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#PresMonson#PresMonson#PresMonson Jennifer Caro @fabuleuseJenTW🔁ning to live with Him forever.”
-Thomas S. Monson #PresMonson #LDS
#PresMonson skiiergirl @skiiergirl🔁 .@NelsonRussellM now makes his remarks. #PresMonson
#PresMonson Cory Swainston @coryswainston🔁Thinking about #PresMonson today.
#PresMonson LDS Happiness @LDSHappiness🔁We love you, President Monson 💙 #happinessfromprophets #presmonson
#PresMonson Dilan Lewis @dilanlewis_15🔁 .@EyringHB says #PresMonson loved this scripture in Isaiah chapter 58. #lds
#PresMonson Ben Arnold @Ben_AgeReverse🔁 We love you, President Monson 💙 #happinessfromprophets #presmonson
#PresMonson#PresMonson#PresMonson#PresMonson Champagne Pope @Champagnep0pe🔁 Here are photos of the funeral and graveside service of President @ThomasSMonson. #PresMonson
#PresMonson#PresMonson#PresMonson#PresMonson Mormon Newsroom @MormonNewsroom🔁Here are photos of the funeral and graveside service of President @ThomasSMonson. #PresMonson
KSL 5 TV @KSL5TV🔁I solemnly proclaim that was a prophet of God. He had the courage and kindness of a prophet. He lived as a prophet a twitter.com nd died as a prophet. -
KSL 5 TV @KSL5TV🔁Bells ring out as the funeral procession for passes the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City twitter.com
Ashley Dix @RainelishesVI🔁If you missed the funeral for President , you can watch it here youtu.be
Lori Jackson @ChoosingWisdom🔁In a 'selfie' world, President Monson modeled selflessness, LDS leaders say at funeral: deseretnews.com
avril lacroix @DasaniDarko🔁 I once saw #PresMonson at a Jazz game drinking diet coke. It gave me so much more confidence in making fun of BYU.
Nick Massagli @NMassagli🔁There are four speakers scheduled for 's funeral:
– Ann M. Dibb (his daughter)
– President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
– President Henry B. Eyring
– President Russell M. Nelson
Nick Massagli @NMassagli🔁I can already tell 's funeral will be peaceful and full of hope. I am so thankful for the gospel and the perspective it gives us regarding life and death.
Garry Wilmore @gwilmore🔁Catholic diocese of Salt Lake tolling Cathedral of the Madeleine
bells for ! What a beautiful tribute!

sila @silatee03🔁“We are all better because of him. And the Church is better because of him.” - Pres Nelson of his friend,
Jesi Fiso @jvfiso🔁MITT ROMNEY: 's was "someone whose life was eternal and unforgettable." attended today's funeral for "He lived the principles that he taught"
Jesi Fiso @jvfiso🔁Bells ring out as the funeral procession for passes the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City
WFG Impact @WFGImpact🔁"Ours is the to build, to lift, to , and indeed to " . “No one has learned the meaning of living until he has surre twitter.com ndered his ego to the service of his fellow man". God be with you till we meet again!
bethany @bethanyloraine1🔁A lot has happened in my life the last 10 years. has been my rock and a constant comfort through it all. He will for twitter.com ever be my hero. I love you ! ❤❤❤🔥🌻
Lindsay Pennington @Lpennington16🔁I surely loved our prophet and will miss him dearly. He was such a great example of love and service. I will continue twitter.com to cherish the teachings and stories he shared with us. I'm so happy he is back with his wife! Till we meet again!
SALT @ashleySALT94🔁Church News editor: How I came to know President Monson’s greatest gift deseretnews.com
Jamie Huston @GentlyHewStone🔁"In a world saturated with selfies, he personified selflessness," -- President Russell M. Nelson.

her-icane 🖤 @glittergirl_ct🔁I solemnly proclaim that was a prophet of God. He had the courage and kindness of a prophet. He lived as a prophet and died as a prophet. -
Tim Score CFP® @TimScoreCFP🔁“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.” Russell M. Nelson, quoting Pres. twitter.com Thomas S. Monson.
Tim Score CFP® @TimScoreCFP🔁“I love the Savior Jesus Christ, and I know that He loves me.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf, quoting Pres. Thomas S. Monson twitter.com
Tim Score CFP® @TimScoreCFP🔁“We do not need to be the president of the church to notice another’s need and paint a bright spot on our soul.” Ann twitter.com M. Dibb
#LDSWARD @LDSWARD🔁Hear the thoughts of some of those who attended the viewing of President
Shanna Jones @JonesShanna🔁 Code for service favor for #PresMonson: “How would you like to paint a bright spot on your soul today?” #SisDibb
Mormon Newsroom @MormonNewsroom🔁Here are a few special moments from Friday's funeral service for President . To read more, visit twitter.com
OMAC Ute @omac_ute🔁"I don't ever recall him giving me any political advice at all" MORE from about : “He recounted for me once a story about traveling with my father and how my father would lie down in the car to get a nap."
Frank Novak @frankjnovak🔁My guess is that is now visiting all the widows who’s husbands have not yet joined them in heaven. I will miss hi twitter.com m and his stories and ear wiggles.

Here is a stunning tribute to him from the Catholics who respected him dearly. Love this!

Steve Kinlichee @ciskinlichee🔁Today we said goodbye, for a brief moment, to an amazing man! Major kudos to my colleagues/friends at for the awe twitter.com some way they worked on covering a great man of God, and for airing the funeral! An honor to work with great talent!
Tad Walch @Tad_Walch🔁One I haven't seen mentioned these past 10 days: As an author, his books sold more than 1 million copies. twitter.com
Gavin Andrus @gavinlandrus🔁"Every day of our lives we are given opportunities to show love and kindness to those around us." twitter.com
Troy Beals @troy_beals🔁 #PresMonson's funeral looks just like the beginning of an #ldsconf session. <3 That's how many people are gathered.


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