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Loading...❄️ @Goat_2Raww🔁 The Raptors starting lineup was introduced with the Barney theme song in Milwaukee 😂💀
RaptorsRaptorsRaptorsRaptors 🏌 @TheKid_TS2🔁 the bucks are not only destroying the raptors on the court
RaptorsRaptorsRaptorsRaptors Tribune of the Plebs @Handsome_Jake_🔁 @Handsome_Jake_ Raptors' MVP scored 8 points.... and only on free throws
RaptorsRaptors Julie Collins @Julie_Collins6🔁Large crowd outside BMO Harris Bradley Center cheering on the @Bucks during Game 4 against the @Raptors. @fox6now
theScore @theScore🔁Rare footage of the Raptors practicing for the playoffs 😰 #IsoEverything
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁The Raptors starting lineup was introduced with the Barney theme song in Milwaukee 😂💀
Sports Illustrated @SInow🔁The Bucks played the "Barney" theme song during the Raptors' player introductions, and it seems to have cursed Toront o
Angus Johnson @angusbeast96🔁 Raptors need a win in a bad way
Burr_SignedHimself @TooIcey_Burr🔁I got my $$ on @Raptors 📲📲🏀🏀🤑🤑
🇵🇷 Kung Fu Coby @ThaCOBY🔁I must be the only person enjoying this bucks & raptors series.
Matt Cryin @LAXNeddrick🔁Raptors always grab the worst European players like bro??
NBA Talk by Rotoden @NBA_TALK__🔁Early playoff game between the Bucks and Raptors
Matt Cryin @LAXNeddrick🔁Raptors should have drafted Maker...I wanted them too but instead they took another white boy
WinColumnSportsCA @WCSportsCA🔁The #Raptors are showing solid rim defense, and have also attacked on the offensive end. Good trend. #RaptorsvBucks
EmilyJane🐜 @EmileighJane_🔁@Grant_Cameron37 @Raptors You are not helping my trash talking 😐😜
YFN ✈️ @_RozayBby🔁Raptors stink
JaY @SickNasty72🔁Did DeMar do his hair this morning or not. 😂 you tell me lol #Raptors
Todd Pinnell @ToddFrescos🔁Of course #Raptors gm4 isn't on regular cable, why would #Toronto's NBA playoffs be on tv in Toronto? @Sportsnet- St Louis vs Minnisoda. WTF
Bobson Dugnutt @Biyombonesaw🔁 Staggering that Tony Snell is just busting up any coverage that the Raptors throw at the Bucks this series.
Stephen @sethrow991🔁#TNT #NBA #Raptors #BUCKs Its Basketball #Clippers #Griffin You have to shake it ..Let GO.. Go for it anyway ... Its Ball Its what YOU DO ..
Dan Devine @YourManDevine🔁Giannis and Middleton are 1-for-9 and the Bucks are still leading. Raptors have mostly gotten good looks thus far, but that’s worrisome.
Raptors Argentina @Raptors_Argento🔁 No Fear over here in the North we hunt Deer. #WeTheNorth #raptorsvsbucks #raptors Live @ScoresProLive🔁#Basketball #Livescore @ScoresPro: (USA-NBA) #Milwaukee Bucks vs #Toronto Raptors: 10-9 ...
Kevin Hulverson @CheddaWorldPce🔁Raptors are resting on their laurels of being the second best team in the east, young Bucks don't give a fuck.
Davy D @DxtremeD🔁"He's an afterthought on that team... they never use him enough." - Chuck on big man, Jonas Valanciunas

Thomas Waind @twaind4🔁Nothing will humble you faster than having a dirty Thorold guy calling you a "crybaby" for wearing a Cory Joseph Raptors jersey #boomroasted
Enrique III 🇨🇦🇸🇻 @ESuaveziii🔁Raptors need to pass the ball, not take any stupid shots in triple team coverage, and avoid dribbling into traffic to win this game.
Jyris @kimidere🔁My brother and I have used like 30GB of data because we've been watching Raptors and Leafs game on our phones...
Blake Murphy @BlakeMurphyODC🔁Hey look, the Raptors are playing their best unit!
Asad Mustafa @Asadrm15🔁This Bucks vs Raptors game is gonna be a low scoring, grind it out game
Rach @mylifeasrach🔁Streaming the Raptors game on the streetcar and I forgot the amount of self control that not screaming at the screen requires
Be happy 💯 @readwhilehigh🔁Raptors not going to beat bucks throwing up bricks and being loose with the ball. need better shot selection.
bobby☁️ @__taemar__🔁the raptors are ass.
- @jordaanm14🔁 Hoping for a big @Raptors win. Let's get back on track! #WeTheNorth #rtz
Adam Best @AdamLBest🔁It’s Playoff Game day! Correctly guess how many points they score today for your chance to win a BioSteel giveaway! RT to enter.
greg Lewis @gregLew56632686🔁Let's go raptors
Raptors Argentina @Raptors_Argento🔁 Patterson and Tucker for Norm and Carroll after 6:15, pretty much the usual time.
Payton @thats_so_payton🔁Every east team's favorite hobby is going ham on the Raptors in the playoffs. A tradition unlike any other.
J.R Global @Skatewashere🔁It sounds interesting but doubt it happens..
William H. Holla @bobbygeorge413🔁The length consistently bothers the Raptors, but their lack of consistent shooting keeps the Raps in the game. Time to go to the cup!
John Swanke @JohnSwanke🔁#FearTheDeer Hey Raptors, you're just not as good enough to compete with the Young Bucks #WeTheNorth
Dirty D @416DirtyD🔁The raptors have succeeded in not getting blown off the floor in the first 5 minutes. Build on this.
Kash Klay @KashKlay99🔁Are the raptors going to shit the bed again today
J.R Global @Skatewashere🔁It says DeMar signed 5 year contract for 145 Mil
Social Sports Austin @SocialnnSports🔁After a humiliating loss in Game 3, we think the Raptors will make a stronger push in Game 4.
Amro @amroal96🔁Let's be real here tho lol, Cavs gonna destroy/sweep Bucks/Raptors
mj @mj52046600🔁 Serge Ibaka has been the Raptors' best player in this series, I'm pretty sure
Marvin Jones @mrvlsmrv🔁watching Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks
Pavan Sunderawala @Pavan_Sun🔁Raptors could have picked Thon with their 9th pick last year; but instead they took a guy that rides the bench. Bucks picked Thon at 10th.


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