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PrimePrimePrimePrime Omar Lopez @prime_jku🔁 Did a lil exploring @Jeep_Life @THEJeepMafia
PrimePrime Adrian Burn @aeburn1🔁 Sir Robert Menzies' statement on his resignation as Prime Minister, 20 January, 1966
Prime FrugalGaming @FrugalGaming🔁PRE-ORDER Shadow of the Colossus PS4 £22.00 (PRIME MEMBERS) | Frugal Gaming
Omar Lopez @prime_jku🔁 How a Jeep is supposed to be treated 💦
Narendra Modi @narendramodi🔁Wonderful bonding, Prime Minister!
Benjamin Netanyahu @netanyahu🔁Thank you to my dear friend, Prime Minister , for the warm hospitality in India. The honor you have shown me and the people of Israel will always be remembered. Together we are bringing the relationship between our people and our countries to new heights. 🇮🇱🇮🇳
Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet🔁Swedish Prime Minister could deploy military to combat Islamic no go zones, which the media still claims don't exist.
Barry W #FBPB #FBPE @Barryww🔁There is a timidity and lack of ambition about Mrs May's Government which means it constantly disappoints. Time to raise your game, Prime Minister.
saucy. @c_ultrafab🔁Hey Americans. You know what happens in Australia when our government shuts down? Our Prime Minister is fired. Just food for thought.
Bharat Suratwala @kinjalgeneral🔁Honorable Prime Minister Shri. is indeed an embodiment of selfless leadership who always puts Nation before Self.
ema @THEORETICALIAM🔁NZ’s prime minister is having a baby with a man she’s not married to and he’s going to be a stay at home dad while she runs the country.
blerg vs oasis @blergstein🔁Australias parliament shut down once and it was the biggest constitutional crisis in our history leading to the dism issal of the progressive prime minister by the governor general and a conservative government for the next decade or so
Jay @jaydevgan_🔁 The people who elected a Prime Minister like Modi cannot claim to be victims. . .they are accomplices.
TheBloody'One @pintus_prime🔁The most annoying thing is that I don't find reliable again because even if this case gets resolved (A BIG IF) I wil l always have this feeling that they can dissapoint me at any time
UNBOXING GURU @SijoSamkutty🔁Get shopping now & avail the superb deals & exchange offers on 's premium range of smartphone at Great Indian Sale from 21st to 24th January! Exclusive access for prime members now!

Summer Palmer @summerpalmer151🔁I would think you as Prime Minister would Wait for the investigation to be done BEFORE insinuating and using it as an Islamophobia crime.
Devendra Dash @dev2594🔁Thank you to my dear friend, Prime Minister , for the warm hospitality in India. The honor you have shown me and the people of Israel will always be remembered. Together we are bringing the relationship between our people and our countries to new heights. 🇮🇱🇮🇳
zishan haider @zishanhaider🔁Don’t evaluate me only on demonetisation and GST, says PM Modi via - What can b e a greater admission/confession That Demonetisation & GST failed than the Hon’ble Prime Minister appealing that do not evaluate me on these two benchmarks???????
ARCHANA SINGH @ARCHANA1968🔁Last night more than 24000 facebook users watched Prime Time with on 20 AAP MLAs office of profit issue

you can watch here too, click 👇👇👇 

Jack V2.0 @itsjackstweetup🔁 for #10.or E mobile, additional one year extension of Amazon prime membership offer is available in , can you please confirm ASAP
BonyRabbit @bony_rabbit🔁New Zealand's Prime Minister is pregnant and the country's largest daily paper announces the news in Maori.

As a kiwi residing in Australia it sometimes feels like I'm not living in a different county, but on a different planet.

KJ @hooves2🔁Did this speech by CJI Deepak Mishra become the cause of the attempted judicial coup by the Judge-Advocate combine? CJI talked about respecting separation of powers and reposing complete trust in the Prime Minister
Peter T Hughes @peterthugheswin🔁"I'm not the first woman to work and have a baby.... There are many women who have done this well before I have."

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that she is expecting her first child.

Ascenshine @Ascenshine🔁Nah. At this time, Lomachenko is not as good as Manny was in his prime. No one could beat Manny in his prime. That’ s why Mayweather ducked him for so many years. But, we probably still haven’t seen the best Lomachenko yet either. He still may have a year or so to peak.
Nilufer Yaman @NiluferYamaan🔁Good piece but not exactly how things rolled 👉”United States even acquiesced to his controversial military offensive into Kirkuk against the Kurds in October 2017, which involved a combination of Iraqi security forces and Iran-aligned militia groups”
Colin Scott @AbstractCode🔁And not just because I’m a fan of losing Prime Ministers In bodies of water.
Kodok Hijau Kece @kerokero_keroro🔁"I once collected instruction books for every NES game. I had Rygar in mint condition. I had so many that my shelves were full, and I missed out on newer ones! I still don't know how to play Metroid Prime 3." -Keroro (episode 39)
Priyesh Garg @GargPriyesh🔁I liked a @YouTube video BREATHE | Amazon Prime Video India | R Madhavan | Amit Sadh | Trailer Reaction!
John Roiall @JRoiall🔁Shit if our prime minister or government was spending all of our money on arms And the nation was starving and its people being mistreated kiwis wouldn’t stand for that for very long and would over run them at any means possible and wouldn’t stop to it done so .
Roger McCormick @RogerMcCormick1🔁THATCHERISM
Margaret Thatcher is Britain's greatest post-war politician & prime minister. Before she came to power, we were heading towards national ignominy & bankruptcy. Thatcher gave this country a sense of purpose, energy & the chance to make ourselves great again.
nancy jean bird @nancyjeanbird🔁When a parliamentary body doesn’t appropriate funds for government operations, the Prime Minister is expected to resign.

