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#prolife Miami @Fisherman3359🔁MT : for convenience...
#prolife Catholic League @CatholicLeague🔁.@POTUS expands executive order defunding @PPact’s international operations #prolife
#prolife Glen T @ggeett37aaa🔁MT @AwakeDeborah: 1/3 of our Generation has been ABORTED. No more! #EndAbortion #ProLife #UnbornLivesMatter #PJNET
#prolife Cecy Hanna @hanna_cecy🔁 Why is Margaret Sanger honored in CIVIL RIGHTS section of Smithsonian?

#PJNET #DefundPP #ProLife

#prolife G @Able_49🔁MT @DrBrianKiczek: Whatsoever you do for the least of my Brothers! #Prolife #UnbornLivesMatter #PJNET
#prolife GET @Earl_59🔁MT @TeriGRight: Wisdom Logic Common Sense Truth #ProLife #DefundPP #StopAbortion #UnbornLivesMatter #PJNET
#prolife (((Slayer))) @marylener9🔁MT : Just think about this!

#prolife (((Slayer))) @marylener9🔁MT : 1/3 of our Generation has been ABORTED. No more!
#prolife (((Slayer))) @marylener9🔁MT : Whatsoever you do for the least of my Brothers!
#prolife#prolife (((Slayer))) @marylener9🔁MT : All lives matter, EVEN the Unborn!

#prolife Liberty First @Chad_59🔁MT @LiveAction: We work towards the day when abortions unthinkable in our nation. #prolife #UnbornLivesMatter #PJNET
#prolife DEPLORABLE 71 @adcox71🔁MT : Wisdom Logic Common Sense Truth
#prolife Cesar FernandezStoll @CesarFStoll🔁MT : We work towards the day when abortions unthinkable in our nation.
#prolife Glen T @ggeett37aaa🔁MT @AwakeDeborah: Fearfully and wonderfully made! By GOD.
#ProLife #Prolifegen #UnbornLivesMatter #PJNET
#prolife Dirty Harry @OneEyedHarry🔁MT : Fearfully and wonderfully made! By GOD.

#prolife Iris @roseon3rdday🔁MT : Alive & Kicking!
That's why abortion is wrong.

Catherine Szeltner @CatSzeltner🔁Suicide is a major cause of death for teens. has advice on how teens can combat depression - tonight on Weekly.
Catherine Szeltner @CatSzeltner🔁. opens up about how she was deceived into getting an abortion tonight on Weekly at 11 pm ET.
Susan B Anthony List @SBAList🔁Planned Parenthood announces 10 facility closures despite increase in tax 💵💵 fundin g
NYCFPAC @NYCFPAC🔁Dear @RepJohnFaso, #PlannedParenthood is never going to vote for you. So come home to your #prolife base. #FalteringFaso
LIFE REFORMATION @lifecentreng🔁The latest The Christian lifestyle Daily! Thanks to @SmhJan #prolife
Leo Knight @primetimecrime🔁High school bans pro-life club, allows gay club | News | LifeSite
Human Coalition @HumanCoalition🔁'5 reasons why national law firm says #Parkland should allow #prolife student club' #ProLifeGen #ChooseLife
OregonLifeUnited @OR_LifeUnited🔁MT We start protecting pre-born babies the moment we begin to care for their mothers.

Heartland @AmericanHeart5🔁Life is & so are babies, mothers, & fathers. Please support the sanctity of Human Life. Think
Ceci @bows4_life🔁A Nation That Kills It's Own Children Is A Nation Without Hope--St. JP II

fred t kennedy @fredtkennedy🔁High school bans pro-life club, allows gay club | News | LifeSite #tcot #tlot #ccot #teaparty #prolife #news
Life @LifeCharity🔁So much joy as we stand up for life in birmingham today!!
MacAtaq @mac9153🔁Of course you don't. All Democrats are pro-abortion these days, & some Republicans . Sad!!!
Geert Souwer @GeertSouwer🔁 is not a disease and killing unborn children is not .

Susan Fox @testisfidelis🔁Murder of Innocents  RT

Life @LifeCharity🔁 We're marching...we're marching...we're marching for the cause of LIFE!
Life @LifeCharity🔁Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women - Alice Paul,
IL Family Action @ILfamilyaction🔁IFI Life Forum with Joseph Scheidler - June 6th in Frankfort, Illinois: #ProLife #twill
@Marymac41 @marymac41🔁67% Americans Agree_Loyalist Base?
Barbara Sherwood @BlsJbm🔁There is no cause more important for preserving freedom...

SPUCMeltonandRutland @SPUC_MelRut🔁In between the rain storms we managed to get 1 photo 😁
Patsy Cox @vazirsolz🔁 #ProLife
Beautiful video of what happened when a Doctor was challenged... via @youtube
David Harris 🇺🇸 @DavidHarris707🔁And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons & daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. 2 Cor. 6:18 #Christian Think #prolife
Larry Queen @larryqqueen🔁Pressure BOTH HOUSES to fully & permanently .


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