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#Preds DiBa @ABIDEKAJ🔁 Of course. Outside the arena at fan fest. #Preds #Penguins
#Preds Bill Friedenreich @msufriedrice🔁@PredsNHL It was a great run! Until next season. #StandWithUs #preds #ShaveWithUs
Frankie Russo @FrankieRusso1🔁 Craig Smith looking like he got shot by a pistol. #Pens #Preds #StanleyCup
RGC @RandallCantrel4🔁 The #Preds didn't win the cup, but by God they made their mark -- on the @NHL & the world!
Frankie Russo @FrankieRusso1🔁 The giveaway to #Preds fans after this series...
#Preds Nashville Predators @PredsNHL🔁Even the U.S. military is rooting for the #Preds tonight. #StandWithUs
#Preds Nashville Predators @PredsNHL🔁SOON. #Preds #StandWithUs @NHLonNBCSports
Nashville Predators @PredsNHL🔁Last home game of the season. Let's bring a little extra today, what do you say?! #Preds #StandWithUs

Kaycee Grimes @kayceegrimes🔁"I'll take some time to pray about what's next. We'll see." - captain Mike Fisher on his future w/
Matt Newmark @NuConcept🔁@jasonfitz @BradenGall Speaking of disrespectful, #Preds 2017 preseason cup odds 18-1. They go to Final (convincingly) and it's 14-1 for 18?
Jason Harris @jhowardharris🔁No fancy terminology: the live puck was in the net ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #Preds #StanleyCup #Game6 #robbery
Costa Spilios @CostaSpilios🔁@TonyMarinaro Arguably, #Preds had the BEST 4 D-men playing in this series. But is was NOT enough! Offense & goal scoring matter more!
Johnny Kuchar III @JKuch5🔁What a great run @PredsNHL . It was a blast riding along that playoff run! Thanks! #Smashville #StanleyCup #Preds
cam :) @cammykay14🔁Nashville has set a new standard for Final hype. Big props to whole region for embracing , who put together an amazing run
J @JColon_10🔁Hey . You had a lot of people that never gave a crap about hockey, giving a crap about hockey. Myself included. Tough loss. Great year
Brooke @bminnoch🔁If the series would have been called fair, then fine. Obvious calls for the Pens in Pittsburgh ensured this series.
Frankie Russo @FrankieRusso1🔁Retweeted Justin Bradford (@justinbbradford):

The giveaway to #Preds fans after this series......

Frankie Russo @FrankieRusso1🔁Retweeted Justin Bradford (@justinbbradford):

The giveaway to #Preds fans after this series......

SqueeGir @squirrely81🔁Proof #Nashville is a #Hockey city. #NashvilleHockey see you next season #Preds
Frankie Russo @FrankieRusso1🔁Retweeted Peep (@PeepsBurgh):

Craig Smith looking like he got shot by a pistol. #Pens #Preds #StanleyCup...

Frankie Russo @FrankieRusso1🔁Retweeted Peep (@PeepsBurgh):

Craig Smith looking like he got shot by a pistol. #Pens #Preds #StanleyCup...

Jim Fournier @lyvewire🔁and then there was no tomorrow. Bruins fans know the feeling well Preds. Great playoff run
DrinkUp⍟ @HomeRunPucks🔁As much as i wanted the #Preds to win the cup...congrats to the #Pens! .... now...lets get this exciting off season started! #Leafs
Kristopher Martel @kmartel_sports🔁@SWhyno If he's back with the #Preds, I'd be genuinely shocked
Byron Merrill @ByronMerrill🔁"Pekka is our best player. And he was again tonight. Our goal doesn't count somehow... that's incredible."
- dman Ryan Ellis
Swaggy Z @zachmwright9🔁Imo: if Vegas takes Smith or Wilson, the expansion draft is a positive for the #Preds
4th Line Brawlers @BenchclearersHC🔁Sure, #Preds lost today and they're season ended. But I'm content with saying that they have some great guys in the locker room.
Playoff Beard GID @BenStancliff🔁 assistant Phil Housley, assistant Rick Tocchet and associate coach Todd Reirden seem to be top candidates for .
Byron Merrill @ByronMerrill🔁 Filip Forsberg: "It's so tough to see someone else's dream coming true in front of you and it's what you wanted too." #Preds
J. G. @wonkeydad🔁So proud of the and all the Admiral Alums on an unbelievable run and fantastic season!
Dan @DanInPittsburgh🔁The #Preds deserved the Cup right up until game 5 when they stopped scoring and the other team finished. #Penguins earned it and deserved it
Deanna Lambert @BrentwoodDeanna🔁These fans were shocked to learn it's not a party at Crockett Park tonight. at 7pm
Alec Shirer @bluenique62🔁 Girl, you an NHL ref?

Cuz every time I try to score you disallow it. #preds

Colby Collier @IPv4Freely🔁Blown away by this #preds team. Lets get healthy and make a run boys. Now to shift focus and bring another cup home to the @MightyDrunksNSH
Alison P. Cook @alisonpcook🔁"That's the reason why we're still here playing in June. It's not because of who we were, it's who we became." - HC Peter Laviolette
Jada @Jayduhc_🔁You can't even tell where the plaza starts. Incredible.
LadyDi @DianeStanley🔁If Mike Fisher retires…. who’s the next captain?
hedman for norris @heddytbl🔁 The #Preds fan cursing out Mike Milbury during a live hit on NBCSN just now: The real Conn Smythe winner.
Jared Clarkson @_JaredClarkson🔁Can't wait for the #StanleyCup to turn heel, stunner Crosby, and then be best friends with PK @PredsNHL #Preds
⚗⚡️Future Dr. Idassi @King1Of1Wakanda🔁Thank you for an amazing season . You changed an entire city. You'll always be remembered by .

Amy Black @amyblack🔁Glad to have spent the last night w/ the stunning ! 🤘- Esp instead of watching stunning loss. 😧
Samuel @SamFarmer_🔁Screw you, Kevin Pollock. You cost the #Preds a legit chance at the Stanley Cup. I hope the sound of your early whistle haunts you forever.
Solo Harry&Niall @JamesHoran33🔁Hey : we love you to no end. You've made your impression forever on the hockey world.
Jacob Dachtler @dachdaddy🔁 This. Is. Golden. #Preds


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