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#ProtectDreamers Brian 🌱 @BrivnE96🔁 We also stand with our #TPS brothers and sisters fighting for their status. #ProtectDreamers #SaveTPS
#ProtectDreamers Linda Overbey @LindaOverbey🔁#HereToFight #HereToStay Today in Las Vegas, we ask @SenDeanHeller to #ProtectDreamers.
#ProtectDreamers Martin @SaveTheseDogs🔁 #ProtectDreamers...nah! Just deport them and send them to the back of the line!
#ProtectDreamers BJP @BethJPalik🔁 we're #HereToFight with immigrants #Daca #HereToStay #ProtectDreamers #DreamActNow
Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren🔁President​ Trump decided to end DACA effective today, placing the futures of 800,000 Dreamers in limbo. Congress urge twitter.com ntly needs to solve this problem and pass a - these kids are worth fighting for.
Sen Dianne Feinstein @SenFeinstein🔁It’s unbelievable that DACA will end without a legislative solution. This is an enormous loss for our communities a twitter.com nd for the state of California.
Chuck Schumer @SenSchumer🔁The blame for thousands of losing their protections falls solely on President Trump. He has sabotaged every bipartis twitter.com an agreement that has been put on the table and walked away from every potential compromise.
CAPAC @CAPAC🔁. & , join us in acting now to ! Let's pass the and give our amazing some certainty.
Jim Chocolatae @jimchocolatae🔁Finding a permanent solution to is as urgent a task as ever. President Trump created this crisis, and he should stop tanking bipartisan congressional efforts to solve it. We owe it to these kids to keep them in the only country they’ve ever known as home.
Kenia Maravilla @LaKeniaem🔁 youth calling on each of us to speak out! Here's my 2 cents: I believe we need a permanent solution to immigration twitter.com & call on / and the rest of Congress to fight to keep families together.
Michelle White @MickyWhiteNV🔁Shout out to 's organizer for providing key education on the court ruling!
Adam Cohen @axidentaliberal🔁 Commit to call Congress on March 6th to #ProtectDreamers dreamers.fwd.us via @fwd_us
Nations @Nations_Art🔁Today is March 5—the deadline this administration gave Congress to . They failed, so volunteers across the country are marching, rallying, and calling on Congress to act. Say you're too.

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Miss Penny @MissPenny18🔁 Read this thread from my pal & #DACA recipient: @JuanSaaa

#HereToFight #ProtectDreamers

Ricardo de Anda @ricardo_de_anda🔁The urgent need for Congress to is not over. Until we pass a permanent legislative solution, thousands of Dreamers in Connecticut and across the country remain at risk for deportation.
Miami Secret Papers @MiamiPapers🔁. I just signed this petition on Brigade to & . Pass the
Natalee Parochka 20k @meep09🔁.@SenDuckworth I just signed this petition on Brigade to #ProtectDreamers & #DefendDACA. Pass the #DREAMActNow l.brigade.com
Wulf 🔮🌐 @Wulf_9🔁Remember history. Our humanity calls on us to implement laws of justice.
Pass the and . We are all one.
Yacine Khan kapoor @renaudyacine🔁 Commit to call Congress on March 6th to #ProtectDreamers dreamers.fwd.us via @fwd_us
Nancy Giles 🇺🇸 #BoycottNRA @Voter_for_USA🔁I just donated to campaign because unlike Ryan he cares about people. He is willing to go out on a limb to help, no twitter.com t just figure ways to make himself and his cronies rich.
Kelley K Sol @kk2211🔁Commit to call Congress on March 6th to #ProtectDreamers dreamers.fwd.us via @fwd_us
FWD.us @FWD_us🔁 Grateful every single day to the @FWD_us team for their incredible support. #ProtectDreamers twitter.com
Aira5900 @5900Aira🔁March 5 is the deadline Trump gave Congress to pass a permanent legislative solution to from deportation. Courts suspended the deadline for recipients to renew their status, but the program is still in jeopardy. , let's pass the !
Lisa Milan @LisaMilan10🔁March 5th should have been the day President Trump fullfilled his promise to & signed . Instead, Dreamers are forced to live a nightmare Trump created. Despite court injunctions, many Dreamers aren't protected. End the uncertainty. Pass the
Herd on the Hill @HerdOnHill🔁Without DACA, Dreamers lose the ability to drive, work, apply for a loan, report a crime, or enroll in school. Stand twitter.com today and & urge Congress to . We must not turn our backs on 800,000 people.
Mivia @Mivia1🔁Standing with my colleagues outside the Capitol because can’t be forgotten.
jim parker @begonefast🔁Democrats have repeatedly negotiated in good faith to but President Trump has torpedoed every single one of our efforts. It is time he step aside and let Congress solve the crisis he alone created.
Parker_Rush #NeverAgain @Parker_Rush🔁As Deadline Passes, Advocates Urge To 'Fix What You Broke'

Everything he touches, he screws up. Now he's blaming twitter.com the Dems for his hateful moving target "negotiations."

BJP @BethJPalik🔁Based on where all the trolls are converging this is the real issue tonight. twitter.com
Jeannine #VetsResistSupportSquadron @jinngaa🔁No one should live in fear. I vow to stand today & always!

Report Rising Fear and Anxiety Affecting Their Daily Lives and Health

Jeannine #VetsResistSupportSquadron @jinngaa🔁I vow to stand today & will urge Congress to Who stands with me?

Key Facts on Individuals Eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program

Jeffhutch @Jeffdhutch4🔁Where are Democrats?
Proposing bipartisan solutions to , which you continue to reject:
3./’s Senate bill
4./’s proposal
Kenia Maravilla @LaKeniaem🔁Shout out to 's organizer for providing key education on the court ruling! twitter.com
Kenia Maravilla @LaKeniaem🔁Full house at talking about next steps re: ! "We need a permanent solution!" - twitter.com
Leezia @AskLeez🔁Grateful every single day to the @FWD_us team for their incredible support. #ProtectDreamers twitter.com
Knightley @ajknight51🔁It’s March 5th and Congress has not passed legislation to . Today, we are standing with across the country who are facing uncertainty and we are demanding a vote on a permanent bipartisan solution. Give us a vote on the !
Olivia Garcia @OliviaGarcia45🔁Strong majority of Americans want to . Congress: pass permanent solutions to without hurting our border communities.
Eric Kipnis @EricKipnis1🔁 Thanks @FirstLadyNJ & @GovMurphy. We must #ProtectDreamers! twitter.com
Cole @RadiantCole🔁— * So sad to see someone tear people's freedom of being legal in the US.
All the young folks are losing the privile twitter.com ge of having fun and the education of persuading a career they DREAM of.
Our president doesn't sees that; he's as always just doing BUSINESS!



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