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Robert Gorycki @Gorian20🔁 PM Modi shares his fitness challenge video, nominates HD Kumaraswamy

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Read Maheswara Reddy Bandi @mahi9948947022🔁 Honda Amaze CVT Fetching Strong Sales

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ReadReadReadRead Lito Rock Master @LitoRockMaster🔁 cats who have no intention of letting you read your book
Read Liese Fabre @lsfabre🔁 Meeting her thief
at the starport
a fun #SciFi read
Read Ripper @Ace_Of_Pace🔁 I read RanaA's TL and..
Ryan Struyk @ryanstruyk🔁If you've never read the United Nations report from 2014 about the egregious human rights violations and crimes again st humanity in North Korea, you need to read it. I'm threading some key quotes below:
Noah Smith @Noahpinion🔁You read about the Trail of Tears, the Japanese internment, etc. in your history classes.

You read about all the cou ntries where the government threw people into camps en masse, and you wondered, "How could it happen? How could people allow that to happen?"

Well, now you know.

Dan Bongino @dbongino🔁This is the funniest thing I’ve read on twitter to date. Coming from a pampered little snowflake, who owes his job t o his last name, & who videotapes himself doing Turkish Get-Ups in the gym. Move along snowflake.
No 1 Harbourside @No1Harbourside🔁We're please to announce our new look website and award! Read about it here:
Julie Robinson🦊🐺 @AirwolfHawke88🔁Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin is truly embracing Brexit by replacing EU goods with British products and transitioning to global trade. Supporting Britain and providing value for customers - bravo!

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TobyDawes @tbw24431703🔁An Uber driver has been sacked after kicking a lesbian couple out of his car for kissing. Read more here -
pinga @Pingachoo🔁Spain has stunned the soccer world by sacking its manager Julen Lopetegui on the eve of the 2018 World Cup — here's why
Past Life and Beyond @pastlifebeyond🔁Have you heard of ? Is it something you've thought about but aren't sure of? Have a read of today's new post and find out if this therapy is what you've been looking for!

praneeth rao @praneeth_rao🔁still the suckroll will run it as, ''iranian agriculturalists'' came and mixed (read civilised) with hunter gatherer s in india.. they did run such a story, what agri knowhow iranians had anyways? not much is known
Ch shaukat virk @VirkShaukat🔁s received/day. Sending Tweets not affected. Read Tweets at m.twitt
NorthernGatherer @NorthernGather2🔁We will continue to raise the issue of bias with the until the matter is addressed!

Read the article on this in today's

Nurrizky @bocahrokok🔁“Just another cold, dark night on the side of Everest.” Many great lessons in The Upside of Stress by - highly recommend (+ wish I had read years ago)
AMITA NANDAL @amitanandal88🔁Former New Zealand cricketer Sir Richard Hadlee underwent a surgery to remove a tumour.

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Gymtopia @gymtopia🔁Read how is helping to pump clean safe water in Uganda while at the same time reducing the use of plastic across i ts clubs
AinulHusna @aihusabiz🔁I often think fondly of the stranger on the subway who saw me playing a game on my phone and told me to “read a fucking book,” not knowing at the time I was a full-time book reviewer.
Bce White @Boyce1969🔁 READ: BRICS setting up its own credit rating agency -
heinz @heinzchie🔁[ARTICLE] “Sold Out man -> Donation Relay”... Amazing... ‘Kang Daniel effect’


Carolyn Hughes @writingcalliope🔁🍾Happy Birthday Charles the Bald! Born 823 🎂
A powerful man, but can he control his daughter's fate?
Find out in Three Times the Lady - the story of Judith of Flanders

5⭐️ "Truly one of the best books I have read this year!"

Katrin Davidson💕 @KatNicDhaidhild🔁133. The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz. Holy Moses this was exceptional. If you have read "50" and want something that's deeper and 100x more exciting read this series. The heroine is outstanding. This book is an ode to all kinds and forms. Top 2018 read.

