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Popular tweets tagged with Pulisic:
Pulisic Michael @LethalLorenzo🔁Christian Pulisic - The American Dream
Pulisic Ronan @PulisicSZN🔁Pulisic and his pet
Pulisic B @SmoothSadio🔁 Jermaine Jenas: "Christian Pulisic has been absolutely phenomenal in this first half."
Pulisic Ronan @PulisicSZN🔁 ‘Help me, Christian Pulisic—you’re 🇺🇸’s only hope.’
Pulisic Ronan @PulisicSZN🔁Pulisic trending I love this game
Pulisic B @SmoothSadio🔁 Pulisic and his pet
Pulisic Jordan Kaylor @JordanKJK🔁 Kane and Dele? Or Aubameyang and Pulisic?

Coverage starts 2pm ET on FS1! #UCL

Pulisic FOX Soccer @FOXSoccer🔁Lineups are out for Tottenham vs Dortmund!

👀 Pulisic makes another start for Dortmund. #UCL

Pulisic FOX Soccer @FOXSoccer🔁Kane and Dele? Or Aubameyang and Pulisic?

Coverage starts 2pm ET on FS1! #UCL

Men in Blazers @MenInBlazers🔁Holy Crap. THIS GAME GOING TO END UP SPURS 10 DORTMUND 11. Pulisic going to score the winner and I am going to use up all the emojis 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
ᴹᴬᴿᵀᴵᴬᴸ🆑 @AgentPog🔁 Mad how Pulisic is only 18 and is already the best American player ever.
Thomas Lübke @lubke_thomas🔁@Toddrick33 Pulisic played well
Ronan @PulisicSZN🔁Pulisic is the best u21 player in the world
Azumah Nelson @DubulDee🔁Dortmund were wrongly denied that beautiful Aubameyang strike, the Pulisic goal in the first half they were probably unlucky with too
Dan @dc4291🔁Have been speaking to fans outside Wembley about Christian Pulisic. "He is a huge talent. We are very happy to have him"
Tj money 💰💰 @Tj__money🔁Christian Pulisic completed more take-ons (4) than any player on the pitch at Wembley this evening.

Dortmund's biggest threat. ⚡️

Laura²⁶ @lauradeliIah🔁I preferred Pulisic on right wing, he connects a lot better w/ Piszczek. Would be interesting to see him & Yarmolenko the other way around.
George Bottomley @BottomleyGeorge🔁 Lmao nigga got burnt by Pulisic the whole game, know your place.
WL Wallace @LouiseNLockhart🔁I like the idea, but would want to play Pulisic centrally. Hard to do in a 4-3-3. Don't think we're tactically adept enough 2 play a false 9
Michael Tanner @Mobytanner🔁@MarcBenamram great result but bloody hell that Pulisic looks a bit mustard don't he.
~ @VivaLaEden🔁Pulisic lads @ChelseaFC
Adrian Garcia @adriangproject🔁Seeing Pulisic trouble one of strongest defensive teams in Premier League off the wing begs the question, why isn't he used that way for US?
Sheen @SheenKL🔁Fox Sports centered their coverage around Pulisic and Aurier put him in his pocket.


Young Depression @fortysixandjew🔁Pulisic gave Alderweireld some good runs but Toby was excellent in defending him. My main man.
Charlie @Dawson_Charlie_🔁One thing is for sure Christian Pulisic looked brilliant for Dortmund! Shouldn't of had a goal disallowed and easily dortmunds best player
Justin Porter @Justin_Porter12🔁 Watching Pulisic play so well in the Champions League makes Alexi Lalas calling him out even more hilarious
Connor Deaven @ConnorDeaven🔁@GarethBale11 You beat pulisic
HAIDAR TUKUR @Haidaarr007🔁 I don't think pulisic is 100% american. He's too good at football.
Billy @TheWeiglRole🔁@solobarza1899 Yeh Yarmo is a problem for Pulisic now I feel, can't play them both on the right
Nono @senoufo223🔁But but but i thought BVB would be fine with Pulisic
Ted Hudock @thudock11🔁US team I want to see: (4-3-3) Howard; Johnson, Besler, Cameron, Yedlin; Acosta, Bradley, Kljestan; Pulisic, Altidore, Nagbe.
Ahmad Khalil @ahmadkh1010🔁 Pulisic is a fantastic young talent for Dortmund. Would love him at United on the left.
Navegante @Thereemzstyle🔁Wait Pulisic is only 18?
Dan Grimes @False_CB🔁He was. Dealt with Pulisic well, full of energy all game, got forward, put crosses in, made some big tackles. Relishe d the occasion it seems
Sarah Dasilva @MofStarsandSols🔁And so much talk about Mbappé, Dembélé, Asensio and co, but how about throwing Pulisic in that discussion? Such an incredible talent.
Sam Murchison @SoccerIsArt🔁Pulisic's heat map vs. Spurs at Wembley. Yarmolenko's first start put Christian on left side for first time this seas on.
scott mcdonald @scottmcd83🔁Oh and @SpursOfficial please go and sign pulisic, what a player he is.
Rez @LongLivethDream🔁And dare 1 or 2 other guys to beat them. But yeah Pulisic was in the XI but blame ends there. Also, CRC is a good tea m.
MrFrontPage @MrFrontPage🔁@StarsStripesFC Him and Auba were maybe 6 inches off from 2 goals (from each other's passes). Pulisic was best player in yellow today
Bill George @Bill_George🔁Pulisic goal in Champions League vs Tottenham disallowed by questionable offsides call on teammate who never touched the ball
ttid4ever @ttid4ever🔁 Pulisic just tried to nutmeg Tobias Alderweireld.

