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#Prince 🏄🏿‍♀️WaveGod🏊🏽‍♀️ @BaldBaddieCyn🔁 A charcoal mural of Prince and the Revolution by Tashif "Sheefy McFly" 
#Prince #Prince4Ever
#Prince#Prince#Prince Sylvia Beltrán @seagullflynorth🔁 Smile! #Prince #PurpleArmy
#Prince Sylvia Beltrán @seagullflynorth🔁 Imagine holding
Planet Earth
In the palm of ur hand...



Luka_Emancipation @Luka_Emancipate🔁 What time is it?!?!? #PRINCE #PRINCE4EVER #Prince2Me
#Prince Geoff Sherring @SherringGeoff🔁 Prince #Prince #PrinceRogersNelson
#Prince Agilandeswaryklponnu @agipangponnu🔁 Our #Prince @Siva_Kartikeyan anna with a kid; lovely pic 😍
#Prince Agilandeswaryklponnu @agipangponnu🔁 Our #Prince #SK @Siva_Kartikeyan anna with a fan's family 😊👍
#Prince JettaP @JettaHail🔁 Two years ago today the world lost a legend. Tonight we honor The Purple One. 💜 #Prince
Alessandra Lewis @AVeasy🔁 Today marks the 2nd anniversary of #Prince’s passing ☔️💜☔️ let us know your favorite Prince song???
#Prince Sheree @realreeree2🔁 Will never stop missing #Prince
QueenLibra @MsQueenLibra89🔁 Today marks the 2nd anniversary of #Prince’s passing ☔️💜☔️ let us know your favorite Prince song???
The Revolution @therevolution🔁Today we celebrate the life of a rock star like no other, Rogers Nelson. We miss him every day. Rest in peace, sweet twitter.com Purple One.
BET @BET🔁 the visionary and incomparable entertainer, . Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. twitter.com
COMMON @common🔁I first heard from neighbor De De. I used to like that he would say some sexual stuff in his songs haha. But the mor twitter.com e I listened, the more I discovered how special and incredible and layered his music really was
Chris Mondragon @CameoForever🔁He may be on another planet, but his presence and Spirit will forever remain in the hearts of those who loved him here on this Planet! Hard to believe that it’s been 2 years already since we lost the Legend, God rest your soul. 🌟
🎤 🎸

RDC @why_are_🔁Today we celebrate the life of a rock star like no other, Rogers Nelson. We miss him every day. Rest in peace, sweet Purple One.
AkebuGoddess XX @Monterria🔁33 years ago on April 22, 1985, released 'Around the World in a Day' with his band | Discover where his seventh studio album ranks in our staff's list of Prince's 10 Greatest Albums here: @prince@therevolution
Angela Harmon @AngeHarmon13🔁Do you see Ricky Ticky. Big pharma is the devil! Get off pills stay off pills leave that shit alone. Find natural r twitter.com oute retrain your brain
#NotInMyNameDontBombSyria🚯 VOTE LABOUR @J0NN_D0EE🔁Bored of then check out some alternative news -
with power couple & or FAKIN, talking follow the link
Kim Berry @KimBOnSet🔁Until the end OF TIME...
Sir Alfred @cred01🔁 in the house and Purple was the color yesterday 💜💜💜💜… instagram.com
jamiestarr1uk @jamiestarr1uk🔁One more year. Time keeps on going and we still miss him a bit more every day. Let's celebrate in his name today (and tomorrow, and the day after…)
Reproduction Of A New Breed (2017-On The One)
Angélique Roché @AngeliqueRoche🔁It has been two years since I wrote this and it still rings very true. Thank you .

The Controversy of existing unapologetically: An ode to Cynthia Rose


Carolyn Washington @prodigalkid🔁Nothing compares 2 Prince. I just shared what means 2 me. Create UR own prince2me.com
🦄Stephanie🙈🙉🙊 @soapfanfiction🔁In honor of ’s death anniversary, I’m reposting this fantastic interview I did with . Worth your time ☔️
JJ LaBorde @torontojj🔁Thank you for an Amazing and Emotional Celebration of and His Music ☔️💜✌🏾 twitter.com
🇺🇸 Sue💞 )Q( LUVS❣️dogs🐶 @SueLUVSdogs🔁PHOTOS: #PaisleyPark Celebrations Honoring #Prince kstp.com
grier @grieretelosbo🔁 ultimately performed very often through the yrs & even broke out the classic for an enthusiastic .
Celina @RealCeliRoldan🔁I am a #Princess not because I have a #Prince...But because my #Father is a #King and he is #GOD
Constance Nevada @NevadaConstance🔁2 years ago today the world lost a cultural icon & musical genius. A man who's impact will be felt for a very long time. This is my very humble tribute to , I hope you like it. RIP purple one 💜 x

Supertyyli @Supertyyli🔁Did you remember to play some #Prince yesterday?
If you did, what did you play?
Ximena @SigolishusXime🔁 I LOVED WHEN @rossR5 WOULD SING #LetsGoCrazy BY #PRINCE ♥️ROSS YOU ARE LEGENDARY♥️XOXOX♥️ instagram.com
Mary Byrd @MaryB505🔁What should be done with all 's unreleased material. Here's my 2 cents:


