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#Quetta A SherJan Baloch @ASJBaloch🔁#Quetta : As long Pak ISI people like @PakSarfrazbugti are minister in Balochistan, Quetta will keep on bleeding.
#Quetta Irfan Shah @irfanagha55🔁 A #heattbreaking sight of #Hanna lake #Quetta
Afghan Army 🇦🇫 @ArmyAFG🔁Terrorists attack on Pakistani military truck near #Quetta's Pishin area Stop killed at least 15 and 32 injured.

#Quetta#Quetta Dr.NaeemAkhtar Joyia @drnaeemjoiya🔁 Need of blood in #Quetta hospital...
Plz spread
preecha thailand @DzeM0LT8ZwE1C7s🔁 #Quetta @PakSarfrazbugti Tell ur CM to come back and stop dancing in Lahore
#Quetta Dad Shah @daadshaah🔁#Quetta why bomb ripped off here again
Aseefa B Zardari @AseefaBZ🔁#Quetta is bleeding again. Terrorism is still the main threat to Pakistan and its citizens. These are our martyrs. Don't forget them
Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri @TahirulQadri🔁Govt machinery is busy in giving security to a rally against national institutions while the country remains at mercy of terrorists. #Quetta
Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri @TahirulQadri🔁I strongly condemns the bomb blast near Pashin stop in #Quetta in the strongest possible words& expresses grief over loss of precious lives
Sajjad Shaikh PPP @Sajjad44aliAli🔁 is bleeding again. Terrorism is still the main threat to Pakistan and its citizens. These are our martyrs. Don't forget them
Razak Meer @abdulrazaque79🔁 Heard the blast in #Quetta
Stay save everyone. 🙏
Dev Das @devbkp🔁Bombing at military vehicle in kills 8 army soldiers & 7 civilians, IED was used: Military spokesperson
@llucho281 @mariojoseh555🔁 : As long Pak ISI people like are minister in Balochistan, Quetta will keep on bleeding.
Mishal Z Malik @mishalmalikk🔁 May Allah bless the souls of martyrs. "Allah will not change the condition of people until they dont change themselves." Quran13:11
Osama | وانی @OsamaMudasser🔁 Deepest condolences go out to the families of brave sons the nation has lost today in #Quetta - stay strong Pakistan!
Awais Anwaar @awaisanwaar🔁 #Quetta
Strongly condemn Pishin Stop blast.
Hur Kazmi @hurzafar🔁 Hearing songs in #GTRoadRally when #Quetta is bleeding makes me sick. How insensitive we have become
Superna Batheja🇵🇰 @SupernaBatheja🔁Bevakoof kya zaleel log hen, masoom bache k qatil ki amad pe raks krrhe hen.Or to or m lashen giri hen or wo NS ki m twitter.com uhbt m mr rhe hn
Malik Achakzai @MalikAchkJourno🔁Bomb blast at Pishin stop in close vicinity of PTV Station, FC Balochistan Head Quarters, Convent of Jesus and Mary & Grammar School
Bismah Choudary @bisoholic🔁 Hearing songs in #GTRoadRally when #Quetta is bleeding makes me sick.
Bismah Choudary @bisoholic🔁 #Quetta bleeds while #NawazSharif is busy in musical night, CM Balochistan sab Pls returned to your province
IFTIKHAR SADEED KHAN @iftikharsadeed🔁 #Quetta again under attack. Thoughts and hearts are with the victims.
Maryam Murtaza @Maryam5Murtaza🔁If Shareef Brothers are not state terrorist then why they don't published BAQIR NAJFI Report!!!
#BOLDrQadriKaySaath @TahirulQadri #Quetta
Pink Panther @Rana_Mudassir🔁#Quetta we're with you.
Irfan Shah @irfanagha55🔁What num of dead bodies in does it take for our News channels to realize that this city is also somwhr in ?
J @jrai56🔁Was it Baloch (guerillas) who attacked Army vehicle in Occupied 's capital ?
Sikandar Hafeez @shafizullah83🔁This is disgusting. Terrible Blast in but CM Baluchistan is dancing and enjoying with Nawaz Sharif on stage in Lahore.
Sabita Laghari @SabitaLaghari🔁 Millitary vehicle on duty attacked, IED used -15 martyred including 7 civilians and 25 injured. #Quetta
Sabita Laghari @SabitaLaghari🔁 Seven killed, 17 injured in blast on Quetta's Pishin stop .
Waqar Mand @MandWaqar🔁May God give the strength to affected families #Quetta
muzamil @muzamil09507453🔁 Strongly condemn #Quetta blast - thoughts and prayers for the victims. Hope the new interior Minister is serious about #NAP.
Muhammad @Musi898🔁My thoughts and prayers are with the deceased families of the blast victims. May Allah protect us all from this menace of terrorism!
Sabita Laghari @SabitaLaghari🔁 CM Baluchistan Listening to songs with bosses NS & SS, while Quetta bleeds #Quetta
Taimoor ali @taimoor101ali🔁Only Army is present on ground for relief work and to save lives after blast. Proud of Army that has always stood w/ its countrymen.
Imaz Khalid @PotatoChips97🔁While drowns in blood, its CM is assuming the role of a royal concubine in Lahore. Astonishing threshold of insensitivity.
Chris Guzman @taotao_salupa5🔁Terrorists attack on Pakistani military truck near 's Pishin area Stop killed at least 15 and 32 injured.

