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Rangers KPL @TheOfficialKPL🔁KPL Monday Result: Posta Rangers 2-2 Tusker FC goo.gl #KPL2018
Rangers Crunchyroll @Crunchyroll🔁NEWS: Power Rangers Stars Heed the Call for "Magical Girl Ore" Photoshoot

💖 More: got.cr

Mary @Babyblujay2003🔁 Astros sweep the Rangers.
Thomas Sanders @ThomasSanders🔁In today’s edition of “Why am I so sentimental?”: my parents were literally going to donate the Power Rangers thermos twitter.com I had in elementary school and I said no, and now it’s apparently an installment in my apartment.
Daily Record Sport @Record_Sport🔁Rangers only cut Celtic ticket allocation because they don't like seeing us party at Ibrox claims Tom Boyd
Derek Edwards @DerekEdwardsGB🔁teams that surprised me this season


accrington stanley

now read the first letter of each team

Fay ⚡️ Sad Lightning Fan @BoltsFan92🔁No, I'm pretty sure it does erase it. Just like the Rangers winning in 1994 erased their 54 years.

Chasing a difficult goal that has so far eluded you is the entire point of all of this.

farahani @farahaninazli_🔁Epic / Fantasy / Science Fiction:
-Harry Potter saga
-Star Wars saga
-Pirates Of The Caribbean saga
-Lord Of The Rings 1-3
-Ruby Red 1-3
-Star Trek
-Planet Of The Apes 1-3
-Back To The Future 1-3
-Pacific Rim
-The Day After Tomorrow
-World War Z
-War Of The Worlds
-Power Rangers
StayRudeStayRebel @RudeRebel1888🔁@Rangers_Pride maybe you could have your own section like the union bears do 👍🏻
Yvette 🇵🇷🙋♊ @avery16fan🔁"I think for everybody in the organization, you want to show that you can be on the team because you can be a go-to guy at a young age." prospect .


g-viral "ban all bigots" @gviral1🔁my family are disappointed that I’m dating someone who stands against everything they believe in. I tried to explain that he even though he won’t convert that not all people like him are bad but they’re finding it really hard to accept the idea of having a Rangers fan in the fam
Chris Campise @ChrisCampise🔁 #Astros feast on Rangers en route to 5-1 week as schedule lightens up
T S Bernadetti @MrsRoyKeane7🔁That awkward moment when yesterday’s ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ protest in Belfast included;

• Israeli loving, British Army supporting men doing Nazi salutes
• Rangers supporters flying Ireland’s National Flag

Jacob Riley @JacobRi95136580🔁Imagine McGeouch rejecting Hibs, Aberdeen, Rangers, Blackburn, Sunderland and more teams to sign for St Mirren... 😂😂
BlueshirtNation @NYRangers_BSN🔁Making the case For or Against the #NYR RFA's foreverblueshirts.com foreverblueshirts.com
ʙɪʟʟʏ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 @blinkybill_6🔁Some more Season tickets have been released for anyone that is looking for some


King Edward VI Sport @KingEdVIsport🔁More great Sebert football action at weekend. Y4 tournament success at Guildhall - United won and Rangers 4th. Fantastic play all round. Well done all the players & many thanks to coaches and parents
Blue Sea Of Ibrox @tbsoiforum🔁Rangers twitter is aids.
Rangers spend money on players - folk moan about spending money.
Rangers bring in free transfers or loans - folk moan about not spending money.
Pre season hasn’t started yet and cunts already getting their knickers in a twist.

Settle down.

Florida Travel @travelFLA🔁Disney contest winner will camp out overnight in Pandora thesent.nl
New York Rangers @NYRangers🔁"I think for everybody in the organization, you want to show that you can be on the team because you can be a go-to g twitter.com uy at a young age." prospect .


