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Ben Olson⚔️ @_CoachOlson🔁 When that call FINALLY comes in. HUGE day for #RaiderNation #LockDown🔒 #SignEmUp
#RaiderNation Edgar Castillo @CMPuma🔁 Whatever, Just Win Baby! 🖤
#RaiderNation#RaiderNation Darrell Cook @cookdarrell700🔁 Yeah, so the #Cowboys won, but it's #RaiderNation even in #Dallas #DFW! #fightme
#RaiderNation GB Raider Podcast @GBRaiderPod🔁So Oakland how is your season going? #DontAsk #RaiderNation
#RaiderNation 1 NationUnderRaiders @Rollicking_R8R🔁@_gconley8 I wish we'd draft Flash and you and him lock down these receivers. #RaiderNation
#RaiderNation NESTLEALLSTAR @nestleallstar🔁 For the second time tonight... @derekcarrqb and @KingCrab15!

Touchdown, @RAIDERS! #DALvsOAK #RaiderNation

#RaiderNation #JustG @RaiderLuv33🔁 So Oakland how is your season going? #DontAsk #RaiderNation
#RaiderNation#RaiderNation#RaiderNation Snoop @left5ide🔁Christmas is a week from today #Raidernation get those unopened toys shipped out if you want to participate
#RaiderNation Δʙʙʏッ @kiinq_🔁Jerry Jones paid the refs. #MyMentalHealthIn5Words #RaiderNation
#RaiderNation#RaiderNation Marcial @Marcial59790054🔁 Just Win Baby 👑🏈🖤💘😍😍😍😘😘👍🙂😉 #RaiderNation @jimenaofficial
#RaiderNation Big JEF3 @JoeMataJr_🔁Last home game of the season with the fam 💯 #RaiderNation
Kimberly Medellin @Raider4lifebaby🔁 grandpa...I did it, i finally did it...I went to every game this season #RaiderNation
☠️ 6-8 #Raiders ☠️ @djred678🔁 But technically, the Raiders are still mathematically eligible to make the ...
#RaiderNation#RaiderNation NFL @NFL🔁#DallasCowboys

SNF in Oakland is NEXT! #DALvsOAK
📺: @SNFonNBC

Derek Carr @derekcarrqb🔁We left it all out there. We will keep growing and fighting! Keep the faith! #RaiderNation
Antonio Hamilton @UnitedSt8Of_Ham🔁My grandpa could see that this was clearly a turnover on downs and he is legally blind...(completely blind in one eye twitter.com and other one barely works)... I’m salty so what lol
Flores @pcflores13🔁Slept on it, ...... and STILL, DAMN IT CARR! You had the first down homie, go out of bounds we still got :30 sec my m twitter.com an!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!
Chastidy Faith @mzlopezuno🔁 We left it all out there. We will keep growing and fighting! Keep the faith! #RaiderNation
✨Gb_maxx✨ @gb_maxx6🔁When i said we got the most lit tailgate, I meant it!
J @Jholinko🔁Watching the game last night was identical to the Seattle v. New England Superbowl. Why didn't you give it to lynch a twitter.com t the goal line?
Raider Reno @raidereno🔁Hey how about taking a break from reading the bible and check out the fucking RULEBOOK for a change. twitter.com
Vanessa @Its_NeSs_Uh🔁Yup His smirk still pisses me off!!! #RaiderNation twitter.com
BSS Sports @BSSsports🔁BSS Sports is on the air on in 3 minutes! We'll talk about the , the conversation, a crazy Sunday, and more!


LatoyaDMakeup @Toya_Cakes🔁Talking hella shit! You ain't no real fan! #RaiderNation forever.
hiSEAN808 @Oahu_Raider808🔁Records first four years:

Dan Marino: 41-16
Peyton Manning: 32-22
Russell Wilson: 46-18
Derek Carr: 28-32 * (two gam twitter.com es left in 2017)

Not making a statement, just showing some alternative perspective.

