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#PrezSymposium EagleGraphs @EagleGraphs🔁Oh ... #PrezSymposium not #PezSymposium
#PrezSymposium King Wheatle @DrWheatle2B🔁@loripattondavis is a member of my historical dissertation for a reason #PrezSymposium
#PrezSymposium Michael B Chung @michaelbchung🔁Thank you! @DrShaunHarper @LoriPattonDavis @acpaprez #PrezSymposium
#PrezSymposium Dr Lori Patton Davis @LoriPattonDavis🔁 "If we're not careful, people will be erased" @LoriPattonDavis #PrezSymposium
#PrezSymposium Mrs. E. @ericafarrarUNCG🔁#PrezSymposium @ACPA @ASHE @LoriPattonDavis always givin me life! Time well spent today
#PrezSymposium Craig Elliott @DrCraigElliott🔁 @loripattondavis is a member of my historical dissertation for a reason #PrezSymposium
#PrezSymposium Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 Steps to take when someone shares a racist experience with you @esjayque #PrezSymposium
#PrezSymposium Tonantzin Oseguera @DrOseguera🔁@csuf @CSUFstudents contingency representing for @USCRaceEquity #PrezSymposium
#PrezSymposium Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 Dr. @LoriPattonDavis wants to know what #iresolve to do for racial justice. #PrezSymposium
Average Jones @AJ_twit_wit🔁I am at having missed the today and am so appreciative of the folks that took time to tweet so much food for though twitter.com t to those of us that couldn’t join.
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 I will counter ahistoricism with an intersectional, historical framework. #IRESOLVE #PrezSymposium
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁"We use so many sugar-coated terms ... we have to name the real thing - white supremacy." -Dr.
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 “There is a lack of urgency” about dismantling racism and white supremacy— @LoriPattonDavis #PrezSymposium
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 Eight Actions to Reduce Racism in College Classrooms | AAUP: aaup.org #PrezSymposium #SHSUHIED #SHSUCOE #SHSU
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 White people: Racism doesn’t appear out of thin air. It’s us. #PrezSymposium #racism #apca #HigherEducation
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 “Racism in Higher Education really is a public health crisis.” -@LoriPattonDavis #PrezSymposium
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁"I can't work with somebody who's scared of me..." LOOK. People annoy me with the "you're scary" mess.
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 We’re exhausted before we even get to work. And yet are expected to give even more. #RacialBattleFatigue #PrezSymposium
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁Ha. with the tee... Attire as an act of resistance. Natural haired Black women know this so well.
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁I hope my colleagues unable to be here for collective viewing of are in fact viewing livestream on their own. Salient, empirical evidence being provided to better understand the experiences of POC & Black students.
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁“We refuse to use the term “racism” and “white supremacy” to talk about it.” - when talking about the challenges in dismantling race relations
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 "We cannot just be selectively outraged...we have to be outraged by all of it!" - @DrShaunHarper #PrezSymposium
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 "White folks have to engage with other white folks [on racial justice]." ~@esjayque #PrezSymposium
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 " If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair."


Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 "Racism is a public health crisis." ~@LoriPattonDavis
Craig Elliott @DrCraigElliott🔁 #IRESOLVE to get my people #PrezSymposium
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 Higher education fuels many of the inequities we see in society. -@LoriPattonDavis #PrezSymposium
Donna Edmond @dj48_d🔁 “Is that sound white supremacy trying to get me?” - @LoriPattonDavis 😂#PrezSymposium
Craig Elliott @DrCraigElliott🔁“When you distance yourself from your group, you most often show up like them.” — @revdrJamie #PrezSymposium @ACPA
Ángel González @agonzal6🔁 “get your people! White Allies need to hold their peers accountable so Get your people! “
Ángel González @agonzal6🔁 Racial battle fatigue: speak👏🏼on👏🏼it👏🏼 ! This is more than being tired. #PrezSymposium
@Staffing4SJS @staffing4sjs🔁Staffing is a social justice (inclusion) & sustainability practice. Like/follow Staffing for Social Justice & Susta twitter.com inability in SA for candid ?s, connections, concerns, and contributions 4 STAFFING culture change
🇬🇾IMMIGRANT Brilliance🇬🇾 @edusankofa🔁Missed this due to & but I'm committed to reading through the hashtag before bed to see what all was said. twitter.com
Average Jones @AJ_twit_wit🔁 "If we are talking about transphobia, name it. If we are talking about xenophobia, name it." ~@esjayque #PrezSymposium
@Staffing4SJS @staffing4sjs🔁Staffing is a social justice (inclusion) & sustainability practice that doesn't seem to be framed in these same con twitter.com vos or doesn't face scrutiny of unexamined systematic behaviors when hiring from places of power & privilege.
King Wheatle @DrWheatle2B🔁 Here's the book @LoriPattonDavis is referencing right now: goodreads.com #PrezSymposium
Mark Weir @LEADS1mw🔁 what will you do contribute toward collective action to address racism in to be more vulnerable about how I experience it on/off campus
shazbotz @_shazbotz_🔁@ASHEoffice will you be posting a video of the #PrezSymposium from today?
