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Push galaxyfan @kriswuprince🔁 What do you think the song of 2018 will be?

☀️: ihr.fm

Push All Eyez on REE @ReeAmilcarScott🔁Drake: “This your King Push?”
Crushi💎 @Beverly1llsBabe🔁 This is so cute ㅋㅋㅋ Hae tried to push Hyuk to the pool 😅
camila; #¹ ᵃⁿᵖᵃⁿᵐᵃⁿ ˢᵗᵃⁿ @jeonggukiebot🔁 yeah push yourself further to jin, yoongi do it
Booker T 🇳🇬 @Tolu_ware🔁 kanye in the studio cooking up a beat for push rn
Nurul Izzah @n_izzah🔁Appreciate it dear.Initially, I was taken aback. But heartened by the sensitivity and grace of so many in defence of twitter.com women ewhere. Such invasiveness smacks of the sexism and harassment women have had 2 endure.We must push back , inculcate better appreciation& treatment of women.
David Hogg @davidhogg111🔁“the largest voter registration push for youth ever in American history”
Great artical to read if you want an update twitter.com on everything I've been working on.
Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11🔁The push for multiculturalism is an effort to destroy culture in the name of harmonizing cultures

It is, at best, g twitter.com ross global imperialism

It is, at worst, the Orwellian destruction of all societal values and beliefs

MBII. @_mister151🔁 push gotta have a response by 8 am cuz drake just...whoooo, he won this round handily.
Shane @Shane42691532🔁Why is this so hard to understand? This is their work place. Their bosses don’t want them protesting on company time twitter.com . I can’t protest and push my political/social views on my customers. This is no different.
Saad M. Aldossary @saad_aldossary2🔁They may not want it to get to $100, but the fundamentals will likely push Brent to that level. Demand is growing now at 100 m bpd. Decline rates accelerating in maturing fields. Spare capacity between 700-1m bpd. Capex has fallen over the last three years...
Ntsako⚠ @HuUpu_🔁"Duppy" = ghost or spirit. Drake's not only airing out his own ghostwriting, but Kanye's too. And claiming Push is fading away like a ghost in the game. FUCK!
Deplorable Crumbs🇺🇸 @cokeybest🔁“ we need a leader as speaker. Are YOU that leader? Then Lead. Push for speaker NOW! We Want Ryan GONE now. We twitter.com need a MAGA speaker not a dirty traitorous deep state Rino. Support our GREAT President.
1 9 Y R S 🔫. Y O U N G @youngshowtime4x🔁DRAKE KILLED PUSH 🤦🏾‍♂️ ONLY THE BEGINNING SO DONT @ ME
K E V I N @KevChestnut🔁People gonna say Drake stupid for going at Pusha T, but let me go on record saying Push can't fuck with him bar for bar if it comes to it.
avery 🌻 @flavaaave_🔁This beat Drake dissed Push on is really disrespectful. I’d be tight if a nigga dissed me over a sexy jazz instrumental 😂😂😂
OBJesus @iAintLaughinTho🔁Broooooo 🔥🔥🔥 Don’t push me when I’m in album mod twitter.com e!
👼🏾Dakari Ramel👼🏾 @King_Me631🔁He’s lucky push only revisited the beef with 1-2 lines. Cus if push lets a record rip, it’s gonna be a long day at OVO
Lil Woke @Farragami🔁Push in 6 #PSTvDRK
Christy Mansfield @existentialIND🔁The Texas man who took down the mass shooter in Sutherland Springs says people need to push back against the NRA in light of a rash of mass shootings. “Why can't people like you and me, why can't we force the to back off?"
WhoaaBuddy @WatchYaMouthBro🔁Push is the President of Good Music so him telling him send the invoice is kinda boss shit...but now not the time for that
Patrick Bigbee @BigbeePatrick🔁@AbdiTV @ShaunKing The song was cool,but if he didn't pen it,it holds no value. Drake can't fuck wit Push!!!
🕊AUWOLF 🕊 @dankokravitz🔁Drake actually had some bars worth listening to in the diss, but Push finna fry his ass. That's why that nigga was s twitter.com o mad lmao "the auDACITY"
Jed Weisberger @Zalman888🔁Joe Musgrove, in his first start, has thrown six scoreless innings against the . Still remember that blog with a st twitter.com ory referring to Musgrove as a waste and Bics needed to push aside Josh Bell to sign Adam Lind.
Nick (obvi) @tosicktoquit22🔁"Don't push me when I'm in album mode, you're not even top 5 as far as your label talent goes" - Drake to Pusha T 👀
SANTIAGO @alrdysuccessful🔁1.71M plays in 2hrs
I wonder how much plays Push got lmao
JRDN/HSTN @JordanHosten🔁@MrMiller1990 Push gave him like 4 bars but Drake went all in
Balogun @Eniiola🔁I don't like biased rap fans.
I'm not a drake fan. But y'all didnt think he'd have the guts to go at Push. He did. Hard. Now y'all wanna dumb down Duppy? Nah! Those bars really go! They hurt the whole of GOOD music. That is guts! That diss is atleast 7/10. Don't lie.
E10 🦋®️🥀 @Ethan21b🔁"Dont push me when im in album mode . you're not even top 5 as far your label talent goes " LMAO DRAKE WHILIN WITH THIS DUPPY FREESTYLE
Sheyshey 🇬🇭 @F_sheyshey🔁 Not even Push Ups could Get Pusha T ready for Drake lmao
Alejandro Reza @JaarezaReza🔁Journalist : "What we’re seeing lately is a gradual, and I would say accelerating, process in which Sweden is slowly — and without a really honest, open democratic debate — de facto joining NATO."

