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Ready Player One Mako No. 5 @KyeNotFound🔁Ready Player One (2018)
Ready Player One Ben McShane @TeeVeeBen🔁 An exclusive look at my upcoming book: Ready Player One Except With Girl Culture. Hmu, Spielberg
Ready Player One Divine Font of Comedy, Dom of the Living @averyqueergirl🔁 Ready Player One (2018)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Ready Player One john ryder @RYDERTUBE🔁Ready Player One Sequel Novel Is Happening for more go to MovieWeb
Ready Player OneReady Player OneReady Player OneReady Player One 蛇 @HotlineOrlando🔁 Ready player one (2018)
Ready Player One Del "The Red Scare" Optimism @DelOptimism🔁 Before watching Ready Player One you really owe it to yourself to read the book first.
👽(Festive edition) @_VOLTZ_INC_🔁READY PLAYER ONE (2018)
Ready Player One bunnynana1 @bunnies4dayz🔁 Ready Player One (2018)
Wyatt Oleff @FelloWyatt🔁Battletoads spotted in the new Ready Player One trailer
(Calls Gamestop)
"Do you guys have the new Battletoads for t he Wii?"
Funny Or Die @funnyordie🔁"The leg in the Ready Player One poster is perfectly fine, I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about” - Steven S pielberg
Zera Moreugetda @Zeraphira🔁I'm sure he gets linked to this all the time but here's your reminder made the only necessary Ready Player One take years ago
Eduardo Márquez @EddyMarquez🔁📷 imthenic:Ready Player One
🎄🌟Shania de Adviento🌟🎄 @ShaniaJurgen🔁Hold up.

I see tons of screenshots about bad writing in Ready Player One.

Why the hell haven't I seen this one posted yet. This actually makes SAO look good.

Ross Wood @rossEwood🔁 ready player one looks like it's going to be the most expensive disney channel original movie yet
mr solo dolo @BrettPain🔁Ready Player One is set in future Columbus, OH. It's a warning of what will happen if they don't elect the Street Fight boys as mayor
Wistful Penguin @wistfulpenguin🔁"I liked ready player one, it was a pretty fun read and I'm looking forward to the movie"

*a slow hiss of snarls grows from the distance*

hssss nnggggg AAUHHG NNGGHH.... IT'S JUST... REFERENCES...

Joshua Snow @SnowJota🔁.'s is coming to life on the big screen. Read it before you see it.
Brandi Hallmark Boxing Day Movie @ItsTheBrandi🔁Note: There are no "Easter Eggs" in “Ready Player One.” The pop culture references are the totality of the text. It’s like saying, “Did you get the Christianity Easter Eggs in the New Testament?”
Josh Haas @edwardmoose🔁@Sharkamunga Ready Player One
Bobby Fisher @SpaceKingBobby🔁Can you imagine how shittily men would treat Ready Player One if it was all femme stuff?

“I arrived in my flying model of the Thelma & Louise car. I’d installed a Polly Pocket dashboard AI, and, to complete the look, slapped some Lisa Frank dolphins on the outside”

he keeps ripping and tearing and ripping @makyurial🔁Ready Player One is just as bad as if not worse than Twilight but it will never become the same type of laughing stock to pop culture at large because it's marketed towards guys and you can take that to the bank
Jace Ravenfield @BaronVonJace🔁So um whats the deal with Ready Player One and why do people seem to hate it?
Blaze McRob @WyomingBob🔁 Extended Trailer for “Ready Player One” Adds Chucky to the Mix @josh_millican
J-Sin @GhostGuy1979🔁 hey would you possibly do a react video for the "Ready Player One" movie trailer? It has Tracer and many other gamin g easter eggs in it!
🎅🏻🎄Nighthawk🎄🎅🏻 @Nighthawk45800🔁Several DSA-types have quote RTed this with "Capitalism isn't necessary for art!" as if Ready Player One is their ideal piece of literature
nick 🎄 @NeptuneLoyalty🔁Just watched the new Ready Player One trailer... oof.
Really just seems like pop culture jerk-off: the movie, and i h aven't read the book but I honestly don't know whether I should
CEO of HELL Inc. @SpiritDriverOne🔁Ready Player One looks like poopoo.

Just like GhostBusters.

It's all corporate trash exploiting our nostalgia.

aLeC m. @Zep202🔁@JakeBaldino Are you still excited for Ready Player One? I remember you saying on PMI that the book was really good.
Komaedeus of the Shadows @YaBoyNaOH🔁READY PLAYER ONE 2

She leans in close, her breasts exactly like two Lolos from the Adventures of Lolo 3 on Nintendo Entertainment System. She whispers, "The cheese pizza from Home Alone 2."

My god. A reference even I don't know! And she senses it! Her vagina holes seal! No!

Harry Hole @NormalM31002311🔁ready player one via @YouTube
Viola of the Abyss @abyssviola🔁Everyone's aware that Ready Player One is an embarassing trainwreck but did y'all know that it's also low-key really transphobic?
Big Guy Movie Review @BigGuyMovie🔁I liked a @YouTube video READY PLAYER ONE EASTER EGGS AND TRAILER REACTION (2018) - Double Toasted
Blinko @IBoneSkeletons🔁Pretend to be excited for ready player one — Can’t wait for battletoads
プリンセス ジェニファー @PinkHairedCat🔁The Ready Player One movie may turn out decent since it has to be filtered through other humans who may actually have talent but the novel is garbage as far as the writing is concerned. The fact that it was ever published pains me


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