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Ramos Kαyeli @Kayeli_🔁 Sergio Ramos wishes Mo Salah well.
Ramos Pezleh @Pezrrrr🔁 Oh my dayz Ramos is a dead man Salah got meat don backing his beef.
Ramos Peter Boyle @ThePeterBoyle1🔁 @GNev2 Ramos......job done. #UCLFinal
Ramos fxyxz 🐼 @mdfayaz28🔁 “Should I tell him about what Ramos is planning?”
Ramos Jason loves ari @jasonburns538🔁 RT if you hate Sergio Ramos 🙄
Ramos kash @kash28506244🔁 Mido: “Anyone that understands football would know that Ramos injured Salah intentionally.”
Ramos النون 👌👉 @Omarelshamy4🔁 RETWEET if you hate Sergio Ramos...
Ramos Thabvinho Maine @Thabvinho17🔁 RT if you hate Sergio Ramos.
Ramos Mark @MarkNico1878🔁@Gola87 @JayShannon20 foul on Ramos?
Monmon @monagabra🔁 #The_Fake_Player

RT BarcaRaw: Sergio Ramos ladies and gentleman. What a captain.

Jamie ⚽️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 @Dimond3487🔁 Sergio Ramos ladies and gentleman. What a captain.

Ramos Chloe Annand @chloe_annand🔁 “Should I tell him about what Ramos is planning?”
Ramos Dream_Chas3r 😎 @Itz_OmaaaR🔁 John Wick has received our request to pay Sergio Ramos a visit


Глушков Владимир @ww__1988🔁 Ramos in a nutshell
Ramos Josep M. Merino 🎗 @JMMD8🔁 Retweet if Sergio Ramos is a criminal
Ramos Louis Stone @LouisStone15🔁 Sergio Ramos took to Instagram to gloat after the match. #UCLfinal
RamosRamos Agam'is @dirgaagam1🔁 Retweet if you hate Ramos! #UCLFinal
Ramos Delano Riphagen @DRiphagen🔁 RT if you hate Sergio Ramos...
David Maddock @MaddockMirror🔁Honestly, that was a disgrace from Sergio Ramos. He's ended 's night, and possibly his World Cup with a cynical, horr twitter.com ible foul. Believe me, Ramos knew what he was doing there, dragging the arm down like that and holding. Red card all day.
Landon Donovan @landondonovan🔁1. Salah deserved better
2. The foul by Ramos on Salah was not dirty. It was just really unfortunate that it caused t twitter.com hat type of injury
3. Bale’s goal was so much more difficult than many will ever realize
4. Please remember that Karius is a human being first. Have compassion
Dov Kleiman @NFL_DovKleiman🔁The DIRTY play by Sergio Ramos to injure Mohamed Salah in the Champions League Final.

Salah went to the locker room

Amr sabry @amrxsabry771🔁Dear Ramos!

Maybe for Madrid fans you are a hero, but to majority of football lovers around the world you are a can twitter.com cer to this beautiful game!

I feel pity for u that's why I @relay_ndayi🔁
Sergio Ramos is a third class player.... FIFA confideration must ban him for the lifetime
Bobby @MeliaRobert🔁 Sergio Ramos is the kind of guy who’d unplug your life support machine to charge his phone.
rankx. @RANKX3🔁Maybe that would be partially true if god would exist. So let's blame on something that actually exist. Let's start w twitter.com ith Ramos my delusional friend.
UBERMENSH @austinvin07🔁Sergio Ramos appeared to be wearing a custom made NBA style ring last night 💍

He was wearing it when he collected the trophy 🏆

It was complete with his initials.


Shiraz Hoosen @BronkoRed🔁 Don’t tweet much but I’m absolutely gutted for Mo and Liverpool what a loss ffs. Ramos a dirty c#@t
Mavropanos @Inamiknjenga🔁Ramos: “What happened to Salah is sad, you never want to see that happen but with that being said I have no guilt, he locked arms with me first and after that there was nothing I can do. People complaining about it have never kicked a ball in their life”


Intisari Addict @origamiiy🔁Sergio Ramos truly is the Joffrey Baratheon of world soccer. Every time he lifts a trophy it feels like he’s lifting Ned Stark’s head.
Jake @bqrsk🔁@oN_Jski Keeper lost us the game and Ramos is a mong
Indie @IDARAR87🔁People demonising Ramos. Oh please. Every team on the planet would want him. Both the footballer and the shithousing villainy.
PiDDY @PiDDY__🔁One of the worst things in modern football: instead of being severely and pointedly punished, dirty big players have a feeling of impunity.

