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Raiders WHIO Radio @WHIORadio🔁Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch sits during national anthem before preseason game:
Devonte Figures @DevonteFigures🔁@TwitterMoments @MoneyLynch @RAIDERS "My nigga"
Raiders ottcanada @ottcanada🔁 Marshawn Lynch sits through national anthem at Raiders preseason game:
Raiders WHIO-TV @whiotv🔁Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch sits during national anthem before preseason game:
Raiders Vell @Vellyjr🔁 Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch refuses to stand for National Anthem.
OAKLAND RAIDERS @RAIDERS🔁"By any means necessary."


Raiders Complex @Complex🔁Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch refuses to stand for National Anthem.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Raiders' RB Marshawn Lynch remained seated during national anthem Saturday night....
Guru @Guru_Bhutta🔁Marshawn Lynch remained seated for the national anthem, but his coach says it's a "non-issue."
Ant @AnthonyNewbill🔁Soooo an anthem that originally was a song about slaves now is a song about our rave men and women?And youre upset th at they kneel to it? K
Bob Carter @bc4488🔁 Marshawn Lynch sits during national anthem at Raiders preseason game
AJ @ComatoseSosa🔁 Now I need the raiders in the super bowl. But don't tell @ComatoseSosa I said that
vivlin @vxvlxn🔁"It's not a form of anything other than me being myself," told coach Jack Del Rio.

Paleface8 @Keldeawin🔁Here we go again. Worst part is the coach enabling by putting up with him. Order him to stand or be heavily fined.
Ellie W. ❄️❄️❄️ @Genie2🔁Lynch probably will end up like Kaepernick. Retired as a MILLIONAIRE! 😀(Both men ready to face the consequences for their actions.)
RommelsMom @RommelsMom🔁I work in HR...he was on the clock and this reflects poorly on his employer. As a fan of more than 30 years, WTF?
Marcus A Williams @OTS_MARK🔁Photos show Marshawn Lynch, who suited up but did not play, sitting on a cooler during the national anthem.
Steve Aveson @StevenAveson🔁Lynch sits during anthem in Raiders loss in Arizona #kron4news

sharar @ispeakes_it🔁 running back Marshawn Lynch sits during the national anthem prior to game against Cardinals.
A Martinez @2311ammo🔁 Watch Live: Raiders Postgame Press Conference
Thedongirl @OrignalDonGirl🔁@KEEPTHECHIEF48 @Imakayla_davisI @RidgeReaper68 @TwitterMoments @MoneyLynch @RAIDERS That's bullshit negroes are just dumb AF
fahadkhan @fsupercar980🔁 Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch sits during national anthem vs. Cardinals via @theraiderswire
-Kryss Anderson @KryssAnderson🔁@RAIDERS you have one helluva player in Marshawn Lynch, just please, keep him in check...and SOBER.
Jim Maisano @jim_maisano🔁@RAIDERS as a Raider fan since the early 70s it was embarrassing to see Lynch disrespect the flag I would rather be in last place Cut him👊🏻
PaPì ChàV 💮🕊🇯🇵 @GQblk🔁Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch sat during the National Anthem before Saturday's preseason game vs the Cardinals
Joshua Flowers @Joshy_Dogg_🔁 Marshawn Lynch stuck up for Colin Kaepernick during appearance on Conan O'Brien show nearly a year ago. #Raiders.
Deplorable Debinee @DAColdriver🔁Boycott @RAIDERS @NFL @espn @MarshawnLynch24 If Lynch is allowed to DISRESPECT our National Anthem on their playing field. Stand up Traitor.
Quick @raider_level🔁@PJC_Raiders So funny
Rick Squires @rsquires23__🔁. DT Treyvon Hester with 2.0 sacks in tonight's game.

The last Raider to do so in a preseason game...Khalil Mack.

Frustrated Dad @ssm631🔁 @TwitterMoments @MoneyLynch @RAIDERS One can hope he ends up like that one loser... what's his name? Oh yea #kapernick ...
Senpai @_ImJussKiidd🔁Raiders coach Jack Del Rio said Marshawn Lynch told him about sitting for anthem: "It’s not a form of anything other than me being myself."
Thms Krmr @KnockDaWood🔁 is an animal. Like what I saw out there yesterday. He's only going to get stronger against these guys with more reps.
Lord Grandz @Lord7Grandz🔁 He sat on an orange cooler with his arms resting on his knees, while others around him stood
cleo carter. @MsJennyb_🔁Marshawn Lynch Sits During National Anthem At Preseason Game, Raiders Coach Says “It’s Not An Issue For Me”
Sa @J_SA30🔁@CodyDeMera can't wait for all the drama and distractions for the raiders.
Janell Kendzora @jkkendz🔁 dear Lord I prayed last year that Kaepernick would not win a game this year I pray the Raiders lose every game disrespect our flag
Frustrated Dad @ssm631🔁He is not a thug but Lynch doing this is not protesting the hate. The pledge and the banner stand for something he is blind to
Thedongirl @OrignalDonGirl🔁They had no business fighting 4this country anyway we suppose 2b fighting them not our brothers&sisters of 12 tribes
dєvσlutíσnαrч @DevolutionMan🔁@psalmblogger @Marielle922 The Raiders are all about sticking it to the man. Al Davis loved that crap.
Suiting Up Varsity @SuitUpVarsity🔁Just added the Seward Concordia High Raiders to my nickname list. Was missing that one. They closed in 1970.
Makayla @Imakayla_davisI🔁@RidgeReaper68 @MatteBlackKicks @TwitterMoments @MoneyLynch @RAIDERS Being kind of racist there huh?
Reaper][][][% @RidgeReaper68🔁@Genie2 @TwitterMoments @MoneyLynch @RAIDERS That guy was a racists killer.
sleepyG @WeeeeSue🔁Haha ok pal raiders are ass
Filinmyself @fili_segura🔁Raiders' Marshawn Lynch sits during national anthem prior to game vs. Cardinals.
bigbadwolf 🐐 @Jarule065🔁@Dbradatl @TwitterMoments @MoneyLynch @RAIDERS The government hand out free stuff if you for FREE!
M3VOY @M3VOY🔁Top story: Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sits during national ant… , see more
1 Pissed Patriot @kiawikiwiki🔁We will continue to boycott for supporting disrespectful racist bigot & anti American high paid scum
janbiggs @biy2c🔁DESPICABLE
Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sits during national anthem at preseason NFL game via @FoxNew


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