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Rahmael HoltRahmael Holt Jacqui Matthews @JacquiM138🔁 Officer Shaw's handcuffs used to arrest Rahmael Holt. #WPXI on.wpxi.com
KDKA @CBSPittsburgh🔁CUFFED AND BOOKED! Alleged cop killer Rahmael Holt is escorted to court in the handcuffs that belonged to New Kensin twitter.com gton police officer Brian Shaw, the man he is accused of shooting to death.

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WPXIJennifer Tomazic @JenniferTomazic🔁BREAKING: Bond denied for Rahmael Holt during arraignment. He is wearing Officer Shaw's handcuffs. @WPXI
Rahmael Holt KitKatCadillac 🇺🇸 @Kittens4milk🔁 Rahmael Holt.
Wanted for the murder of Officer Brian Shaw.
Make him famous!
KDKA @CBSPittsburgh🔁: Handcuffs placed on Rahmael Sal Holt belonged to Officer Brian Shaw - the officer he is accused of fatally shooting twitter.com .
Aerobic @humanmovers🔁ALERT: New Kensington Shooting Update - Rahmael Sal HOLT has been identified as the person who shot and killed Officer Shaw - Subject Considered armed and dangerous! *BOLO ISSUED* - PLS SHARE!
Rose @Rosemarrisa🔁Fallen police officer
Brian Shaw’s murderer
Rahmael Sal Holz
has been apprehended.

The handcuffs used on Holt belonged to Officer SHAW!

Holt’s mother & 2 others were arrested for hiding him.


Frosty's Flava Mag @FrostysFlavaMag🔁Update New Kensington Police Officer Shooting: Rahmael Sal HOLT (DOB 05/31/88) has been identified as the person who shot and killed Officer Shaw. A warrant has been issued for Holt's arrest. Consider Holt armed and dangerous! Call 911 with info on his location. Pictured below
David M. @Renegadetrek🔁💥💥 Rahmael Sal Holt 💥💥

His Mother has been arrested for providing him aid and comfort

to Law enforcement for getting this punk off the street

Pittsburgh lost one of its finest


Officer Shaw ❤

capkneemo @capkneemo🔁BREAKING: Bond denied for Rahmael Holt during arraignment. He is wearing Officer Shaw's handcuffs.
Mark @markone1blog🔁CAPTURED: Rahmael Holt was arrested in Hazelwood this morning and placed in Officer Shaw's handcuffs.
RightToAssemble @OurRightsCount🔁'Father of suspect in New Kensington officer's shooting death arrested on assault charges post-gazette.com via @PittsburghPG
Alex Peshkov @alex_peshkov_🔁Rahmael Sal Holt, the suspected killer of a New Kensington, Pennsylvania police officer, was arrested after a three-day manhunt.
Connie Higgins @higginsduanrato🔁BREAKING: Police have identified Rahmael Holt as the man wanted for shooting and killing Officer Brian Shaw. RETWEET to help police track him down. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.
Audrey the Jew @AudreyAkaye🔁JUST IN: Reward for information that leads to location and arrest of Rahmael Sal Holt now at $53,500. Holt is accused of killing New Kensington police officer Brian Shaw.
deniseR @TheRealDeniseR_🔁NEW DETAILS: The father of Rahmael Holt, the man charged with fatally shooting New Kensington Police Officer Brian Shaw was arrested overnight on unrelated charges.
John Stewart🇨🇦 @SStewart500🔁POS captured in the murder of our Ofc Shaw, New Kensington PD, PA. And 7 others arrested for hindering apprehension, etc, including his mother. 💙 ~M
chet hamby sr. @HambySr🔁PA: Black man, Rahmael Holt, who shot & killed rookie cop in small-town has been captured O's emboldened wapo.st savage should be shot during 'escape attempt'
Jared Jordan @jrjordan🔁 Black man Rahmael Holt, suspected killer of western Pennsylvania police officer Brian Shaw, caught cbsnews.com
Jared Jordan @jrjordan🔁I see they have captured the black cop killer, Rahmael Holt, who shot the white police officer, Brian Shaw. Thank goodness.
Jared Jordan @jrjordan🔁Rahmael Holt, suspected killer of Pa. officer Brian Shaw, caught; Another Black man killing a police officer, thanks democrats and liberals. The blood of these officers and the race bating you conjured up is on your hands!
Jared Jordan @jrjordan🔁PLEASE SHARE: Police say 29-year-old Rahmael Sal Holt has been identified as the person who shot and killed Officer Brian Shaw. He is considered armed and dangerous.

Call 911 if you have any information on his whereabouts:

Suzanne Vincent @SuzanneVincent🔁 BREAKING: New Ken cop shooting suspect Rahmael Holt arrested in Hazelwood: shar.es via @TribLIVE
Warfare Web @warfarenews🔁Alleged cop-killer captured in Pittsburgh SWAT raid | SOFREP
Rahmael Sal Holt | Pennsylvania State Police via AP
Tho twitter.com ugh the investigation has not yet been concluded, Rahmael Sal Holt has been ...
VinCee @vince6363🔁

Rahmael Sal Holt shot and killed Officer Brian Shaw & is now on the run. May Officer Shaw Rest In Peace. 👮🙏

I wonder if the race-baiting Obamas will be issuing a statement that says, "If I had a son, he’d look like Rahmael." 🤔

Robert E. Lee @suthenboy1🔁PA: Black man, Rahmael Holt, who shot & killed rookie cop in small-town has been captured wapo.st O's emboldened savage s twitter.com hould be shot during 'escape attempt'
Donna Tilley @DonnaTilley13🔁 Court Documents Show Prior Firearm, Drug Charges For Suspect In Fatal Police Shooting pittsburgh.cbslocal.com
Holly Coffaro @coffaro_holly🔁: Three people arrested for hindering the apprehension of Rahmael Sal Holt, including his mother. Four others arrested on outstanding warrants.
Great Gov Tweets @GreatGovTweets🔁CAPTURED: Rahmael Sal Holt, the man wanted for shooting and killing Kensington Police Officer Brian Shaw, is in law enforcement custody.
Dr. Gregory W. Long @Put2sleep0066🔁Rahmael Holt’s (killer of Officer Shaw) Daddy was just arrested for aggravated assault. If he knew who his Daddy was, he’d be so proud.
Tammy @TammyGornick🔁"Rahmael Holt"

We’ll be remembering Officer Brian Shaw as the NFL players take a knee this week.


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