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President Trump POTUS Press @POTUSPress🔁 President Trump is standing up for the sanctity of life. More:
James Woods @RealJamesWoods🔁Citizenship protection was the bedrock of the Trump election. If this president (who has waved a veritable magic wand to undo the nightmare of Obama) caves on immigration, he will be a one term footnote to history. Do not cave, Mr. President. We are counting on you.
Bettinabettina @Bettinabettin75🔁 Trump thinks it's special that he's the 45th president speaking at the 45th March for Life. Get it?
President Trump Krista Lynn Brown @wisenaive🔁President Trump Signs 2018 FISA Authorization With Changes…
Seth Abramson @SethAbramson🔁BREAKING NEWS: Sebastian Gorka Was a Wanted Man in Hungary—on Gun Charges—the Whole Time He Was a Top Advisor to Pres ident Trump

(Note: this again raises the question of how he secured a White House role—and renews queries on a Trump-Russia-Hungary nexus.)

Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11🔁President Trump has named more women to senior positions and cabinet posts than any other President in history
Cheekyone @Cheekyone45🔁Dear world, please accept this American's apology for Trump's first year in the White House | By Benedict Cosgrove
HealthCare4all @healthcare4safe🔁It's not the first time the President has publicly picked a fight with a top member of his own team, but it may be the worst...
Johnny Lightning @nicolatesla911🔁Because when they
America will see the epitome of an liberal feminist. FBI attorney Lisa Page is Peter Strzok’s mistress, a wife & mother. Sabotaging President Trump & stomping on the Constitution was more important than her very own children.
allison Shealy @ShealyAllison🔁To all you left wing idiots that laughed and mocked President Trump.

Looks like your world is about to unravel.

Like I said from the very beginning- liberals will never hold power again. You're finished!!

Gone Galt @WhosGoneGalt🔁Adam Schiff said that the memo shouldn’t be released because it will cause more division.

Isn’t that what Adam Schiff has been doing for the past year?? Dividing the country and demanding that President Trump be impeached?

The Dems are screwed, folks.

Cynthia J. Starks @cindysarks🔁Beautiful, awesome speech by President Trump to kick off the March for Life.
Rick Hajdik @thehajdik1🔁NO WAY!!
Can you believe this freak?Harvard Prof: Hillary Clinton Could Still Be President! But only if impeached, Pence implicated, Ryan resigns turns it over to ! GET OVER IT!
Time to accept it- is our !
Paul Zammarelli @carminelbo🔁DACA isn’t a law. It’s an illegal executive order by the previous president that allows illegal aliens to stay in the US.

Democrats are PROVING they care more about ILLEGAL ALIENS, than they do about American Children & our Military.

Todd @Portaltodd🔁President Donald Trump falsely tweeted that Mexico is “now rated the number one most dangerous country in the world.” It's not.
Dianna Bryant-Sendek @2000Bryant🔁Weekly Update: JW obtained travel records from the Air Force in response to a FOIA request for costs related to President Trump & his family. The known travel costs for President Trump’s political & leisure travel now totals $13,533,937.28 - so far. (2/3)

Geno The Scotsman @bluechevelle70🔁God bless pro-life speaking to march for life. His strong defense of unborn in 3rd campaign debate may have won him election.
MeghaJC @MeghaJC🔁Apparently Trump, the president only gets the blame for a when the president is black. This is is all on the .
New York Inquirer 45 @nyi45🔁Most Retweeted Trump Postings Reflect Highs, Lows of President's First Year
Private Dancer @Privatedancer55🔁 Video: Trump The First President To Speak At Nations Largest Pro Life Rally: via @YouTube
Mountain Man @MountainManNSW🔁Trump: "Under my administration, we will always defend the very first right in the Declaration of Independence, and that is the 'right to life.'"

ab @quixotehamlet🔁There has been no evolution in the president’s wall: a real wall/ wall with some fencing/ made of concrete/ a solar wall/ some of it see through / at a cost of $8 billion/ $12 billion / $20 billion / not tied to DACA / tied to DACA
Ryan @Killage_Wizard🔁Similarities with 2013 shutdown:
-Objection over what is *not* included in funding bill
-Need 60 votes in Senate
-Disagreements are base-driven

Differences with 2013 shutdown:
-Trump is president
-The president is Donald J. Trump
-President Trump
-People are eating Tide pods

Tom Proietti @tpmedia🔁Programming note: Because of breaking news on the government shutdown, our documentary on President Trump’s first year will air tomorrow (Saturday) night instead of tonight — thanks!
Imam Kuda @napiez🔁Deutsche Bank reported questionable transactions involving President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, or people or businesses near him, to German securities regulators and will forward the info to special prosecutor Robert Mueller.
ennykinpa @ennykinpa🔁President Trump Lights Up Twitter After He Fires Off Tweet About FISA Abuse During the 2016 Presidential Election
Remington Castile 雷明顿 @Rem_castile🔁It’s funny when illegal Mexican immigrants say Trump is “Not My President”. You’re right, Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico is. Merica.
Anne Millard @johannamillard🔁Trump is President.
Repubs own the House.
Repubs own the Senate.
Repubs stole the Supreme Court majority.
They run every part of our government

But a single Dem with zero power shut down the government?

