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President Trump Edward Hazlett @EdwardHazlett4🔁 Thousands came to cheer President Trump in Duluth.
CNN @CNN🔁"Welcome to America": TIME magazine announces its new cover that shows President Trump and the two-year-old Honduran girl crying at the US-Mexico border
Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11🔁FBI agents who tried to prevent Trump from being President still have jobs

FBI agents who failed to thwart the Park land shooting despite multiple tips still have jobs

Massive firings must occur at every agency of government including the FBI

No one is above the law

Philip Rucker @PhilipRucker🔁A Trump quote for the ages: “You ever notice they always call the other side 'the elite.' The elite! Why are they eli te? I have a much better apartment than they do. I’m smarter than they are. I’m richer than they are. I became president and they didn’t.”
Pam @Pam46587145🔁"Welcome to America": TIME magazine announces its new cover that shows President Trump and the two-year-old Honduran girl crying at the US-Mexico border
SynchronusDaily @SynchronusDaily🔁I’ve asked the to send observers to investigate President Trump’s zero tolerance policy. These practices are a blatant violation of human rights and a stain on America.

Sweets🇺🇸 @SweetsGaloreXO🔁We had 22 yrs to fix illegal immigration

We had decades to fix North Korea

We had 31 yrs to update tax overhaul

We had 3 past presidents promise to make Jerusalem Capitol of Israel

Trump is the president who chose to solve problems instead of kick the can down road 👊💥

Zoë♌ @zoeeeharris🔁 I will never forgive y’all for making Trump President. NEVER.
wonder woman, est. 1984 @hollyAwoods🔁Mr. President your power to change the lives of people for the better is massive. We hope you will use it, not just for a few, but for many. How can many more people like Alice Johnson be considered? READ:
Ray Mast @RayMast4🔁President Trump has brutally exposed the Democratic Party’s utter hatred of America.

If there’s one group of people you shouldn’t mess with, it’s patriotic Americans.

I can’t wait for the midterm slaughter fest the GOP brings down on the blue ripple. 🇺🇸

Eugene W. White, Jr @Ewwjr53🔁You know Donald Trump is doing a DAMN good job as President when the mainstream media has to LIE about an existing immigration policy to make Trump look bad.

They literally played children crying on national television.

That’s a disgusting new level of desperate.

Brian Dwyer @buzzsaw88🔁NEW POLL Shows 54% of Americans Blame PARENTS Of Illegal Kids, NOT President Trump.
What caring parent sends their child w the cartels?
Open border groups are causing a crisis.
obama never changed the laws.
Trump will clean up another mess he left

John Pemberton @johnwp57🔁President Trump, who says he won't show up in court for a Robert Mueller subpoena, claims that we must detain immigrants indefinitely because they won't show up in court!

Doesn't that mean we should detain President Trump indefinitely?

AnnMarie @AnnMarieMck🔁"Go home to your mom, darling. Go home. Get him out of here. Out. Was that a man or a woman because he needs a haircut more than I do."

Last night, President dealt with a protester at his rally in Duluth, MN.

Ginger Lyn 💐 @Ginger_Lyn_66🔁President Trump has created total chaos. The administration has admitted it has no plans to reunite the more than 2,300 children taken from their parents. These families were torn apart without any idea how they would be put back together.
As Iam#17 @ivan_da17🔁President Trump drops the mic on the "Elite": "Why are they Elite? I have a much better apartment than they do. I'm smarter than they are. I'm richer than they are. I became President and they didn't."
Deb Whelchel @luvlaxmom🔁President Trump unveiled a new policy that depicts the world’s oceans as a resource ripe for expanded business opportunities, reversing the Obama administration's emphasis on protecting "vulnerable" marine environments.
Naton @NGPnerd🔁Sen. Bernie Sanders says President Trump's zero tolerance immigration policy shows Trump is thinking like an authoritarian who believes his anti-immigrant policies will help him win votes
Todd Zipprich @TZipprich🔁Melanie Trump made surprise visit to the child immigration center.
Did Michelle Obama ever visit the kids that were put in camps and cages when her husband was president
#WeAreSpokane @wearespokane🔁Until President Trump unwinds the damage caused by his reckless, hateful family separation policy, absolutely none of this is OK.

Those of us on the right side of history won’t back down, & we won’t stop raising our voices.

Estado 51, YA! (PR) @zurdo1405🔁Puerto Rico Gov. Rossello at the White House tells President Trump that Puerto Rico wants to be a state. “We want to be equal partners with the US,” he says. Trump jokingly responds that he’s sure Rossello can guarantee two GOP senators. Commends Rossello for hurricane efforts.
k @kwamp1🔁As of now, do you approve or disapprove of ’s job performance as President?

