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ShadySienna @shady_sienna🔁Can Dolores please be the next one to quit... #RHONJ
#RHONJ @kblasig @KBlasig🔁@MaryJoMurfee @primavera_susan @baronvonbaxter @MargaretJosephs My thoughts on Siggy leaving #RHONJ ...
Mandy💕 @MandyBusby1🔁@Andy and @Teresa_Giudice should have made out #RHONJ
Lola @lolagabbyy🔁 Reunion while in labor 😩 #RHONJ @Andy this is dedication.. ❤️
Siggy Flicker @siggyflicker🔁That’s a wrap. Goodbye to - Grateful for the Experience & Excited about the new chapter… instagram.com
Siggy Flicker @siggyflicker🔁When Michael Rapaport live tweets #RHONJ everyone listens ❤️❤️ twitter.com
MichaelRapaport @MichaelRapaport🔁Theresa & Melissa are actually
neck & neck for sanest & most rational Housewife’s of #RHONJ .

#RHONJReunion @BravoWWHL @Andy

Cameron Jackson @crjackson1995🔁 I have to applaud you Marge for keeping your cool at the reunion despite all the toxic and twisted things that came twitter.com out of you know who. Definitely my fave this season ❤️
alex nyc @alex_tribeca🔁 i still dont like danielle. she gives me the creeps. i think shes capable of diabolical schemes. restrnt bathroom se twitter.com x?????
Trish B @priestis🔁 Siggy: There are extensions for everything.

-Except your Bravo contract


Ethel CBBUS @StaceyinSpacey🔁Siggy needs to get a grip #RHONJ
Trish B @priestis🔁 I would rather get dieting tips from Chris Christie than get relationship advice from Siggy. #RHONJ #RHONJReunion
Meredith @MereMay87🔁"Prostitution Company" is this season's "Prostitution Whore" #RHONJ @WhatCrappens
Bella29 @Bella29Rob🔁 Like for Danielle, Retweet for Dolores! #RHONJ
Carrie Morgan @CarrieMorgan24🔁I was watching the reunion and Rob said I do my makeup like Husbands are so silly, he doesn’t even know how flatte twitter.com ring that is 😭😭😍 I LOVE her style, I wish my makeup looked that good
Cameron Jackson @crjackson1995🔁You have raised intelligent, fabulous daughters Danielle!! Proof that you’re a great mother and no one can deny that! twitter.com I hope you’re back for full time next season 🙏
FAUX CRYIN' 😭UT L😭UD! @SoggyFibber🔁FauxRealtyM's victim, Steve (aka Zile) makes no secret of which account is his. Neither Vincenza nor Brandon can acce twitter.com pt their tactics drive their dozens of targets to find other ways to combat their harassment.

TooFab @TooFab🔁.@Teresa_Giudice is back at it again with the prostitution allegations fired at @KimDPosche. #RHONJ trib.al
@Kristen @kristenDunc37🔁I'd be in witness protection if I was Michael Campenella #RHONJ
Lydia K Reinish @Lforpeace🔁 BYE SOGGY BYE SOGGY Dont let the door hit you where the Good lord split you bitch!!!!! DEUCESSSS


**Jami** @JacobsJami🔁Well I finally have joined the club ! This is a first for me! That girl is too sensitive! Im a nice person. But I do twitter.com like jokes! Get over it!
Chloetart @Chloetart2🔁@Leopard_Man_ 😂😭😂 same.
So true. #RHONJ siggy
Erin Martin @ErinLeahMartin🔁Goodbye, Jersey. Let the casting rumors begin! My Recap of last night's Reunion, Part 2 - via twitter.com
Bryan Del Cid @BryanDCxo🔁 See what's buzzing on #RHONJ and #RelativeSuccess. bravo.ly
housewivesqueen @housewivesqueen🔁Margaret is funny... how many times did she say "my kids" honey they ain't yours!!! They don't even give you the time twitter.com of day. you cheated on THEIR father... are that oblivious to why they don't talk to you!
Nick Fiarito @nfiarito🔁: “Do we have the whale?”
: It’s underneath your dress, Belle.”

~*The FUNNIEST thing I have heard in a LONG time. twitter.com is an unbearable human being who should never be on a TV screen again. BYE CRAZY. *~

Ashley Belke @AshleyBelke🔁Here come my thoughts on this reunion... 1. Is Kim D. Cross eyed? Wtf happened to her face? 2. did you really tell twitter.com people to use a credit card on plastic surgery?! 🤦🏼‍♀️ 3. is still the queen 👑 and top notch facial expressions.
Emmanuela Edwards @chiomablack🔁Retweet if you’re glad siggy won’t be back to the housewives!
realityhoar @RealitySweets🔁 Would you go to @SiggyFlicker for relationship advice? #RHONJ @Bravotv @Andy 🎂
The Bravo Boy @TheBravo_Boy🔁 Gee Xanax is a real trigger word for Housewives #RHONJ
PodGenie @Podcast_Genie🔁 #podgenie #InTheLadiesRoom with Dr. Donnica #RHONJ .@DoloresCatania #WomensHealth @AskDrDonnica twitter.com
Pop Culture Polls @PollsPopCulture🔁Which was your favorite this season?