Princess Llaran 💜👑 @that_girl_lolo_🔁A woman should never have to dim her light to help her mans ego, it is ok to be doing better things than him just push him to get to the same point.
Jack Cochran @TheJackCochran🔁All this time and not one person has said a word about who killed my cousin. somebody knows something but thanks to my "people" figuring its better to just stay quiet no justice has been found. Yes but only when its time to push a narrative
98.5 KTK @ktk985dotcom🔁This hurricane season, keep in touch with us & we'll keep you safe with local storm updates as needed. Download the twitter.com app, mark as a favorite & allow push notifications Gainesville,Ocala,HeartofFLA-!!!!!
ℋᎾℕℰᎽ 🏹 ♡ @softhoneypot🔁The thing is, everyone has tried to push me. Push me past my anxiety, push me past my depression, push me past my chr twitter.com onic pain etc and it never works it only makes it 100x’s worse
Publicist Bae🍯 @TheBrieAgency🔁Push is 40 years old. Some of the pettiest people I know are in their 40s. Trust me. He's ready. Lol
Yenna Bailey @YennaBee🔁When Jackie Chan was 18, shortly after he was in a street fight, he noticed a piece of bone sticking out of his knuckle. He spent an entire day trying to push it back in until he realized that it wasn’t his bone, it was his opponent’s tooth. 👊🏻

jean @iluvliberals🔁 is starting to trend. Lets do our part, we don’t have bots to push it


Tari Wariebi @tariwariebi🔁Whether Push responds in 24hrs is yet to be seen but there will be a Kanye twitter rant very soon lol #stayDownKanyeDontGetUp
B.Q. @BruceQ_Williams🔁jesus christ 'the games we play' uhggggg yes. this album this nigga in a pocket where nothing matters, it mirrors hell hath in tone. and 7 tracks is perfect its no rules and get to the point make it potent. now do this with sk8bord push
Jha @MrNine7Three🔁Drake got time today. Push wanted a response and Drizzy delivered
Bhc Pierre (BDB) @bhcpierre🔁 Push album dope. Drake response dope. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Both things can be true at the same time
Tj @TjVIII🔁 Mans Push said “I’ve been hiding where you see me, the skybox right next to RiRi’s.” That right there cut Drake deep
Alfredo Tinoco @AlfredoC137🔁"Don't push me when I'm in album mode / You're not even top 5 as far as your label talent goes"

—Drake on Pusha T

◼️◾️▪️ @Trilla_Cezza🔁“Tell Ye we got an invoice coming to you” R.I.P Push 😭
Bushido Brown @FM_Jemeil🔁Push drop the next diss!!! twitter.com
Janaye' @NayNooski🔁Real music heads would have caught that Ye sampled Prelude from Kingdom Come and Push came off like Jay on Infrared! 🔥💪🏾
IB TLJ @designerkath🔁 Push has to open his Wave account and show us the invoice for all that coke he sold. We're tired of being lied to.
Jason Trost @jasontrost🔁IMO it's better to push for the right solution over the expedient one. America has waited this long. Sports betting i twitter.com s going to be half baked in the US as long as the leagues and casinos have their say.
StephanieShante😇 @LivingLoving314🔁 Push been dissing Drake & Cash Money going on 6 years now twitter.com
CallMeGoosey @CallMeGooseman🔁Humans fucking push milk out of the tits of other animals and drink it (something no other species does) and we're li twitter.com terally the ones raping this planet of any resources, life, and habitability it once had. I'm just saying we don't have the right to say dolphins are evil.
keepitprettygirl.com 👄💕 @TheHeatherAlex🔁 “Don’t push me when I’m in album mode, you are not even top 5 as far as your label talent goes.” 😭😭😭😭😭
Rodney Rocko @RodneyRocko🔁Let's go PUSH!
Kathy Little @KathyLittle18🔁Another school shooting.

