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Prime سبورت برس @sportipress🔁At there prime which of these legends were better?

Retweet for Gianluigi Buffon Favourite for Oliver Kahn

PrimePrimePrimePrime Shivam Brahmbhatt (Barot) @iShivamBJP🔁 The son of soil, the Prime Minister Of India Shri @narendramodi while casting his vote.
Prime Kelly Marie @kemaladychild🔁 Amazon's New Plant Store Just Made it Easier to Be a Plant Person
Fenris Wülf @VindictiveCrow🔁If the #Metroid prime series knows how to do one thing right, it's set the mood. #MetroidPrime #Gamecube
Prime ً @desicIub🔁get u a prime minister who makes coffee
Prime Prime Ninety Five @PrimeNinetyFive🔁Have you joined our exclusive Text Offers Group yet? Just text "PRIME" to 21800 to sign up!
Aaron Back! @prime_bee🔁Dont eat the pie @AprilDRyan #pie&lies
Zeph @Mighty_TriZtan🔁So, I riding in meh partner Benz feeling like the prime minister
Prime Biqi @That_kid_prime🔁 If #NetNeutrality  is saved I will send $100 to everyone who RT’s this tweet. #NetNeutality
Jeremy Corbyn @jeremycorbyn🔁Prime Minister's Questions only works if @Theresa_May is prepared to answer questions honestly. #PMQs

Amit Shah @AmitShah🔁Where was respected Manmohan Singh ji’s anger when Shri Rahul Gandhi tore an ordinance which his Cabinet had cleared? Where was his concern for the dignity of the Prime Minister’s office?
Josh Jordan @NumbersMuncher🔁If is repealed:
Amazon Prime $299/year
Facebook $12.99/status update
Twitter $.25 per character per tweet
Netflix $ 16.99 per Stranger Things episode
YouTube $14.99 per minute of video
Hulu $29.99 per episode of Scrubs

Am I doing this right?

David McKenzie @divmck🔁At there prime which of these legends were better?