That’s not our system, but , , and should all resign anyway.

💎Saucy King 👑 @_King_Gelo_🔁Kids these days will never fully appreciate how good Ronaldinho in his prime truly was. Simply incredible 🙏🏾
Badzilla @GoGoBadzilla🔁Getting a Nintendo Switch tomorrow. Anyone know if the special edition Legend of Zelda is still in stock at places l ike Walmart or GameStop? I don't feel like waiting till Wednesday for a 'prime' Amazon 2 day delivery.
мαníѕh мíllαn @iam_millan🔁A complete honor and privilege to meet with the honourable Prime Minister of Israel ....such a wonderful evening with friends of the fratenity....
Colin Scott @AbstractCode🔁Naming an aquatic centre after a Prime Minister we lost in the ocean remains one of my favourite things about Australia.
Le Chiffre @LeChiffrey🔁-healing, basically putting a target on my face. One of the “officers” of PRIME didn’t like me and punched me while m y eye was still healing, he damaged it so severely I have haemolacria now which is why I bleed.”
hawkeyegrant @hawkeyegrant🔁 Optimus Prime
Sandra Bird @AnShenTCM🔁Two-and-a-half hours of walking on prime time television with and ... and I might make an appearance alongside some of my friends too 😁👣
Britain's Favourite Walks: Top 100 airs on Tuesday 30th January at 7.30pm on ITV.

KXLY 4 News @kxly4news🔁Amazon hikes the price of monthly Prime memberships #kxly
JIREN. @Killa_XI🔁Houssem Aouar: Midseason Review. []

Consider yourself lucky to see a legend before the prime, a killer before the crime, a B.I.G before the dyin’.

Μεγαλοστέλεχος @Oddy15🔁Another funny aspect:
The sister of the opposition leader, daughter of a prime minister, mother of a young politician, current deputy herself & former minister, presumes to tell us what is acceptable in European countries. Let's discuss nepotism in European countries.
Barry Moffatt @bmoffatt57🔁Nathan Lyon will captain the Prime Minister's XI against England on February 2!


🍑 PEACH ICE TEA 🍑 @oopstimus_prime🔁Unpopular opinion:

Confrontation makes things so much clearer.

I’m dead serious when I say that if you have a problem with anyone, tell them instead of just sitting there, and thinking of all the things you would say to that person

Doing nothing solves nothing.

Andria D Whyte, JP @AdvocateAndria🔁New Zealand's Prime Minister has become the first Western leader ever to be pregnant in office via @BIUK_Politics
Fred Van Vliet 🇨🇦 @vanvlietdesign🔁The Prime Minister lies about the existance of one Charter right while trampling over two Charter rights that do actually exist.

Akash Sahu @AkashSa12586022🔁 @ravishndtv thanks and salute for running prime time on Public Issue - Employment #Save_SSC_CGL
🍑 PEACH ICE TEA 🍑 @oopstimus_prime🔁We’ve all been there girl, is there anything useful in their email for what you could change in your interview techn ique? or is it all crap? I always used to get: “We really liked you!!!! but in the end we went with someone with more experience!!” 🙄
Ruth Carrica @971_275🔁Wishing & all the best as they expect their 1st child in June: a super busy year coming up & much to look forward to. Every should have the choice of combining family & career.
SUEDE HENNEY @suedehenney🔁J Hus in 2017 >>> Michael Jackson in his prime 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Jack Eden @jackeden_1🔁Kids these days will never fully appreciate how good Ronaldinho in his prime truly was. Simply incredible 🙏🏾

RazerGAW•_• @RazerGAW🔁💤 Speed Giveaway 💤

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Dave Hounslow @DavesRantz🔁It's it really that surprising this attitude exists given our prime minister's attitude to immigration.

AMRIT LAL @PEETAMBAR🔁If you are an Unemployed Graduate who is looking for a Job as promised by Modi ji during Elections, here is a Message for you from Our Prime Minister. (2018)
Kik Brown @Oceanselkie🔁.: ‘I go out to dinner on a regular basis in the western suburbs of Melbourne. I’m sick of a Prime Minister from Bondi giving Melbourne a lecture about crime’.


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