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President Trump Rancher @bjohnson1436🔁 WATCH LIVE! I'm introducing @POTUS Trump at a jobs announcement ->
President Trump Mr. Mars @SugamiJack🔁DICTATOR Trump Angrily Lashes Out at Republicans for Failing to “Protect Their President”
Harley @RiderHeritage🔁 President Trump donates his second-quarter salary to the Department of Education! #MAGA #TRUMP
Priscilla Collins @prissy1st🔁 President Trump donates his second-quarter salary to the Department of Education
m.diggs @metalfd🔁 President Trump donates his second-quarter salary to the Department of Education
President Trump Ellie Margolis @EllieMargolis🔁 Ken Starr (!!) to Trump:
Chelsea Clinton @ChelseaClinton🔁No. President Trump has consistently failed to support LGBT equal rights, dignity & safety in the U.S. & around world (e.g. Chechnya/Russia)
shauna @goldengateblond🔁It all becomes clear: The @boyscouts president is AT&T's CEO. He needs Trump's approval for that Time Warner merger.
ACLU National @ACLU🔁Time and time again, President Trump's actions speak louder than his words.
Alison King @ViJ8cnpoqUSEPGF🔁 Wasn't Melanie Trump campaigning against cyber bullying during the elections? I guess /the president/ didn't get the memo.
joeyartist @suicideking96🔁. Correction, Scott: Trump will easily go down as the worst person ever to work in the Oval Office. He's not the President.
Gail Wilson @GailWil32680599🔁 Do you agree with President Trump's decision on banning transgender troops from serving in the United States military?
Rich @cfrich1305🔁 Do you agree with President Trump's ban on transgenders in the military?
Mari Bowen @MaribowenBowen🔁 Trump will easily go down as the worst American President ever.
BeppiButler @BeppiButler1🔁After President Trump's speech at the Jamboree, the Boy Scouts probably received a record number of applications. Generation Z is waking up.
jim snively @jsnive🔁👍 reads letter 9-year-old Dylan wrote 2 "You're my favorite .I like u so much❤️"🇺🇸
Irene Cornish @7mmTtSxkRCQOAsN🔁Proud to of served my country wish it had been during President Trump administration..GOD Bless AMERICA!
Susan Curtis @pcovery🔁 The president of the Boy Scouts needs the Trump administration to approve his mega-merger via @qz
Abigail North @CqlNLxFGaQqjgCX🔁Guys, Trump thinks health insurance costs $1/month but you save it up and by the time you are 70 you "get a nice plan"


MALIK EL-SHEBAZZ @addzayy🔁More civilians have been killed in U.S. airstrikes since President Trump took office than in the last two years combined.
terry vee @redot2005🔁 Here Are 5 of Trump's Most Buffoonish GOP Defenders
Zelda @ZeldaJVail🔁My message to President Trump in response to his decision to discriminate against transgender servicemembers & bar them from the military:
Stephen Miller @sm2626🔁 The 351 people, places and things President Trump has insulted on Twitter: A complete list (so far)
Ticook @TigCook🔁President took a chainsaw to regulations...

Now America = better place to do business!


Grim Reaper @GrimReaper913🔁@politicsdawg @IvankaTrump @realDonaldTrump When was Ivanka Trump elected president?
Jerry Kramer @JKramer328🔁Trump Announces Ban On Transgenders In Military » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
World Rumors @WorldRumors🔁 .twitter won't ban realDonaldTrump, despite critics' complaints. barbaraortutay explains
Deidre (Trumpette) @DearDesigns🔁"We are looking for those folks that are totally committed to making America Great Again like President Trump is." -  👊
Kelley @kelltwomyn🔁 We've lost to POTUS. This is why he'll never be removed from office.

