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BIRTHDAY ARTIE 🎉🏳️‍🌈 @gradyfrankhowdy🔁 disney world!peter quill, let me talk to you
Quill Robert Antoshak @RAntoshak🔁Sourcing Journal - Supreme Court Sides With States in Online Sales Tax Battle sourcingjournal.com
QuillQuill ana// happy birthday crisp rat @theholyquackso1🔁 peter quill owns my heart ✨
Day🍩 @Day_quill🔁 I love the dmv bruh. I really do lls 😂😂
Greg Stohr @GregStohr🔁BREAKING: Supreme Court frees states to collect more internet sales taxes, overturns Quill decision and "physical pre twitter.com sence" requirement.
Senator Dick Durbin @SenatorDurbin🔁Good news for main street businesses in IL & across US: has cleared the way for our retailers to compete on a level twitter.com playing field with internet giants. Honored to be part of the bipartisan group in Congress that has worked on issue for years .
Ron Hogan @RonHogan🔁The , by the way, is Tyler Quill Houlton, who used to go by T.Q. Houlton when he was at UC Boulder. Anybody who was t twitter.com here 2002-2006 remember him? After graduating, he went straight to work for Tom Tancredo. Folks at the NRCC from 2013-15 might also have stories...
soph @haruzoras🔁honestly fuck the russo brothers for making peter quill look stupid. also fuck them for making everyone mad at him for no reason. i should get paid cause i literally have to explain to people how it’s not his fault every single fucking day.
tom holland @tom_is_hotland🔁Hi, my main acc has been banned, so i'd like to start again so i need mutuals

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gee @bittersweetrage🔁people really overlook the fact that gamora tried SUICIDE so thanos wouldn't get the soul stone she told quill to kill her when that didn't work she tried to kill herself she went through thinking she was going to die twice before she actually did SHE DESERVED BETTER
eye2country @eye2winner🔁The Supreme Court voiding of Quill could mean the death of free enterprise in the USA. Auditors & regulators at stat twitter.com e borders will slow down the passage of goods, with costs passed onto consumers. It means MORE regs, but at state levels. Nightmare!
KCA Builds! @KCA_builds🔁This could be a drastic change of life. lnkd.in lnkd.in
ana// happy birthday crisp rat @theholyquackso1🔁happy birthday to the most wonderful and iconic person that i know as THE chris pratt. this dude has given us star-lord/peter quill and i’m super thankful this man brought quill to life in such an amazing way because i couldn’t have asked for anyone better to portray quill.
Martin Terpstra @MartTerp🔁Supreme Court overturns Quill’s physical presence requirement journalofaccountancy.com
Mayor Sonni @Readeropolis🔁Follow Lynn Veevers CHLOE SHIPTON & THE QUILL OF LEFAY Blog Tour & win a $25 Amazon GC #Giveaway #yalit bookhoundsya.net
Valentina @prattdowney🔁— the chris pratt stan

- also a jurassic world fan
- liked gotg v.2 more than the first gotg
- cries whenever they think about peter quill’s past
- ships starmora
- likes the guardians more than the avengers
- is fun to be around

Three Sonorans @ThreeSonorans🔁Justice Anthony Kennedy had essentially invited a test case to overrule Quill Corp. v. North Dakota and its physical- twitter.com nexus rule for the states...
Nat 🌻 @melosunflower🔁In honor of ’s birthday, please enjoy this drawing I did of Peter Quill, or as he’s better known (by himself), Starlord! Happy birthday!!

(please please tag him, I would love so much for him to see this)

Cognitive Dissident @Cognidissident🔁@kate_quill Finally getting around to it Richard Bourke's biography got excellent reviews, real intellectual history.
Zephod Beeblebrox @ZephyBeeblebrox🔁@Keque_Mage When Quill gets the chance to show Rocket Reese’s Puffs
Cognitive Dissident @Cognidissident🔁@kate_quill Reminds me, ages ago I saw something on here comparing late 80s NATO deployments vs those then. Interesting to see.
smith @caitlin_s_s🔁You seem like a genuinely sweet, kind person twitter.com
knives saw dp 2! @quill_rocket🔁@putroxziall im scared
(((dadbod terry))) wakanda bey'chella @shortstack81🔁honestly Quill was outdated for the times. time to adjust. twitter.com
Tommy Faucheux @TommyFaucheux🔁US Supreme Court has reversed the landmark case “Quill” with its “Wayfair” decision. This will open the door for states to require more collection of sales tax from remote (online) dealers. LA just passed HB (Act 5) in 2nd special to be able to do such.
Raina @Raina35285599🔁I had almost forgotten what a joy it is to write with a plain quill. Words from Hamilton. Quill pen. Vintage Pelikan Brilliant Brown Ink.
Kay Bell @taxtweet🔁yes, you probably will pay more for online purchases now that has given state more leeway to collect on onli twitter.com ne purchases
Jan Smith @pinkygirl06🔁Thanks! Happy 😍 twitter.com
NS🕹️🎮 @EZpurp🔁Quill and Koji have to be careful of this monster's venom attack and vicious, lunging bite! 🐍

West TN Reflections @wtnreflections🔁This has been a concern for state & local governments. This decision will help Main Street businesses, as well as state and local governments.
mcu vines @wrongmcuvines🔁rocket: theres only one race. the human race.

quill: wHAT ABOUT NASCAR?!?!

Day🍩 @Day_quill🔁 Like they focused on Michelle and Barack’s wardrobe throughout their term? twitter.com
violet parr supremacist @darthjarjars🔁Literally the only characters I remember the name of that Chris Pratt’s ever played was Peter Quill and Andy Dwyer... twitter.com in Jurassic world it’s just like ... oh it’s Chris Pratt.. the characters name? Chris Pratt? Robert? Jason? Idfk
Cognitive Dissident @Cognidissident🔁@kate_quill About to start a big biography of Burke tomorrow.
Mark Kimel @mwkimel31🔁A flurry of legislative action on a state level around to be expected after ruling. Our execs Mike Bernard & Nancy Manzano talk what it means for biz with :
CreativeByDesign @creativebydsign🔁Discover «Quill» Canvas Print by John Edwards | Curioos curioos.com via @Curioos
CentristMovementUSA @MovementUsa🔁Supreme Court Kills Quill, Gives States More Authority To Collect Sales Tax via



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