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J5 @JordanMcCabe5🔁There have been 12 school shootings in the first 45 days of 2018, media cycles on these tragedies are only getting s twitter.com horter as though this is the new normal. This has to stop, we all must demand change reguardless of political views or affiliations.
Liam Cosgrove @liamcosgrove161🔁If even the students could predict this was going to happen why the hell didn’t police know and do something?? twitter.com
Grayson Hunter Goss @GraysonHunterG🔁My prayers go out to all the kids and families that were effected by this terrible incident. Such a tragedy... innoce twitter.com nt lives were lost.

School is supposed to be a safe place for kids to learn, now people are scared to even go.

DJ3 @derwinjames6🔁How sick of a person can you be to go shoot up a school with a bunch of innocent kids this has to stop prayers🙏🏾 to twitter.com all the family that’s been affected
Prayer Relay @PrayerRelayMvt🔁 RT : Posted my to what happened in , on my Channel. twitter.com
Prayer Relay @PrayerRelayMvt🔁 RT : Still shocked about what happened in , . twitter.com
Prayer Relay @PrayerRelayMvt🔁 This happens regularly in the “greatest” country in the world. Apparently your bullshit prayers aren’t helping twitter.com much.

🇩🇪 GerHDFanPage 🇩🇪 @GerHDFanPage🔁All our thoughts are in Florida

What happened to this world?

So many hate & violence....

This can't be real I'm s twitter.com o MAD AT THE WORLD

Hope all of our American especially Florida driver doing well. STAY STRONG

Donovan @DonOnDaMove🔁Medal detectors and armed gaurds would help handle the situation but we must start at the root which is how we are r twitter.com aised at home. Every year parents are getting more lenient with raising their kids not aware that it may be their child that might shoot up a school
ShaQ 🔴 @oehairdesign🔁My thoughts are with everyone in Florida. We’re living in a crazy world, with some absolutely heartless people twitter.com
🌸sam🌸 @sambow321🔁Prayers to all the families and students in Florida so sad that a day for celebrating love will forever be a horrific twitter.com reminder to the people that were involved.🙏🏼
blck88 @larrybaker34🔁RTF PRESENTS RioDaGreat-OnEDaY//OffIcIaLViDeO youtu.be via Chicago Snowboard Cross Baekyhun AR-15 tweets Lit tu twitter.com rnup
Linleigh Master @LinleighMaster🔁We might not be able to outlaw crazy but we can take a stand on and these awful guns wreaking havoc... twitter.com
Marisa Skittlez ^0^ @RisaSkittlez12🔁Seriously losing hope in this world. I'm sick and tired of hearing about this. Were not even a full 2 months into 201 twitter.com 8 and there's already been about 18 school shootings... wtf...

honeydip @staytruenancy🔁So many innocent people where killed today , on Ash Wednesday ................!:!:&££JANABSBNDJDKSJndbdnjs ☹️ twitter.com
Tatiana @tatidaparteira_🔁This world has too many cruel people in it, it’s so unfair to those good people whom are affected ... twitter.com 💔❤️🙏🙏🙁
Miri @clexalifestyle🔁My Heart is Broken to Heart about Florida. My thought and prayer are with all the teacher students, partens, siblings twitter.com , Family and friends.

faun★ @drowsyfaun🔁i might not live there anymore but florida will always be my home. i was born and raised 40 minutes from where it hap twitter.com pened and my heart is breaking at the news of the shooting.. stay strong.
hannah is sleeping @imtakinganap🔁The events in Florida are absolutely disgraceful. It’s completely heartbreaking to see the footage of the incident. I twitter.com hope the families of all those effected are getting all the support they need.
Antoni Noguera @AntoniNoguera🔁Oh, surprise! The shooter was a racist, reptile hunter and gun lover in a country where they sell ‘murica eagle brand twitter.com ed rounds.
RED ARMY @n0n0n0t0r0us🔁 Johnny bravos rapey cousin I got a good idea... Just a random thought do you think Gun control laws in America might twitter.com lower the amount of innocent people getting killed on your streets every day? tweeting your 'respect' isn't stopping the cunts. 💡
Lauren Metcalf @LaurenMetcalf2🔁Another school shooting in America! If you have a family and you hold guns within your house everyone should have a m twitter.com ental health check, kids as well! Praying for the families who lost their loved ones today! Very sad 😞
Haley @haley_amann🔁This is long, but there aren't enough words for what has happened. I know that this is just another post to add to t twitter.com he thousands of others, but I wanted to be able to support & speak out for my sister school. Never take a day for granted.

If you have a second-

blck88 @larrybaker34🔁RTF PRESENTS RioDaGreat-OnEDaY//OffIcIaLViDeO youtu.be via Chicago Snowboard Cross Baekyhun iPhone twitter twitter.com new turnup
el 💌 @shayla75325709🔁What happened at the Florida high school was so sad and disgusting. my condolences to the parents and the ones affect twitter.com ed that day. what has this world come to. 💔
Sal @Galliganryan12🔁The people in this world are starting to make no sense and have no morals. Makes me scared to raise a kid into this g twitter.com eneration of crazy lunatics. While there are still many good people. It seems the crazies are starting to let loose.
GrandSnob @GrandSnob🔁Why is an AR-15 even legal in the US? You can‘t use it for hunting or self-defence - it‘s a damn assault weapon twitter.com
Kardo Walker @kardowalker🔁We can't go back in time to prevent the deaths from school shootings but what we can do is learn to respect others a twitter.com nd treat people fairly. Remember, the kids who were the Columbine shooters were bullied too much to the point they snapped. Bullying is a problem.


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