A Bowen @ambinc1🔁Does President Trump stand alone? Did Ukrain-DNC connection sabotage Trump campaign? Time 4 answers💣💥
FastEddie C @EddieC49288428🔁Right, just like I said, America voted for President Trump. California and New York voted for Clinton. Glad we coul d clear that up !! 😀
Kickin' Brass @KickinBrass1🔁President Trump has been POTUS for half a year. Obama refuses to go away, still thinks of himself as president as shown on his Twitter acct.
Paul's Al Ghul @YoPaulieNJ🔁It all becomes clear: The president is AT&T's CEO. He needs Trump's approval for that Time Warner merger.
KitnGal @kitngal🔁 Do you agree with President Trump's decision to ban transgender people from joining the military?
Proud Deplorable @TRAINS1967🔁President Trump RESPONDS to Idiot reporter Yelling Question on the New T... via @YouTube
WallyB @WalterColson1🔁@JeffKIRO7 I don't think that President Trump specifically and only was referring to Monetary Expenses like you're doing. R U that shallow?
simone nucci @simonenucci77🔁@ChantelFrieder Also Europa and italy loves trump. I want president trump a italy. We don't have a Good politicinas
Nina @NXNXBXLBXR🔁President Trump’s move to ban transgender troops is on the wrong side of national security & the wrong side of history
JoJo @adjunctprofessr🔁These "Republican" Democratic Senators are working closely with the Democrats to stop President Trump at all costs. Noted!
Conspiracy Talk @WickChris🔁 #Trump and or ANY other #president will NOT change anything, and here is why.
Tralle Mallette @TralleMallette🔁 President Trump: This is a great day for American workers... and to everyone who believes in the label "Made in the USA."
Erwin @erwinEmm🔁Want to know where Trump's crazy came from this AM? This is how your president does business. Via in newsletter
Josh @JVillatuya🔁 Time and time again, President Trump's actions speak louder than his words.
Mickey White @BiasedGirl🔁President Rubio, Cruz or Walker would have done so much more to advance Conservative issues... and we're stuck with Trump.
Meri Noel @Amazling🔁 ACLU vows lawsuit against President Trump's transgender policy for military
mark wright @mcw10697🔁WATCH: American Legion boys about to honor President Trump with a USA song are disrupted by obnoxious reporter asking about transgender ban.
Daija Vuduo @heartlitation🔁Disgusting. Irresponsible. Uneducated.

Just words that come to mind when thinking about Trump.

The president.
That people voted for.

Barbara Castellano @barbcast60🔁Trump Is Now Trying To Get The Acting FBI Director Fired As The President Is Cornered On Russia -
Roscoe Arbuckle @RoRoscoe🔁Trump HQ, which coordinates grassroots efforts for President Trump, is sending out emails to inform people about Imran Awan.
Very good sign.
ERANETS @eranets_com🔁Why Twitter Won’t Ban President Donald Trump
David @DavidBlansett🔁This is a violation of your piwer as President @realDonaldTrump
DaReoCharmer 🇺🇸 @Charmer18🔁There is a whole chapter in Citizens for Trump detailing how Reince tried to sabotage President Trump's campaign. This has long been known.
Rubylu18 @rubylu18🔁No. President Trump has consistently failed to support LGBT equal rights, dignity & safety in the U.S. & around world (e.g. Chechnya/Russia)
Rakesh Nair @rakeshrjnair🔁What if India also join them? US commander via @IndianExpress
sam haselby @haselbysam🔁Need a name for the way Trump Admin gives just run-of-the-mill degenerates like Ken Starr chances for rehabilitation
Michael Gaber. 🇺🇸 @Michael_Gaber1🔁#POTUS US 2 bar transgender persons from 'any capacity' of military service @Katelmo @TheChuckNellis @Braveheart_USA
Joseph @Horustoo🔁Yet another part of the fashion world has been politicized by President Trump. Here are which brands, and why.
Raging Reg @raging_reg🔁How low can this bellend go?
chuck kirby @charleskirby981🔁RT if your praying for President Trump. He has so much on his plate trying to bring this country back from the gutter.


Praise 1025 Atlanta @praise1025🔁President Trump Bans Transgender People From The Military Service
4 Call Me Dad 🇺🇸 @4callmedad🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist yes, President Trump does need help from Navy Seals
MomDotCom @Rustycard44🔁 Would you vote for president trump in 2020 ?
Please vote and retweet to spread poll
Michael Ward, D.O. @jimmythemole01🔁 John McCain thinks that he was voted into the Senate to repeal and replace President Trump. That's an honest mistake.
Michael Johnson @phealixe🔁In light of the investigation, President is considering pardoning himself and his family

Dino @time2due🔁President Trump announced that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the U.S. military. Do you agree with this decision?
Kelly Herself 🍸 @Kelly_Herself🔁Trump thinks hes the best President?

Thats cute!

I saved us from the great depression, Hitler, & the Japanese empire while in a wheelchair

Sara Lee @leesara21🔁@Cernovich He has always looked very uncomfortable with President Trump
Stephen Love @THE_DOC52🔁President Trump made the right decision on trans in the military it's not what the military is made for
Linda Hull @Ljhull1🔁Trump is the most unpopular president in US history at this point in a presidency (since polls began, back to Truman) & it's not even close.
dblaser @trailblaser2🔁Get rid of them at d polls if they refuse to support president trump ..all Obama followers supported his anti America n policy and was behind
TVOTP @TVOTP1🔁Top Mexican Democrat Calls For President Trump To Be ELIMINATED
John Henry Fleming @FearsomeTweeter🔁Democrats who pushed far fetched emoluments claims are docile after Don Jr. meeting. via @RoguePOTUSStaff
E.P.O.R.W @EPORW2🔁Top Mexican Democrat Calls For President Trump To Be ELIMINATED


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