Uh... no.

On Freedom Road @OnFreedomsRoad🔁
We were supposed to have Hillary after Bush and Obama. It didn’t Work out that Way. President Trump won over Hill ary! Now they’re trying to take down the President of The United States by whatever means THEY can.

JodiLynn Corbett @judoempress92🔁Trump has 2nd highest IQ of any President in history.
This is why liberals cannot comprehend him.
This is why the President runs circles around Democrats.
This is why labeling Dems pending government closing the is accurate and absolutely GENIUS.

(((badhombre))) @Ronraj777🔁The Chaos President vs. His Iron-Fisted Racist Chief of Staff via @NYTimes
randomgrandma @randomgranny96🔁The White House did not respond to a request for comment on whether Stormy Daniels spanked the President with a copy of Forbes magazine with his face on the cover.
Suzi White @Wwjdo2Suzi🔁Dear Chuck Schumer,

President took on the GOP, democrats, media, foreign $$$, & a coup, yet he still won.

You can choose illegal aliens over us, but Trump will win this battle for Americans.

SHUFFLEPAW @shufflepaw🔁Suspect that the examining physician was paid Trump's weight in gold which makes for one Hell of a fit & healthy President#WaistlineGate
Cora McKinney @tullyframe🔁I can't think of a better president in case of a gov. shutdown.
Donald Trump is a world class businessman and he knows how to think on his feet. Unlike bureaucrats that barricade WW2 statues to save USA money.
Maybe we'll find that we can get along without some
Ken Noble @knoble62🔁Today, & his administration announced changes in order to preserve religious liberty. The First Amendment clearly protects our right to exercise our faith & I'm proud we have a president willing to ensure these rights are protected.
DeplorableRafa @rafat777🔁President Trump Blasts ABC NEWS For Not Firing Reporter Brian Ross For That Sent Stock Market Plummeting
Our President is right once again
doesn't check sources & maybe they can't b/c their info is made up
No credibility left

Bones VOTE 11/6/2018 @HappyOldSoul🔁On the brink of a , the Trump Administration is using precious time to continue their attack on women’s health care.

Mr. President, blocking care at is illegal. Women won’t forget.

Cyber Bloodbanker @transfusionnews🔁 dust-up must be serious. Now civil servant (bureaucrat) writes letters to editor to affirm 🇨🇦blood supply securit y not at risk. EX1:
Force @Forcespacer🔁Who should be blamed if theres a shutdown, lets take a view of Trump's own words

2011:"I actually think the President would be blamed"

"If there is a shutdown, I think it would be a tremendously negative mark on the POTUS"

2013:"The pressure is on the President"

Any Questions

nurul nadheerah shahrim @greatschist🔁"What the president doesn’t grasp is that if some African nations have been reduced to 'shithole countries,' it’s precisely because they’ve been run by leaders like Trump."
Legendre Diffeqs @smithnya🔁Fact check: President Trump tweeted that a government shutdown would be "devastating" to the military, but they're largely exempt.
JayHovah @onefijianfalla🔁(21) Trump is already our greatest president, and he's just getting started.

We made the right decision on November 8, 2016.

So be happy. All will be well...

Monty Sullivan @SullivanMonty🔁 President Trump blasts Roe v. Wade in satellite address to anti-abortion rally
ALICE MARY @alicenmary🔁 HELLO! President Trump did NOT create the DACA crisis! Obama did by not enforcing the Federal immigration laws! If the illegals had not been allowed to stay in the 1st place then their kids would not have been allowed to grow up here.
Liberty for ALL @Chris_A_Turner🔁If Congress and or President Trump decides to it’s game over for the deep state, the Democrats, and the Clinton’s.
Droolin' Dog @droolindog🔁Talks between Trump and Schumer end with no deal as government shutdown looms within hours

However, Both the presi dent and the Senate’s top democrat Chuck Schumer say progress has been made


