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joycoffee @joypcoffee🔁Prop301 should be renewed, but it will do *nothing* to end the . Renewal will not add a penny to a teacher’s pay. Once again,
Matt Perez 白明德 @MathiasJPerez🔁Hey do you know what could really make our schools safer? Smaller classes taught by highly qualified teachers who aren't stressed about paying their bills or going to their second/third jobs.
Nell Pederson @NPederson🔁We need to renew Prop 301. We need to defeat Prop 305. But neither of those will solve AZ’s . We *must* stop tax cuts and see additional revenue sent to our public schools.
joycoffee @joypcoffee🔁After ignoring teachers’ pleas for 3.5 years why would do anything else but try to silence them now as they rise up?
Robin Code McSpadden @Ms_Mac🔁To make this clear...
Several schools in Pendergast District are walking out tomorrow as far I've been informed. We understand and support their decision, but were not informed previous to this and we were not involved in organizing the action.
Catherine Ripley @ripleyforaz🔁Time to flip the script and change the game. $85M stolen from K-12 in AZ.Teachers must buy their own pencils, paper,a twitter.com nd possibly guns? must vote out those that sell out our children for tax breaks for the rich. Believe,act,vote.
Theresa Ratti @thratti🔁Let's change this Venn diagram! I have a plan that makes real investments in Arizona schools, gives teachers a real raise & supports all students. Read my plan here -
credit: Dec. 2017
Patricia Joshi @PepermntPati🔁Oh it’s coming. Don’t stick your head in the sand. We’ve been kind. We’ve been patient. We’re tired of waiting and now, we’re really pissed off!

Wasn’t it WW2 with the quote about awakening a sleeping giant...?


Mrs. Chadwick @Chadwick1530🔁I'm just going to leave this right here... this isn't just about teachers making more money. It is about providing a twitter.com quality education to ALL students.
Ty Wade @CoachTMerritt🔁 What if I told you there was a state that had 2,000 teacher vacancies because teacher pay and classroom funding was so low? That state is Arizona.
wayne danley @exgop🔁Wait? So the executive budget proposal doesn't solve all of AZ's budget proplems? Imagine that. Let's hope he'll now focus on revenue solutions rather than legal maneuvers and lying commercials.
Ty Wade @CoachTMerritt🔁Time to remove the false education ads stating teachers are doing well. Listen to our stories. Hear us. Stop funding false ads.
NormalDawn @noprezzie2012🔁Plus their chosen leaders are religious bigots obsessed with race.
🤮🤮 twitter.com
Ben Sullens, NBCT @teachingtall🔁This is one of the reasons I spoke out against choice to announce as their pick for Governor on 3/7.

Regardless, D twitter.com ucey needs to get his facts straight.

Ty Wade @CoachTMerritt🔁A $400 check is NOT support for teachers. Ducey & supporters instead spent $ on ads to deceive voters

CaligirlBerner @Twitlertwit🔁Did you know new AZ teachers no longer need a teaching certificate?

Did you know I have a 38 student max in my classes?

Did you know you could work for 15 years in AZ and not break 40,000? Not buying it


victoria coursey @nursevictoria11🔁Hey let’s make a deal...if I get 100 likes on this , we do the lunch. If I don’t get the likes, I’ll give up. How’s that sound?
Windy Mariscal, NBCT @WindyMariscal🔁Dominguez said school administrators' support is "what's giving us the strength" to plan Wednesday's sick-out. twitter.com
victoria coursey @nursevictoria11🔁Are supporters running false ads? Should the ads be removed from the airways? What do you think?

Joe Thomas @AZ1Thomas🔁After ignoring teachers’ pleas for 3.5 years why would do anything else but try to silence them now as they rise up? twitter.com
Cody "AP C? More like AP Whee!" Gordon 🦄🌮🍕 @CGordonPVHS🔁AZ Ed Project is pushing a misinformation campaign hard right now. Don't buy into it... just because it has "educatio twitter.com n" in its name doesn't mean it's PRO education.
Eric Cartmenez @Senor_Cartmenez🔁Renewing 301 is a MUST. But the reality is- we need more than that. Teachers are fleeing the state. We need to know that we can both teach and survive in AZ.


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