hour mark⏱

Real Madrid 0-3 Juventus
2' Kane
37' Kane
61' Kane Wolves 2-0 Derby County
6' Kane
51' Kane

Also, in Norway
Sandefjord 1-2 Ranheim
30' Kane
78' Kane
89' Kane

AbdulFatai. @Labi_bboy🔁Good morning to Real Madrid fans worldwide, Barca & Juventus fans should go & get theirs from their transformers 😂😂😂
Gep 父 @GEP_WHU🔁"He must be a beast. He can't be human. He should be in the stands eating crisps, drinking Coca Cola."

Gianluigi Buffon slams referee Michael Oliver in his passionate post-match interview with after his red card against Real Madrid.

Absolute 🔥

Basheer Abdullahee @Basheer4u90🔁 Just watched the Real Madrid - Juventus penalty, I honestly don’t understand how people say it’s not a penalty
កូនប្រុស រៀលម៉ាឌ្រីដ @mmb6bicm5TTAzhf🔁@realmadriden i'm fan in Cambodia support Real Madrid and i wake up to watch Quarter-finals 2nd at 1:45am 👀.
PRÄIZ @PRAIZ_7🔁Ronaldo is the biggest animal in football. He has scored in every UCL matches this season.

Real Madrid will forever be grateful having Ronaldo.

COW: Champion Of World

GOAT: Greatest Of All Time

BEAST: Best Ever Athlete Still Trending

DOG: Deliverer Of Goals

Mark Ov @0101oclocknews🔁Allegri Hails 'Wonderful' Juventus 3, Real Madrid Deserved to 'anoint' him
Nketsia Jr. @KwesiNketsia🔁Two sets of fans are vocal & angry about Real Madrid's penalty.

1. Barcelona fans who wanted the 3-0 to stand so that they can mock Madrid & console themselves about book of Romans.

2. Messi fans who are angry that Ronaldo could go all the way to win another Ballon d'Or. 😁

Salman Raza Hashmi @jugnuboy5007🔁This Is What They Claimed Not To Be A Penalty.. Michael Oliver Made The Right Decision.. Juventus Fought Well No Doubt But Real Madrid Are In The Semis... And Ronaldo Onto His 6th Ballon D'or

Barcelona Fans Can Svck On This!! Retweet To Piss Them Off 😂😂😂

David @xTheGerNOT🔁Allegri: "The penalty was a joke." 😤

Chiellini: "Biggest robbery I have ever seen." 😠

Buffon: "The referee should be in the stands eating crisps." 😡

Alex Sandro: "It's a disgrace." 🤬

Benatia: "Vázquez was on the ground before I even touched him. This is Real Madrid." 🤬

UCHEGOD @UcNwakalor🔁Not even Artuto Vidal could resist watching Real Madrid - Juventus while in the stands during Bayern Munich’s game.

Here’s his frustrated reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty. 😤

SANDEEP YADAV @Iamsandy_CR7🔁Chiellini should watch the replay for Penalty and should apologize to Real Madrid for saying "How much have you paid the referees" when even his Captain Buffon admits it was a penalty.
Richard Parr @richard_parr🔁 A last-gasp Ronaldo penalty saved Real Madrid against Juventus.

But was it a penalty? #RMAJUV

King Billz @iam_ddollar🔁The English referee handed the game to Real Madrid. No surprise there. That is why no English ref is going to the World Cup. Messed up a great game. Congratulations Real Madrid. Great game Juventus. Brave!
LOADEDWORLDBLOG @LOADEDWORLDBLG🔁[Goals Highlight HD] Ronaldo Scores Controversial Penalty As Real Madrid Qualify To Semi-Finals After 3-1 Humble Agai nst Juventus (Watch)

Haters will say it’s Ojoro 😂😂😂

Joanna Salvatore @SalvatoreJoanna🔁BBC Sport - Real Madrid 1-3 Juventus (agg: 4-3)
guadalupe mendozza @furher_hitler🔁Marcelo: "It was a clear penalty. Obviously what happened to Barcelona was never going to happen to us, because we're Real Madrid."
LeYnadd Octøbêr @Iam_Leynadd🔁GRAHAM POLL: Michael Oliver was CORRECT to award Real Madrid a last-gasp penalty and send Gianluigi Buffon off
DeGraft Stonebwoy 😎 @DeDegraft🔁Real Madrid will find out on Friday at 13:00 CET who they face in the Champions League semi-finals. Liverpool, Roma and Bayern Munich could all face the Whites.
AgentGrizzle ™ © @AgentGrizzle🔁@LucienDissake 3rd season in a row that Real Madrid have been the benefit of a ‘tenuous’ refereeing decision - I’m just sick of it
Benjamin J Rowe @Rowey1993🔁 Gigi Buffon should have taken a few Real Madrid players with him...
Jeffrey_Twala2 @jeffrey_twala2🔁Real Madrid’s locker room celebrating qualifying to a 8TH CONSECUTIVE Semi-Final. Family.
Ogbeni Fatai @Fatto5000🔁Retweeted Real Madrid C.F.🇺🇸🇬🇧 ():

🦈⚪ Thanks for your support last night, !

ZIZOU @RMadridCastilla🔁Fought to the final minute even for a long ball. Had the ice cool nerves to slot in the penalty to bring Real Madrid to the semi-finals in the highest pressured situation possible. But people are still going to criticise him for not dribbling past 3 Getafe players 🤷🏼‍♂️
El Clandestino ☭ @heeeeycontreras🔁You could have easily won the Champions League 3-4 times if you had joined Barça in 2001 or Manchester United in 2004 or Real Madrid in 2006.

But you went down to Serie-B at an age that is the prime age for a goalkeeper. In the difficult moments, you were always there.

King_Kong @MashininiNF🔁Allegri:"The penalty was a joke"

Chiellini:"Biggest robbery I have ever seen"

Buffon:"The referee should be in the stands eating crisps"

Alex Sandro:"It's a disgrace"


Benatia:"Vasquz was on the ground before I even touched him. This is Real Madrid"

Madrid Boº°˚˚°º°˚˚° @najeeb_ts🔁Marcelo: “Every game is different. Since arriving at Real Madrid they have taught me to believe until the last. I was behind the play for the penalty and I saw it as clear as day”.
NYI Sports @nyisports🔁Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane Talk Real Madrid Progression Against Juve
Farzadbesmell @farzadbesmell3🔁Real Madrid 2013-2018 ● The art of daylight robberies in the Champions League ●

Biggest cheats in the past 5 years, but let's not say anything because they're not called Barcelona. Absolute disgrace.

manny @manio85🔁Sergio Ramos could be suspended for Real Madrid's Champions League semi-final after watching the end of last night's match on the touchline while serving a suspension.

Makes his own rules.

Mr. Tetteh @Qarboo🔁 Juventus' behaviour after losing to Real Madrid was an embarrassment.
DOŊ PABY @PABYLONA🔁Max Allegri: I have ‘bitter taste’ after controversial late defeat at Real Madrid via
nick. @AyeQuill🔁BREAKING: Ronaldo and Real Madrid left in absolute despair as Dakapo from Oshodi Isale declares his disrespect for the club.
Sport Right Now @Sport_RightNow🔁Why Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos faces fresh ban to miss Champions League semi-final…
a life-form @ibro__🔁12 years ago, Zidane was sent off in his final World Cup game against Buffon’s Italy.

Last night, Buffon was sent off in his final UCL game against Zidane’s Real Madrid.

History has a way of repeating itself.😂😂


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