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#RaisedRoyal renee'rusow @rusowjordan🔁@Royals just finished dissolving the best bullpen in history #RaisedRoyal
#RaisedRoyal Meg @offbal1🔁 So long, Kelvin. #RaisedRoyal
#RaisedRoyal Brandon Greene @BrannGreen36🔁 Here is your #Royals lineup for tonight's series opener vs. the Rangers. #RaisedRoyal
Chalupa Batman @kadyj311🔁 Crowns & clouds. 👑⛅️ #RaisedRoyal
drewstoddard @drewstoddard1🔁 Crowns & clouds. 👑⛅️ #RaisedRoyal
#RaisedRoyal Becky Collins @beckycllns88🔁 We thank you, Kelvin. #RaisedRoyal
#RaisedRoyal Becky Collins @beckycllns88🔁 That's quite a resume. Kansas City thanks you Kelvin! #RaisedRoyal
#RaisedRoyal Kansas City Royals @Royals🔁Here is your #Royals lineup for tonight's series opener vs. the Rangers. #RaisedRoyal
Kansas City Royals @Royals🔁Crowns & clouds. 👑⛅️ #RaisedRoyal
#RaisedRoyal Kansas City Royals @Royals🔁We thank you, Kelvin. #RaisedRoyal
Royals Review @royalsreview🔁Video of OF Blake Perkins, just traded to in a three prospect return for Herrera. Impressive speed/defense in CF w/ bat that needs to develop in order to get everyday ABs. High floor guy given the center-diamond ability.

Report here:

Michael @KStateKC🔁The last member of HDH has moved on. Royals have traded closer Kelvin Herrera to the Washington Nationals. twitter.com
Fantasy Sports Radio @SiriusXMFantasy🔁Yesterday, was traded from the to the . Today, he joins the to talk about the trade and his future with in KC! twitter.com
UCAsports.com @ucasports🔁 All you @UCABearBaseball fans, 👀 those last 2 in the order tonight... #RaisedRoyal #BearClawsUp twitter.com
Rachel Finnell @rachelfinnell🔁Kelvin Herrera won't forget his time in Kansas City: "We went to the World Series, winning one of them was the best experience ever."
Heartland @AmericanHeart5🔁Salvy climbed the farm system with Kelvin Herrera and says it will be tough to move on: "We're sad, I'm sad. I love him like my brother, but it's part of the business."
Obstructedviewer @Obstructedview2🔁Tuesday Trade Market: Looking at the Kelvin Herrera Trade prosportsfandom.com via Nationals made a big move and a good one at that. twitter.com
Charles Sollars @CharlesSollars🔁 we all get that many players we loved from ‘14 ‘15 will be traded. Why not do twitter giveaways with every trade ma twitter.com ke this trade season a little easier to swallow RT if a jersey will make the rebuild medicine go down
41 Action News @41actionnews🔁"Without him, there's no way we can ever make it to a World Series, win a World Series. He's family."

- GM Dayton Moore after trading to the

Missy D @momofbnl🔁Went to bed crying. Then wake up to this as the first thing I read. Here I go again. The bonds you guys have are amaz twitter.com ing, so amazing that we as fans can feel it. Thank you , and the rest of the .


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