🇺🇸 Sue💞 )Q( LUVS❣️dogs🐶 @SueLUVSdogs🔁Data Made Public Includes #Video, #Photos of #Prince after He was Found Unresponsive at #PaisleyPark kstp.com
Daniel Divine @DanielRDivine🔁Two years ago today, we lost our hometown hero and music legend, Prince. His presence in Chanhassen for 30+ years has helped shape the character and quality of our community. We are proud to be the home of Paisley Park but even more proud that he called us his neighbors.
Evidence Based Stable Genius- TruthTeam101 @TruthTeam101🔁Somebody knows who killed ☂️....and that person must live with himself/herself, for the rest of his/her life.

I wou twitter.com ld think that that person knows true mental torture like no other on this planet.

FOLLOW @DNRStudiosCEO @OGDNRCREW🔁Today we Evolve ‼️link in bio‼️ … instagram.com
Patty Cake @cupcake0804🔁If is in your 💜 give in2 and pre-order this NEW Official shirt, team it with a while you're looking for
Sylvia Beltrán @seagullflynorth🔁As long as there are vids like this one to share, it ain’t difficult to keep his legacy alive. A genius in his early 20’s playing his famous guitar...like only he could...funky!! 🎸🙌💜
🇺🇸 Sue💞 )Q( LUVS❣️dogs🐶 @SueLUVSdogs🔁#Prince Files: #RockStar's #Computer was Accessed, Prior to #Police Seizing It kstp.com
Kim Berry @KimBOnSet🔁I WISH U HEAVEN
MICAH MANN @MICAHMANN🔁Prince, Star Tribune, 1978: "Every time you go into the recording booth, you have to play like this is your only shot twitter.com . " 💜
革命、そして新しい力の世代 @RevolutionNPG🔁Listen to Dr Fink talk about his 10 Essential songs and share stories about his audition, co-writing with + more! Tune in here:
Jasmill @Jasmillxo🔁Sorry I dont know the artist but these two painting are fireeee 💜🖤💜 … instagram.com
Kim Berry @KimBOnSet🔁May U Live 2 C the DAWN
and… instagram.com
Blakguy @Blakguy🔁Record company assigned a Dr. Feelgood to kill him, so they could take his music, masters, publications, and exploit twitter.com his personal property for profit. RIP . .
Ryo.M @10coisunyanta🔁Two years ago today we lost a national treasure; Prince. Already 2 years.
Sister Brauni Cudjo @braunicudjo🔁On this day Remembrance:
Its sad to hear our Minnesota's Finest has died. :-( That hit home and deep in the heart of home didn't it? Wow!
SAEED YOUNAN @SaeedYounan🔁2 years ago, we lost . I’m giving away my DJ Tool of (seen here being… instagram.com
Rick @RJBrasilcdn🔁"What do you know from knowledge!? . .You ever been to Miami, baby!?" .. damn, this scene never gets old 💜 twitter.com
Patty Cake @cupcake0804🔁@3rdeyeescape Thanx for sharing this.....nice to c pix of #Prince’s private quarters #PURPLEARMY 💜 @YaraShahidi 😊
Allison Valentino @allisonval2🔁Nothing compares 2 Prince. I just shared what #prince means 2 me. Create UR own prince2me.com #Prince2Me #NothingCompares2U
Pooh ✨🌻❣️ @SadeKardash🔁Been sitting in my car listening to #Prince #DiamondsAndPearls 💜😢
mattresstagging @mattresstagging🔁It might just be coincidence, but the world was a better place when Bowie, Tom Petty & Prince were alive. twitter.com
Luka_Emancipation @Luka_Emancipate🔁So long as we are here, he is here. If U know what his true legacy is, teach it.
Sing. Together. Every day.
💜 ☔️
SLOW Twitted @SL0Wtwitted🔁 The kinda love that could move a mountain, the kinda love that could part the sea.The kinda love that'll last 4ever. #Prince
ThaAmazingOutlaw @outlaw961🔁33 years ago on April 22, 1985, released his seventh studio album ‘Around the World in a Day' with his band . twitter.com
Tintantooney @spud_tanyaspud🔁Yassss my Instagram friend honoring during the
Tintantooney @spud_tanyaspud🔁It’s been two years since Prince passed.. and I don’t care what anybody says.. We are not all equal.. Some people are more important than others.. He was one of those people.
Princefan046 💜🎶 @Princefan046🔁 Prince died two years ago today and the world has pretty much gone to shit since.


Tae Ajenifuja @blssfulserndpty🔁 Wake up children dance the Dance Electric! There isn't much time! Who screamed? Was it U? #Prince
Christy Norman @tweatingdiary🔁A little San Antonio flavor to the memorials today. We miss you, dear one. Thank you for everything.
Pamela M.✌🕊💜 @bavarobound🔁 Everybody's looking for the ladder. Everybody wants salvation of the soul. —“The Ladder” #Prince 💜


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