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Popular tweets tagged with RIP Grant Hart:
RIP Grant Hart eddie @EddieEddiboy70🔁One of the best gigs I ever saw...
Husker Du
RIP Grant Hart :/
RIP Grant Hart Liam Ryan @LiamPRyan91🔁Grant Hart RIP... Husker Du. Rock drumming at its finest...
"Makes no sense at all"
RIP Grant Hart danny watson @Dannydeathdisco🔁Well today can just about piss off.. grant hart RIP at 56...
RIP Grant Hart VSA @songwriting_at🔁RIP Grant Hart... 😢
Rohan Connolly @rohan_connolly🔁Just heard Husker Du drummer Grant Hart has died at 56. So sad. One of the greatest & most under-appreciated bands o f my lifetime. RIP.
John Allison @badmachinery🔁RIP Grant Hart
Kev Simmonds @KevSimmonds🔁Another musical icon gone #RIP #granthart
Andy Haynes @iamandyhaynes🔁 This is one of the greatest songs of all time. RIP Grant Hart. 😞
Fergus McCormack @FMcMack🔁Balls. Grant Hart RIP
Craig ✊ @RatherBAPear🔁Just heard Husker Du drummer Grant Hart has died at 56. So sad. One of the greatest & most under-appreciated bands of my lifetime. RIP.
Guitar Porn @guitarporn🔁RIP Grant Hart :'(
Peter Watts @peter_watts🔁 Oh god Grant Hart RIP
Dan Craddock @slowburnweb🔁RIP Grant Hart. So sad.
Inanimate Carbon God @jgwr🔁RIP Grant Hart from Husker Du, apparently.
Masato Takasaka @masatotectures🔁RIP Grant Hart 💥
Chip Pope @ChipPope🔁
RIP Grant Hart
Elliot Shulman @elliotshulman🔁 played their first proper UK gig just down the road from me in Newport. I adored them. RIP Grant Hart
paul dolan @pauldn1🔁 Oh no. RIP Grant Hart. One of my favourite songwriters ever. Write the Du songs I loved the most.
Rory Peace @rorypeace🔁RIP Grant Hart
AnnieInvincible @annieinvincible🔁Grant Hart died? wow. cancer takes another one today. RIP Grant. One of my faves. 😔
Leon Barton @leoncbarton🔁This is one of the greatest songs of all time. RIP Grant Hart. 😞
Jake St-Pierre @JakeStPierre411🔁My non-PWG reviews are called the Zen Arcade for a reason. What that reason is I'm not sure. RIP Grant Hart.
Oliver Johnson @BristOliver🔁RIP Grant Hart. Please turn this up to 11.
troysworktable @troysworktable🔁DAMMIT! RIP Grant Hart.
Nic Dafis @nicdafis🔁"Don't Wanna Know If You're Lonely", RIP Grant Hart.
Johan As Tree @invertedchurch🔁RIP Grant Hart

Michael Holland @TZombini🔁 RIP GRANT HART
rovert @SoDuTw🔁 RIP Grant Hart

The Alien Cormorant @alancormack🔁Such a shock about Grant Hart. RIP 😞 #HuskerDu
andy black @_blackie__🔁spent a wk in 98 on the great ocean rd in a ute with 2 mates. & the only tape we had was this beauty RIP Grant Hart
Cruiser @CruiserLK🔁Fuck. RIP Grant Hart. One of the all time greats. Will never forget meeting him in Bourkes,
Andy P @ArcticReviews🔁RIP Grant Hart
Brett Oaten @brettoaten🔁RIP Grant Hart - one of the greats
Nic Dafis @nicdafis🔁 RIP Grant Hart
beautifulpigeon @beautifulpigeon🔁RIP Grant Hart. This song is a classic.
Alan Boon @Indysleaze🔁RIP Grant Hart

Gray Charles @headbumpkiss🔁RIP Grant Hart. I was lucky enough to see you play. I can't imagine what music would be like without Hüsker Dü. x
because bot @cosbot1🔁Why RIP Grant Hart? because of too much pain..
Muppet Mule @MuppetMule🔁RIP Grant Hart. So sad. #HuskerDu
TracyK @Perlalaloca🔁 RIP Grant Hart
TracyK @Perlalaloca🔁 RIP Grant Hart. Really really sad news. Will spin some of his tunes later. A great drummer, singer and songwriter.
Cas @folkypunkcas🔁 #RIP Grant Hart. Big windows to let in the sun.
arboristmusic @arboristmusic🔁Played support to Grant Hart a few years back, a curious, warm, genuine and wonderful man. RIP