Sergio Ramos:
Deliberately injuring an opponent (Salah) - red
Elbowing an opponent (Karius) - red
Simulation - yellow

Not even fouls.

Eunan🍀 @eunan1878🔁Honestly, that was a disgrace from Sergio Ramos. He's ended 's night, and possibly his World Cup with a cynical, horrible foul. Believe me, Ramos knew what he was doing there, dragging the arm down like that and holding. Red card all day.
#24 @Tucks1st🔁@paulkyaio @Dugout Mate do you think Ramos cares that a guy called Paul from Kenya won’t forgive him ? 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
Stuardo Mateo 🇬🇹 @lopezestuardo31🔁 Good morning to everyone except Sergio Ramos
My name is Kagiso. @naesar90🔁Zidane’s Champions League Final Mixtape Track-List

1. No Salah (ft Ramos)
2. Not My Keeper (ft Karius)
3. Bale Me Out
4. Kroos Control (ft Moderić)
5. You’ll Never Win Again Interlude
6. Letter To Karius (ft P45)
7. Trophies (ft Whole Squad)

Mryosry @mryosry4🔁@FilGoal the devil is kissing.
Allah will revenge .dirty Ramos
Ngao noby @NgaoTadei🔁@maharjan_kedar @MariaSTsehai @SergioRamos @realmadriden @LFC @MoSalah Fuck ramos
Ifedayo Adekeye @IfedayoAdekeye🔁 Imagine Sergio Ramos, Ander Herrera and Diego Costa in the same team. Brutal, but amazing, villainy.
Cormac McIntyre @cormacmcintyre🔁@MickeyKirk87 That Ramos bastard changed the game!! Don’t care what’s they say 🖕🏻
AR @mattyhughes24🔁Mane was the man consoling Mo as he went off the pitch, the man who had a few pops back at Ramos, and the man who scored. African prince.
DICKSON @bra_kwamena🔁I'm not a fan of Sergio Ramos, but if u still blame him for Mo Salah's injury after watching what happened from this angle then football is not for u. Tennis is probably the game shuld be watching -- where players stick to their lane with no body contact with opponents.
Katumba 🇺🇬 @eriakatumba🔁👌 Sergio Ramos quite literally rubbing salt into the wound...

(📹 )

Billy Warouw ✌ @Jr_billskyyy🔁“What happened to Salah is sad, you never want to see that happen but with that being said I have no guilt, he locked arms with me first and after that there was nothing I can do. People complaining about it have never kicked a ball in their life”

- Sergio Ramos

Matthew L Bishop @MatthewLBishop🔁They’ve closed the bloody McDonald’s at Barcelona airport! Big negative after a week of intense conferencing. I blame Sergio Ramos.
Juan Baixauli @juanixcosmetic🔁And the Ramos Salah incident was less innocent than it looked. Surprised the panel didn’t focus on it more
jim goodall @jimgoodall11🔁After listening to apparently it wasn't Liverpools / Karuis fault nor was it the brilliance of Bale that won it. Surprise Surprise ( our Cilla La) it was all because of Ramos. 👎
#NP @zamosings - better de come @osobajay🔁Ramos.

Lots of sanctimonious shit talked about him.

If you, as a fan, we're offered him at his best, warts and all, you'd all take him.

If you answer "nope", let me know you're team and I'll find a wrong un who you've cheered from the rooftops.

A ruthless winner.

Jaji Faruk @Heph_kay🔁 Mo Salah: I will score Madrid tonight

Sergio Ramos: Sho mo age mi ni?

Kieran Knapper @kieranknapper🔁Liverpool fans saying Ramos intentionally injured salah probably forgot about their golden boy taking a swing at Martins Indi the other week. He’s not perfect and neither is your shite club x
Simon Hughes @shuggythebear🔁Sergio Ramos cynically took out Liverpool’s best player, Mo Salah. But, what’s been overlooked is that he also took out Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius just before his calamitous errors.