At this point, if you allow your kids to go to school and aren’t willing to push for armed guards or teachers, it’s on you.

Pragmatist 🇺🇸 @lauracgilleslil🔁 Poll Shows, Democrats Mouthpiece David Hogg Is A Failure dailywire.com
black donaghy @alexdavisraps🔁sheeeeesh drake didn't have to do push like that 😪
Kris Thompson @K_Thom416🔁@MrTalkThatShitt Easy lmaoo I feel bad son, push album just came out and its good too smh
Tim @TimxIllmatic🔁@JGDOOIT @HonchoGangL Facts you already know Push gone cook up something ridiculous
Joe Jackson @_jajackson🔁 Ion care what no one say @PUSHA_T finna snap these young niggas don’t know bout Push rap history
johnathan vaughn @Jayvaughns🔁@antonioslime King push over drake
🇯🇲 Not my bitch not my problem ♠️ @Stay_Finnessing🔁Fuck that diss my nigga Push killing that shit
chichi @chichimokalu🔁We need ONE MORE WIN on Peeper before the app will make changes. It was a close fight today. One more push!

7 @NubianHooligan🔁Drake say he want that smoke push 😭 Drake - Duppy Freestyle by octobersveryown soundcloud.com
Rawk Hawk @FeralReactor🔁[Rawk started to circle in the same direction and gave Flip a quick wink.]

[Upon closer range, the hawk gripped he o twitter.com ther’s hands and started to push him back.]

Let’s see how ya do in a direct head-to-head strength duel!

nadia @amniesiac🔁 men: *emotionally + mentally push women to their breaking points*
women: *reacts to it*
men: lmfao this hoe is crazy
Wayne 🚞 @WayneTrain30🔁@KatyW68 I’ll agree they over hype drake sometimes lol he killed push tho dub sorry
Charlie Ortiz @TheKidFrom23rd🔁I’m just saying Pusha is vicious when it comes to lyrics. This ain’t a Meek type of beef. Pusha a real competitor. If twitter.com Push really wanted to body Drake he would, will he? Probably not. Why? Idk.
Daniel Del Val @dimensionverbal🔁BUSY WEEKEND AHEAD! Our St. Jude PLAY LIVE campaign ends May 31st, so we're going out with a bang!

⭐[Keystone Master] Carries
⭐Blizzcon Ticket Giveaways
⭐A full-on FACTION WAR
⭐Charity Streams
⭐BfA Beta Key Giveaways

Read the details here:

It's Me @CashAppMarlo🔁This new Push too fire...
TheDarqueJester @AaronArosha🔁Coal workers don’t kill people. Coal doesn’t kill people. Coal powers the nation.

Mayor , who made his billions selling a computer terminal for Wall Street investors, knows very well how important electricity is to his success.

Stop lying to push your agenda!

blood of my blood @sosa_hendrix🔁DRAKE TOLD PUSH N YE, YALL THE SPITTIN IMAGE OF WHATEVER JEALOUSY BREATHES, I know they’re hurting
Bhc Pierre (BDB) @bhcpierre🔁 After this Push T response.. DRAKE is the greatest rapper ever
Avenue RoyalLife @AvenueRoyalLife🔁Bro why did pusha t come for drake like that we already know drake ain’t no push over when it comes to a battle
Justis Mosqueda @JuMosq🔁Push baited Drake into his annual “3:47 AM in West Buffalo” #bars track. Never question the legend
brady (KOGVH$)🕊 @bradybrahs🔁 Push really went hard. Im also here for this Drake vs Push beef.
deign (dane) @Caliph_j🔁Push gotta really air this man out or he finished
Keenan Baker @Keenan_Baker🔁@GarrickWasTaken Absolutely! Can’t wait to hear push respond.
T'Challa @jawilliams305🔁 Drake don’t want smoke with Push. I can promise you
Laurie @haurielooper🔁As per, I've heard more bangers per minute (bpm) than any night out at Push the Button.
wvwildcats @WV_Athletics🔁Surround yourself with people who push, encourage and inspire you to do and be your best. Don't spend time with the unmotivated. Misery loves company.
karen. 🇳🇬 @_nne_nne🔁 Push ain’t gon get meekd doe
Deborah Marion @mizwizmizwiz🔁Too bad after giving them the pasture for a year, he just decides to give up & make arbitrary deadline

You hardly get a minute to draw a breath after push to save the last lot

Prayers for you & All your generous Supporters

Mittah Rogers @Mr___Spacely🔁I wish Push woulda attached a link to a new track when he @ OVO page lol. That woulda broke twitter


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