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Puerto Rico Rainy Adventures @AdventuresRainy🔁Where To Go Camping In Puerto Rico? 3 Of The Best Camping Spots In The Island
Angelica Jackson @hulreetepe1973🔁puerto rico hottest chick ever naked
Puerto Rico Mary @marycsquared🔁 Some of @section904 made the long haul to Puerto Rico for tonight's match 💙⚓️@JaxArmadaFC
Puerto Rico ❌ @IsolatedBeast🔁That's how we do it down in Puerto Rico 🤘
Puerto RicoPuerto Rico kYDMAN™️️ @thekydman01🔁@imPelleK so, one of the main newspapers in Puerto Rico did an article on your cover of Despacito. Good job man.
Charlene Ross @Charlen10605716🔁miss puerto rico porn fuck girl 18
Puerto Rico a.r.m.y 🌸 (ernie) @mochiijiimin🔁 Me over here waiting for a Kpop group to come to Puerto Rico like:
anais @crypticana🔁in puerto rico we are keeping a list of everyone that wrongs us by not touring here, @halsey just made the list
Puerto Rico FIBA @FIBA🔁#FIBAU19: 🇯🇵 Japan defeat hosts Egypt and will fight against Puerto Rico for 9th place! 📊

Ricardo Rossello @ricardorossello🔁Thank you for your support. Let's work together to achieve equality for 3.5 million American citizens living in Puer to Rico.
SpringfieldAthletics @SC_Pride🔁🚨 🚨Huge news tonight as Garcia Rubio and Vega drafted as No. 1 and No. 11 overall picks in the Puerto Rico Professi onall Volleyball League!
Iván aquí y van allá @309Navi🔁Puerto Rico has the best food
Puerto Rico has the best people
Puerto Rico has the best parties
Puerto Rico has the best slang
🇵🇷 is the shit
Josh @BadassGohan🔁Isn't former TD4 already nearing above PR though? The weak circulation seems to show its near between the Greater Ant illes and Puerto Rico.
michael maldonado @pandivino🔁@HappyAryaHeart

Hey I'm from Puerto Rico I was just watching you on periscope, eres hermosa.

Earthquake Mobile @earthquakeapp🔁3.1 #Earthquake in San Juan Urban Area, Puerto Rico, #iPhone users download the Earthquake app for more information,
darian @hfkdun🔁@IMlSSTHEOLDU i went to their distillery factory in puerto rico 🤠
printeriortours @printeriortours🔁 I'm at Caribbean Cinemas - @caribbeancinepr for Spider-Man: Homecoming in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Daniela R.J. Freitas @Freitas_DRJ🔁 infections in Puerto Rico: 618 , 5 , 4 infections as of EW 25
Earthquake Mobile @earthquakeapp🔁3.1 #Earthquake in 5Km Ese Of Catano, Puerto Rico, #iPhone users download the Earthquake app for more information,
Victoria 840AM @Victoria840AM🔁Earthquake M3.1: Catano, Puerto Rico via @quakefeed
Every Earthquake @everyEarthquake🔁USGS reports a M3.06 #earthquake San Juan urban area, Puerto Rico on 7/9/17 @ 6:57:08 UTC #quake
Reality Loser @delmoi🔁@ThisIsLain @braymarianne @haaretzcom Obama was talking about the number of dem primaries (which they have in DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc)
Chasingsummeruk @chasingsummeruk🔁Customer snap 📸 the lovely claire wearing Puerto Rico ? ?
Gopal Jha @GopalJh98782828🔁Vicious Rich have destroyed Greece and Puerto Rico, Billionaires Cruel Kochs, Vicious DeVos's, Merciless Mercers, Greedy Trumps do same here
Kilgore Trout's Road @Kilgore_Trout2🔁Puerto Rico destroyed by liberal govt and banker, now want bailout, first prison for the perps of this calamity

11th July🙊/Alanis💖 @alalocax🔁 should I do a birthday bash meet and greet in Puerto Rico for the first time ?
clau 🌙 @SparkingBieber🔁 the "this is how we do it down in Puerto Rico" belongs to the remix not the original
Brian Keith O'Hara @bkohatl🔁Vicious Rich have destroyed Greece and Puerto Rico, Billionaires Cruel Kochs, Vicious DeVos's, Merciless Mercers, Gre edy Trumps do same here
UNO Radio Group @UnoRadio🔁 Puerto Rico deserves to be 51st star on American flag
Fresaa🥀 @strawberry__🔁 @strawberry__ @imxxlda Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic next summer ??
Leyton Haddleton @Leytz🔁Anchor JTB's defeated by Puerto Rico at the WC in Cairo and will play off for 11th and 12th
Gail Turley @AuntInAZ🔁We reached 1,000 beds for Puerto Rico animal shelters! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. 😊🎉🐾
AIBigDataCloudIoTBot @ClouDatAI🔁jplebacR : AI Big Data Cloud Training Slides Frommers Puerto Rico Complete Guides :
✞⁶ @elicerx🔁we also have chaos, a crippling debt and the uncertainty of our colonial status pero QUÉ VIVA PUERTO RICO WOOOO
juwupi @jupiterbot_🔁puerto rico and japan are the same place now
Christian Guerrero👅 @chrischin_gee🔁 Puerto rico softball players 🤤


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