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Pres Trump Drumpf Bot @automatedstench🔁Hello @realDonaldTrump do you still think that Pres. Obama tapped your phone in Trump Tower? #MAGA #POTUS #MAGA
Pres Trump NFL Live Stream @nflstreamslive🔁 Pres. Trump says tax bill with "massive" cuts is coming next week
Pres Trump vicki forrester @vickiforrester3🔁 @bfraser747 @SheriffClarke GOD BLESS PRES TRUMP!!!! @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
Pres Trump All City News Online @allcitynewson🔁Pres. Trump shrugs off 100 day benchmark...
Pres Trump Drumpf Bot @automatedstench🔁Hi @realDonaldTrump do you really believe that Pres. Obama tapped your phone in Trump Tower? #MAGA #POTUS #MAGA
Pres Trump Woman Voter @WomanVote🔁 Hillary Clinton warns LGBT progress may not be secure under Pres. Trump
ABC News Politics @ABCPolitics🔁Pres. Trump meets with freed Egyptian-American charity worker Aya Hijazi at the White House: “We are very happy to h ave Aya back home."
ABC News Politics @ABCPolitics🔁"Science not silence": Marchers in Philly, Cleveland take to the streets with chants and signs in support of science— and against Pres. Trump
Shadow Michael @shadey105🔁Pres Trump should ban it from American schools or Parents should stop sending thier kids to these schools. Home schooling will be better
James McG Barrow @JimmyMcCoo🔁Pres. Trump announces he will hold a "BIG" Pennsylvania rally marking his 100 days in office
Cassidy🤗 @__CassidyRae__🔁Pres Reagan was last greatest American President. I pray for Pres Trump to meet up to his expectations and even more
Shannon @KellyDetoni🔁We R so truly blessed 2 have Pres.Trump not Hillary or ALL of America would look like the pic on right~POTUS making America better daily~♡~😇
Kathleen @klove2223🔁"On behalf of the entire nation," Pres Trump pays tribute to Sgt First Class Alvaro Barrientos, pinning a Purple Heat to his lapel.
Honesty @gtzai🔁TRUST in United States
Pres.Trump nullifying what Obama did.Next Pres.Nullify what Trump is doing.Is trust & belief in US?
Robert David Graham @thebobweb🔁Queer gives Muslim Pres half a mil so he can rape little boys and have them call him Daddy. A FLAME THROWER might be appropriate punishment?
Vincent Shang @shang_vincent🔁Another glaring ex of Pres Trump saying one thing & doing another. Why aren't White House visitor logs being made public? What's he hiding?
RJSlama @RJS48Ford🔁I'm glad to see behind Pres Trump .i have the answer get rid of both party's and vote persons who want to make america great .
Anthony Bailey @dropbear008🔁How can Trump seriously claim no conflict of interest when membership at Mar-a-Lago doubles to $200K because he's the Pres & stays there?
Douglas Adams @pres_zaphod🔁Yesterday the UK had it's first 24-hour day w/o the use of coal since the industrial revolution.
Meanwhile..Trump says buy coal...or else.
sonya carter @ruth6625🔁Just 37% of Americans approve of Pres. Trump's proposed major changes in federal spending, new ABC/WaPo poll finds:
SWEETY @SWEETY16A🔁Pres Trump should ban it from American schools or Parents should stop sending thier kids to these schools. Home schoo ling will be better
Patrick McElroy @patrickmcelroy4🔁"Science not silence": Marchers in Philly, Cleveland take to the streets with chants and signs in support of science—and against Pres. Trump
Jason S. Capps, PhD @jasonscapps🔁To avoid further embarrassment for the USA, Deputy Pres. Jared Kushner should meet with world leaders, not Trump...
SWEETY @SWEETY16A🔁Pres TRUMP hasn't stopped working4almost a year now.Dems got no policies&what they give Pre Trump?Shit all.Iwished R ep doneTgeSameWithaobama
Buzzyanne 🇺🇸 @buzzyanne🔁 After a leisurely dinner out, 2 hrs 40 mins, joined by @IvankaTrump and @stevenmnuchin1, Pres & Mrs Trump return to WH.
Barb Trerice @barb_trerice🔁At this point, Pres. Obama was underwater with conservatives by 5 points; Trump is underwater with liberals by 79.
Buzzyanne 🇺🇸 @buzzyanne🔁 Pres and Mrs Trump having dinner out at Trump Intl Hotel a few blocks from the WH.
SEO Episodes @SeoEpisodes🔁Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent dined with Pres. Trump at White House last night and discussed federal policy.
Mary A. Koontz @MaryAKoontz🔁Pres. Trump's executive order was meant with great intentions. He may not realize the private sector has been hijacked and it will cost them
Yowza Libtard @YowzaLibtard🔁Science is the pursuit of truth for the public interest. Pres Trump can't dismiss this fact, or all those marching today