Proud Vegan Ho @CamilaCaBowYo🔁The problem is that President Trump has previously declared he wanted the government shut down. He's doing all he can to get it.
Louis Savedow @LSavedow🔁Plain and simple trump wants a shutdown so he can have more leverage for his wall - that he said Mexico would pay for . Trump was destroyed by the Mexican president when they told him to go fly a kite when he asked for money for the wall and now he wants us to pay for this
Chico Joe @ChicojoeBill🔁Can you imagine the frustration of Obama , Hillary and Comey? They illegally wire tapped President Trump and Got Nothing!
Jason L. Smith @jclWVsmith🔁President Dumbass need only appoint one more conservative justice. And hell, even if Trump IS removed or forced to r esign, President Pence appoints possible aforementioned conservative justice. Say Pence goes down w/ comes President Ryan.

razzzzrsharp @razzzzrsharp🔁Knock knock
Who's there?
Obama who?

🔥Obama. The former President of the United States, who wire tapped your phone lines, in Trump tower illegally, with a fake dossier, and illegal FISA warrants.

Nuno (Jr) @fgcchevy🔁I agree. Brilliant piece.

Donald Trump is the freest man in the world.

He lives, lies, speaks, assaults, humiliates, and pays off porn stars from an affair on his 3rd wife who just had a baby...

Without consequence.

Chappie Fan 420 @chappiefan420🔁@SpinofCNN @CNN “Donald Trump has finally said he accepts that the president was born in the US, "period". -
Daniel Griffen @dannyodg1962🔁Under President Trump the DOW's performance has been historic‼️

Since Trump's inauguration, the Dow has grown over 7000 pts and increased 32%.

Until Trump, the DOW had been flat, but with his pro-growth and pro-business policies, many have had historic gains in their 401K's.

Bettinabettina @Bettinabettin75🔁. addresses the March for Life from the Rose Garden. In his first year President Trump has become the most pro-life president in the history of the United States.
Mom Mary @coff33loveit🔁President Trump or POTUS..
Hugo Vachon @HugoVachon007🔁 ? No this time it is upon us! is not the President of ALL Americans. are the enemy of . are the ppl enemy. REAL we need you to speak up!

The world is watching with real comcerns.

barking @m_dicey🔁You want to bet that more women have had abortions by than any president in U.S. history? Trump speaking at a pro-life rally is a perverse hypocrisy.
POTUS Press @POTUSPress🔁 President Trump Proclaims January 22, 2018, as National Sanctity of Human Life Day:
Quarry @QuarryStrauz🔁In the new NBC poll just out President Trump and President Obama have near mirror images of each other. Obama Positive 57%; Negative 29%. Trump Positive 36%; Negative 56%. Wow.
Amanda Jenkins @amanda_jenkins0🔁EXPOSED: Democrats' immigration hypocrisy
While the Left virtue-signals over President Trump's sh*thole comments, takes viewers down Memory Lane to a time when Democrats were for border security before they were against it.
More Deneen ===
deb4truth_CO @deb_politics🔁A loser is a loser. The true loser is Donald. He is not qualified for anything. Just as usual, Trump is running aroung speaking in total lying hypocrisy. The Republicans and Trump are destroying our nation. Enough of this RNC crap.
Patty ⚓️🇺🇸⚓️ @gitgim🔁 Update:

Chuck Schumer made a terse statement after meeting at the White House with President Trump.

He was not happy.

Sounds like Little Chucky got slapped around.

shurbiz @shurbiz🔁Along with deeply racist, Trump is a disturbed man:
“”The language that was used, the attitude of the president, the expressions he made when it came to immigration just stunned me,” Mr. Durbin said.”
Diane 50 Kelley @diane50kelley🔁Scoop: The White House has indicated to that President Trump will not take part in a pre-game interview at the Super Bowl, a TV tradition for the last several years via
Anne Gilley @AnneGilley6🔁President Trump I read the comments on your tweets and I get so frustrated. I sometimes wish there was no news at al l. Maybe people would learn to talk to each other again.
J.M.Cronan @JMCronan3🔁Juluan Assanfe ..America needs you again. Please expise the treason n sedition against Our beautiful President Trump!!!
Jeff Fair @APCjeff🔁AWESOME TRUMP: Trump To Become First Sitting President To Address March For Life
Shannon Williamson @Shannon091171🔁Attention Paul Ryan, vote immediately on releasing the memo AND everything else. You work for US not the other way around

also We elected Trump. We do NOT want DACA Amnesty. Neither you nor Lindsey Graham would EVER be elected President. DO OUR BIDDING

Tonggos @tonggos82🔁/ Trump ends first year with lowest approval of any modern president: Poll


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