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President Trisha💕 @BialaTrisha🔁 JFKHS W.A.Y. PRESIDENT CANDIDATE
President patti barfield @pattibarfield🔁 President Trump names two more picks to fill the Federal Reserve Board
President @Bakocom🔁New CSUB president plans to boost grants, alumni pride #Bakersfield 📰
President Dimitri Pinenut @Bon2Pass🔁 DRC PRESIDENT Joseph Kabila sacks more than 250 judges over corruption and lack of law degrees.
Ana Navarro @ananavarro🔁Unstable Donald Trump, a man who always ends up lying and out of whack (he is not normal!) will go down as the WORST PRESIDENT in history, by far!
Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff🔁I have serious differences with James Comey over his handling of the email investigation, but on two points, I am in solid agreement: Donald Trump does not reflect the values of America and is morally unfit to be President.
CNN @CNN🔁"I don't think he's medically unfit to be President. I think he's morally unfit to be President."

Former FBI Direct or James Comey has his say on Donald Trump in his first interview since his firing

OPEN THE SERVERS @_pablo_noriega_🔁William Ruto was active in the YK92 - a paramilitary youthwing of President Moi responsible for intimidating opposition supporters through ethnic cleansing. He's now heaping praise on Ken Matiba- the man he helped torture, detain, and drive to penury. This guy has no morals.
ETG President @ETG_President🔁 Anyone else wondering why his steering wheel still upside down?
Mitchell Mignola @MitchellMignol1🔁You do know the one that has lied is James Comey and he is NOT the President. There is no comparison to what slick Willy did and what’s going on today. Oh and we do care Comey is lying. Glad the President fired him. 🔥
Connie Kirk @dookielou🔁"This president is not in command of himself. He’s obsessed with his own problems. He seethes with rage and resentment for all the world to view—and those emotions are visibly distorting his decision-making." on a president unfit to command:
Raj Shekhar @raj_shekhar2🔁My humble tributes to Bharat Ratna Dr. , our former President, great philosopher and statesman on his death anniversary.
Penny @pennydevo🔁Joe DiGenova on Hannity (paraphrasing):
Comey's job was to charge people with crimes and recommend that they be prosecuted. He abused that power to try to destroy the President of the United States. James Comey is a criminal and he should be charged.
☠️Frankenstein☠️ @faun_cee🔁 Jones for president🙏🏽🙏🏽
Freedom @FreedomServed🔁Great, and when you find actual criminal activity of the President feel free to contact the Assistant Attorney Genera l or the DNC
Pazqal Eriq Umehea @PazqalEriq🔁 I don't think Nigeria should elect any president in 2019, we need to be SINGLE for a few years and find ourselves.
George Ürkenidas @Urkenidas🔁it's almost like


man, I dunno, I dare not say it but


you know I know it sounds cuckoo bananapants but






our president is a Russian fuckmuppet

RobinMeade @robinlmeade🔁Here’s the fundamental problem, Mr. President: After 17 years at war in Afghanistan, 15 years in Iraq, and now 7 years of war in Syria, the mission is seldom accomplished. Something you should consider before embroiling us further.
Billie Thompson @BillieT57167192🔁Miguel Diaz-Canel is expected to succeed Raul Castro as president, becoming the first person to hold the office from outside the Castro family since the 1959 revolution.
Kirby Allen @kirbyallen00🔁Trump has arrived at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, per pool.

This is Trump's 144th day at a Trump property as president.

DCC Karbi Anglong @DCCKarbiAnglong🔁Hon'ble MP, Sri Biren Singh Engti, President, Karbi Anglong DCC is attending Mondal Congress Committee Meeting at Lan gpher MCC (Langpher MAC Constituency) today i.e. 17th April'2018
Common Sense @susan_sense🔁“I don’t understand how anyone can credit anything James Comey’s FBI did in that politically sensitive period” - reacts to the former FBI Director’s first TV interview since being fired by President Trump
The Mominatrixx 💙💙 #AutismAwareness @TheMominatrixx🔁In the age of President Trump and voter suppression, states must expand, not just protect, voting rights.