Retweet for Gianluigi Buffon Favourite for Oliver Kahn

Deb2 @DebraDoherty2🔁I'm quite offended by this . The Prime Minister took children with Cancer to a screening and this is what your prime time *The National* host tweets? Do something about this classless, vulgar slur. SMFH!
Simon smart @Smartyvilla🔁! ⚽
A VIP FAMILY PACKAGE to v on 23 Dec. Prize includes a family ticket in a prime location, plus an invite to a pre-match event with food, arrival drink and a visit from a Villa legend! FOLLOW + RT before 18/12 to enter!
Emma Doran @doran_emma🔁Just had an email to say it's been delayed and will not arrive today. I needed that item for first thing tomorrow an d that's why I bought it off Amazon using Prime. Been hugely let down and now am completely stuck. Can't get a replacement now. Very disappointed and disgruntled
Immortal Mind @sneknostep🔁@greentealatteLV @Slate Areas with only one ISP are prime markets for competition, especially if the only one is crap
yeon is an exol @baekfyeol🔁the fact that exo cbx stayed in china for two days attending the event with prime minister and visited yixing right after the event ended teared me up😭😭😭
Victoriana @Vicks_Prime🔁At this point I’m just irritated with myself 🙄
Aaron Back! @prime_bee🔁Can we send @AjitPaiFCC an actual bag of shit?
Imtiaz Wazir @imtiazwaziri🔁 1947-2017.
*70 years
*16 prime ministers
All were either;
*Resigned under coercion
*Disqualified or
*Forced out of office by
Army and/or Judiciary.
Martin @MartinS7504🔁Yeah sorry we don't have intellectuals like Joy Behar, Joy Reid, Alyssa Milano, Seth Abramson and Keith Olbermann. L iberals choose their intellectuals very carefully
James Atkinson @Jay_Jatkinson🔁The G note pointed out in School of Rock was an actual G note when heard on Prime.
🌴🍍 Pineapple & Palm Tree Afficionado 🌴🍍 @steaks🔁I want to explain physics to him but I'm afraid of violating the Prime Directive.
Prabu Brawijaya ke V @BrawijayaKeV🔁Amazon Prime growth is slowing down in the U.S., says Morgan Stanley - Amazon Prime growth was flat in the US last quarter, which may be the first sign of Prime penetration limits in the US, according to Morgan Stanley.
AtlanticDialogues @Atl_Dialogues🔁"We are making real progress. Sometimes, I think we are too hard on ourselves. We need to keep being ambitious"~Aminata Touré, Former Prime Minister of Senegal
Ryon L. Foxman @lastnamefoxman🔁As far as I'm concerned, any major corporations that opt to lobby in their own self intrest in our nation is a prime example of #Evilcorp
Jeff @stayawayjoe77🔁Are you going to compromise Prime Minister? ‘I’ve won 35 out of 36 votes’ - not quite the answer last night’s rebels’ would like
meridian @mf_c0n🔁@atelophobiaaa_ @BEAKSCXC11 well they sound like prime priv material
Zahir Ali @zahir_sd🔁Fingers crossed for the judicial transparency and equal standards of the higher judiciary. A test case after disqualification of an elected prime minister on dubious charges.
Porsche' Rumph @IVYBLADE78🔁8Bitdo Retro Receiver for NES Classic Edition $13.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). Works for Super NES Classic After Firmware Update.
Dian Pink @DianPink3🔁Today, I'm pleased to announce the Honourable Richard Wagner will be the new Chief Justice of Canada:
ThumpForTrump @ThumpForTrump🔁Oh a Bot. No need to....Throttling is almost unneeded, except in evening prime time, when accounts of 70% of ALL in ternet traffic. Your emails are sent via MAIL DROP or equivalent.
Dan🤙🏻 @HeroicHyndman🔁I want prime Gradel back
kakicchysmusic_ @kakicchysmusic_🔁SOMEDAY: @kakicchysmusic: #amazon #music #Prime #プライム
Erick Téllez Morales @ErickTllezMoral🔁Make sure you all stay tuned to the site later today(just a few hours from now) for a chance to win a Nova Launcher Prime promo code(20 of you will win one) in celebration of our 6th birthday!
T House @manhands4kt🔁You are truly stupid. Trump is the first President to come into Office supporting marriage equality, had an openly gay speaker in prime time at RNC, pledged to protect lgbt people from radical Islam,long history of pro-gay policies in business
Joyful Lea @Lea73737🔁 Thank God for @Potus Trump #TravelBan #BuildTheWall
Valerie Marich @Valeriedoglover🔁Beyond shameful that the American people are being deceived by the national press. Putting aside the major reporting mistakes by the media recently, yesterday’s attacks on President Trump by three women - a prime example of how the media consciously misreports important stories.
Joshua Bryant @JoshuaABryant🔁I wish Sweden had a good leader like the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He cares for and protects his country. Unlike Swedish politicians who sell our country out to the globalists.

Helen @woodlandwalker🔁 Brexit should be cancelled, Austrian prime minister Christian Kern says
Peggy Kirkpatrick @dojiggers🔁Prime Minister Trudeau stands in the house saying Minister Kent Hehr has apologized for the comments he allegedly made to the wife of a Nova Scotia veteran. About an hour ago, Hehr denied making the comments and did not apologize.
Teresa Reza @teresa_reza🔁
“Poland’s democracy is strong. With reforms to ensure that our citizens have access to impartial, prompt, efficient and incorruptible justice, it will become stronger.”
- Mateusz is Poland’s prime minister.

Trending On YouTube @trends_ebot🔁#19: 1,171,755 views How to Hijack Amazon Prime Now for Good
Charles Ingram 🇪🇺 @gallantfive🔁 Stopping #Brexit is the only sensible way forward, and that's what we're going to do!

