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la reina @_ivettexo🔁 Raina in heaven looking at Tariq Texting #PowerTV
ICC @ICC🔁Half-centuries from Rahul and Raina and a quick-fire 32 off 9 from Hardik Pandya fire India to back to back 200 + sco twitter.com res for the first time in T20Is, reaching 213/4 in Malahide.


Bri @BOSSSSSiN🔁 Raina in heaven looking at Tariq Texting #PowerTV
✨lil 60✨ @_BreYe🔁 Raina lookin down on Tariq from heaven like... #PowerStarz @Power_STARZ
Cricbuzz @cricbuzz🔁Most T20 runs in a calendar year for Raina:

1042 in 2010
1030 in 2018 **
845 in 2014
814 in 2012
788 in 2013
777 in twitter.com 2016

Cricketwallah @cricketwallah🔁Raina in good form is big asset for India with his experience & explosive strokes. Given the competition must hold on to his place in team!
🍉 @fullsunglow🔁oh they're playing Raina ft Aron song in this restaurant
Aditi Raina🇦🇷 @ImAditiPatel🔁@gayathri170 @Raina_Barani @Kashyap_ocean @kanish_rana So caring 😂
Gayathri❤Raina @gayathri170🔁@Raina_Barani @ImAditiPatel @Kashyap_ocean @kanish_rana Caring😂
Umesh Birla @BirlaUmesh🔁@metaphysicalbhi @bhogleharsha 6th batsman might be Raina who can bowl a bit..
rahul vishwanathan @rahulji97🔁@bhogleharsha who will be in your middle order among Raina,DK and kl Rahul 2 out of those 3.
Sachin J @SachinJ83439752🔁@ImRaina @BhuviOfficial @y_umesh @Jaspritbumrah93 @SDhawan25 @sidkaul22 "Good Opportunity to Surrey Raina Sir 👌👌💐💐"
Rai @Raina_Imani🔁You got something real not basic
Rai @Raina_Imani🔁Yes I’m hurt and yes I’m jaded
Raina Barani @Raina_Barani🔁@gayathri170 @ImAditiPatel @Kashyap_ocean @kanish_rana I can handle this 🤣

But she

Raina Barani @Raina_Barani🔁@ImAditiPatel @gayathri170 @Kashyap_ocean @kanish_rana Yess😂😂🙌🙌🙌
Gayathri❤Raina @gayathri170🔁@Raina_Barani @ImAditiPatel @Kashyap_ocean @kanish_rana Self protection😂😂
Aditi Raina🇦🇷 @ImAditiPatel🔁@Raina_Barani @gayathri170 @Kashyap_ocean @kanish_rana Danger for me too 😭😂
Raina Barani @Raina_Barani🔁I mentioned danger..

Because if this tweets are seen by your brothers or relatives..
Then its danger for me🤣🤣🤣🤣 twitter.com

Rorocil👑 @FY97ROA🔁– Her specialty is writing songs.
– She was a backup dancer in Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat” MV.
– Roa appeared in ( twitter.com Nu’est) Jr & Minhyun’s Daybreak MV.
– She appeared in Raina “RESET” performances.
– She was featured in Han Dong Geun’s “Falling Slowly”.
BB Raina @bb_raina🔁Verna was a merit based system of governance. It degenerated into cast system as those who were doing menial jobs got twitter.com caught into it generation after generation with active support from the then authorities.
They sunk deeper and deeper into the abyss never to come out again.
Gayathri❤Raina @gayathri170🔁Third Player to Score 1000 T20 Runs in overall T20 format in 2018 & Now Second Leading run scorer in T20 in 2018✌️
The Name is Suresh Raina
T20 king for a Reason 🔥
Pant - 1125
Raina - 1030
Watson - 1019
❄ Oceanica ❄ @Kashyap_ocean🔁@ImAditiPatel @Raina_Barani @gayathri170 @kanish_rana No it won't because I stopped it from my side 😂
Aditi Raina🇦🇷 @ImAditiPatel🔁@Kashyap_ocean @Raina_Barani @gayathri170 @kanish_rana Then my notifications will going on high
Gayathri❤Raina @gayathri170🔁You mean is danger??😂😜😜 Very bad I didn't expect this from you twitter.com
Sagar Sawant @sagsaw🔁Raina always came to bat above Dhoni and came at a time when the ball left were many. Hence both cases r different. twitter.com
Mohanraj P @PRajmohan7🔁It's Been Great Gesture By Raina , Dhoni in off field & On Field 😍
Super Moment in Yesterday match 👌 Treat to see this ❤️
Best Friends for a Reason 🙌✌️🙏
Marija @itz_Marija🔁Everyone be liked... Raina Scored Half Century😍
Bt Only True Fans knows how Much Hardwork He did in last Year
To get his Position Back😎💙
He was Dropped
He Fought
He Worked Hard💯
He Practiced & Now he is Back Where he Belongs❤
P.S : Never Give up Attitude of ❤😇
Raina Barani @Raina_Barani🔁@gayathri170 @Kashyap_ocean @kanish_rana @ImAditiPatel Then my life is in danger🤣🤣🤣
❄ Oceanica ❄ @Kashyap_ocean🔁My talent is not a non renewable resource, if used i can't have it back.... So I'm using it both hands 😌 twitter.com
Karthik @Cric_fan5🔁Problem is where do you gonna fit him in the starting xi? Raina addition to odis has become a headache now.... Rahul twitter.com should bat at 4 ,dhoni at 5 and DK @ 6
Gayathri❤Raina @gayathri170🔁@Raina_Barani @Kashyap_ocean @kanish_rana @ImAditiPatel Our talent grows always..Present is important than future😂😅
Raina Barani @Raina_Barani🔁@rainamyidol3 Thats also a problem..

But its more problem..
If the cheater goes to next level

Raina Barani @Raina_Barani🔁@Kashyap_ocean @gayathri170 @kanish_rana @ImAditiPatel Save your talents..

May use in future😂

Karthik @Cric_fan5🔁@iamVKtheking Raina is the big headache now... He can bat at 4 ,don't know why team management not able to realise it..
❄ Oceanica ❄ @Kashyap_ocean🔁 @Kashyap_ocean @Raina_Barani @kanish_rana @ImAditiPatel I just love this answer😍😘😘
❄ Oceanica ❄ @Kashyap_ocean🔁@gayathri170 @Raina_Barani @kanish_rana @ImAditiPatel Thank you once again 😋
yunita agnes dalia @agnes_korea22🔁@toitv MOHIT RAINA from CUTE LITTLE BOY become a HANDSOME SEXY MAN...Love MOHIT RAINA..


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