Do vote and retweet!!

janet davis @jldavisart🔁Why is it those who are supposed to be the creators of the law are sending letters to President Trump (who enforces their stupid laws) asking him to not follow the law? Like get off your ass and change the law. I'm speaking to you , , .
ak 🌻 @darkskindisi🔁I still remember going to sleep thinking “nah these people not that crazy imma wake up to Hillary being president” & when I seen the Trump snap filters in the morning................
Art Fransen @x187hntr🔁President Trump:
Gin and Tonic @g__and__t🔁“In the 26 blue states below, more white residents died than were born in 2016.”

This demographic data point is a racial exclamation point that has President & AG Sessions hysterically supporting policies that are both anti-immigrant & anti-family.

Gina Reed @lbj30🔁 A rodeo clown in the middle of nowhere wore an Obama mask and his life was ruined...
Missy Kowalewski @missykowalewsk🔁Canada’s goofy Prime Minster tried to attack President Trump over the Zero Tolerance law on the Southern border.
Turns out the Canucks use razor-wire fences and keep illegal immigrant children under surveillance by armed guards

JCW @JamesWynn14🔁JW filed a FOIA lawsuit asking the court to compel the Justice Dept to produce any & all text messages to or from DOJ official (and senior deputy for Special Counsel Robert Mueller) Andrew Weissmann regarding President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Dr. A @TheDrIsIn_Sane🔁On Wednesday afternoon, President Trump traded one border crisis for another: instead of separating immigrant children from their parents, the U.S. government will now detain moms and dads indefinitely alongside their sons and daughters:
Lisa 🇺🇸 @fupan26🔁Currently over half of the women & men sentenced to die in federal prison are for non-violent offenses. Mr. President, please use your voice to promote a proactive policy to end life without parole for non-violent offenses READ:
Kathy Adler @Kronk987🔁Trump’s Presidency in Numbers

— 4,600 dead in Puerto Rico

— 2,300 children separated from families

— 75 contacts w/ Russian operatives

— 3 Campaign Advisors pleaded guilty

— 1 Campaign Manager in jail

— 1 Nazi rally in Charlottesville

— 1 Fake President under investigation

Dave Randall @snow2112🔁Giuliani just revealed that Trump’s supposed willingness to testify to Mueller is a charade.

Only a subpoena is likely to bring about a timely interview with the President whose lawyers fear is either incapable of telling the truth, or that the truth is far too incriminating.

Tattoo4trump @tattoo4trump🔁Wonder why the DNC controlled broadcast media is hysterically blaming President Trump ( ) for Era images of caged children from a Bush era policy?

To try to make the (and calls to ) go away.

Cynthia ParkerWatson @CPWatson2🔁I introduced a clean bill today to allow immigrant families to stay together at the border. H.R. 6143. Why is Chuck Schumer preemptively opposing solutions like this?

Could it be because he’d rather talk about President Trump and politics than actually solve the problem?

FusionFitness @AlterEgoFusion1🔁JW found key docs showing Obama's State Dept under then-Secretary John Kerry put together & sent its own "dossier" with classified info on Russia to Senator Ben Cardin — their political ally in the Senate — in an effort to undermine President Trump.
Firefly @phyrefligh🔁Well then what's your solution? Anarchy does not work. Someone has to govern. President Trump is doing a great jo b. He has my trust.
Shelley M. @me_shelleylee🔁"Welcome to America." As thousands of immigrant children have been separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, 's July cover places the blame on President Trump.
Della Cooper @DellaCooper3🔁➡️📅 President Trump is coming to Nevada in just two days to fundraise for Senator Heller – for up to $50,000 per couple! We need our grassroots supporters to step up so we have the resources to fight back. Chip in now >>

The Observer @xxXCrossfireXxx🔁MSNBC and CNN gladly covered all of Richard 'Soros' Painter's frivolous (and failed) emoluments clause lawsuits against President Trump.

Why won't they talk about the BOMBSHELL RICO Suit filed against Hillary Clinton today!?

nellie @nelliefran🔁Hillary Clinton’s raised over $1.5 million to help kids separated from their families. She isn’t even president, and she’s doing more good than Trump ever has. But her emails my ass.
William D. Mizell Jr @mizelldeman🔁 President Trump RIPS Obama's 'Inhumane Treatment' of Migrant Children (VIDEO)
Trese @TheresaHagan6🔁Tucker on fox is upset that the trump Administration is being compared to the Nazis the way they are going about taking the kids, well Tucker you stupid fucker, Hitler called Jews animals, and your president, called undocumented immigrants, Animals, only diff is the mustache
Mikol MAGA 🇺🇸 @PSU1Philly1🔁It's obvious Twitter is not a Trump supporter, but they are crossing the line by supporting the rape of the President's son. What Fonda said was felonious and he needs to be charged. Twitter so far appears to be supporting Fonda's statements by inaction.
Ann Overton @butterflyann🔁Do people realize that Republican voters have been fed a steady diet of liberal-hating by Rush, Drudge, Fox, Breitbart, etc. and that NOTHING Trump (or any GOP president) does will deter them?
DeanLeh 🌊🌹❄️ @DeanLeh🔁More than 2,300 children were taken away from their moms and dads. We must not only , we need to reunite these children with their families. Unfortunately, President Trump’s executive order does nothing to help these children.
Tanya Waldeck @WaldeckTanya🔁GOP Rep. Mike Coffman called on Trump to fire Stephen Miller over controversy about migrant family separations: “The President should fire Stephen Miller now.This is a human rights mess. It is on the president to clean it up & fire the people responsible.”
Chase Carroll @politicalchase🔁JUST IN: Vast majority of Americans blame illegal immigrant parents for separation of their kids, not President Trump - Rasmussen
Halina Rohde @HalinaRohde🔁What a ridiculous question, you know that this immigration policy has been in place for many years, and President Tr ump is at least addressing the problem but whatever he does will only get criticism from the left.
Gary @garyehall24🔁To the tune of Sanford And Son:

🎵😆 His name is Donald
Donald, Donald, Donald Trump 🎵

🎵And he ain't no Bunk, like the former President🎵😆

🎵😆 He's gonna Make America Great Again🎵


Jim Williams @Gimpie41🔁Dear Democrats,

I would like to thank you.

Your hysterical overreaction to EVERYTHING is helping President Trump and Republicans tremendously.

You are driving more and more Americans to our side.


informed @danaraylwest🔁At least 10 states plan to sue the Trump administration over the separation of migrant children as a result of its "zero tolerance" policy at the U.S.-Mexico border and over President Trump’s latest executive order, which he says will end the separations.
Gaming_with_Daisi @GamingwithDaisi🔁Update: KIND’s full statement on President Trump’s Executive Order – “Trump Executive Order = Indefinite Detention of Immigrant Children and Their Families in Jail – like Conditions
Rae Gielau @RaeGielau9🔁 President trump congress stands down on imigration,bring in the military protect america now !!
Lakers @rfloresloves24🔁 BREAKING: President Trump is sending Melania Trump to the US-Mexico border, because he is too cowardly to go there himself!
marie @Memelct5🔁He did not cave! Number one this was not president Trump's bill it was President Clinton's bill in 1996 get it throug h your head MSNBC and CNN. Stop with the lies to the American people this is not president Trump's bill.
Amy Siskind @Amy_Siskind🔁This made my day:
"Chief District Judge Julie A. Robinson sanctioned Kobach — who led President Trump's voter fraud c ommission — by ordering him to take a legal class on the rules of evidence or procedure."
ThreatLevelMidnight @Real_Gaz🔁Children should not be made to suffer for the actions of their parents, President Trump has compassion for these Children, so does First Lady Melania Trump, who
On Thursday showed by Visiting a detention Center for Children in Texas

Donna Young @DonnaYoungDC🔁Here’s Trump’s public schedule for tomorrow. He’s giving another speech to the families of people murdered by unauthorized immigrants. (Public schedules don’t include all of a president’s activities.)
michele @NCcountrygirl10🔁With , our coalition of 11 states is asking the court to declare the President’s policy unconstitutional and order the Trump Administration to stop it immediately.
LogicRules @BigTexasSkyBlue🔁@The_Trump_Train @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @Varneyco You’re a complete liar like the president you so dearly worship.
Logan Workman🇺🇸 @logankworkman21🔁New Poll Shows OVERWHELMING Support for President Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” Policy:

By a 3 to 1 margin Americans overwhelmingly support President Trump’s decision to end “catch and release,” and support his “Zero Tolerance” policy.

Americans Have Spoken!

Sweets🇺🇸 @SweetsGaloreXO🔁Make no mistake, what Peter Fonda said about Barron Trump is what every vile elitist leftist wishes. This is the vermin, that is the left that is trying to lecture us that President Trump is deranged.

Yet, Peter Fonda wants Barron Trump in a cage with pedophiles?


Adnane Adnane @el_bijri🔁 Who is Dolly Gee, the judge deciding the fate of President Trump’s executive order?
Jo Warren @JoJoewwarren🔁Trump: Melania's jacket 'refers to the Fake News Media'
Rae Gielau @RaeGielau9🔁President trump congress stands down on imigration,bring in the military protect america now !!
victor a torres @victorres345🔁Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar warned her Republican colleagues that they need to push back forcefully against what she sees as caustic anti-immigrant rhetoric used by President Trump
tina louise bond @tinahodges50🔁Now that President Trump has created a trade war and issued tariffs against China, does that mean President Xi will revoke all of the trademarks for Ivanka's sweatshop operations in China?
Ken @1loveinme🔁 ❗️ it’s amazing president Obama is silence with regards to the hateful rhetoric the Democrats socialists and lib erals are aiming at President Trump and his family❓🤥
Forty Five @aneetacarol🔁This is a reminder that President Trump almost won Minnesota in 2016.

After the tax cuts, a booming economy, and low unemployment, Trump's map in 2020 is going to expand.


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