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Raid Chris 🚀 @fcdankmemes🔁 Got this sweet SMG from the Leviathan Raid! First drop HYPE! #destiny2 #destinythegame
Oscar @Oscar46410975🔁 Watch @VanWyldexxx raid @AvaAddams's panty drawer tonight! #zztrailers
Sam @sam_reeve🔁Everyone getting hyped about the #Destiny2 Raid, Meanwhile PC players...
Raid yodo22 @OllieYodo22🔁@TritanArmyv2 FOUND OUT OF MAP CHEESE FOR RAID PSN: Kazarack22
Raid SMiTtY @NaturallyUnLuck🔁 The Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid is NOW LIVE!
Bungie @Bungie🔁Prove yourself worthy! The Leviathan Raid goes live TODAY at 10AM Pacific Time. Gather your Fireteam. Treasure and o pportunity await you.
Luke Smith @thislukesmith🔁Destiny 2's first Raid has a Power range of 260-280.
RSA Police Minister @MbalulaFikile🔁It is their season, SAPS will smoke them out and end their terrorizing of communities.

Police arrest Sammy on a mid night raid at his home

Sal @SalMazzeiJr🔁Very angry that I've been screwed out of being ready for the #Destiny2 Leviathan Raid.
woof @ProjectInu🔁Has raid been beaten yet
omega.nova @kingjaden9000🔁Prove yourself worthy! The Leviathan Raid goes live TODAY at 10AM Pacific Time. Gather your Fireteam. Treasure and opportunity await you.
lo ♡ @ghostsstanding🔁the leviathan raid looks insane.
pogosjraids @pogosjraids🔁Cupertino: Raikou(Volt Switch/Thunderbolt) raid at Portal Park till 12:42:32pm (1h 1m).
PoGo RVA Chesterfiel @PoGoRVAChesterf🔁lvl 5 raid! Hatches at 15:40:28 (59m 58s).
ImLiveRT @ImLiveRT🔁Live
First Raid Destiny 2

Jac Meyers @thebrassglass🔁13 Sep 1778
Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant leads raid on German Flats, New-York, killing 3 & burning town.

Trystan/FI3RY @lFI3RY🔁cole did the game give you the quest line yet? Also im sure i can grab some ppl for the raid and mike hasnt done eith er yet as well
TheBrewRanger 🎮 @BrewRanger1689🔁Definitely rooting for @DrLupoOnTwitch & crew doing the Leviathan raid. Crack on, Guardians!
Daniel @stonecoldvenom🔁 HEY ITS RAID DAY




DJ Riquen @StevenEche24🔁@Bungie Is the raid matchmaking going to be live aswell????
type1soul[TeEm][TUG] @type1soul🔁Live
First Raid Destiny 2
@twitchtvhost @TwitchTVOnline @RETWEETDNR #TUGFAM #TeamEmmmmsie #SupportSmallStreamers
Bryan Gonzalez @bryangonzalz🔁Gotta run to @CheckersRallys for a couple of big bufords before the Raid.
pogosjraids @pogosjraids🔁Mountain View: Raikou(Thunder Shock/Thunder) raid at G - Labyrinth till 12:42:18pm (1h 1m).
Mark Davies @NewAngryMeerkat🔁#EU4M are gonna breeze this raid!! The 1st big part is easy to work out. A sniper rifle would be useful, as would a fusion. Launchers risky
RoboNinja @danieljmurrell9🔁Does anybody know where to get gold to upgrade my camp in "RAID"???
malu @whoismaluHB🔁 "4chan users would often raid Habbo Hotel, an online children’s game".
Burlington Raids @BurlPokeRaids🔁A raid on Raikou has started in Tansley Woods! Available until 15:41:59 (1h 1m).
Nate the Ape™ @NateDawg357🔁Eyes up, Guardian. The Leviathan Raid is live! Check out our Destiny 2 directory to keep up with raid progression.

pogosjraids @pogosjraids🔁Los Gatos: Tyranitar(Bite/Crunch) raid at Bench Remembering Robert Nickell till 12:41:56pm (1h 1m).
Xert @Faxros🔁Raid TIME
Johnny Boy @That_Boy_Nemo🔁I'm about to raid my heart out tonight ☺️☺️☺️ #destiny2
❤💙👑σн вσу! 👑💙❤ @TricksterFairy🔁 the panty raid
Satyajeet @Freakenout🔁@StarDustFarmPG Do we need to Raid at sponsored gyms to get ex pass?
Isaac Anderson @_isaaca_🔁The Leviathan Raid is live!

The world is watching, along with the team that designed it. Who will be the first to emerge triumphant?

Alex|Backlog Battle @mybacklogbattle🔁The race to world's first clear of 's Leviathan raid continues! I'm in 's stream watching!
🔄 Streamer RTz 🔄 @Streamer_RTz🔁raid from 1st chest
Ojani Chimezie C @OjaniChimezie🔁Explosive! Army Raid: Nnamdi Kanu Speaks, Reveals Why Biafrans Won’t Retaliate

Colby @MeeZ0ID🔁 stop doing what you're doing and get on Velt! I'm going to invis raid he's currently in his base with open fence ga tes!!
Alan Weber @MadeofFear🔁I want to do the Raid sooooo BAD but no one to do it with. #Destiny2
Tenmar @Tenmar🔁 Destiny 2 Raid about to go live. LETS DO THIS
Mike🐘 @iMykiii🔁Raid ? 280 light
Jay Neuens @OnlyBreakdowns🔁How's the #Leviathan Raid in #destiny2raid #Destiny #destinythegame I'm intrigued nobody to play with. Add me PSN: Worldsofchaos
Ramm ™8⃣ @RamMendoza_🔁 You’re invited to prove yourself worthy, Guardian. The Leviathan Raid is now live in #Destiny2.
Miguel Veneracion @Venerac🔁75k viewers on a single stream, 190k viewers total for Destiny 2. The Raid hype is real monkaS
Darbie Nicole @Just_Darble🔁 Check out the ne w Destiny 2 raid! Leviathan raid is finally live!
KaibaCorp20783 @KaibaCorp20783🔁[KC STREAM'S] Destiny 2 |The Leviathan Raid Test Run: via @YouTube
César Galindo @CGalindo_FyC🔁Lots of our followers are reporting receiving their TEST exclusive raid pass! Reports are across the US but only at sponsored gyms!
Mr. Teeseeks @VaultOfAss🔁About to start our raid right away and one of our clan newbies invited himself to the party and will probably be annoying :/
nate @TDGVequal🔁Trying to gear for the raid :)

Mercer County Raids @MercerNJRaids🔁lvl 5 raid! Hatches at 03:37:33pm at 1136 Lake Dr E in Robbinsville!
KRNG Oceane 🌊 @TheOceaneOpz🔁@NightSkull_720 It's not bad, but i kinda don't even wanna play cod today. i'm doing the raid & I have a headache
yells at [SHAXX] @rlyshocked🔁Rudely Interrupt Cabal Bubblebath: The Raid
EFoX Ryan 🤙🏻 @RyanFoolz🔁Who is down for the raid tonight with myself, @seanplara @RobertE_11 and @ChuggaLugMugga . Need 2 lords.
Jay Cub @vSxbIe🔁Brooo gothalian has 75k people watching him raid right now wtf
🌸Reiseng🌸 @ReisengRath🔁oh wait there's no URL in the raid tweets? That is inconvenient
ジェオヴァニー @Jeodude88🔁@yessirbuttever Beating a raid


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