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Randall dick @ContructiveMess🔁 A simple plea to Drew Pomeranz.
Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN🔁Drew Pomeranz is finished after 12 batters. 4-1, Astros.
pomeranz ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo🔁Good news for Red Sox and Yankees fans? Your team has stoppers on the mound today in CC Sabathia and Drew Pomeranz.
pomeranz Robert Alvis @robertalvis🔁 Uh oh. Pomeranz is hitting things again. #Athletics
Dan Shaughnessy @Dan_Shaughnessy🔁The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Porcello, Price, Sale, Pomeranz.
Started Gms 1 and 2 of ALDS last 2 yr
14.2 IP, 21 ER, 9 HR, 26 hits
Hernan de Jesus @DeJesus_tweets🔁 I understand there's a lot of anger with the manager, but isn't this on Sale, Pomeranz and the rest of the #RedSox players?
Damian Andres @daandres7🔁Astros Game 2 lineup vs. Pomeranz: Springer CF, Bregman 3B, Altuve 2B, Correa SS, Gattis DH, Reddick RF, Gurriel 1B, Gonzalez LF, McCann C.
Dan Roche @RochieWBZ🔁I understand there's a lot of anger with the manager, but isn't this on Sale, Pomeranz and the rest of the #RedSox players?
BRAD-STEVENS-SZN @FortRutledge🔁Sale/Pomeranz/Power Righty/Healthy Price/Porcello is not an awful rotation. Reed/Thornburg/Kelly/Smith/Abad/Scott/Kimbrel works as a pen.
Hal Pomeranz @hal_pomeranz🔁Massive amcache file format update coming! AmcacheParser has your back! INSANE new detail! Sharks with lasers!
Benny the Jet @bennyjet34🔁for sure, but you also probably won't get this kind of a year from Sale/Pomeranz/Erod again. Just a bit locked in w/ little ways to improve
Anthony Gemma @gemmstone27🔁If I'm dombrowski I'm trading bogaerts, JBJ, and pomeranz before the first snowflakes fall this winter this team is an absolute joke
Rick NoCollusion @RickOsborne2🔁@Whofan70 @LouMerloni If they had a couple more run producers maybe Sale/Pomeranz have something left for playoffs.
Derekszman013 @derekSzczepanek🔁@JPark3r45 @seannybboi @SmittyOnMLB If Dombriwski was so smart he would have had Pomeranz included in the Kimbrel trade.
Marwin's HR Stare @atxeddie🔁Every Astro starter has at least 2 hits in the series. That's incredible with Sale and Pomeranz as opposing starters.
chalupa batman @chode12345🔁Good news for Red Sox and Yankees fans? Your team has stoppers on the mound today in CC Sabathia and Drew Pomeranz.
Scott Ingram @IngramScott8🔁@tonycfa Sox don't have enough SP depth-Pomeranz way overrated & signing Price was a joke (Price too sensitive to handle Boston Media/Fans).
Chris Henderson @OneRedSeat2004🔁@jcmccaffrey Astros fans are cocky. They gave standing ovations to Sale and Pomeranz. Hope the Indians shut them up.
Jacob @houstonfan00🔁 "Pomeranz has pitched so well against the Astros" 😂 he took the dub against our triple-a guys
Dan Kennett @DanKennett🔁@BogarMoreno30 Bullpen is fine. Rotation should have been sale, price, porcello, Wright, pomeranz but shit happens. Astros are brutal.
Dale Armbruster @DaleArmbruster🔁@OHearne_5 "Pomeranz is good" ... Call me before you start partying next time, bud.
Ashley @shley87a🔁@BillSimmons The other is a closer and who is the third? (Would have been Pomeranz before today for me...)
Arch Stanton @FactoryOfSadnss🔁 This is good and lasts almost as long as Drew Pomeranz did.

