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#Raisina2018#Raisina2018#Raisina2018 Bhaveshkumar Upadhyay @BhaveshkumarUp3🔁 Attended the @raisinadialogue, which was addressed by PM @netanyahu. #Raisina2018
Anand Ranganathan @ARanganathan72🔁"India has an important role to play in diffusing Japanese naval accidental confrontation with China."

Wow. Strong w twitter.com ords by the Japanese Naval Chief, in this QUAD session, moderated superbly by .

Aditya Raj Kaul @AdityaRajKaul🔁When a young lady at asked, ‘Why don’t we talk about Indian sponsored activities in ?’, came crisp reply from Foreig twitter.com n Secretary Jaishankar to a rousing applause from audience, ‘In my case, told me - stick to facts and not cover fantasies’.
Aditya Raj Kaul @AdityaRajKaul🔁Former CIA Director General David Petraeus silences a young lady who asked about Indian activities in at : ‘As Dire twitter.com ctor CIA, never heard the term ‘Indian State Sponsored terrorism’. New normal is Rise of China and other is THE ANSWER IS INDIA. *applause*
Kumar Karunakaran @kkkankur🔁Clearly or Raisina 3.0 was even better than the 1st two versions. And the last session with FS Jaishankar, Gen Petreaus and the French Secretary Gen. was easily the perfect climax to a superb conference. Take a bow Team Raisina for a worldclass Conference
Vidyadhar Ginde @vidyadharginde🔁Indian FS Jaishankar at re the neighborhood: when countries have choices, they will leverage them. We hv to step up, raise our game. Already providing $25-30bn in credits, grants in extended n'hood
सकल सच @RadhaA_QCM🔁When a young lady at asked, ‘Why don’t we talk about Indian sponsored activities in ?’, came crisp reply from Foreign Secretary Jaishankar to a rousing applause from audience, ‘In my case, told me - stick to facts and not cover fantasies’.
Vidyadhar Ginde @vidyadharginde🔁What I learned at 1) the narrative that engaging China in the global system will normalize its behavior is dead 2)no serious person really thinks the US is in retreat 3) the global rules-based order is going to be saved by multilateral action of sovereign states
Rohitesh Dhawan @RohiteshDhawan🔁The oldest living Jewish community in the world is in...Kerala, India #Raisina2018 twitter.com
Shruti Pandalai @shrutipandalai🔁I am still combing through my notes gathered through and what a wealth of ideas and perspectives it was ! A clear ar twitter.com ticulation on how India takes centre stage in global geopolitics & a meeting ground for stellar minds . Kudos
minakshimks @minakshimks1🔁
Salute them ...after s@nt Rampalji in 2014 they stand against judiciary intolerance..

veerupopuri @veerupopuri🔁 Quad Naval chiefs on stage. Having Indonesian articulate was a good idea. Is it a precursor to a larger quad?
Naveen Patel @nav_nirvana🔁Former CIA Director David Howell Petraeus begins speaking at by saluting the remarkable career of India’s Foreign Secretary as an incredible Diplomat. Dr. S. Jaishankar will retire at the end of this month. Petraeus says, he is loved in US and China.
🚩Nikkei Gupta🚩 @iw5spex🔁Big takeaways from :

1) China is big elephant in the room you can’t dare ignore.

2) India is a rising power in the region and beyond. India-US ties closely monitored.

3) Pakistan condemned by one and all for sponsoring terror. Pak diplomats were at all events.

Namrata Hasija @hasijanamrata🔁At EU-India think tanks workshop on sidelines, & talking India, EU policies on/perceptions of Asia
Jaiveer Shergill @JaiveerShergill🔁It was pleasure meeting
Wonderful Speakers, Amazing Participants
Uma @Uma_Vinay🔁Congratulations to #Teamorf for a wonderfully organised #Raisina2018 @Pushan3012 @tanoubi @samirsaran @SunjoyJ
Madana Bhat-Khandige @madanabhat🔁Throughout Pakistan was referred to either as a terror sponsoring country or in context of Afghanistan. No one had anything good or positive to say about it, except for a potential IS recruit.
Madana Bhat-Khandige @madanabhat🔁My initial two takeaways from : a) China is looming large over all strategic dialogues; b) Pakistan is a ‘....hole’ or a migraine everyone hopes would disappear. India reduces and degrades itself by remaining fixated on the paks
Jeetendra Bhakta🇮🇳 @JeetendraBhakta🔁#Raisina2018 a great success.All the credits goes to @samirsaran and the team @orfonline .Congratulations!!
MaryKay Carlson @MaryKayCarlson🔁It was great to see Admiral Harry Harris back in India! so ably represented the U.S. military at . .
Ahmar Mustikhan @mustikhan🔁 My newest video message coming: Bharat Mata Ki Jai China must leave Balochistan as Pakistan are days numbered. At twitter.com 1 pm Delhi time, watch here
Pravo @provanjan999🔁 #Raisina2018
That was really best speech with lot of emotion and truth. #BenjaminNetanyahu
Samir Saran @samirsaran🔁Excited to be hosting this panel at .
Speakers joining me on stage: , , , Pedro Serrano , Geoffrey Van Orden , Fyodor Lukyanov .

Samir Saran @samirsaran🔁Thank you , & for giving me the opportunity to come to & speak directly with a leader I admire and have followed for many years
Raisina Dialogue @raisinadialogue🔁Such an honor to be at . Great to hear Prime Minister Netanyahu’s opening remarks and meet many of the participants last night. Thanks for hosting a wonderful dinner reception.
Vidhya Iyer @JournalistIyer🔁Presenting the Quad at

Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano, Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, Japan
Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, Chief of Navy, Australia
Admiral Sunil Lanba, Chief of Naval Staff, India
Admiral Harry Harris, Jr., Commander, US Pacific Command

sai kripa @saikripa1008🔁Excited about - feels a bit like Indian think tank Christmas:
- catch up with friends
- unwrap new ideas
- fight over old issues
- get drunk
Ahmar Mustikhan @mustikhan🔁Chinese think-tank participant puts an interesting bid from Beijing to join QUAD at the . ‘If waters in Indo-Pacific are free, Can China apply and join QUAD?’
Ahmar Mustikhan @mustikhan🔁 Fantastic photography there, Theresa. Unarguably one of the best panels at the #Raisina2018. twitter.com
Serena A. Chaudhry @SerenaChaudhry🔁Thank you! #Raisina2018 twitter.com
Ahmar Mustikhan @mustikhan🔁General David Howell Petraeus at : It’s no longer Asia-Pacific, but Indo-Pacific in US lexicon. Recognition of India at the world stage.
Rajeev Mantri @RMantri🔁Two highlights for me: ’s historic and powerful opening address with in the audience 🇮🇳 🇮🇱, and a panel with the twitter.com Navy Chiefs of India+Australia, Commander of US Naval Pacific Command, Japan’s Chief of Joint Staff 🚢 🚀 🇮🇳 🇺🇸 🇦🇺 🇯🇵
Ken Juster @USAmbIndia🔁It was great to see Admiral Harry Harris back in India! so ably represented the U.S. military at . . twitter.com
Raisina Dialogue @raisinadialogue🔁Admiral Sunil Lanba, Chief of Naval Staff (), India in conversation with during at :


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