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Jess @TheRealFakeJess🔁 Patrick Meagher. #VanderpumpRules #PumpRules
Lisa Vanderpump @LisaVanderpump🔁In just a few....#pumprules
Stay with us...
Aboard the crazy train.
kristen doute 🦒 @kristendoute🔁I’m afraid if gives up alcohol, she would replace it with murder... soo tune in for her drunken birthday meltdown on twitter.com 👸🏼🔪❣️
James Kennedy @itsjameskennedy🔁btw new #pumprules tonight 🙈
TamaraTattles @TamaraTattles🔁Vanderpump Rules: Screams and Queens tamaratattles.com via @TamaraTattles #PumpRules
Marie Tubridy @marie_tubridy🔁I definitely would have gone to @stassi Birthday #pumprules
Mame @mamecastle🔁Sensitive Man-Bun Guy is so smug I want punch him in his self-satisfied fat face. twitter.com
Reality Bites @RealityTVBits🔁The murder/dead make-up on these girls is on point! #PumpRules
Raise Your Glasses High @this1s4u2night🔁So many things to look forward to this season but tell us the truth...is there or is there not a phone in the paypho twitter.com ne you punched? We are highly emotional about this and need to know if one still exists.
KJB Meets World @kjbmeetsworld🔁I missed celebrate birthday last night cause I had to see qualify

If only I could’ve done both cause now it’ twitter.com s my effing birthday and I didn’t get to hear Stassi say it was hers 😆

BlockedbyJax @LizbethLopezFL🔁I feel like everyone watching the show (except Brittany) can see how absolutely smitten Jax is with ththe Reiki heale twitter.com r. He legit is contemplating making her his next victim and what size boobs he’s going to make her get.
Reality Bites @RealityTVBits🔁So if some is Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Straight etc it’s fine, and even celebrated, but if someone is non-sexual it’ twitter.com s a problem? I think praying “gets fucked hard” was extremely insensitive and ignorant.
Virginia dos Santos @LittleBrasil86🔁Jax smashes the therapist i bet. #PumpRules #Jason 😂😂😂
Virginia dos Santos @LittleBrasil86🔁Wasnt tom at stassis party? #PumpRules
Natalia A. @Nati_Ave🔁I see a lot of people commenting that Stassi deserves better than Patrick. Does she though? 🤔 #pumprules
b r e a n n a 💕 @bananafrancesca🔁Yes yes yes! I love #pumprules
CARISA @itsCarisa🔁Oh shit is Brittany pregnant ?? #PumpRules
Virginia dos Santos @LittleBrasil86🔁Stassi running like someones coming for her 😂😂😂 #PumpRules
Virginia dos Santos @LittleBrasil86🔁Ohh stassi katie and kristen fighting again. #ItsMyBirthday #PumpRules
Mary🇻🇪 @MaryNew36🔁 For real Jax is the worst💩, but he was so good looking when they were together. Patrick is an old, ugly, arrogant twitter.com asshole😁 and stassi almost lost her great pay check for that???😲 stassi needs to do batter😁
Virginia dos Santos @LittleBrasil86🔁Oh yeah patricks def cheating. She can bang other dudes. Omg. #PumpRules
Steacy Curry 💎 @SteacyC🔁What's lacking here to consciously label her as a racist is the intent. She doesn't bear ill will or negative incli twitter.com nations towards others races, but girl is tone deaf and ignorant -- just as Ariana described. And she thinks it's funny and gives her character.
Raise Your Glasses High @this1s4u2night🔁The moment that Patrick challenged and to find a better match for Challenge accepted *enter overalls* twitter.com
❤️ @SFGNYYFan🔁I seriously can't stand Ariana. She's so smug and self-important. She jumped on the Kristen/Katie/Stassi backlash fas twitter.com ter than she's ever jumped on her man apparently.
Tara Ann @DaoistGoat🔁Also, does know that literally every other human has a birthday? If you bailed on your party & left me with a $1400 twitter.com bar tab it would be your last one!
Brigid Feeley @briggie_smaIIs🔁Kevin Lee’s fake apology just so doesn’t fire him... here are flowers but love you Lisa. Can an apology really mak twitter.com e up for the words he spoke to Katie?
Virginia dos Santos @LittleBrasil86🔁Have a heart attack before your 40?? I thought jax was like 47? No? #PumpRules
Mary🇻🇪 @MaryNew36🔁 I’m gonna go ahead and say it. Patrick is even worse for Stassi than Jax was. And Jax is 💩 #pumprules
Virginia dos Santos @LittleBrasil86🔁Your man blocked you while he was on an international trip without you??? Nah he wasnt cheating. #PumpRules
Dr. BravoTV TVMD @DrBravoTV🔁Classic Stassi birthday breakdown last night #pumprules
Sarah @spower87🔁Patrick is probably the worst person I’ve ever seen. #PumpRules
Virginia dos Santos @LittleBrasil86🔁How did it feel to be a girl? #BillieLee #PumpRules 😂
Tara Ann @DaoistGoat🔁KL's forced apology to on was priceless. Lesson: stop talking shit about other people. Even if it's ridiculous (you twitter.com 're not fat) it can hurt like hell. Right & ?
Petty Shabazz @Misslala481🔁 Ariana and Stassi are the exact same person, that’s why they butt heads so much. #PumpRules
Baby J @Tzenaki81🔁I know I don't know the ins and outs of 's relationship with Patrick but she does deserve so much better than him. I twitter.com get the feeling that he thinks he's better than her. Not cool. So she can fuck other people but not be emotionally invested? He blocked her?
LalaVeeXO @lalaveex🔁Love how @ariana2525 is breaking the wall down and letting her true feelings show #PumpRules
A. Andersson @sobeviking🔁 Does Kenya say “my husband “ or does Stasi say “my birthday more? I’m counting these episodes #RHOA #PumpRules
Liz Farrell @elizfarrell🔁Do you know where your favorite #pumprules stars are? islandpacket.com
housewivesqueen @housewivesqueen🔁We all know Jax hooks up with ... Thats no secret... did you see the way she hugs the guy? Come on keep it profession twitter.com al
DixieDarlin💁 @RealityTV_Guru🔁#PumpRules The girl makes over $500 a day just in tips, she can afford her own dang shoes. Lol twitter.com
Chris Mendoza @chris07841🔁Shout out to the two underdogs that are having two of the best seasons ever! & ! 👏🏼 🇦🇺 🍾
Virginia dos Santos @LittleBrasil86🔁Kevin Lee didnt wanna apologize to you anyway katie. #PumpRules
housewivesqueen @housewivesqueen🔁Okay that snip it of Jax therapist, we all know there was cheating going on there... surprise surprise twitter.com
housewivesqueen @housewivesqueen🔁Come on LaLa and James drama coming up later? James dont screw up it up for us, we actually like you this sea twitter.com son!
housewivesqueen @housewivesqueenWhen are these broads going to grow up!!! Shay was the only man who walked away from this show and was SMA🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/963447471732006913" target="_blank">twitter.com g it!!!! All your lives are about is drinking and cheating
DixieDarlin💁 @RealityTV_Guru🔁Brittany: Did you cheat on me with your Reiki therapist?
Jax: No. Jason did.
Brittany: ROT IN HELL

Athena Fragosa @fragosaathena🔁 Thanks for an amazing bday experience this weekend! Food and drinks were awesome and Guillermo bringing my bday sparklers was incredible! Xoxo
Patricia Galazzo @ChicoWildcats96🔁@ariana2525 hates her body, yet she's always half naked. @Bravotv needs to give better scripts. #PumpRules #VPR


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