Shumail Zafar @ShowdownPrince🔁When your PM becomes silent even after Kalbhushan Yadav's on record admitting statement of terrorism, this is what gets.

Deep Sigh.

Salman Sikandar @SALSIKandar🔁Before terrorists, people who are responsible for security are responsible for blasts & murder of innocents.
Punish them as well
Dr.NaeemAkhtar Joyia @drnaeemjoiya🔁Our hearts cry out for !
Just a day before the proud 70th Birthday of ,anti state forces r upto filth!
huma kirmani @humaharoonkirma🔁People who deceased in far above in respect than any other shaheed e jhamoriat
What's the sense of twitter.com
Dr.NaeemAkhtar Joyia @drnaeemjoiya🔁 once again 😞
Truly sadden and heartbreaking news.
May Allah help Pakistan to fight against terrorism unitedly. Ameen. 🇵🇰
Sidra Janjua @SidraJanjuaa🔁Saddened to know the blast in near Pashin stop,My Sympathies with all the affectees.Pakistani nation'll never give up on terrorism!
Tafheem Badshah @TafheemKhattak🔁ALLAH's blessings upon those who died in the #Quetta blast and speedy recovery for the injured. Ameen
Falak @ShaanFalak🔁Strongly condemn the terror attack in #Quetta, deeply saddened to hear about the death of victims when this will end?
میں ان کو رولاؤ گا💪 @Asimdar141🔁I Strongly Condemn the bomb Blast Near Pashin Stop. Condolences to the Bereaved Families & pryrs 4 Speedy Recovery of Those Injured.#Quetta
Miles Ford @hassnainarain🔁May all the departed souls Rest In Peace #quettableeds #quetta
Ahsen Shah ☄ @SAhsenShah🔁I strongly condemn bomb blast near Pishin Stop in and express my deepest grief on loss of precious lives. Sympathies with families!
محمد آصف خان @eaglesaltitude🔁I have felt the frsh Air of peace blowing in my country,now you can't undo it by hitting back you've lost the War.
Dr.NaeemAkhtar Joyia @drnaeemjoiya🔁Sadly the Rally of Nawaz Sharif, & its media coverage, continues unabated despite loss of lives in blast - A matter of priorities
Waqas Aalam Angaria @WaqasAalam🔁If i will appoint a guard for my security and then someone stole my households, who will be responsible?
Who is our security? #Quetta
Hamza Gulzar @HGulzar🔁In any other country all political activities would've been halted after an attack on soldiers like the one in #Quetta.
Amjad Ali Bhutto @bhuttobyblood🔁Once Again bomb blast In today.. Why every year in the month of all this happen? Who would answer? Who is responsib twitter.com le?
tiniskwerl @tiniskwerl🔁

Target Truck
15 Dead: 8 /7 Civilian
25 Wounded:15 Civ
Dr.NaeemAkhtar Joyia @drnaeemjoiya🔁 Blast in #Quetta but CM is present at Nawaz Sharif's rally in Lahore. Rally is more important for CM shame on him.


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