Rarc @rarcraanroca🔁Pres. Trump makes first visit as president to Walter Reed, awards Purple Heart to Army Sgt. Alvaro Barrientos
DCarter @ilivenla🔁But treat is as a joke and choose to support Pres Tragic's “save the coal jobs” lies
Wendy J Hilgendorf @DV8ByDesign🔁Pres.Trump & his staff are unbelievable. They don't know what Purple Heart is, & don't even have the respect & reverence to learn & prepare.
🐤 @bestcoastxo32🔁Pres. Trump could release his returns even if they are under audit, IRS says
Bonnie nettles @Bonnienettles1🔁Do some research, if you really want to know. It's not hard. Pres. Trump is for America and I am thankful for him. Ob ama worst in history
Bricktop🥛 @xlividx🔁Maybe Pres. Trump could do his job if baby Jared wasn't constantly telling Ivanka to ask her daddy for dreidels and yahmulkes for him.
caroline @lasdcrodriguez🔁Pres. Trump awards Purple Heart to Army Sgt. Alvaro Barrientos, who was recently wounded in Afghanistan
HarryB1120 @HarryB1120🔁@Impeach_D_Trump @SMShow Immediately? Do you really want to have Pence as Pres? Actions have consequences.
Michael W. Lee @MichaelWLee7🔁@foxnewspolitics I think it's time BP stops. Pres. Trump is lying his ass off; and sitting on CONSTITUTION; where's the outrage. Lied about
John Bugaj 󾓦 @john_bugaj🔁Pres. Trump has earned our trust, and he is briefed by tons more info., intel., and experienced consultants than 1,000,000 armchair warriors
vicki forrester @vickiforrester3🔁Pres. Trump announces he will hold a "BIG" Pennsylvania rally marking his 100 days in office
Bonnie nettles @Bonnienettles1🔁@MMaxime9 @JSmithAvenu @JackPosobiec Their is no disaster with Pres. Trump. He is America's hero! The best to happen to America.
meagan mangum @MangumMeagan🔁No need for Deputy SOS - Pres has divided State into 3 headed beast - Tillerson: Corp connex, Jared: *actual* SOS, Ivanka: Trump Org connex
DSS @dssinojuli🔁Brunell was a brilliantly articulate speaker on tv pro-Candidate Trump during the election.Pres. please hire a true asset!
Tit4tat @Tit4tat11🔁@SpeakerRyan Trump mess forcing BFF @jasoninthehouse out.Your not getting anything you want done. Impeach Trump -Its a win win Pres Pence
Mary Ellen Kuhi @KuhiMary🔁@France24_fr The fact that r fake Pres Donald Trump endorsed her shd b a warn 2 u all.If we r vulnerable 2 fascism so r u.He's scary&aliar
Deplorable Mel @MelinaCopper🔁@1USGreatAgain @2Alpha Didn't Pres Trump just sign a HB-1 bill?
Stephie @stephie_travels🔁 @DavidKirklandJr. My Top 3 Heroes of 2016:
Pres. Donald J. Trump
Sheriff David Clarke
Julian Assange
Dianna Lee Thomas @DiannaLeeThomas🔁@POTUS Thank you Pres. Trump for helping our military.
Eng Seng @EngSeng1977🔁It doesn't matter when what Pres. Trump and his admin. are doing have been positive so far🎉 They are FAKE news & we know it. Ignore them.
Kim A Schultz @kas1952kas🔁THANKS PRES TRUMP 'We are very happy to have Aya back home' @CNNPolitics
carla schultz @carlaschultz3🔁THANKS PRES TRUMP 'We are very happy to have Aya back home' @CNNPolitics Almost three years in an Egyptian prison
C @poppy4unme🔁@stranahan @Nobody_00000000 Some more of Obama's back door shady deals he failed to brief Pres.Trump on😤 why Pence felt compelled 2honor it?
Gilbert Meyns @GMeyns🔁So much for spurning the elites. Apparently Pres Trump confers with Mr Murdoch each week on political strategy.
Megan McKenzie @meganmckenzie94🔁People forget... US voters turned hard right after Reagan. Dems lost 3 Pres elections and then Congress in 94. Clinton's kept Dems in office
Stumzamelow @Stumzamelow2🔁North Korea threatens nuclear war ahead of Pres. Trump's meeting with the UN Security Council:
Trump @Trump95569216Prime_Politics_: 🔁 Pres. Trump Says 'Dreamers' Can 'Rest Easy' Because His Administration Is 'After the Criminals'


Attaullah Waziri @AttaullahWazir5🔁“He has committed an immense atrocity…against a fellow human being.”

Former Afghan Pres. Hamid Karzai’s msg to Trump after the MOAB strike:

Alphonso Mayfield @Pres_SEIU_FPSU🔁Anyone out there know who Frank A. Rodriguez of 47 Orchard Tower in Singapore, is? He's listed as a $25,000 Trump donor.
Alphonso Mayfield @Pres_SEIU_FPSU🔁Meet the man willing to spend millions to convince Elon Musk to dump Trump | Environment | The Guardian
787Blogger @787Blogger🔁Marco Rubio denies setting up secret Mar-a-Lago meeting between Pres. Trump and two former Colombian presidents:


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