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#RPA2017 Adam Giuliano @amgiuliano🔁Take the 🚌🚄⛴🚗🚇 from Jersey to the NYC - by the numbers. #RPA2017 @RegionalPlan
#RPA2017 Nupur @CautionChaud🔁 The bat signal is lit. Calling all planners for #RPA2017!
#RPA2017 Regional Plan Assoc @RegionalPlan🔁 @RegionalPlan state directors selfie! Feeling inspired and energized! @markloh1 @mkapmacey #RPA2017
#RPA2017 The Fox and the City @foxandcity🔁 Take the 🚌🚄⛴🚗🚇 from Jersey to the NYC - by the numbers. #RPA2017 @RegionalPlan
#RPA2017 Andrew Lassiter @andrewlassiter🔁"We have to leave behind the automobile as a symbol of success" @ydanis #RPA2017
#RPA2017 Rob Poole @bobbyp89🔁 "We have to leave behind the automobile as a symbol of success" @ydanis #RPA2017
#RPA2017 Andrew Lassiter @andrewlassiter🔁"We need to think of streets as skin - living, breathing, permeable systems." @SharonRoerty #RPA2017
#RPA2017 Bashar Makhay @makhay🔁Listening to @rmchase speak on electric and autonomous vehicles using global open standards is fantastic. #RPA2017
#RPA2017 Jonathan Cohn @JJCohn🔁At #RPA2017 @JoeBiden: "don't tell me your values. Show me your budget, and I'll tell you your values"
#RPA2017 Adam Potthoff @adampotthoff🔁 .@JoeBiden: My name is Joe and I like trains. #RPA2017
#RPA2017 Martin Powell @MartinPowell14🔁Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I'll tell you what you value. @JoeBiden speaking at #RPA2017
DataHaven @ctdata🔁"Our peers are building city rail tunnels much faster+much cheaper."
c v
Midwest Alliance @GainNowAmerica🔁 "We can get rid of outdated regulations to get #infrastructure projects moving faster." ~@JoeBiden #RPA2017
Nicolas Estupinan @nico_estupinan🔁 US Infrastructure projects: only 2.5% on time on budget; 7% due to tech problems; 90% due to admin/political #RPA2017
Veronica Vanterpool @Veevanterpool🔁 .@Veevanterpool: "People don't want the suburbs of yesterday. People want walkability... people want options." #RPA2017
Gabor Debreczeni @gaborde🔁Was anyone at the "Building Big for Less" panel at #RPA2017 @RegionalPlan who'd care to fill me in on what was said? Such an important topic
ABNY @ABetterNY🔁. at "The Gateway project is the most important infrastructure project in the country".
Governors Island @Gov_Island🔁Thank you to the Honorable for mentioning 's new park spaces as a major regional planning accomplishment at !
Dixon @Dixonthewall🔁Joe Biden fired up and ready to go at #RPA2017
Joanna Oltman Smith @jooltman🔁@StreetsblogNYC Find it amusing #RPA2017 had those self-same leaders up on the dais...
CIDNY @CID_NY🔁 "Show me your budget, I'll tell you what you value!" - VP Joe Biden #RPA2017
CIDNY @CID_NY🔁 @JoeBiden says @RegionalPlan needs to start "shouting" about the failing infrastructure in our region #RPA2017
Rob Poole @bobbyp89🔁Middle-income housing was bound to come up at #RPA2017 and it did. Ensue 15-minute discussion.
Pierina Ana @pierisan🔁Bridging City-Suburb divide: @junchoi1020: how about social entrepreneurship for affordable housing development? #RPA2017
Pierina Ana @pierisan🔁Bridging City-Suburb divide: "affordable housing" is perennial question. 10% is not enough set side. But 0% is even w orse!
Wendy Pollack @WendyJPollack🔁If we don't price zero-occupancy vehicles right, cos. like @amazon might use them as moving warehouses @robinchase #RPA2017
Adam Giuliano @amgiuliano🔁. & 3x digital doppelgangers dialed it up to 11 at in favor of regional investment.
