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Frank Brown @frankbrown96071🔁 Stacey Abrams discusses #PowerRising18 and more on #PoliticsNation.
Reverend Al Sharpton @TheRevAl🔁Stacey Abrams discusses #PowerRising18 and more on #PoliticsNation.
#PowerRising18 Black Caucus News @caucusalerts🔁 He Promised Me - Bebe Winans open.spotify.com #powerrising18
#PowerRising18 Loki @AdalinaCMerello🔁 The Honorable Mayor @KeishaBottoms welcomes us to Atlanta..
Tom D'Angora @TomDangora🔁While Trump was being devisive and Bernie was blaming others for his campaigns involvement with Russia, One woman gav twitter.com e quietly to . She gave $25,000 because she believes in the power of Black women rising. Who was that woman?
City of Atlanta, GA @Cityofatlanta🔁Mayor welcomes over 400 attendees of the Summit to the City of Atlanta. "Your voices are being heard and your powe twitter.com r is being felt across this city."
C.G. @_colldoll🔁One woman gave quietly to . She gave $25,000 because she believes in the power of Black women rising. Who was that woman? !
A'shanti F. Gholar @AshantiGholar🔁Part of the discussion at was supporting Black women running for office. Here is a guide to help. If you want to run twitter.com for office, let train you!
HigherHeights @HigherHeights🔁Check out our latest report with on the status of Black women in American politics higherheightsleadershipfund.org href="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/968290496610275328" target="_blank">twitter.com
Sara Finney-Johnson @sarafj57🔁Thk u @HillaryClinton !! #ImStillWithHer #PowerRising18 twitter.com
Tanisha E. Lockett @tanishalockett🔁Wow. I’ll cherish this always. With at today.
Kercena Dozier @KerseWords🔁At , told the story of someone calling her “too ambitious” in a negative way. Her experiences ring true for many of us who do the work but are denied leadership. On top of that, we have to be twice as ambitious to be respected, trusted and listened to.
Democracy In Color @DemocracyColor🔁"Back our leaders, elevate our issues, and put our voting strength in the center of a multiracial coalition that can twitter.com take back our country. Ignore us and risk alienating the very voters needed to win."
Ali Dieng @diengali🔁Another great day connecting with the real people of . Thank you ward 7 for welcoming in your neighborhoods and home twitter.com s
Rejane F @Frederc10🔁The thanks are ALL mine, Alicia! You and the life-saving work that you continue to undertake were often thought of an twitter.com d evoked by many during the summit. Eternally grateful and committed!
PowerRising @PowerRising18🔁The numbers are in!

In four days we reached 9,405,717 people on social media -- that’s nearly 10 Million! Is it rea twitter.com l?! Our only response in a clip!

Rejane F @Frederc10🔁This is AMAZING! A perfect action item to add to 's agenda - recruit at least five black people to participate in th twitter.com e survey. Takes only 15 minutes!
TeeJay Dowe @TeeJayDowe🔁So excited to be speaking tonight at the Florida Power Team! Join us for an exciting session of uplifting our young p twitter.com eople to recognize how powerful and successful they are and can be!


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