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Austin @AustinTobak🔁 Pekka Rinne gets emotional talking about how he feels he let his #Preds teammates down in Game 7.
Tonya @TonyaWatwood🔁 Pekka Rinne gets emotional talking about how he feels he let his #Preds teammates down in Game 7.
#Preds Predators Report @predators_fanly🔁Friday's Dump & Chase: That's A Wrap #Preds fanly.link
#Preds Blinggotti @Blinggotti🔁 Proud of our #Preds! Great season!
#Preds Mama Malseed @auntwanne🔁Thank you Coach Lavi for a great season!!! Your #1 Fans!! #preds #NashvillePredators #StandWithUs
p-Nashville Predators @PredsNHL🔁GOAL!!! PK on the PP and the #Preds are on the board. #WPGvsNSH
Justin Bradford @justinbbradfordGiveaway time! Follow and 🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/994287503887732736" target="_blank">twitter.com n after Game 7.
p-Nashville Predators @PredsNHL🔁It was a historic season for your and one we won’t forget.

After a hard-fought seven games, the Jets come out on twitter.com top to take the series.


Dylan Sparks @ThDyldo_Baggins🔁Well I guess since the are done for the season, I will pull for Barry Trotz and the Capitals the rest of the way.

We had a regular season and set a few records. Hopefully D.P. will make some moves and get together an even better team next year.

y-Gerald & Crew TUC 1-3 #ItsPlayoffTime @G_Birdman2🔁Here’s what I got

1. As Lavy called it- “Fluky” Goals gave Jets control early.

2. down just 2-1 through most of 2nd- Credit WPG for strong Def. play not allowing NSH to push & engage crowd.

3. I’m heartbroken for this special group. They will rise again.

Taylor Potantus @BaylorBoBantus🔁 come to Rinne's defense after letdown in Game 7 - 's post game - penaltyboxradio.com
Cheryl Jones @CeeJoe🔁BELIEVE IT. Why after knocking off in surgical fashion, are now the Final Four team to beat:
Becca @SpocksTardis🔁Never gets easier losing in the playoffs. Going to need a few weeks and some cookie dough to mend this broken heart. Still love my 💛💙
Alexis Hartman @lexjadehart🔁P.K. Subban: “We have a lot of time now to think about it, to heal up and rest... We have to go train and rest and recover, get faster and stronger and better and be ready to win a championship next year."
Darrin Wright @darrinwright🔁The are the 9th Presidents Trophy winners in 10 seasons to not win the Stanley Cup.

There might not be a curse, but twitter.com that's certainly a discouraging stat.

(The Blackhawks won both in 2013)

PuckAgency @PuckAgency🔁Eeli Tolvanen and Miro Heiskanen are nominated for Young Player of the Year award in Europe.
offthepipehockey @PredsOffThePipe🔁What a year. #preds #stanleycupplayoffs2018 #standwithus


🎸 @CreepingDeath33🔁Still can’t believe it’s over #GolfWithUs #Preds
Jason Parish @jbirdtitan🔁I bet the wish they could play their home games at Bridgestone when they take on Vegas. I still cant believe the l twitter.com ost 3 out of 4 at home. Very disappointing.
Carrigan Hicks @carriganshicks🔁It was a historic season for your and one we won’t forget.

After a hard-fought seven games, the Jets come out on top to take the series.


Runner of the Woods @RunnerOTheWoods🔁How I feel about the #preds loss. #PredsvsJets #WinnipegJets #NashvillePredators #PekkaRinne twitter.com
sports are the worst @PredsandStuff🔁At least I don’t have to care anymore until next season, I guess? What a roller coaster of a postseason. Not how I envisioned it. #preds
Tres Winn @treswinn🔁What pisses me off though is the fact that players () are saying “we didn’t do enough.” No, you didn’t even show up twitter.com to attempt to do enough. It was an embarrassment.
Jeremy Keck @keckjm2🔁If you then
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Dave Shorr @daveshorr🔁This is the first playoff series in a long time where the opposing team’s fans weren’t assholes to me the whole time on Twitter. I want to see a Jets vs. Caps Stanley Cup Final. Winnipeg was just flat outstanding this whole series.

A Fan Named Donna ✌🌸 @asportsjunky🔁I 💛 PK, he's right, I've said it as well majority of losses were not on Pekka, but poor play in front of the net and twitter.com team never had consistent chemistry. Love the will look forward to a great year next season!
Blinggotti @Blinggotti🔁Even after tonight, it's been a great year for the . Can't take that Presidents' Trophy away! What a year!