EXO-L (에리) OT9 @wizardsehun94🔁Bumkey mentioned that he wants to work with EXO and a special mention of

"I think the outcome would be good if I collaborate with EXO Rapper chanyeol.If we work together, I think we can produce a complete different genre of music"

kristin hudson @kristinblakely🔁Me: read me my Miranda rights
Cop: you have a right to be the smart one. You have a right to finally realize Steve is the one for you. If you do not have a Steve, one may be provided for you
Me: now read me my Samantha rights
Cop [sighs]: you have a right to be the sexy one...
🌹 III I I 🌹 🐦🐰 @Ena_Wannable🔁MC Daehwi on MCountdown tomorrow news article
As MC, he has a versatile aspect, Daehwi's activeness is anticipated.
Also talks about Light and Sandglass/Hourglass.

Hoon Hoon & comment & like comment:

Michael Copeland @michael39792957🔁Professor Bengoa too polite to say what most people are thinking – Swann

'You cannot reform the health service without a functioning government'

Read more here:

‎سميرة @Sammyy_A🔁@makhumalo_jnr I read the comments and people are saying the numbers don’t even work!
👑 @abdultahiruk🔁Each line represents a child that will die by starvation by the end of the year in yemen. now read that again
RSDL monitor @RSDLmonitor🔁Excited to learn that our book 'The People's Republic of the Disappeared' is required Chinese summer reading at the , right alongside the Tao of Pooh no less! Want to read along? Order your copy too.
billa 🌻🐾🍀 @kimmeowguk🔁to whoever read this, please go watch and listen to this masterpiece if you haven't
Shockratees @ThatShockratees🔁Don’t know if you’ve ever read They Thought They Were Free but it’s about the German populace during the rise of the Nazis. The parallels are eerily similar. This excerpt describes what happened to them and what is happening to us.
Bisba @Bisba1🔁Disappointing news: India is unable to improve its air quality, protect its biodiversity, and cut its greenhouse gas emissions. Read:
P i L L s @Oga_Remedy🔁Read this Story and let me hear what you make of it.

There's an evening service in a Church, also having a form of children segment. Sunday school teacher calls one of her fellow Church members. 'Why is Biodun(not real name) not coming? Sunday school teacher asks...

Felix Stark @Verdensrigeste🔁🇩🇰&🇮🇱 It’s official! Danish Food Cluster partners up with two key actors from the world’s leading start-up hubs, Israel! We look forward to collaboration and the creation of food innovation between the two hubs. Read more👇
Louise 🇫🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 @LouiseC240🔁Minister has today published ‘Findings and Insights of the firm-level impact of Brexit on Most Exposed Sectors’, which is informed by firm-level insights if they were to be faced with a ‘no deal’/’hard’ Brexit situation. Read more:
Ignore those crusty fuckers @ChavezIsBored🔁so a few days ago I tweeted one thing about vegans, and via a long and convoluted process it ended in this very educational thread about why grazing cattle on scrubland is more economical, which is cool and also slightly bizarre. anyway, you should read it!
Aimee Bridges @AimeeBridges323🔁You read about the Trail of Tears, the Japanese internment, etc. in your history classes.

You read about all the countries where the government threw people into camps en masse, and you wondered, "How could it happen? How could people allow that to happen?"

Well, now you know.

alex✧ @D0Kingsoo🔁ーlove & cherish your mutuals
ーjust focus on the group/s u love
ーhype ur bias group & ultimate bias without downgrading anyone
ーdon't take everything u read here seriously
ーbig or small account, ur number of followers doesn't define your value as a fan
ーspread positivity ✨
CALL ME YOUNG ROOKIE @SAVEKIMBOBBERTO🔁I may have 4 books to read this week..... And I may have to make a screenplay based on the books I'm going to read... 💀🙃🔫
100% Tea @Lighto_Line🔁@littlestwayne LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂
This is exactly what I needed to read in the morning, to start my day
taeyeon @jtaeyeon_ss🔁SNSD Taeyeon solo comeback on June 18 with 3rd mini album 'Something New'

