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Popular tweets tagged with #RKelly:
#RKelly Chasity @LAXING0NA🔁 Please reconsider your direct or tacit support of #RKelly:
#RKelly B.E. Rach 🇭🇹 @RachTaughtYou🔁Because it's relevant! #RKelly
Holden Caulfield 🐝 @Spacebound412🔁 Huey setting them straight!. #RKelly
#RKelly Consequence of Sound @consequence🔁A harrowing new report accuses #RKelly of holding six women in an abusive sex cult:
nikki @satanicsofia🔁 #RKelly R Kelly 🙄
alex b @igotpaidfriday🔁The R. Kelly Cult? #rkelly
#RKelly Josh Portman @joshportman🔁Hey, remember that one time I won "hashtag wars" on @midnight because R. Kelly is #RKelly?
#RKelly Nyasha Junior @NyashaJunior🔁On continuing to consume #RKelly's music, read Pearl Cleage on #MilesDavis:
Be A King @BerniceKing🔁Stop blaming our girls when they are violated, sexually and otherwise, and manipulated. We have to stand for them, not shame them. #RKelly
MW @_meohmyla🔁So is this finally ’s “Cosby” moment when folks stop ignoring/excusing his behavior and hold him accountable?
El Centro @ElCentro3658🔁 had sexual relations with 2 underage females at the same time on his bus. and will under !
Doug Shhhmoney @MisterFresh53🔁Man leave r kelly alone. He made "feelin on yo booty" and "I believe I can fly" 😂😂😂😂 #rkelly
CherryLosAngeles @cherry_LA🔁@HelloMocha @ENBrown is a garbage person who needs to look within #RKelly #Pedophile
Aram Barnett @AramBarnett🔁I guess #rkelly was training support actors for #trappedinthecloset2
Derek @DM_Hess🔁About time he comes out with another chapter to Trapped In The Closet. Had my ass in suspense for years.. #RKelly
Δ @withinacone🔁A harrowing new report accuses of holding six women in an abusive sex cult:
KATSKAN @TheRaytedex🔁#RKelly accused of holding young women in a ‘cult’:
#amwriting @NitaNitaBoBeeta🔁 Let me be clear. #RKelly is the guilty person here. FULL STOP
Always_thecontrarian @Da_contrarian🔁#rkelly is not a hill worth dying on. If you like his music listen to it, but don't publicly defend him especially on Twitter.
Nelly Guhdija @NellyAmazin🔁First he pees on a woman, now this? Smh #rkelly
Philly's a Dreamer @phillymoreno🔁I've got to clear my conscious. Been eating me alive! I've witnessed do inappropriate things with young female girls.
EBTP Leader @EBTPLeader🔁 called out the sexual predator 12 yrs ago & he's still selling millions and still a predator.
Celebrity Mentalist @MorganStrebler🔁#Rkelly had sexual relations with 2 underage females at the same time on his bus. #IWasThere and will #Testify under #Oath!
DeAsia Paige @deasia_paige🔁#RKelly is a pervert. Surprise.Surprise. via @JimDeRogatis
Mia Bella @ThisGoodGirlMia🔁Naaaaw but everybody was breaking they neck to go to #RKelly tour #FOH
Trendpics @Trendingpix🔁R Kelly - 700048058SH00009_Disney_s_D
R Kelly - 700048058SH00009_Disney_s_D R Kelly - 700048058SH00009_Disney_s_D -
Trendpics @Trendingpix🔁R Kelly - 700048058SH00010_Disney_s_D
R Kelly - 700048058SH00010_Disney_s_D R Kelly - 700048058SH00010_Disney_s_D -
Greg Todakonzie @todakonzie_greg🔁So i walk to the closet and i pull out my mutha freakin gun 🔫 #rkelly
Life Of Starry🕊 @StarryToronto🔁Peter Pan Syndrome 🤷🏽‍♂️ #RKell y
Siraat @Call_Of_TheSea🔁 reportedly holding women in an abusive cult - controlling their movement & communications w/family.