CHRISTS BLOOD @LamStock🔁Sad to wake up to the Grant Hart news. RIP.
Scott Trager @SCTrager🔁Oh no. Grant Hart has passed. Another great gone, and not much older than me. RIP.
Daniel Herborn @danielherborn🔁RIP Grant Hart. Too sad. No other hardcore band will ever be as great as Husker Du 🤘🏼#granthart
mooseandhobbes @mooseandhobbes🔁 Now listening. RIP Grant Hart #huskerdu
Bad Dreems @BadDreems🔁RIP Grant Hart via @youtube

Tedy Brewski @TedysBrewski🔁 Well that's some shite news.

RIP Grant Hart

Rollercoasterrecords @Rollerkilkenny🔁Terrible news.RIP GH

DEEBO @Bogart_Bryant🔁#grant hart why do we say RIP when some one dies why don't we rest in peace while we are alive 99% of you don't even know the bloke
Sonic Cathedral @soniccathedral🔁Now listening. RIP Grant Hart #huskerdu
Chairman LMAO @ricosadao11🔁"RIP Grant Hart" #3 on Twitter😎
Not bad for a musician in an obscure (but legendary) band
Katrien D. @Katrien_D🔁RIP Grant Hart
Stephen Burke @Sburko81🔁RIP Grant Hart and Frank Vincent. Two greats in their respective fields
クロスビート @Crossbeat_JP🔁 This one is so hard. RIP Grant Hart. Thanks for your beautiful unique brilliance, in and out of Husker Du.
The Garofaholic @TheGarofaholic🔁@lizzwinstead RIP Grant Hart.
gossip göre @britney_spheres🔁RIP Grant Hart
Sheelagh @Sheeelagh🔁Could spin this track all day every day and still not get sick of it RIP Grant Hart via
Jrn.- @Poasjei🔁 RIP Grant Hart.

Hope his band finally gets their Dü.

Adrian Last @LeffeAt49DS🔁 Husker Du one of the great '80s American bands without whom Nirvana would never have happened - RIP Grant Hart #huskerdu
Jeremy Levy @jewgravy🔁RIP Grant Hart.

Hope his band finally gets their Dü.

Model Village @_modelvillage_🔁RIP Grant Hart
Stevie G @StevieGrainger🔁Grant hart played regularly here & even toured with an all cork band (some great stories there). Husker Du were amazing. RIP
Hashtag Analyzer US @WordHashtagUS🔁[8:13:20 GMT] what is being said about Grant Hart? : husker, rip, du [get your own profile wordcloud by mentioning ]
KEK-W @19f3_recordsRIP GRANT HA🔁//" target="_blank">
agnes callos reyes @callos_agnes🔁 RIP Grant Hart, my best friend, my brother from another mother. His friendship & love made my life infinitely richer.
Paul @sunders666🔁Absolutely fucking gutted we've lost one of my favourite song writers EVER! RIP Mr Grant Hart, thanx for the songs
四人帮 @kilIsurfcity🔁rip grant hart, phenomenal drummer. im going to miss you
GIUSEPPE PETROSILLO @peppe844🔁 Thursday starts with a shitter, then. RIP, Grant Hart.
RnR magazine @RocknReelR2🔁 Seeya later Grant Hart #RIP
Kyle J.M. Walker @kylejmwalker🔁 This song shows why Grant Hart, RIP, was so great here's the news
CorporateGorilla @CorporateGorila🔁Such a force. RIP Grant Hart.

akane @AkaMos1k🔁 RIP Grant Hart 😢
Emily Edrosa @emilyedrosa🔁Rip Grant Hart. One of my favourite songs ever!Top 20 @ least. Accidentally completely ripped it off.(Yr Philosophy)
rise_phoenix @rise911🔁 RIP Grant Hart
OM NAMAH PAWAN @cool_flute🔁 According to Facebook, RIP Grant Hart. Goddamned legend.
OM NAMAH PAWAN @cool_flute🔁 I thought today we were talking about beating cancer. RIP Grant Hart


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