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Coupon Padawan 🐼 @couponpadawan🔁 It's #PrimaryDay in #NV04 and I'm here with a message for all my supporters in #TeamVilela (1/2):
John Whitbeck @JohnWhitbeck🔁Virginia Republicans, today is an important day! Get out there and vote in the primary and bring friends and family w twitter.com ith you!
Kambree Kawahine Koa @KamVTV🔁Today we have primaries in 5 states!!! Get out and VOTE!

➡️North Dakota
➡️South Carolina
➡️Virgini twitter.com a

Media is focused on North Korea and the last thing they want is to remind people to VOTE!

Time to crush this “blue wave” ideology.

#PrimaryDay HearSay WHRV-FM @hearsayradio🔁Stay tuned for LIVE coverage on Virginia #PrimaryDay election results, right here on @hearsayradio !
Adam Best @adamcbest🔁It’s today in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia. The weather is nice and Trump is distracting twitter.com aren’t excuses to not vote. All this liberal activism and energy MEANS NOTHING if it doesn’t produce huge voting turnout.
Luke Swartz @SwartzLuke🔁Nevermind the trolls, the doubters, and the naysayers. We have a chance to send a bold progressive to Congress who is beholden to no one but you.

, it's time to vote Vilela. (2/2)

Jose @jars86🔁🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Union nurses stand with Democratic candidates that will fight for the working class, not the corporate class!

See ’ full list of endorsements:

damnitAmber @amberdawn215🔁People who consider them self to be patriotic or have a strong sense of nationalism but don’t vote every chance they twitter.com get confuse me
Tara W @w_tarawalkr🔁

Virginia - Nevada - North Dakota - Maine - South Carolina

Make the into the

Vote in your primary election TODAY. Turnout matters and it needs to be massive. Show up and VOTE.

Eleanor Lauck @ellauck🔁Want to vote for a candidate that represents your views in the general election?

Then be sure to vote today in the primary election!

allegra poli @allegra_poli🔁Thank you for sending volunteers our way to help reach out to voters in for Congresswoman . We are 13 days away from . We can’t win on without being !
South Carolina Military Dept @TAGSCUSA🔁 Reminder Citizen-Soldiers Airmen & employees- don’t forget to vote today in ! Supervisors may excuse personnel to ensure they have time to vote. MG & Mrs Livingston supported earlier this morning! 🇺🇸
@EndTheStigma @EndTheStigma5🔁Who's excited for ?

👉 this guy.

Be ecstatic like me by voting for today! 🗳️

SJW @mistressjvs🔁It’s Election Day! Nevadans, get out and vote in today’s primary! If you’re a registered Clark County voter you can vote in any polling center in the county. Our democracy only works when we all participate. Find your nearest polling place at
Stephen R. Jaffe🌹 @Jaffe4Congress🔁, we're one to watch this ! If we want a country and a party that puts , it's time for us to flood the polls and makes our voices heard.

Voting centers are open now and close at 7 PM PDT! Vote !

Dpharris @harrisdavid49🔁Today we have primaries in 5 states!!! Get out and VOTE!

➡️North Dakota
➡️South Carolina

Media is focused on North Korea and the last thing they want is to remind people to VOTE!

Time to crush this “blue wave” ideology.

Regin St. John @StRegin🔁TRUTH!! Liberals are do nothing and all talk to take to socialism!!
La Niesha Faith @LaNieshaFaith🔁." group work to get out the vote at a Cardenas supermarket in Las Vegas. "


angie de kleine @adekleine🔁If you live in Virginia, Nevada, Maine, North Dakota, and South Carolina please vote.

You are our voices today.

We are counting on you.

David Young @Black_Lions68🔁HUGE 🇺🇸🇺🇸 GET OUT AND TODAY 6-12-18 🎈🎈

We're all counting on you to Go Vote Today!


✝️🔮💗Nikolas💗🔮✝️ @InfiniteNikolas🔁Happy — take some inspiration from me in 2012 go out & vote! Check out to find your polling place. vote.nd.gov
Lawra "Kassee" Bulen @FabLVHouses🔁6 hours down, 6 hours left to vote on this . Polls open until 7pm. More than 33,000 people have cast ballots so far across Las and . To find a voting center go to . .
RJ20151 @agustuspinel🔁Tune in at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT for coverage of the special elections in Wisconsin where democrats are hoping to flip 2 seats in a very important state for the midterms.

Politics Addicts Anonymous @RecoveringPolAd🔁Hey Twitter! Did you know that today is Election Day?

In Maine, Virginia, South Carolina, Nevada, & more, we have p twitter.com rimary elections.

If you live in these states, please, make sure to go vote! RT to spread the word.

Eve Littlepage @EveLittlepage🔁📣If you are like me and have no TV 🙄You can catch the results of today's primaries here:

🙏But please ge politico.com t out there and vote first! 💙


Blue Doggie ✌🏳️‍🌈 @3lueDoggie🔁Time once more to Get Out & !!

Come on NV, ND, SC, & ME !!!!

//Primaries in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia: What to watch

Anne Josey Denney @ajoseyb🔁It’s not enough to vote for . VOTE FOR CANDIDATES!
If they don’t support the President, we don’t want them.
Maria Everett @MariaEv84338528🔁We voted on the 2nd day of early vote because we're overachievers (and because I literally couldn't wait to vote for and ), but if you haven't voted yet, do it ASAP! Polls in NV are open until 7:00 PM.
Kevin McBride @KevinMcBride067🔁A big thank you to all those who came out to phone bank this week! With only 3 days away, get invovled here:

Wayne A. Morris @Lacus09🔁It’s in Nevada! Remember to vote for LCVAF endorsed candidates for , for , & for & get in line to vote by 7PM local time. Find your polling place here:
Jamie in Blue @ncrainbowgrrl🔁My lunch for . We don’t need the luck because actions speak for themselves. She protects our community and passed the .

That said, Magical always help!

Anne Storey @annie5133🔁It’s primary day in VA! This member is pleased to vote for Gun Sense candidate for VA-10.
christy mooring @ChristyMooring🔁Left home at 1:40p. Arrived at my polling location at 1:45p. Walked out after exercising my right to vote at 1:50p. Make your voice heard! Doesn’t take much time. Polls don’t close til 7p and is your Election Headquarters for all the results tonight!
just kaVin @TheOnlyKAVIN🔁My lunch for . We don’t need the luck because actions speak for themselves. She protects our community and pass twitter.com ed the .

That said, Magical always help!

TruthMatters @amymirel🔁Well, I did my twice today - voted in and then called police on a very dangerously speeding red sports car that al twitter.com most clipped me he was going so fast and weaving on and off exit ramps around 80+ mph! Um... where were you around 4:25 EST?
SammyAce17 @SammyAce17🔁I love my beautiful home state (look at that luscious green beauty ✨) and am sad to be moving soon. I know the best way to show that love is to give SC the best chance for years to come -- which is in . Go vote today!!
PackerBacker🏈⚽️🍺🧀 @jayman7705🔁Alright Virginia peeps don’t forget it’s #PrimaryDay #GoVote
Ray McClusky @rwmccl_ray🔁Today’s the day‼️
🔹North Dakota
🔹South Carolina
🚨Special Election in Wisconsin

Get. Out. And. Vote. 💥

Offer to take a friend.

Your vote is your voice. If you want change you have to be part of the change‼️


Erik Halverson @Erikitswithak🔁NEVADA 🤘🤘🤘Show your stars and stripes and VOTE for TODAY!!! Find your polling place at twitter.com


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