Don Lovelace Jr. @dlovetweet🔁 The Laurel Falls Trail is currently closed while rescue crews work. wate.com
Liam Hamilton @LiamHamilton98🔁 Rangers set to confirm deal for Brighton defender Connor Goldson


DisneyWorldPost @DisneyWorldPost🔁 DisneyWorldPost.com : Disney contest winner DisneyWorldPost.com will camp out overnight in Pandora twitter.com
Zay 👑 @toofxxkinnice🔁So summer and I have been rewatching ALL of the old power rangers .. and Dino Thunder will always be my favorite . IDC
EGGO #HIYAHEIGHTS @leggoeggo200🔁All you bitches wanna do is snort coke & fight you fucking Powder rangers
Paine ™ @JPaine47🔁@mike_Dayanandan Should have went to the Rangers 😂Jk all the best on the recovery
brian james @jamesie1966🔁@PattersonJono @martinshire I got France down the Rangers🇫🇷
Dillon @Dillon_Swan🔁3rd-rder Jonathan Ornelas signs w/ for $622,800 (full pick 91 value). Arizona HS SS, has some pop/arm strength/flash that prompt some Javy Baez comparisons, may wind up at 2B. Was committed to Tennessee.
Mark Deska @MDeskaTTU🔁@newguymeltz @mrs_hippiequeen @baseballbarry2 International House of Beating the rangers 4 games in a row.
Charles Patrick Jr @CW_Patrick🔁Whatever you do, don’t mention the when you stop by the booth to see die-hard fan today. He’s still coping.
Farrell @cfarrell72🔁@EuanBRobertson He's also a great rangers man and a great kid
Graham Potter @potter_1688🔁@josharthur5 @arwyn_fitness @oli_mcburnie Sorry lads am selling him to rangers 🔵⚪🔴
StayRudeStayRebel @RudeRebel1888🔁@Rangers_Pride , well done on your page 👏🏻
Nate Rogers @MrDerbyDaze🔁Missed my flight this morning, got to witness the Rangers get spanked by the stros, and caught a semi sweet buzz. Happy Sunday y’all.
patrick chirico @SDagger02🔁 LINK TO PRE-ORDER

gamestop.com twitter.com

Precision 🎯 @oPR3CiSiONx🔁Where the fuck is the new Rangers top? 😂
Ryan Winter @winterguy15🔁Still out of it from the weekend and I cannot stop laughing at my desk after hearing on the Rangers drafted a pitche twitter.com r named Owen Sharts
Ibrox Bar Marmaris @StevieGerrard17🔁@hummel1923 when are you announcing the rangers strips?
Cramlington CC @CramlingtonCC🔁🏏 Northern Rangers v Cramlington
🏆 North East Midweek Division 2
📆 11th June
⏰ 6:00pm
📍 Wearmouth Cricket Club, SR5 2SD
Farrell @cfarrell72🔁@EuanBRobertson Also great rangers man and a class kid
Allyyyyy.. @A1872_🔁Rangers twitter is aids.
Rangers spend money on players - folk moan about spending money.
Rangers bring in free trans twitter.com fers or loans - folk moan about not spending money.
Pre season hasn’t started yet and cunts already getting their knickers in a twist.

Settle down.

Moshtradomus @GreekGoalie35🔁@501Broadway I grew up a Rangers fan and still support them. They are #2 behind the Preds now.
🇲🇽Alemania va a probar el chile nacional🇲🇽 @etchcafe🔁They tweeted this just to get swept at home 😭 twitter.com
Trevor Gutting @whatwhatindagut🔁I think the Texas Rangers are trying to build a team around a bad joke. They just drafted Owen Sharts to join Fister, Colon and Odor Thought you might get a kick out of that!
Up The Ra👏🏻🇮🇪 @Celtic1967_x🔁 The morning after a Celtic Rangers game twitter.com
Pat ONeill @PatONeill1949🔁Principal Danny Gurany welcoming family and friends to the 2018 RHS graduation ceremony “Brand For Life!” Go Rangers! twitter.com !!


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