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NYisRED @patricdhawaan🔁 Happy Canada Day, from @kakuromero17! 😜🇨🇦 #RBNY #TORvRBNY
amir and fidelito stan @alexjs85🔁 Happy Canada Day, from @kakuromero17! 😜🇨🇦 #RBNY #TORvRBNY
#RBNY Marios C Sfantos Esq @mcsfantos🔁 ⬆️ to Second! #RBNY
#RBNY Marios C Sfantos Esq @mcsfantos🔁 FULL TIME, pres. by @AffinityFCU: 3️⃣ HUGE POINTS ON THE ROAD


#RBNY Ainslie Binder @ainslieann🔁But now, we’re up to 2nd!! #RBNY
#RBNY Ainslie Binder @ainslieann🔁And look at the SS standings! #RBNY
World Cup/Silly Season @101singer🔁 Happy Canada Day, from @kakuromero17! 😜🇨🇦 #RBNY #TORvRBNY
#RBNY#RBNY#RBNY#RBNY Jose Cabrera @NYisRED91🔁 Arena training day ahead of tonight’s #SnapandSign with our 🔴 Members!


#RBNY New York Red Bulls @NewYorkRedBulls🔁FULL TIME, pres. by @AffinityFCU: 3️⃣ HUGE POINTS ON THE ROAD


Major League Soccer @MLSKemar Lawrence from outside the box! 💫 1-0

As part of , for every 🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/1013539366390530049" target="_blank">twitter.com

New York Red Bulls @NewYorkRedBulls🔁. with the early strike to give an early lead over Toronto FC!

But here's the best part about this goal...As part twitter.com of , for every RT of this goal will donate $1 to !

Let's do this ... READY ... SET ... RT !!

Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁Lawrence on goal: “But, was trying to just get it on-target, really. And, they say if you don’t shoot, you don’t scor twitter.com e. So, shot, and it went in.”
Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁Lawrence on goal: “Great ball came out, try to relax, keep calm and try to get a good hit on it. Keeper made a…kind o twitter.com f mistake. But, I thought Brad did a good job to, kind of run in his path while he was coming out, kind of blocked him in a way. So, I thought that helped.”
Chris Patterson @saglibra141🔁I’m insanely happy with the philosophy, the direction, and the football with this season. I expect nothing less than twitter.com a final vs ATL. That’s how good I think we are!
Matthew Rouse @deadbeatmatt11🔁Kemar Lawrence from outside the box! 💫 1-0

As part of , for every RT of this goal will donate $1 to !

Octavio Villa @kyuketsiu🔁. with the early strike to give an early lead over Toronto FC!

But here's the best part about this goal...As part of , for every RT of this goal will donate $1 to !

Let's do this ... READY ... SET ... RT !!

William Thomas Lewis @Willster999🔁Match Recap, pres. by : Lawrence, Robles, Inspire RBNY



Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁Lawrence: “Today we gave up a couple chances and Luis came up big for us. So, really, congrats to Luis on a couple o twitter.com f plays that he made today, he was really solid. But, as a defensive backline, we still managed to make a couple plays, and that was big for us today.”
Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁Lawrence: “It’s always hard playing away from home; probably one of the hardest leagues to play away from home, it a twitter.com lways seems like it’s always a battle. But, our mentality this year is, not giving up chances, and trying to keep a clean sheet no matter what we do.”
Jose Cabrera @NYisRED91🔁RDS 2008 Boys win Summer Classic!

RDS 2006 Girls win Summer Classic!

RDS 2009 Boys finish runners up in Summer Classic!

RDS 2007 Boys win Summer Classic!

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Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁“So, we’ll take the next couple days to recover, to look at the video, and then get ready for that game. But, those g twitter.com ames are so, they’re so much fun. So, I know that this group not only will be up for it, but, absolutely excited for it.”
Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁“And, I know there’s been some transition on their side, but, at the end of the day, they still have really, really g twitter.com ood players, and a great roster, and they’re absolutely going to be up for it.”
Pat MacDonald @PMacD82🔁Look, I'll be the first one to tell ya, has attendance issues. That being said, I just bought first base line/endli twitter.com ne tickets to the derby for under face
Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁Robles on the upcoming match with NYCFC: “Yeah, so, the results against them have gone our way, but, we know when we twitter.com go to Yankee Stadium, it’s going to be [the] absolute best version of New York City FC.”
Robbie Baseball @JCurbanist🔁 #RBNY’s Shield Seasons after 16 matches:

2013: 7-5-4
2015: 6-5-5

New York in 2018: 10-4-2

Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁“So, it felt like I got a good jump on it. And, I’m just very fortunate that the guys were able to clean up the rebou twitter.com nd, and, that, we were able to get three points.”
Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁“So, I was very fortunate they put in a place where I could save it. Because, even if I guess right – just like you w twitter.com atch the PK shootouts in the World Cup today – if the guy blasts it hard enough, it still goes in.”
RedBulls SportSpyder @RedBullsSpyder🔁[MLS: New York Red Bulls] Red Bulls Earn a Hard Fought Three Points in Toronto sportspyder.com #RBNY
Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁Robles: “Once the penalty is given, then you just start to, at least calculate in your mind how you’re going to go a twitter.com bout this. And, before the game, I decided that I was going to go one way, and, it turns out the penalty was called, and my mind was already made up.”
🤡Growing Pains🤡 @AllAboutThe216🔁Customs Agent: What was the nature of your trip?
Me: Soccer game.
Customs: Are you bringing anything back with you?
Me: 3 points

MLS Referee Stats @MLSRefStats🔁Props to some random Facebook commentor for catching a still of the Tim Parker's handling offense. Can't judge the c twitter.com all from just a still, of course, but I can confirm this was the foul, not when he fell on the ball a moment later.

Dwight Rodwell @DwightRodwell🔁 Yankees with a dominating win!! Great sports day today!! #RBNY #PinstripePride
Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁Robles, when asked about ’s great form: “Yeah it’s crazy, even when we look at the table, it’s as if we continue to h twitter.com ave to look up, right? Because the teams are playing so well at the top of the table, and [we’re] just trying to keep pace with them and catch up with them.”
The Franchise Boz @Bozfirstsince81🔁Yankees with a dominating win!! Great sports day today!! #RBNY #PinstripePride
Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁“So, finding more guys that can be dangerous and more guys that can be confident around the goal is a good thing.” #RBNY
Mark Fishkin @MarkFishkin🔁#RBNY’s Shield Seasons after 16 matches:

2013: 7-5-4
2015: 6-5-5

New York in 2018: 10-4-2

Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁Marsch on Kemar's goal: “Obviously a great strike. You know, a little bit of a blunder from their goalkeeper, but, y twitter.com eah, I mean, it’s nice to see Kemar getting on the board, and any way that we can take pressure off Bradley is always good.”
Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁Marsch joked about Kemar after the game: “I’m a little worried that he’s going to think he’s an attacking player.” #RBNY
Matt Caputo @MattCaputo🔁Watching this goalless broadcast of the game off my DVR and some of Giovinco’s hand gestures are something from Donn twitter.com ie Brosco or something.
Once A Metro @Once_A_Metro🔁Marsch: “I mean, you know, you always look at the table. But, for me it’s not…it’s more about making sure that we con twitter.com tinue to, every day and every week, get better and better. And usually we say, then the table takes care of itself. And we’ve learned that.”


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