charlieturner100 @garside66🔁how many elected MEPs are there in the Eu parliament? How many elected prime ministers in the European council? And how many unelected quangos in the UK making decisions or non-decisions that affect our lives?
Ânthønÿ @anthony_akeyser🔁Cuddling sounds prime asf rn
LittleLauraWebb @LittleLauraWebb🔁@Callumundo @jacob73703109 prime example of her in the board room 😂
Highinthesky @clippermec🔁 What is our ‘Brexit means Brexit’ Prime Minister going to do about this?
Biff McBuff @BiffMcBuff🔁(Out of a hundred or more orders, I only had a delayed arrival once. A quick chat with a rep and they credited me a f ree month of Prime for the inconvenience.)
Pep @VeinyFartBoner🔁Me too. Im cancelling it when they up the price for next year. I have Amazon prime and they have comparable service f or cheaper.
John Taylor @JBG_Past_Prime🔁@CNN I’m sure he’ll be glad that you approve of his communist ways.
pat vieira 🥀⛄️ @patrick_garIand🔁Leadership all across the world should be in the hands of young adults. We should be leading our nations in the prime of our functionality. Tribalism is out-dated, exclusively practiced by older generations. The youth embraces individuality, like we were ALWAYS supposed to do.
OG Marone @ogmarone🔁So nearly an entire calendar year-in-Parliament just went by with the Prime Minister of Canada under investigation for violation of the Conflict of Interest Act.
Richard Stephens @GeorgeVertue🔁The Prime Minister, today: "Data needs to be in an open & usable format so that 3rd parties can re-use & create value from that data… as useful as possible to citizens, business, the vol sector & Govt itself.' So why not nat mus images - owned by the public, funded by govt?
Court❤️ @_leshea_🔁Prime example of why you don't tell people about your relationship problems... you'll get over it, they won't
Chris Jones @himderfella🔁Bennelong by-election turns dirty | SBS News Turnbull bottoms out. This is Prime Minister of Australia in action.
Art Biddulph @_abiddulph🔁Congratulations to our future Prime Minister to being our Canadian political Leader of 2017. You so deserved it and have shown us ALL proof in HOC and also your team being our voice to what Canadian's want. Keep up the fantastic work and your passion for Canada.
katie @not_katietheman🔁politicians hold little regard for the voice of the american people, and the repeal of net neutrality is a prime example
Rola Kamel @Rolakamel🔁 #BREAKING Prime Minister May loses key Brexit vote in British parliament
Eden Getachew @edengtb🔁. commended Prime Minister Desalegn for the high and sustained economic growth over the years, including improvements in living conditions and successful management of droughts.
Guy Hamilton-Smith @G_Padraic🔁Without a doubt -- it takes all three branches of the government to get where we are now. Congress don't get let off the hook either, AEDPA being a prime example.
Nikhil Thacker 🇮🇳 @ThackerNikhil🔁Prime Minister Modi is the first sitting PM to vote from Gujarat. True to his mantra of every individual is important, PM Modi stands in queue before voting! No VIP culture, he is the Pradhan Sevak!
Unbreakable Alex @AlexRodzV🔁Oscar Issac is like a cross between Cary Grant, Omar Sharif & Marcello Mastroianni all in their prime.
niko @nikochanr3🔁Like Amazon. Companies will charge them more because Prime streams. Thus, they will charge you more for Prime. You c annot avoid the f*cking. I don't care how blue you bleed.
AtlanticDialogues @Atl_Dialogues🔁Highlight of the day: Sat through , former Prime Minister of Senegal's panel and got a pic. Amazingly passionate woman.
Aaron Back! @prime_bee🔁“ I was just fine before the internet !” Nigga doing what? Sitting outside talking to your friends and braiding hair on big mama’s porch? Ok cool! What you been doing the last ten years tho?
tania @omfgtania🔁 Umm so imma have to pay to get on amazon to pay for prime to buy something
DealNews @DealNewsDeals🔁Soufull Heavy-Duty Kitchen Shears for $9 + free shipping w/ Prime -
James Cook ebooks @JLCebooks🔁We hired out the top of the Prime Minister’s speech today.
Pinching Pennies @PYP_News🔁LAST DAY!!! Take 22% Off USDA Choice Chuck Roast! Beef Tenderloins, Prime Rib, Steaks and so much more! -
livenews🌀 @livechannelfeed🔁Poland's new prime minister met with EU leaders with hopes to bridge the deepening rift between his right wing govern ment and Brussels.
CommonSenseWithMoney @CommnSenseMoney🔁LAST DAY!!! Take 22% Off USDA Choice Chuck Roast! Beef Tenderloins, Prime Rib, Steaks and so much more! -
♡emma♡ @dilemmaIouise🔁Re-watching Love Actually for the millionth time. Can we please have Hugh Grant as our actual prime minister???
MCGamerCZ @MCGentlemanCZ🔁Warframe - Quick Look At: Kogake Prime: via @YouTube


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