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#PyCon2017 Jr Miller @Arisean_Black🔁 Found @dbader_org to take the #pythonicstaffofenlightment #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017 Johannes Graf @grafjo🔁 This is a world-class keynote. Well done, @kelseyhightower #Pycon2017
#PyCon2017 Christian Heimes @ChristianHeimes🔁Portland is beautiful. #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017#PyCon2017 Elias Dorneles @eliasdorneles🔁 Yay, a confirmed yak shaver! Thanks @eliasdorneles and @pybeeware! #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017 Anwesha Das @anweshasrkr🔁Funside @Sprints #PyCon2017 #micropython
#PyCon2017 Jake VanderPlas @jakevdp🔁Clear & concise intro to asynchronous programming in Python by @miguelgrinberg #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017 BeeWare @PyBeeWare🔁Congratulations to @HelloMelanieC, the first person to earn both the Shaver and Herder coins at once! #pycon2017
#PyCon2017 JP Thomasset @misterjp🔁 Portland is beautiful. #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017 Ramesh Sampath @sampathweb🔁 ❤️ Guido and his “Python is for girls” shirt. #pycon2017
#PyCon2017 Bruno Oliveira @nicoddemus🔁 Come see me at booth 100 at #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017 Alexander Kaluzhny @AlexanderKaluz🔁 "At Instagram, our bottleneck is development velocity, not pure code execution." #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017 Tariq Rashid @postenterprise🔁 This is quite the graph. #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017 Tariq Rashid @postenterprise🔁 Scientific Python tools ecosystem #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017 Tariq Rashid @postenterprise🔁 @andrewtorkbaker covers 5 modern ways to deploy yr Python app. My #sketchnotes #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017 judy2k @judy2k🔁 Anyone with a software project should run, not walk to watch this documentation talk at #pycon2017
#PyCon2017 Sang Yum @sangyum🔁 #PyCon2017 live, zero downtime deployment with #kubernetes by @kelseyhightower
#PyCon2017 tiffany jernigan 🌍 @tiffanyfayj🔁I am happy I got to see my awesome friends, @jpetazzo and @s0ulshake, during #PyCon2017 😀
#PyCon2017 __Josué_Kouka__ @josuebrunel🔁 This is #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017#PyCon2017 Monica EnePietrosanu @menepie🔁 #Django #workload theater talk by @IntelSoftware and @instagram #PyCon2017
#PyCon2017 Visual Studio @VisualStudio🔁There's some great swag happening at #PyCon2017 - Check out the Jupyter notebook notebooks:
Guido van Rossum @gvanrossum🔁Great #PyCon2017 keynote by Lisa Guo about how Instagram migrated to Python 3! Hopefully will be on YouTube soon.
Eric Holscher @ericholscher🔁I love the hippie side of the Python community. Import antigravity is always a highlight.
Doug Mahugh @dmahugh🔁If you saw the booth demo at and want to run it yourself you can get the code from
Ruben Orduz @rdodev🔁Small album of photos I took at @pyladies benefit auction #pycon #pycon2017

Weekly Python Chat @PythonChat🔁 The video for my regular expressions tutorial is online! 💻⌨


Kamil Sindi @kamilsindi🔁 slides: #Pycon2017
Sr. Walterson @jaimefrio🔁Look no hands, building a speedometer for your bike. Video and code for my talk
Lanrey @Oluso_LA🔁Clear & concise intro to asynchronous programming in Python by
#BLACKandSTEM @BLACKandSTEM🔁. is rocking this keynote. From starting out in coding to packaging, dependencies, dev-ops...
Bojana @zauberkindt🔁 All #PyCon2017 talks are online

Feeling overwhelmed? Here is the list:

Richard Brenner @richpbrenner🔁So many great #PyCon2017 talks to watch, so little time @pycon
Julian Wachholz @julianwachholz🔁My #asyncio powered trivia is back online, come try it out and play and report bugs! #PyCon2017
yarko @yarkot🔁Can #pycon2017 #pyconsprints help w/ wifi problems? The folks working ? B116 across from coffee shop are having trouble @ewa_jodlowska
Aidan Feldman @aidanfeldman🔁Python 2.7 -> 3.6 at Instagram production: CPU -12%, memory -30%! The migration was worth it!
Katie McLaughlin ✨ @glasnt🔁OH: "Hey kid, you wanna do some github?" #PyCon2017
Katie McLaughlin ✨ @glasnt🔁OH: "Oh you sweet summer child, you know not of international travel"
'I'm French, damn it!' #pycon2017
The Real BrianPiercy @brianpiercy🔁Genius quote by : "If I have seen further, it is by importing from the code of giants".
Victor Stinner @VictorStinner🔁 #PyCon2017 #helpwanted Can you help to improve CPython devguide? Several open issues here:
Tariq Rashid @postenterprise🔁 Python's Visualization Landscape — slides from my #PyCon2017 talk:
David Nicholson @nicholdav🔁Just had amazing chicken and rice from @Nongskhaomangai in Portland, thanks to good tips on eats from @DataNeel #PyCon2017
PTD Micro @ptdmicro🔁My statistical analysis slides for are online. If you're coming, feel free to follow along!
Gregory 🐼 S. @PyCon @gpshead🔁Is it okay to judge #PyCon2017 sprint success as the inverse of the conference wifi performance over the course of a day?
Robert Roskam @raiderrobert🔁The first coin of the sprints has been delivered: Thanks to for fixing the documentation for our Linux dependencies!
Christian Barra @christianbarra🔁Look what I have found in I guess it's a kind of invite for same region where comes from!
David Pinto @davidengaut🔁Always amazes me how fast is able to upload their videos. All the tutorials are already available!
Chris Wilcox @chriswilcox47🔁If you saw the #Microsoft booth demo at #PyCon2017 and want to run it yourself you can get the code from
Daniel Pope @lordmauve🔁 Thanks @NaomiCeder and congrats on your first contribution to CPython 🎉
#PyCon2017 #sprint
patchguard @patchguard🔁Looks like videos of workshops are already being uploaded to YouTube:
Diarmuid O Keeffe @FuzzieLabs🔁Excellent talks at by : and : m/watch?v=TMmSESkhRtI" target="_blank">
Liene Vērzemnieks @li3n3🔁OH: "I have a vacation home on the dark side" #pycon2017 #pyconsprints
Aleksandr Danshyn @dalazx🔁 My talk about async/await and asyncio what happens next: #Pycon2017
Erich Eichinger @oakinger🔁 Watching @kelseyhightower’s #PyCon2017 keynote and laughing out loud: “DevOps is group therapy for sysadmins.” 😂
Mariatta 🤦 @mariatta🔁Thanks @matrixise for your contribution to CPython 🎉 #PyCon2017 #sprint
Sayan Chowdhury @yudocaa🔁 Pycon US 2017: 3,391 received badges 🍾. PyLadies auction: $21,275 👄. Next Pycon US: Cleveland, May 1-9 2018. #PyCon2017
Gregory 🐼 S. @PyCon @gpshead🔁OH: "Isn't it great when you see your own name in a code comment you have no recollection of adding?" #PyCon2017
Katie McLaughlin ✨ @glasnt🔁Congratulations to , the first person to earn both the Shaver and Herder coins at once!
Mariatta 🤦 @mariatta🔁Thanks @NaomiCeder and congrats on your first contribution to CPython 🎉
#PyCon2017 #sprint
Puifai S, PhD @puifais🔁read PEP8...check! #PyCon2017
Thursday Bram @thursdayb🔁To add to Tashay's observation there were booths in the main hall that made me doubt that I was even visible. Me: Hi!! Them: ...
Katie McLaughlin ✨ @glasnt🔁OH: "Unexpected Success!" :highfive:
'Best success!' #pycon2017
Jeremiah Fox @JeremiahFox14🔁 A good #UI has:
#pycon #python #PyCon2017
Tessie Waithira @Tessie_Waithira🔁 You can get the slides for my Asynchronous Python presentation at #pycon2017 here:
Kenneth Reitz @kennethreitz🔁 has a way of taking a photo that makes you look like a total badass.
UW eScience @uwescience🔁 keynote on Python in astronomy! Search for life, habitable planets, and a huge sky survey (LSST)
Peter Wang @pwang🔁Just watched David Dumas's talk... phenomenal & beautiful explanation of a problem in hyperbolic geometry
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @boxandwhisker🔁Thankfully, I did meet some great and welcoming folks at #PyCon2017. But those icy (non-)interactions were definitely a bummer as well...
George Hickman @ghickman🔁Bye #PyCon #pycon2017, it’s been a blast!


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