That’s why tomorrow I will sign into law among the most expansive Automatic Voter Registration policies in the nation to empower New Jerseyans to make their voices heard.

Mimi @PurpleCar_26🔁Sean Hannity makes $36 million per year.

He goes on air to tell people not to trust "elites."

He has the same lawyer as the President of the United States.

Karen Jacoby @KarenJacoby9🔁Obama’s ethics lawyer just gave Trump dreaded news about his Comey tweets. The top White House ethics lawyer under President Obama believes former FBI Director James Comey could sue Trump for libel – and that the case could be solid enough to win
Divergent @Divergent1USA🔁Her husband was proud war vet. Head of CIA - President.= bill was draft dodger president who got blowjob in oval offi ce while married to you. Yout family are hillbilly whore compared to the Bush family. Go away, quit destroying the honor of our country, Our country & our security
ETG President @ETG_President🔁 Going to this next one btw
NationalBizXtra @NationalBizXtra🔁Buhari to restore study of history in schools: President Muhammadu Buhari has acknowledged…
pradil @pinkiseyo🔁[TRANS] instagram update💄💕

“Put on KiraKira makeup during SKOOLOOKS. Photos expected from our Jeon President evelyndouma THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER CANT LIVE WITHOUT HER🤟🏻📸📸”

Olajide Bamidele @JideSpark🔁Dear UK please keep our President in your country until you hear from us, we like the peace we usually experience when he is in your country
ETG President @ETG_President🔁 Got chills seeing the stairs 😂? ?
Donna✝️ Trump 2020 🇺🇲 @babydudu70🔁There are 100s of books depicting President Trump as an excellent person and dozens as the Best President. Question is Why don't you know about them?
DonnaMartinNetherton @DonnaMartinNeth🔁It makes me extremely grateful when I think about everything Trump gave up in order to run for President with no pay, just for the love of his country & wanting to see a better place for his kids, grandkids & the rest of his fellow Americans.

Thank you, Donald Trump!

carl butcher @CarlCLBInsure1🔁Terry Turchie: "James 's higher loyalty is to his wallet at this point."
Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhiSays🔁The Supreme Court ruling diluting provisions of arrest in the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act comes in the backdrop of growing atrocities against Dalits & Adivasis across India.

Leaders from opposition parties will meet President Kovind this evening to share their concerns.

Juan Pablo Vázquez Cabrera @jpkalogeropoulo🔁“Trump is not morally fit to be President” is challenged by “Trump was elected President by the American people.”

Which raises deeper, more important questions that people don’t want to discuss.

Matt @NauluM🔁As Pompeo prepares to lead the State Department after being nominated by President Donald Trump, it is important to recall his role in the Benghazi investigation and the troubling legacy it left.

Laura Shirley🇺🇸 @IamSeerious🔁President Clinton had sex with an intern on the most famous desk in the world. I’d say that might be putting self-interest before country.
Lina D'Alimonte @AlimonteLina🔁 @HillaryClinton Hillary Clinton is the rightfully elected President of the United States.
MayoManchester @MayoManchester🔁 First Chamber Council meeting under our new Chamber President
Great to see new faces onboard representing Business Community
shell @ShellHuch🔁Anderson Cooper: "Have you ever heard the President lie?"

Republican lawmaker Jim Jordan: “I have not.”

Anderson Cooper: "Really?..."


Can we help Mr Parrish get some followers please. He is a MAGA Candidate for Governor in Minnesota. He voted, supported and donated to President Trump.

