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T.D. Jakes @BishopJakes🔁Our prayers go out to grief stricken family members & students who find themselves victimized by another senseless c twitter.com rime. I'm asking all those close enough to go & support the families. Those further away seek ways to support during this deeply disturbing time.
The Ms T @6OnTheWay🔁My heart is heavy this morning, so tweeting about anything exciting/happy, etc is hard. In keeping w/ my countdown - twitter.com - only 200 days to . 💔🙏🏻
Patrick Peterson /P2 @P2🔁My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. Truly sad that these twitter.com mass shootings have become the norm!
Qasim Rashid, Esq. @MuslimIQ🔁I was a 16 year-old high school junior in Chicago when Columbine happened—we were shaken for weeks. I remember thinki twitter.com ng nothing could be worse.

I was wrong.

America's apathy is worse b/c it shows that 19 years later—Columbine taught us nothing.😓

morgan @MoRuth2🔁My heart is absolutely broken this morning. Seeing all the posts from students who watched their peers and teachers t twitter.com aken from them yesterday, right in front of their eyes. I can’t begin to imagine the pain and horror they’re feeling. I can’t even imagine man...
Pope Francis' Quotes @pope_francis_rc🔁15th February >> () Sends Condolences, Mourns Victims in School Shooting; Appeals Such Violence May Cease, twitter.com
Brielle Colavita @Brielleee_21🔁My heart breaks for these innocent lives that were lost in Florida due to...once again gun violence. When will Americ twitter.com a learn? RIP Angels, God has called you home ❤️
ProudBelieber💜💜 @jblove09🔁 praying for the victims and their families! Its so heartbreaking 💔😔 lots of love from Norway twitter.com
Harold García @Harold_Garcia2🔁You need Jesus to give you revelation. Obviously all those White House Prayer meetings aren’t helping you see the rea twitter.com l issue here.
becca works a lot @kingtouIouse🔁I’m so sorry you had to go through you and everyone who has ever experienced this is on my mind everyday. My heart i twitter.com s with you and the ones you lost. I’m so sorry.
Kelly @McKellFresh🔁Gun enthusiasts should start thinking of ways to fix this issue. Survivors of shootings are growing. And they’ll be v twitter.com oting.
Feb 19th 🎈🤩 @itskevonneliyah🔁I pray that each and every one of us stays safe in any environment we are in 🙏🏽 this world and the generation we ar twitter.com e in is so crazy and messed up, you never know if you’ll make it home from school. And I hate that we have to worry if we will. 😩 ❤️
SnakeMaster @BretPremuroso1🔁I'm raising money for For the Victims of Stoneman Douglas. Click to Donate: gofundme.com via Everyone please get the word ou twitter.com t. Trying to help out as much as possible.
Josh Williams @Brewmeisterjw🔁Thoughts with all those impacted by tragic events at Stoneman Douglas High School. How far have we fallen as a societ twitter.com y to where this has become the "norm"?
BIGDAN @BIGDAN54321🔁GM Fam. 🙏 twitter.com
Ronald Stevens @ronmus🔁I’m devastated and heartbroken over school shooting in Broward county. As a retired school administrator I completely twitter.com understand the constant challenges we face in keeping our schools safe.


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