Stacy Wray @StacyLWray🔁Love our #Preds & especially our goalie! Chin up guys....we’ll be back next year on the hunt for the cup! twitter.com
Dwayne Cecil @dwayne_cecil🔁🚨🏒 Who’s ready for a HUGE night in ‼️ GAME 7️⃣

We’ve got one more autographed TGA lid to give away - this one by the Roman Josi, Ryan Johansen & Viktor Arvidsson.

To enter just retweet, like & follow !

Gunter @cdgunter🔁Sooo what am I going to do until October? #Preds
Austin @AustinTobak🔁Tough end to the season for the . The Jets are obviously a phenomenal team and very well could go on to win the Stanley Cup.

But the fact is the 117 points and the Presidents’ Trophy will be an afterthought to this Preds season. The playoffs are what is remembered.

Austin @AustinTobak🔁The fall to the Jets in Game 7 as the summertime comes earlier than anyone had hoped for. What a season.

October will be here soon...

Austin @AustinTobak🔁Coach Laviolette says it was a difficult decision to pull Rinne, but felt he didn't have a lot of options: "We just tried to put a pause in the game and send it in a different direction."
Austin @AustinTobak🔁Coach Laviolette: "It's disappointing because we have such great fans here... It's tough when you have four home games and you end up losing a bunch of them."
Austin @AustinTobak🔁My final recap of 2017-18. Hope these and other pieces have helped to bring everyone a bit closer to the team.
dacosta jones-letto @dacosta94🔁Even do the continue & are in the of the battle of the gods that just took place was for me the cup twitter.com finals.
Joey 諝 @Hab_It_All🔁 PK Subban on Pekka Rinne: “I’m sick and tired of everyone going after him. Anyone who blames him doesn’t know hockey. When you look at the best goalies in the league, it’s him and Carey (Price)”
Hey guys it’s me (Dennis) @thecuzned🔁"No, he didn't let us down. He's been our best player all year."
- captain Roman Josi on Pekka Rinne's comments about feeling responsible for the Game 7 loss
Kevin Howard @KHo1998🔁 3-4 at home is just plain terrible in the playoffs. #Preds
Kevin Andrew Simpson @KS1MPSON🔁This morning feels like a champions of life morning for fans... extremely disappointed, and if you're not, you don't twitter.com want the cup bad enough, kind felt like they didn't either after this post season performance, sloppy play since the regular season ended.
BZ @TheRealBrettzky🔁Just curious why did Eeli Tolvanen not play 1 playoff game ? #Preds
NICK KAYAL @NickKayal🔁Today on Morning Drive w/
We react to the Game 7 Loss
830 -
900 -
Frank Seravalli @frank_seravalli🔁BELIEVE IT. Why after knocking off in surgical fashion, are now the Final Four team to beat: twitter.com
Saxon Dog @saxxondogg🔁It's the first ever game 7 at Bridgestone and I'm ready to scream and cheer our boys on to the third round! And just a reminder...Gary Busey + a goat = Patrik Laine.
Brian Sullivan @nashvillescoop🔁Giveaway time! Follow and RT to enter to win this prize pack including a hat, koozie, lanyard and decal. Winner chosen after Game 7.
Barry M Brown @barrymbrown2017🔁Complete choke job tonight in Nashville by our ! Jets won 3 of 7 games on the road! Rinne was awful. After Game 6 in Pittsburgh in 2017, Ryan Ellis said we needed "home ice" & he got it & scored 0 goals. Captain Josi, Ellis, Smith & Turris combined for 0 goals! 0 goals!
Jason Puhr @JasonWWMT🔁Disappointing ending, but a Fantastic season for the . As a fan from the start of the franchise, there’s never been a twitter.com better time to root for Nashville. Let’s learn from this series and be ready to bring it next season.
A Fan Named Donna ✌🌸 @asportsjunky🔁I'm trying to remember the positive and be thankful, but hard to feel good about losing out with such a talented team twitter.com , again a NSH team with expectations can't deliver. We need to be permanent underdogs. Still love the
Josh Tenerowicz @JoshTenerowicz🔁On a lighter note prior to Game 7: Scott Hartnell referred to linemate Ryan Hartman as "Hartsy" this morning. So it appears that identity crisis has not met its resolution yet.


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