6 tracks total, title track "Something New"

ᵀᴱᴬᴿˢ ᴼᶠ ᵀᴴᴱ ᵁᴺᴰᴱᴿᴰᴼᴳ 석진 @baby_jeon15🔁BigHit directly added English subtitles to the dinner party vid on BangtanTV, I told you they read our posts and rants here on twitter, damn
GaGa2311 @GGa2311🔁 I don’t like to politicize the Bible, not as a rule, anyway, but I just read some verses that inspire me to ask: Can we…
Sanjay N Lulla @sanjaylulla🔁The Indus Valley people were ingenious. Read on.....
Kelley @rockstarkelley🔁@nbcsnl new skit idea: trump tweets. Just read real trump tweets. Bonus if you can have it read by the person he’s belittling
🥀ile. . . @somewhereru🔁taehyung was surprised bc yoongi suddenly sent him a really long text one day ;; the last line from that text said "i love you" and taehyung cried for 10 minutes when he read it
Ssheila #BLACKHEART🖤 @ssheilyhs🔁'The Unit' Lee Jungha "Actor Lee Jungha showing a different charm on KBS "The Golden Bell challenge" After 23rd problem Jungha survived with 14 finalist

Vili Koskinen @RoxieScroggs🔁Read a bunch of write-ups on Sekiro, here's what I managed to get from them:
-theres a jump button
-no online, and fixed main character
-you can respawn mid-battle
-stamina is now "posture"
-parry parry parry
IoD North West @IoDNorthWest🔁Join us and Lancashire Constabulary to discuss wellbeing and staff engagement and the impact this has on the police f orce with on 26th June Read more:
Author Cheryl R Cowtan @NspiredMe2Write🔁The more quotes I read from Walt Whitman the more impressed I am
Cora Hays @CoraHaysAuthor🔁//" target="_blank"> ce the narrative and inspires the imagination. READ THE BLOG.
Full Circle IT @fullcircle_it🔁I like being read to.... usually non-fiction. I am far too looked after by my other half.

Do you prefer being read to or reading yourself?

SEPHORIA @taewithbandana🔁180613 [Naver X Dispatch] BTS' 5th Debut Anniversary Party 🎉🍻🎈

Oliver @HootonOliver🔁I’m not sure the answer will be worth the read to be honest...
Glenice Sells @GleniceSells🔁@mammothscreen @Poldarked @VivGroskop What a delightful read! I’m that pleased. 😁
Judy Kemp @JudyKemp69🔁A Bouquet of Gardenias by Judy Kemp.
'I lost count of the number of times I brought myself off to this book. An absolultely stunning erotic read.'

Sebastiano Putoto @agitpops🔁📅 Save the date! On June 28th, European Heads of State and Government are in Brussels for an important European Council meeting and we will be right there for a much needed wake-up call to reform ! 📢

Read more:

Kishore @kishorekumart🔁The institution of is compromised politically. Cruel and anti-democratic steps regressing Delhi's growth are the norm. Here are 100 reasons why , , and are fasting and fighting for Delhi.

Read, RT and Share. /1

Bano @BanoBee🔁In short, me and both need to read in depth about the subject 🙈

Gotta buckle up for my reading

Brent Nooroa @brent_nooroa🔁Never mind them.


Nazi ---) Road
5 ped ----) Road


JoseWorks @JoseWorksTech🔁YouTube showed ads of a demon clawing at a woman's throat before videos of 'Frozen'
Tom Smyth @tomsmyth_beis🔁Great to read views of chair Andrew Hodgson in about the success of the LEP’s Education Challenge pilot Adapting best of successful US classroom-boardroom programme to give pupils the skills today’s employers need.
Terry Kalb 🔥 @teka21bat🔁It looks like China knew about Trump stopping war games before the US military did | via; Businessinsider
taeyeon @jtaeyeon_ss🔁SNSD Taeyeon will likely not hold any Korean promotions for her upcoming mini-album 'Something New', released June 18

She is releasing it as a special gift to her Korean fans

Her Japanese Tour 'TAEYEON -JAPAN SHOW CASE TOUR 2018-' begins June 15

connie l nash @connielnash🔁Ever wonder what is wrong with the society?

