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notespeciallyonfire @notveryonfire🔁 BREAKING: Student-lead Mic Check in the CPS HQ!! #RahmHatesUs
#RahmHatesUs notespeciallyonfire @notveryonfire🔁 Students are leaving #cpsboard to take their fight to @ChicagosMayor #RahmHatesUs #SaveOurSchools
Angelina Llongueras @dolcanina🔁 Whose schools? Our Schools! #RahmHatesUs
#RahmHatesUs notespeciallyonfire @notveryonfire🔁 “These closures are about racism, politics, and gentrification” #RahmHatesUs #WeChoose
#RahmHatesUs#RahmHatesUs notespeciallyonfire @notveryonfire🔁 Two hours in, the sit in stays strong. #RahmHatesUs
Stephen Lerner @stephenlerner🔁 Students and parents start sit-in in CPS lobby. #RahmHatesUs #wechoose
Lauren FitzPatrick @bylaurenfitz🔁The hashtag #RahmHatesUs started trending on Twitter during this march to the mayor's house, and still is going strong.
. . .Diana Berek @phoEbe2theMOON🔁Marching to City Hall!

. . .Diana Berek @phoEbe2theMOON🔁Students are protesting against school closures.

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notespeciallyonfire @notveryonfire🔁A chant with love from to all the students fighting for their schools.
Kathryn Wegner @kathrynwegner🔁Chicago youth demand fully funded public schools and tell the world that school closures are about racism and gentrif twitter.com ication.
Rebecca Burns @rejburns🔁Students just shut down another event happening at City Hall 2nd floor!

Jason Guthartz @restructures🔁You'll need them when the people run your white supremacist neoliberal ass out of Chicago.
Dorothy Stoneman @DorothyStoneman🔁 Public FULLY FUNDED Sustainable Community Schools!
BaburBalos @BaburRealer🔁Public Ed is under attack!SHUT IT DOWN!
BaburBalos @BaburRealer🔁Students are protesting against school closures.

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Coach Hernandez @2Coachernandez3🔁RT! Powerful! Students marching inside City Hall!

BaburBalos @BaburRealer🔁#SaveEnglewoodSchools #RahmHatesUs Beautiful Black twitter.com
notespeciallyonfire @notveryonfire🔁BREAKING. Students sit-in at CPS HQ to demand board of education cancel vote on school closures.
Luke ShitTalker @SoloRevv🔁Rahm Emmanuel was never a good mayor. He’s a piece of shit who only cares about putting more crooked pigs on the stre twitter.com et rather than keeping cps schools open. Don’t let him serve another term.
notespeciallyonfire @notveryonfire🔁CPS video in background honors Black History month while Black students fight for their schools...
RJ Brassfield @rjber15🔁Inside CPS HQ, all these young ppl whose schools are threatened with closure can’t go into mtg...
ChicagoTeachersUnion @CTULocal1🔁The chant is clear... Rahm Emanuel Has Got to Go!


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