Derek @DM_Hess🔁So I heard there's a new chapter to Trapped in The Closet?? #RKelly
Peter Hearne @phearne_dls🔁@MaiaDunphy What's the difference between greyhound racing and R Kelly?
The greyhounds wait for the hare. #rkelly #what
Pharlap @pharLap9🔁New report claims #RKelly is holding women against their will in a sex-obsessed 'cult'
American Stanye @StanyeWest🔁Please Hurry up South Park (Trey & Matt) & Dave Chappelle America needs this😂😂😂 …
Rag Paper Media @RagPaperMedia🔁@TwitterMoments @BuzzFeedNews 🤔How are they drinking any KoolAid from #RKelly ? Guess they're living life like it's golden 💦😳
Junes 1988 @Juneseightyeigh🔁So #RKelly is Allegedly holding aspiring female artists in a "Cult via @YouTube
Grown up @mirie_miry_97🔁What did #rkelly do?????? I mean what has he done I'm lost 😓
Andrew Says @andrewthechap🔁The @BBC is so great for everything except #Politics. Here's a good example why: #NewsNight #Rkelly
Bernie Mack @BernieMack🔁This #rkelly story is either really, really dark or the best Trapped In The Closet ever.
Tell It Like It Is! @Jeres_Rant🔁Could This be #RKelly’s comeuppance? Has karma finally caught up with him? | #Entertainment
Zenzo L @ZenzoLusengo🔁My mind's telling me no ...but my body's telling me yes...#RKelly 🤔? ?
Vonnetta L. West @VonnettaLWest🔁From 'Boondocks': a Word and Lesson about #RKelly. @Ashley_Reynolds @Jerron1234
Tasha Taylor @TashTalk101🔁Are we REALLY going to act like we didn't know that #RKelly is a Sick Fuck who Preys on young girls??? Remember He likes to piss on them..
dr billy @drbilly13🔁love spells that work effectively #croydon #rkelly #byetyla #WorldEmojiDay #SkeemSaam
marwa | مروة @marweed105🔁 That's 👏🏽what 👏🏽happens👏🏽when 👏🏽sexual 👏🏽predators👏🏽are👏🏽acquit ted!👏🏽#rkelly
Drew💥🚀🌌 @DrewFYTB🔁If this thing really sticks...
I know another classic album is on the way as an apology/mindwipe just like how was
Emily Post-Punk @emilypostpunk🔁 Starting to think this R. Kelly fella is a less than upstanding citizen. #Rkelly
Tony T @tonytouch09🔁ladies if u are out driving & see #rkelly approach u while u are pumping gas i suggest u jump in & put the key in the IGNITION & GTFOT
Born-Again Kwaito @2ChainlezChainz🔁I'm not surprised by the #RKelly story.
COGoddess™ @coloradorebecca🔁#RKelly is one seriously fucked up human. 🤮
IVÁN CHAVÉZ @ivanchavez7u7🔁"As Paperwork Goes Missing"
"Bruce Allen"
"Paul Pierce"
"Starling Marte"
sober since birth @lordvegan🔁 called out the sexual predator 12 yrs ago & he's still selling millions…
Jason Saldanha @jasonsaldanha🔁 Tonight on #TheDownload: @JimDeRogatis talks about his @BuzzFeed bombshell on #RKelly @WGNRadio
GlitterDabs710 @GlitterDabs🔁Why is everyone shocked about #RKelly remember how he was pissin on those young girls #NotShocked #RKellyHasIssues
Cesar J. Pina @Alex_The_Gray1🔁WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K!?
#usnews #RKelly #
Aaron Massey @mrfixitdiy🔁Starting to think this R. Kelly fella is a less than upstanding citizen. #Rkelly
Dish Nation @DishNation🔁The latest drama is crazy 😱 Jeremy Meeks puts his new love on blast ❤️ & the 25-year-old beef be & 🎤
Gee Lowery @LightSkinHero🔁If #Rkelly dropped a fire album tomorrow...y'all would forgive him just like y'all did when Chocolate Factory came out after his sex tapes.
@rodeopromo on IG @rodeopromo🔁Please say it isn't so 😂😂 …
Danny @DCalyne🔁All the women in ’s inner circle are of legal age — the age of consent is 17 in Illinois and 16 in Georgia.

Ethereal Waters @ruff_magician🔁 @sethseaborne Huey in action✊: #WorldEmojiDay #RKelly
OriGinal™ @OGDotti🔁and what's pissing me off is OUR parents worshipped this nigga and still defending him til this day 😒
he been raping lil girls 🖕


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