Read comments under 's tweet and then the series of tweets about Gul Bukhari.

What I fail to understand is why people are so agressively open to maligning women, especially those in public eye, so ruthlessly

Egg @_EAEGG🔁👏 Welcome to Bolton Wanderers, ! Read all the details of the playmaker's move to Macron Stadium below.



Rocketing @RocketingBrand🔁 Find out more about our customer and read the with Catherine Laporte, Vice President of Marketing and eCommerc e at DAVIDsTEA, to get to know more about one-to-one as the key component to buildin…
Robert F @Larington🔁This is the best thing I've read about Cyberpunk 2077 yet (and there is much to like):

Is Cyberpunk 2077 a purely single-player game?

Patrick Mills: Yes, it is.

From Eurogamer interview

aeht @aeht85419599🔁Hey, Buddies! 😄🖐️

We have a good informations for Asian Buddies!! 😆👏

will give you a LIT Rewards for 2 winners of this event! 😍

How? Read here 👉

Stream & win the rewards! 😆💪

Rimsha🇵🇰 @rimshahmed🔁i also read something about cockroach milk the other day
あやね @Satoayanekh🔁my dear daughter, I was very late read your message. I was looking for you for many years and I was very happy today that I saw your message.
Qurnia afnianty @qurniaafnianty1🔁Read our mention in !
"bitJob brings artificial intelligence, behavior economics, and blockchain technology together, helping the new generation of students find the perfect job."
Check out full article here:
GuirolaBurgosRomeroCarballo i French ElSalvador @RosaPatricia23🔁 sue20billion send home catalog model nude topless kids can read sue hacker identity theft i call told me i have3 hackers stolen my email suspicious identity theft spyme VT KatyHolmess daughter Sury
David Quon @dcquon🔁"Blown away by Liu's glorious, gripping documentary"
" has added several more years onto my life"
"It's my film of the year so far"

MINDING THE GAP earns New Talent AND Doc Audience Awards! Read more viewer impressions:

Ibrahim Salameh @IBSalameh🔁 In less than two weeks Malaysians have raised $15 million towards the cause
Lupin @LupinGlobal🔁 sees EU as an important geography from an R&D perspective with the acquisition of Nanomi, The Netherlands-based inje ctables company. Europe now accounts for 7 per cent of Lupin's global sales. Read more:
گمنام ایسپزئ @Globalcitizn101🔁The FA pass idiot elites haven't learnt nything 4m d past of this country. They R senseless,bigot & selfish.I always wondered how even educated Baloch adoptd armed resistance unless I hadn't read about how they were abducted and tortured. same s repeated with youth
Argentina | Messi @mydaymywin🔁The minority Sikh community in Peshawar, Pakistan, is moving to other parts of the country following repeated attacks by Islamic fundamentalists.

Read story |

निशिगंधा @sabal_abla🔁A lynching by any other name remains a lynching.
The chilling combination of Liberalism & Sharia Law. Do read

BaekDoYeol 〰 @baekdoyeol7🔁[TRANS] 180613 Bumkey “Wants to try collaborating with EXO·SHINee"

Bumkey mentioned that he’d like to try collaborating with SHINee, EXO and even Chanyeol too. He thinks that he and CY could develop a new genre of music tgt.👍


دختری مالیخولیایی 🏳️ @parysatis_🔁In the beginning,
years ago,
I was innocent
to the spiritual power I bore,
which he sensed

I only knew
when I read his words
I could feel his emotion
as if it were my own.
He felt mine as well.

We loved distantly
& more intimately
than ever before;
his soul lay in my heart.

Joe Thorpe @JoeThorpe1963🔁 I read you piece about the EU defense force. Don't those idiots in the EU know we have Trident Submarines wandering around 24/7 protecting the whole of Europe? The money tree doesn't pay for that security our Tax Payers do!


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