Nikanor Angula @NiCkyNiCe91🔁wat about egypt ?? really selfish for Ramos to pull a wreslting move on a hard working player like salah, he grabbed twitter.com his shoulder and slammed him ground mid-air,defenders should play with more dignity that intimidating strong challenges and diving,,.😡
Nick @_nickmartinez__🔁"Any blame on Sergio Ramos there, any cynicism?" 🤔

"No, I don't think so."

"I don't think he really meant to do that."

Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and look at Mohamed Salah's clash with Sergio Ramos... 🎙

R1ch @noneshall_pass🔁@staceyevo That ref definitely got paid out of the @realmadriden accounts
And Ramos not even getting a yellow card let alone a red proves it
FirstGameOn @JamesScopez2016🔁@MattHDGamer what were you opinions on that Ramos challenge?
Geert Van Calster @GAVClaw🔁'Klopp described Ramos’s challenge as “harsh'. That armlock was criminal. And his reaction to Mo's departure from the twitter.com pitch, repugnant. /
Jürgen Klopp: ‘It was very bad for Mo Salah, for us and for Egypt’
Pranesh Kanhai @kanhai27🔁Ramos is an uncompromising, hard, ruthless beast who takes no prisoners & wins, wins, wins. I’d love him at the heart of Arsenal’s defence.
diosGILBERTO @godGilbert_s🔁@Isabu_ @Mooooo1991 @realmadriden Haha he can't even spell his emotion towards Ramos..so much to be said
Happy Skand @unrealis_🔁 Ramos is the type of guy who’d go and holiday in Egypt in the summer.
ZaheedP @stooshguji🔁Trending in Egypt now:

1- We are all Liverpool
2- Son of dirt
3- Ramos the dog
8- Son of shoes

You get the point.

Greg Sangwine @GSangwine🔁@JLQPR Ramos got pushed in the arm and grabbed his face. He deserves as much criticism people can throw at him
Harkaran @HarkyOfficial🔁@punjabhey It’s so unatural the way Ramos arm is around salahs. You falling to the fall you break your fall not pulling on someone’s arm
Billy @Kunbelievable🔁Sergio Ramos is the greatest CB of our generation by a country mile
JuanSGE @JuanSGE🔁IFB Thanks 🌹🍀
VINCENT @Iam_tobbe🔁Sergio Ramos is the first captain to lift the Champions League three times with the same side since Franz Beckenbauer in 1976.

There always needs to be a villain.

Iam_SoDazed😈 @RethabileMotin1🔁Salah: "I don't think Ramos' tackle on me was by accident. He clutched my arm as I was going down, and then put his entire weight on it. This is not something normal. I'm very disappointed. If this is how Real Madrid wins, I don't ever want to join them." [via xHamster]


Dick Pringles @LuciferSam97🔁It wasn’t misfortune. In the still you can literally see Ramos dragging him down by his arm. The cunt knew exactly w twitter.com hat he was doing
Robert Warren @Rob_Adtr🔁People who thought this wasn't a red now talking us through detailed stills of Ramos pulling Salahs shoulder out of its socket
Sfiso Sabela @sfiso_sbl🔁Lies. Ramos cleared the ball and then Salah tried to let go but Ramos held on to stop Salah from going after the bal twitter.com l.

Ramos dragged Salah down on purpose but the injury was caused by the landing,not the holding or dragging.

Dennis Mahoney @dmahoney539🔁In just one match, Sergio Ramos dislocated Mo Salah’s shoulder, elbowed Loris Karius prior to his goalkeeping mistakes and indulged in this disgraceful display of play acting.
He’s the football embodiment of winning ugly.

Adam ♦️ @PIeaseSir🔁When RM win their 3rd ucl trophy in a row, sending Spurs into pot 2 while Salah misses out on the WC cos of a brutal tackle from Ramos.
Chrisy lewis @chrisylewis1🔁 Sergio Ramos is the kind of centre-half Arsenal could do with. Top class shithousery to go with top class ability.
Kodak Black 🔫 ❄ 🤐💰 @sammypeterjogu1🔁 I need to start handling my issues like Sergio Ramos, I see a problem, I tackle it ASAP
LovelyMun @munieAMG🔁It took Egyptians 28 years to qualify for the World Cup and Mohamed Salah was the reason we finally made it. Ramos took all of that way, in the nastiest and unethical way possible.


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