Laugh. My. Fucking. Ass. Off.

Rez @LongLivethDream🔁Since day 1. Pulisic couldn't win us the game bc CRC knew if they bracketed, him, put him in a triangle, & even surro unded him w/ 4 in a
Toddrick33 @Toddrick33🔁@lubke_thomas How was Pulisic? I hope Bruce Arena didn't break him!
Rez @LongLivethDream🔁Pulisic cost us the game? That's talk from 1 of 2 people - You just don't understand the game or you're 1 of these Pu lisic is overrated
Wyatt Decker @wyattcoys🔁Pulisic is good, but not good enough to beat Tottenham
ΑΩ ☨ @Maguerovic🔁Graillave by Pulisic*
Milan4eva! @Milan4eva1026🔁@Squawka And got roasted by Pulisic as well
GuadalupeMendoza @guadalupeFUT🔁Christian Pulisic vs Tottenham:

4 dribbles won
2 shots
2 key passes
2 tackles won
1 aerial won
80% pass success

B @SmoothSadio🔁With Alli suspended and Asensio shaving his legs, Christian Pulisic is probably *the* biggest talent on show tonight.

18-years-old! 🇺🇸

Chris (78-66) @ChiKidChris17🔁@RAPHGUERRElRO Pulisic is class, what a player...
Kailash @FakeTackler🔁 @ChampionsLeague Christian Pulisic of Dortmund is the one to watch.
Ronan @PulisicSZN🔁Pulisic is next level good.

His talent is under-appreciated. Fantastic dribbler, big potential for ⚽ + 🅰️.

This season is his season.

Alex @BrooklineGunner🔁Really excited and impressed by Pulisic and enjoying the hype, but he certainly shouldn't be placed in the Mbappe/Dembele category.
Hans Prince @HansPrince5🔁Pulisic still leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to passing, especially in the final third. Will improve tho.
David McGowan @dmcgowan24🔁Pulisic looked fantastic in 1H but Aurier/Alderweireld is a devastating duo to try to break down and they bottled him up in 2H
Billy @TheWeiglRole🔁Inverted LFB, Pulisic as LW instead of RW. Piszczek looks done. No good CBs. Sahin ain't Weigl. No Castro and no Gotze. Things can improve.
Champagne of Tweets @cbwrangler🔁Btw... Pulisic was onside for the second half goal, right? I don't know. I live and die BVB (except the actual dying)
Alvaro (Solo Barça) @solobarza1899🔁Inverted LFB, Pulisic as LW instead of RW. Piszczek looks done. No good CBs. Sahin ain't Weigl. No Castro and no Gotz e. Things can improve.
NYDickA @ThabisoDeus🔁@LordKabelo @BVB Pulisic and PEA swoop @realmadriden
Ashley Newman @ashnewman14🔁Thought BVB played well, but defensively they were exposed. Quite impressed with Pulisic. Very fast & caused us a lot of problems tonight.
Alexander 🇸🇪 @SimplyAndriy🔁@sportscoffer @HotspurEdition He was quality pocketed Pulisic who is one of our deadliest players. Go watch arsenal fan TV @lntupnews🔁Christian Pulisic completed more take-ons (4) than any player on the pitch at this evening.

's biggest threat. ⚡️

chi @pressmorgan🔁@katarinafrnzn i'm gonna drag him for pulling off a ramos level dive but dw i'm more focused on bullying pulisic bc he's a bad person


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