Tony Badilla @TonyBadilla🔁Turn out the lights, the party’s over for the 2017 () nbcsports.com
Brandon Scott @ItsBrandonScott🔁Stay strong dude. Next year will be the YEAR! #RaiderNation twitter.com
Ty 🏳️‍🌈 @ityroneadams🔁Can’t believe we lost that game. Had to remove some people on my snap because they take talking shit to another level twitter.com . I’m not gonna get started on they dusty ass, but always
Dkednice @yankycowboylvr🔁Now that im almost home i wanna thank #RaiderNation for that hospitality.....had a blast hanging with ya'll!!
Raiders Wire @TheRaidersWire🔁 QB Derek Carr on fumble: 'I was just trying to win for my teammates'
READ MORE: usat.ly ref="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/942837399742308352" target="_blank">twitter.com
John Parker @JohnParmxr7🔁 🎥: Coach Del Rio and Derek Carr address the media after Sunday’s game. #DALvsOAK #RaiderNation pscp.tv
Amit Barn @a_dot_barn🔁When i said we got the most lit tailgate, I meant it! twitter.com
OscarDaaGrouch 💰 @BadInfluenceMMT🔁Jus a reminder how 🚮 #raidernation 😂 twitter.com 😂
Michael Betts @80tireman🔁@derekcarrqb Keep grinding success will come our way #KeepTheFaith wouldn’t want anybody else leading our team #RAIDERNATION
fake berta @TheFakeAlbert🔁Jack Del Rio feeds us nothing but horse doody at his press conferences.

Hoping puts him in a body bag like she did twitter.com Downing. ⚰️

Erik Harris @e_harris_31🔁Much love Rick! Preciate you! Last night was a true test of our character and so will these next 2 games. Win or lose twitter.com there’s always something to build off of. Keep striding forward.
NVA Raiders @NVaRAIDERS🔁☠️⚔️ will NOT meet at Mick’s on 12/25/17 — Week 16 ☠️⚔️


Raiders Fan ☠️ @oO0Raiders0Oo🔁@Mark_Gahagan @Cam_Shaft24 @gill_tho @VicTafur Or "the pole wasn't straight up in the air." #RAIDERNATION wants answers!!
audio_nomad @audioAGA🔁I hope DC finds his mojo during the offseason. #RaiderNation twitter.com
Jeff Smith @JSM8ith🔁#Raiders players react to controversial use of index card by refs:

➡️ 247sports.com via @247Sports #RaiderNation #NFL

Paul Edgerton @paulpf66🔁Of course you're right, we shouldn't blame any one incident. Our deficiencies this season are too many too list. We a twitter.com ll hoped for better this year & it's the hope that's hurt us
Angel Flores @xXRekluzeXx🔁@derekcarrqb Love you, man! True #RaiderNation knows it’s the system not the Carr! New fans don’t know what it was like B.C. - Before Carr
Dwayne @RisingFeenix31🔁Exactly, to quote Herman Edwards, you play to win the game. I will take into battle against anyone on Sundays, ANYO twitter.com NE!!!!
Neek @DellyNick🔁I love you Derek. Season may not have gone our way but you showed me what it means to be a raider. Keep fighting! Rai twitter.com ders until the day I die brother!
#JustG @RaiderLuv33🔁Raiders: Social Media Responds to "Index Card Game"

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Raiders Fans @RaidersSupport🔁 Philadelphia EaglesVs Oakland Raiders 12/25/2017 8:30PM Sect 226 Row Seat 21-22 - $200.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Thurs twitter.com day Dec-21-2017 10:45:34 PST Bid now | Add to watch list
A.T.F.™ @agtownfinest🔁Tuck Rule....no #paperGate 📄 #DALvsOAK #RaiderNation
Oakland Sports Forum @oaksportsforum🔁December 18, 2017 at 02:00PM #RaiderNation back Coliseum City Reboot: new stadium, no public $ Call #Raiders


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