Chaunte' White @heyitschaunte🔁So much gratitude for this & and the knowledge and calls to action from Drs. , , & . Kudos to the and all those participants in person and through the live stream.
☀️ @BensinkRachel🔁 #IResolve to do my own work to develop a critical consciousness and know my history. #PrezSymposium
King Wheatle @DrWheatle2B🔁 rec’d books - historicizes first universities & first college students
@Staffing4SJS @staffing4sjs🔁 We all have a responsibility to this work! #PrezSymposium twitter.com
@Staffing4SJS @staffing4sjs🔁This! We need to be & welcome voices of dissent and disruption in because if we cannot do this here in learning env twitter.com ironments, then why not and where else can we?
Strictly Business @Leii_D9015🔁THANK YOU to all of our livestream participants at today’s ! You made it a massive… instagram.com
@Staffing4SJS @staffing4sjs🔁 #IRESOLVE to learn ways I can dismantle racism through my role in career development #PrezSymposium
@Staffing4SJS @staffing4sjs🔁@laurenkolkmeier Staffing is a social justice (and inclusion) and pro sustainability practice in the profession and beyond. #prezsymposium.
Dr Lori Patton Davis @LoriPattonDavis🔁 #IRESOLVE to get my people and to learn more history about racial injustice #PrezSymposium
Dr. Blanca E. Vega @BlancaVNYC🔁 I already know I'll be using @LoriPattonDavis #prezsymposium video in my hi ed foundations course next fall. @ACPA @ASHEoffice
Dr Lori Patton Davis @LoriPattonDavis🔁watching Dr. Lori Patton Davis drop knowledge on 100+ institutions across the US at has me feelin so blessed to be a student at IU learning directly from her 😭🙌🏽
Marquis L. Bennett @bennett_marquis🔁 "Ending racism is a lifetime commitment."
- @LoriPattonDavis
Alex C. Lange @itsAlexCL🔁#PrezSymposium was great! Now off to grab some dinner and discuss postcolonial theories tonight!
Christen Priddie @ChristenPriddie🔁See now I was with the until mentioned the weather back home in LA 😩😭
cody K. charles🌤 @_CodyKeith_🔁Again, why do we exclude minoritized staff members in the planning of events like this? Often, we are the folks on t twitter.com he margins in higher education. Would have been nice (and valuable) to have staff perspective, instead, of a strictly faculty voiced experience.
Lauren Kolkmeier @laurenkolkmeier🔁#IRESOLVE to learn ways I can dismantle racism through my role in career development #PrezSymposium
Molly Hall-Martin @MollyEHM🔁 to speak up more and use my seat at the table (while I've still got it) rather than being so afraid of losing it tha twitter.com t I become mere decoration
Tricia Schwery Smith @talktotricia🔁#IRESOLVE to get my people #PrezSymposium
Aja C. Holmes, PhD @AjayHolmes🔁This was so great and timely!! Thank you to @LoriPattonDavis @DrShaunHarper @esjayque #prezsymposium twitter.com
سبعة @charliessangell🔁Checking in from IU Bloomington, watching the ACPA/ASHE on Racial Justice in Higher Education. Shout out to IU’s very own
Ali Watts @AliWatts13🔁Thank you and for a powerful and informative symposium! So glad we could listen in! twitter.com
Aja C. Holmes, PhD @AjayHolmes🔁 to take self-care seriously, listen to my body when it can no longer go anymore and seek therapy when needed. twitter.com
Abbi Hanson @abbsackk🔁#IResolve to keep reading about history, higher education, and systems of oppression - even beyond my graduation in May! 🤓 #PrezSymposium
connor smalling @connor_70🔁We all have a responsibility to this work! #PrezSymposium twitter.com
ACPA CHRL @ACPA_CHRL🔁 #Iresolve to show up, to get my people, and to do better. #prezsymposium
Dajanae Palmer @DajanaePalmer🔁See now I was with the until mentioned the weather back home in LA 😩😭 twitter.com
Ida B. Jells @triplentendre🔁Thank you for your insight—you’re all brilliant, genuine & inspiring! ✊🏽@LoriPattonDavis @esjayque @DrShaunHarper #PrezSymposium
Patrick J. Hale @PatrickJHale🔁 to also be bolder in naming acts of racism and white supremacy when appropriate and to always stay unapologetically twitter.com me.
Sabrina Sanders @SabrinaKSanders🔁THANK YOU for a much needed discussion on addressing racial justice, psychological trauma, and racial battle fatigue twitter.com on college campuses.
Lauren Kolkmeier @laurenkolkmeier🔁#IRESOLVE to get my people and to learn more history about racial injustice #PrezSymposium
Dr. Ramon Goings @RamonGoings🔁I'm grateful for the hosted by . Based on , , & 's presentations, I completed additional revisions to my syllabus. I can't wait to connect with students during our first seminar on Jan 29th


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