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Rangers Family @GersFamily🔁The magnificent bastard on his part in Rangers Football Club. #SounessSunday
The Saw @thesaw841216🔁 Hope your birthday is SUPER, @dougfister58!
Rangers D. G @waffleBordnSOB🔁 OFFICIAL #NYR TRANSACTION: Rangers recalled forward Vinni Lettieri from @WolfPackAHL.
RangersRangersRangers Aidan O'Donnell @Aidan_1888_🔁 A Chelsea and Rangers flag sporting a Combat 18 badge. Scum of the highest order.
The Saw @thesaw841216🔁 Closer and closer. Only 🔟 Days until Pitchers & Catchers Report. Who is ready for baseball?
Rangers Nashville Predators @PredsNHL🔁That’s what’s up! #Preds top the Rangers with their second-consecutive five-goal game in #Smashville. #NYRvsNSH
MLB @MLB fans, you're going to want this.

🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/959902481634484225" target="_blank">twitter.com

Jesse Sanchez @JesseSanchezMLB🔁Sources: Veteran pitcher Bartolo Colon and the Rangers are in talks on a minor league deal. There is momentum.
Lealea1504🇬🇧 @uk_lealea🔁Any chance of a retweet guys, I want to reach as many Rangers fans as possible for new followers and I will follow back 😁🇬🇧 thanks
mash @mashmallon1965🔁"For ever and ever, we'll Follow the Gers
The Glasgow Rangers, the Teddy Bears
For we will be mastered, by whom by no Fenian Bastards"
Ok, well apart from........😂😂😂
Bonnie wilkerson @charleswredhead🔁ANOTHER Democrat Arrested!
Democratic Party's 93rd District Judge "Rudy" Delgado Arrested After FBI Agents and Texas Rangers Descend Upon Hidalgo Courthouse and his Home

Steve Gorten @sgorten🔁Rangers reportedly will be sellers at trade deadline Feb. 26, though you wonder if that'll be the case should they s twitter.com tring together some wins leading up to that. GM faces a tough decision: make a move/s or hope what you have will perform better final 30 games?
EpicnessUnleashed @UnleashEpicness🔁MUGEN Matches / Battles / Fights Of Red Ranger From Power Rangers Series, Wolverine, And Shimakaze: youtu.be via
tk @KeenanTodd🔁 I'm unclear.
Did Katie Hopkins take ketamine willingly, or did local park rangers use it to bring her down?
Derek @DFWDerek🔁I like it, the Rangers are making big boy moves. The best player in baseball is now a Ranger. Bout to win all the World Series.
Dean Mckenzie @Pirlos_Pubes🔁SPFL need to control & manage it's product.
Invariably TV broadcast the away fixture for Celtic or Rangers - usually in a soulless, half-empty, box stadium. It looks small-time.
Compare with Hibs at Ibrox yesterday; big crowd, atmospheric, aesthetically appealing...& untelevised.
Carpo @colin_carpo🔁Now we know how you hate rangers Jim. twitter.com
Carson'sArmy @itsRangersforme🔁He was actually reported for incidents at took place at other clubs. I've recently seen several fans of the Nappy Ri twitter.com ppers try to connect incidents to Rangers when they clearly happened elsewhere, tragic isn't it, you might have been one of them actually, Mad William was one.
IcyShot @Icyyshot🔁Rangers are out today lets go come hangg twitch.tv out trying to hit that 100 follows =)
Stuart M©laren @stuartmclaren94🔁So you're telling me that the defender has gone to clear the ball, full swipe, kicked the player in the mean time and twitter.com it's no pen?! You'd be raging if rangers never got a pen in that situation
Jacob Anderson @ja24111616🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Panel at Power Morphicon - Power Rangers Ninja Steel
⚡🐬🌲                     🌹🔥🌹 @eddyb_r🔁 train ticket inspectors are cops. park rangers are not cops. this is my official ruling on the matter
Brian Hamill @brianchamill🔁Some lovely quotes in this.

"You lose the history, effectively"

"Rangers 2012, or whatever they want to be called"
The U-turn on all this by Rangers/TRIFC fans now is just funny. Who do they think they're kidding?!

Nadden @NathanielHadden🔁@JackCrawford01 No seen another angle for that but looked offside in the Rangers tv highlights and they weren’t that good earlier
Rangers Family @GersFamily🔁‘Must be mental’ – Rangers legend blasts club for not cashing in on key Murty talent goo.gl
Nathan Wood @itsnatewood🔁I like it, the Rangers are making big boy moves. The best player in baseball is now a Ranger. Bout to win all the Wor twitter.com ld Series.
Jennifer Green @JelitaJane🔁@jesseltaylor Am I the only one who read Gadget from Rescue Rangers as biracial?


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