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Walter Maes @waltermaes🔁 Puerto Rico could become the 51st state
puerto rico Mrs. Lennon @IsolLennon🔁 The people of Puerto Rico voted in favor of statehood today. Here is my statement:
puerto rico Metrocrest Chamber @MetrocrestCofC🔁Would you favor #PuertoRico becoming the 51st state? Article courtesy of @TIME #USA
João Martins Filho @JMartinsFilho2🔁 Puerto Rico could become the 51st state
haysee. @soyajeisi🔁 Puerto Rico voted to become the 51st state but here's why it probably won't happen.
puerto rico volvoks🇸🇾 @volvoks99🔁@suvyboy @OrwellNGoode Puerto rico is losing population really fast, it seems economy is not doing well
puerto rico Bryan Alcantar @Bryan_Alcantar🔁 What’s Next in the Fight for Puerto Rico Statehood?
puerto rico The Hill @thehill🔁Puerto Rico votes in favor of US statehood
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: Puerto Rico's governor says U.S. territory has overwhelmingly chosen statehood in nonbinding referendum.
Stefan Molyneux @StefanMolyneux🔁I'm confused. Why would Puerto Rico want statehood if the United States is evil, racist, bigoted and run exclusively on white privilege?
M @Make_the_furfly🔁 Do you want Puerto Rico to become the 51st state of the United States of America?
Bill Ford @Wford623Ford🔁Puerto Rico voted to join US as 51st state! Of course they did! Bankrupt and want American taxpayers to bail them out! 23% voter turnout.
Styx Einzig @AnthonyEinzig🔁Trump's Wall = 5 billion dollars.
Bailing out Puerto Rico = 135 billion dollars.
Guess which one Progressives say poor people can't afford?
manu @manudelano🔁 Puerto Rico... I'm baaaaack! #HomeSweetHome 🇵🇷💙
Ramon Luis Morales @escorpnegro🔁97% vote in favor of Puerto Rico's statehood today. Congress listen to the people. Respect to the people standing up for their beliefs.
The Cannafiles @TheCannafiles🔁 In light of the recent Puerto Rican vote... #PuertoRico #cannabis #MMJ
Karine Jennifer @JenniKarine🔁Puerto Rico: We want to become a state so that we are taken seriously, and treated with dignity by Americans.

Florida: I have some bad news

F Dain @FDain2🔁The voters of Puerto Rico have spoken, Congress must pave the way for statehood via @NewsNowUK
Bari @TheEvolver99🔁Could Puerto Rico become the 51st state in the US? Here's what to know about this weekend's nonbinding vote in favor
Michelle B. Van Dyke @michellebvd🔁Here's everything you need to know about Puerto Rico's statehood vote
Eliana. @Langdon__Tate🔁Ryan Tedder (One Republic) sang Happier (which he co-wrote) during their concert in Puerto Rico (via )
Christina Perez @piazoe001🔁Interesting
Political Junkie @PunditMonitor🔁@ericbolling @FoxNews Can we possibly trade California for Puerto Rico? I'd be in favor of that.
Moon Dragon @Moondragon_1🔁They still want to join this circus.

Puerto Rico votes to ask Congress to become US state

DoRRely RRoman @DORELYROMAN🔁Thank you for giving us the opportunity to certify voting process for people of Puerto Rico. Our team came away impressed.
Juan G Rios @JuanGRiosRivera🔁 Poll: Do you think Puerto Rico should become the 51st State?:
Jason Welle @JasonWelle🔁After pro-statehood vote, Puerto Rico's now running for the United States' hottest governor.
✈Gabriela Marie✈ @gabymariediaz1🔁VIDEO: Sean Spicer sobre el plebiscito: "Now that the people have spoken in Puerto Rico this is something that Congress has to address."
MikeNapierDeplorable @kybassmaster123🔁 The U.S. Welfare Territory of Puerto Rico votes in favor of statehood.

Oh..... HELL NO!


look2theskyz🌹 @rovendetti🔁Floridians do not want Puerto Rico as the next state Americans should not want it as the next state they want us to pay their bill
Kelvin J Medina @kelvinj21n🔁1958 Alaska turnout 21%=90% statehood
2017 Puerto Rico 23%=97% statehood
1959 Hawaii turnout 34%=98% sratehood

Its the voters who count.

Think Puerto Rico @thinkpuertorico🔁There is no way we should grant statehood to Puerto Rico; Illinois would lose its title as the most corrupt and mismanaged state.
potato @shane_bix04🔁Puerto Rico may finally become the 51st state
muttslikeme @muttslikeme🔁Puerto Rican voters back statehood in questioned referendum
Lisa Masterson @drLisaM🔁Puerto Rico orders students to get vaccinated against HPV (from @AP)
Michael @QuinnBx🔁Today, Bankrupt Puerto Rico voted overwhelmingly for statehood. Should Congress consider their request?


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