Kathy Sherrill @kathy_sherrill🔁WH continues remarkable effort of trying to distance Trump from Cohen. Hogan Gidley on says Cohen is one of “many” Trump lawyers. Earlier today, Sanders: “I believe they've still got some ongoing things, but the President has a large number of attorneys, as you know.”
John Lobanowski @72Lobanowski🔁If President Trump wants to address the humanitarian catastrophe that is the Syrian civil war, he should fulfill our obligation to accept refugees. We have admitted only ELEVEN Syrian refugees this year. Completely unacceptable!
C K @CK13697976🔁Shut up you corrupt, hypocritical, self serving liar. Obama spoke of me, my, and I, 90 percent of the time. Clinton used an intern as a humidor in the Oval Office. You probably helped try to undermine a duly elected president in Trump. You have no honor.
Yutang Sports @SportsYutang🔁Jennifer Xu, Vice President of IDG Asia, is delivering a speech at the Speaker's Corner of on the topic of 'New Opp ortunities for China’s Winter Sports Industry'.

drhug @drhug🔁.: "I'm going to make a prediction..I think Michael Cohen is going to be indicted in the next 90 days. I think those charges are going to be serious, carry decades in a federal penitentiary. I also predict w/in 6 mos..he's going to flip on the president"

rbrackette @rbrackette🔁I have serious differences with James Comey over his handling of the email investigation, but on two points, I am in solid agreement: Donald Trump does not reflect the values of America and is morally unfit to be President.
Richard @156Richard🔁To say impeachment would “short-circuit” the process is all wrong. It IS the process. Our Constitution couldn’t be clearer: We the People aren’t condemned to endure an abusive tyrant till the next election just because he was elected president. Even if the election was kosher.
Andrea Klembith @andrea_klembith🔁@PalmerReport @HillaryClinton Yep! She's still not president! Lock her up!
#WhatIsTrumpHiding @Powersource36🔁The first time President Obama met with his US Attorneys, he told us, “I appointed you but you don’t serve me. You serve the American people. And I expect you to act with independence & integrity.” None of us ever forgot that.
Kingdonomics @kingdonomics🔁Comey told Trump about the content of the Fake Dossier without telling him who paid for it. Common sense tells us he did this to exercise control over the POTUS. In other words, an appointed bureaucrat wanted to control the elected President of the USA & our country! Lock Him Up!
Mikayla Noelle @mikaaylaah🔁 Kris Jenner should be president just imagine all the shit that would get done
ETG President @ETG_President🔁 WEST ROCK ☺️
lanious hume @loader2451🔁President Trump Allies Worry Feds May Have Audio Recordings From Cohen R... via @YouTube
TW. @daissmemoon🔁LRT) The prosecutor for Dongho’s case was a woman who is the head prosecutor for woman and child abuse cases. She also mercilessly charged Lee Yountaek (a theater director whose friends with the president) with imprisonment for sexual abuse a few days earlier.
Tim Conway @tco465🔁 I remember the days when you used to say it was for the to take action without the approval of or without consul ting Congress major from our president now
DH Kim @emooky🔁I honestly don’t care if you don’t want teenagers involved in politics.

We didn’t want a bunch of angry old white men to decide our future and our president, but here we are.

Rhonda DuBose @RhoniDu🔁BREAKING: U.S. and Britain blame Russia for global cyber attack on government agencies, businesses and critical infrastructure operators.

TRANSLATION: Russia is not our friend and neither is our own treasonous president who is aiding and abetting them.

BaudiChimbishi @BaudiChimbishi🔁@eNCA @Wamagaisa This speech has just made Malema the next President of South Africa
mark forster @MFotster🔁Robert Mueller was never hired to investigate Russian Collusion or Russian Interference in the Election, he was hired simply to try and bring down the President...

He needs to go. I’ve had enough.

Temple Swift @TempleSwift🔁I find it hard to tell the difference between actual reality and the reality show.

Did the president's daughter who's a shoe designer that can't get a security clearance ... become the acting Secretary of State?!