Pop Culture Polls @PollsPopCulture🔁Which was your least favorite this season?


jay-que-llin @MrsJlynnRhodes🔁Relaxing start to the morning, getting my #WOD in then coffe & breakfast whirl watching #RHONJ #RHONJReunion @Bravotv @CrossFit
jack @jxck__🔁SHDKFS at Dolores dismissing Danielle, telling her to shut the fuck up and calling her a skank knowing full well it'l twitter.com l piss her off and make her go off backstage meanwhile Dolores sits with a smirk on her face. 😂💀💀
**Jami** @JacobsJami🔁 made an excellent point, not all women can afford plastic surgery! And did Siggy Flicker (the relationship expert) s twitter.com uggest they should go into credit card debt for it?? Did I actually hear that?
💋ERIN☘️ @IrishErinB🔁 Who’s side are you on? #RHONJ #RHONJReunion
Justice For Zile @Resist_N0W🔁What Siggy doesn't want you to know. Secrets Behind The Siggy Flicker Scandal irontroll.com #RHONJ #RHONY #RHOA #RHOBH
RealiTeaTime 🍹 @real_tea_time🔁When Siggy yells I feel like blood will start dripping out of my ears. So glad that she isn’t returning... I can’t s twitter.com tand her and her delusions.
Jackie Misco @MiscoJackie🔁 Who do you believe? #RHONJreunion #RHONJ
Derek Carper @txderek86🔁Best line of the Reunion goes to

“You are everything I teach my kids not to be is her
Don’t cheat
Don’t steal
Don’t copy other people’s property”

Derek Carper @txderek86🔁 throwing out season 8 and starting new for next year twitter.com
katiehilpert @KtHilpert🔁 Someone just told me that @Andy used my daily ritual “rose & thorn” on #rhonj. How did that go?
Derek Carper @txderek86🔁 I have really loved getting to know you on and on Twitter you have been so very nice and amazing 😉 to me and others thanks 🙏🏼 so much I appreciate you
Derek Carper @txderek86🔁 I have really loved getting to know you on and on Twitter you have been so very nice and amazing 😉 to me and other twitter.com s thanks 🙏🏼 so much I appreciate you
JenniceFirstofMyName @writeon5889🔁And how could dolores and Teresa lewve with Siggy when they came to celebrate Margaret. I would have got Siggy in the twitter.com car, told her to text me later and went back to the party. How rude that they didn't even say goodbye
Mandy💕 @MandyBusby1🔁So when Andy confronts Siggy about how she’s wrong on the Hitler comment then it’s “I’m not talking anymore about thi twitter.com s! I don’t give a sh** what any of you think!” Well that’s good...because nobody cares what your little bs “triggers” are either, sweetie.
Tommie Sunshine 😎✊️ @tommiesunshine🔁The latest Tommie Sunshine Twitterifically! paper.li Thanks to @nyc4bernie @nikomakesbeats #releasethememo #rhonj
Derek Carper @txderek86🔁 such a great season of it was intense and fun at times and I can’t wait for more ❤️ 💕 💗
JenniceFirstofMyName @writeon5889🔁If I was Margaret, I would tell Siggy if she didn't want to come,limp her @$$ right home. And if she want to see Mel twitter.com issa and Theresa,invite them to your home...girl,bye.
Derek Carper @txderek86🔁 such a great season of it was intense and fun at times and I can’t wait for more ❤️ 💕 💗 twitter.com
Reality! Now! @RealRealityNow🔁After watching the reunion, it is no surprise that was happily “released” from her contract! Quite possibly the wors twitter.com t housewife addition thus far.
Mandy💕 @MandyBusby1🔁Please just let these reunions hurry up so we don’t have to see Siggys hypocrisy anymore. Referencing Hitler is worse twitter.com than assassinating someone’s character? She is so disgusting
Leah @leahnadu🔁Omg @melissagorga is the only sane one in this group #RHONJReunion #RHONJ
ashley• @GetRealAshley🔁Siggy is the one that can't admit when she's wrong. She's definitely on the list of housewives that annoy me #RHONJReunion #rhonj
meg💕jen aniston @megsaniston🔁watching the reunion part 1&2 and omg is so savage!! Slay girlll! And that dress😍😍 new Disney princess right the twitter.com re!! xxx
Mandy💕 @MandyBusby1🔁Siggy and Delores may talk a lot of crap when the cameras are rolling but when they cut they are whispering and not g twitter.com etting off of the couch.
blem @scummysamm🔁 I'm not a big fan of Danielle's, but I believe Dolores said that abt Teresa. #rhonj
Mel @melminhas🔁 One can only hope, doll. 🙏🏼 #RHON twitter.com J
Mel @melminhas🔁 So when soggy learned about the holocaust in school did she scream at the teacher????
#RHONJreunion #RHONJ


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