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#Powerball A guy has no name @DAREALGOODMONEY🔁 Better luck next time. #Powerball
BG! @bubbasean3🔁 Who got that winning powerball ticket using my classic numbers!!??#Powerball
#Powerball Lo88o.com @Lo88oHQ🔁$758 Million #Powerball ticket sold in Chicopee
Kris @KrisIsWeird🔁 Here's the #Powerball winner. She plans to celebrate tonight by "hiding in my bed." #wcvb
#Powerball Hollywood Holler @HollywoodHoller🔁#Powerball Winner #MavisWanczyk’s Has a Touching & Heartbreaking Past hollywoodholler.com
#Powerball Beth Williams Liou @BWilliLiou🔁Thank you, @Reganonymous, for giving me the chance to save face after my shocking and surprising #Powerball loss.
#Powerball Nancy Sanders @NancySa45944060🔁 No, the #Powerball jackpot winner is not going back to work: skimmth.is #SkimmLife #QOTD
Mike Epps @TheRealMikeEpps🔁Who got that winning powerball ticket using my classic numbers!!??#Powerball
ABC News @ABC🔁JUST IN: Winning ticket for $758.7 million jackpot sold in Massachusetts; winner not yet identified twitter.com
Good Morning America @GMA🔁MORE: jackpot winner, Mavis Wanczyk says she chose the winning numbers based off family birthdays: twitter.com
Grayc 🇺🇸👌 @graycsam🔁 Kid Rock for Senate disses Racist Colin Kaepernick #maga #powerball #imwithkap pscp.tv
Mark @Bennyfranklin9🔁There should be an age limit on the #Powerball 18-30. Old people dont need 750 million but i do.
artforlittleartists @ArtForLittleArt🔁Morning! Well, I'm here, which means I didn't win . But that's OK because the weekend is almost here! Plan for a busy one!
Kane @Duskdiver🔁Crap. I missed the Powerball Jackpot by 1 # and 1 Powerball #. 1 more, and I wld've won $50,000 or $1 mill. At least twitter.com I won $100
zacktounsi @zacktounsi1🔁 A #Powerball ticket worth $1M sold at a #Sarasota Publix. Man....so close.
John Michael Murray @John_M_Murray🔁I could be alone on a G600 instead I'm covered in muffin crumbs on an airline with the slogan "less money more go" #powerball
Sandy Cheeks @sannndy_cheekz🔁✨You Might Not Have Won The But This Is Better Anyway 😉😘 RT TO Win Babe! 💕
Vancouver RE Group @VancouverREG🔁The latest The Vancouver Homes Daily by VREG! paper.li #ad #powerball
Formion Meldo @Neb_Neweol🔁Fox cut away from report on "life-threatening" for six minutes of "breaking news"
Bahga @BubleBiba🔁God didn't want me to win tonight's bec he's going to bless me with that billion on Saturday. I see you working God
Cassius Clay MMA @cassiusclay_mma🔁The #Powerball is so racist....
Kacper Killian @KacperCov🔁Watching Ireland's Wild Coast on @PBS website. If only I had won the #Powerball ...
LottoGopher @LottoGopher🔁At LottoGopher, you are always at the front of the line. Order , & online at twitter.com
Mr.Na$ty Da $lut God @Oakland73rd🔁Fuck the government if you win the lottery they take more than half your winnings #Powerball
Rell @noreil_🔁 How is America in debt but yet have 758 million dollars to give away? 🤔
Dana Murphy @PolarRose7🔁No luck with ? You still could some Lip Balm! FOLLOW and RT to enter our 8/29 .


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