Penny @pennydevo🔁Congratulations, Mr. President, on your record high approval rating of 51%! Your leadership is on display & your policies are working!
Kr Harper @KrHarper7🔁People label Michael Cohen as Donald Trump’s “fixer” now almost as a throwaway line.

Am I the only one still screaming that it is absolutely outrageous that a president of the United States even NEEDS a “fixer”?!

Berry @Sunybery🔁It appears President Buhari has forgotten that he is also among the past leaders of Nigeria because blaming past leaders for the country’s economic problems amounts to blaming himself. The negative foundation the likes of President Buhari laid caused the problems of the country.
marco @dayflyer🔁President Trump will come to regret the day he let the neocons take over his foreign policy.
showery sons @sonya_patel15🔁 Having Trump for a president makes Kanye for President 2020 a pretty decent sounding option
Terri @Terriat60🔁Best words: opportunity and unidentified.

“Another white collar lawyer has turned down the opportunity to represent President Donald Trump, citing an unidentified conflict.”

Congress(Hindus Enemy)mukt Karnataka🚩 @HomoSapein_v2_0🔁Listen to JKPCC president GA Mir who too suspects investigation is more revelations are tum motivated.As bling out,seems there’s more to ’s murder case than matches the honest,impartial probe is to be guaranteed!

Melina R. Bradshaw @MelinaRBradsha1🔁BREAKING: Michael Cohen just disclosed in court that his client who requested to remain unnamed is SEAN HANNITY.

TRANSLATION: The entire GOP, from its politicians to its propaganda ministers to its treasonous president, is one entangled web of corruption.

Mitchell Mignola @MitchellMignol1🔁Yeah, wasn't that about the same time that democrats pretended to be appalled by a "president" who repeatedly lied to them?
SEAN R.TREASURE @REALLYBILLYJACK🔁"The reason [James Comey] wrote his book is because he got fired, not because he thinks President Trump is untethered from the truth, not because President Trump's ties are too long, not because he thinks wears tanning bed goggles. IT'S BECAUSE HE GOT FIRED."


логинов владимир @S9ikK8bM2poOqCF🔁Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer is a thumb in the eye of President Trump, writes Clay Cane for
MeVs.Goverment @TeaPartyUprise🔁Sean Hannity is under brutal attack, not because he spoke to Michael Cohen, but because he is an ally to President Donald Trump.

Make no mistake, Mueller and the Deep State hate this man so much, they are going after anyone who even talks to the President.


Cyprine Murdder. @MurdderMurdder🔁Who knew that an old washed up reality television host, who has never really worked a day in his life, and relied on mafia/Russian ties to launder money, would not make a good President of the most powerful nation on Earth?
ThreeMonkeys AndMe @We3forDemocracy🔁Last week we looked at the system of checks and balances that stops (or fails to stop) the US president from sending the country to war without authorisation. But before we get too smug, it’s worth bearing in mind our system is demonstrably worse:
🌊🌊Blue Denym🌊🌊 @BlueDenym555🔁President Trump attacks Amazon repeatedly for "not paying taxes".

Amazon Pays sales taxes in 45 of 50 states.

Trump's retail website pays sales taxes in just 2 of 50 states.

BusinessWorld @bworldph🔁The decision voids the Watch List Orders against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and spouse Jose Miguel "Mike" T. Arroyo, as well as the Hold Departure Order against former PAGCOR chair Efrain Genuino. All were issued by then-Secretary of Justice Leila De Lima.
Apolinario @clavenilo🔁@mariaressa @rapplerdotcom She set a high standards for a public officials the rest cannot match especially the sitting President
A Smith @Brokenf8🔁Donald Trump signed an executive order that will force recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, Medicaid and low-income housing subsidies to find work or lose their assistance:
Damon Pursley @damon_pursley🔁Comey,says president trump is unfit to be president! He was unfit to run the FBI letting Hillary Clinton off Scott fr ee!!# very unfit
Tito Titus @gallerititotito🔁Good job, President George Bush.. That's quite a fire you lit.


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