Travis R. Eby @travis_robert🔁More electeds with a backbone, please. Explain the vision—and its benefits— and constituents will come along.
Regional Plan Assoc @RegionalPlan🔁"We need to think of streets as skin - living, breathing, permeable systems."
Conor Skelding @conorskelding🔁A fear-driven reaction against autonomous vehicles, he said, would be "a psychological reaction from the mass public. "
Josh Mohrer @joshmohrer🔁40% of trips in NYC never enter Manhattan says at highlighting existing deficiencies in mobility options.
Caroline Peri @cariperi🔁Complete Streets is good policy-setting, but implementation needs work - and need to try harder to include users of all abilities. #RPA2017
Transport Research @transportdata🔁"My name is & I like trains." -Joe opens speech on the right track at
should like trains:
Tri-State @Tri_State🔁.@Veevanterpool: "People don't want the suburbs of yesterday. People want walkability... people want options." #RPA2017
Regional Plan Assoc @RegionalPlan🔁All AVs in dense areas should be part of a shared fleet, for safety, equity, efficiency, environment - @robinchase #RPA2017
Tri-State @Tri_State🔁Loving the spirited back and forth between @wpmayorroach and @stamfordmayor about who has better transit access to NYC. #RPA2017
Eric Rothman @erothman🔁@rmchase "cities are in a one time position of power around autonomous vehicles" #driverlessfuture #RPA2017
Carter Craft @cartercraft🔁"Your zip code may have more to do with your life expectancy than your genetics" -Jo Boufford street design impact on public health
Perkins Eastman @PerkinsEastman🔁We need to change our street culture to ensure a safe environment for pedestrians and bicyclists
Travis R. Eby @travis_robert🔁"We need to look at #VisionZero from the perspective of health" your voice on @NYCCouncil is much appreciated @ydanis thank you #RPA2017
Defected in the '80s @Fraulein2Fresh🔁. calls on and attendees to get louder. "Stop being polite." Need to hold electeds accountable every day.
Sarah Serpas @sarahserp🔁"I'm not disabled, my environment is" - Victor Calise, NYC Mayor's Office for ppl with Disabilities #RPA2017
Mandu Sen @ManduNSen🔁"I am not disabled, the environment is disabled" @NYCCalise #rpa2017 #health
Tri-State @Tri_State🔁New Yorkers may see Stamford as a suburb of NYC. Stamford thinks of itself as one of Connecticut's major urban centers. #RPA2017
Rob Poole @bobbyp89🔁Mayor of White Plains says NYC spillover is growing their economy but causing housing affordability issues. #RPA2017
Carter Craft @cartercraft🔁 & Airpt each see 50m pax/yr. Schiphol infrastructure just 100 years NEWER than NY's. thx VP JoeBiden
Christopher Zappi @ChrisOnATrain🔁 .@JoeBiden: "(Gateway) is the most important project in the country." #RPA2017
Rachel Kraus @realkrauswife🔁welcome 2 ny where the players pay and the hashtag for a regional planning transportation conference is trending
Travis R. Eby @travis_robert🔁"Your zip code may have more to do with your life expectancy than your genetics" -Jo Boufford #RPA2017 street design impact on public health
Theodore Grunewald @TedGrunewald🔁 Say it again: "our infrastructure is maxed out like never before” –Scott Rechler, Chairman @RegionalPlan #rpa2017 #4thplan
Ford Foundation @FordFoundation🔁Excited 2b annual gathering NY/NJ/CT, go thinking ahead + acting regionally matters 4 inclusion AND growth
Rob Poole @bobbyp89🔁NYC job growth has been 5x greater than rest of region over past 15 years. #RPA2017
Scott Rechler @ScottRechler🔁If people no longer feel comfortable or welcome here, talent will flee. @RegionalPlan #RPA2017
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#BiggerBritain #GarethSouthgate #RPA2017 @Ronjohnson__ @David4justice48


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