Justin Rebello @JustinDRebello🔁@LouMerloni @AlexReimer1 So annoying how Farrell made Sale and Pomeranz stink and told the lineup to not score runs.
The Vision @chrissekulo🔁@DonnieCollinsTT Ok? Sale has not been great in the second half and Pomeranz has had a velocity dip.
Donnie Collins @DonnieCollinsTT🔁@chrissekulo They beat up on chris sale and drew Pomeranz.
Boston Sports Rage @BOSsportsrage🔁My offer to the Marlins for Stanton:

JBJ, Pomeranz, Hanley and the entire farm system.

Pat OHearne @OHearne_5🔁@DaleArmbruster Pomeranz is good but it doesn't help when the Cy Young winner loses 17 games. He's only there cause everyone else choked
Robert Lee @RealEstateRobL🔁@Chappy_11 Bullpen wasn't hurt.. Sale and pomeranz never hurt what's their excuse to getting rocked
Pete Packowski @Pete_BBS🔁@Jordan_BBS Right. Sale and Price are locks, IMO. I guess Pomeranz too, but you can't rely on him. Everyone else is open season.
Chris Beckham @DatDudeCB3🔁@kevin_travis25 Yeah, they had to win one of these away games. When they lost yesterday I was not liking our chances with Drew Pomeranz.
Dale Armbruster @DaleArmbruster🔁@OHearne_5 I agree for the most part. You just can't enter a series where Drew freaking Pomeranz is your must win starter.
Stephen Campagnone @scamp2121🔁@TaralloGary Brutal I can't watch them anymore. Pomeranz went 2 innings today, 2 fucking innings. Gross
Bill Robinson🤘🏻🏀 @billyr09🔁 Pomeranz is 6th starter of 10 overall not to even complete 4 innings this postseason. #Redsox
Will C @will_e_777🔁what I heard about him from others in the Rockies clubhouse, Pomeranz was real ALDShole
Alex Sandoval @LEXthePEX🔁Struggled lately although last start vs Astros was good. I still would feel doom with that thought after Sale and Pom eranz got smashed.
Slothy G @guarinovilar🔁 Drew Pomeranz: The Playoff Disaster
Dan Lifshatz @DanLifshatz🔁Drew Pomeranz: The Playoff Disaster
Valdir ;-$ @PssDollaBoyz🔁I knew Pomeranz was going to get hit around, the guy sucks. Red Sox made a huge mistake not undoing that trade
Matt @M_Ramey🔁Saw it coming. Pomeranz didn’t give us any depth to get into our bullpen. Price pitched more than he should have. Smi th walked 2 and left
Beige Caulk @MCLA91🔁Uninspiring, but this series is not his fault, Sale awful, Pomeranz awful, No offense because John Henry was too chea p to get Encarnacion
Evan in Mira Mesa @DatDudeEDub🔁Guess the #Padres won the Pomeranz trade am I right?
Astrolifer @johnnyghelp🔁Absolutely loved watching Pomeranz tear up the dugout like a 10 year old after we shelled his ass in 3rd inning.
Joshua T Carley @joshuatcarley🔁The hit an MLB-best .277 and slugged .481 against high pitches in 2017. Drew Pomeranz found that out the hard way vs Carlos Correa.
H-TOWN PRIDE @LandofVer🔁"Pomeranz has pitched so well against the Astros" 😂 he took the dub against our triple-a guys
Uncle Drew @PauloQuavo🔁@BostonStrong_34 Not his fault Pomeranz and Sale shriveled up. Not his fault ERod is mediocre and streaky. Not his fault Nunez got hurt
nick goodwin @_buenavictoria🔁@AjCapotrio i mean sale, price, porcello, pomeranz, fister *shouldve* been tight. but. ya know.
Scott Munro @KiltedMoose🔁@martingorman7 Yeah, they’re a good team but they miss some power in the lineup. Not sure I would have pulled Pomeranz so quickly.
Nick Santos @sant0s21🔁@swAGNO_ And so did Drew Pomeranz
Kiaan Fayaz @kiaanfayaz🔁Pomeranz, Price & Rodriguez appearing in a post-season game by the 6th means you have the most stacked staff ever or shit has hit the fan
Zac Simoneau @zacsimoneau🔁Get Martinez and trade away “good” guys for Stanton. Keep sale but lose pomeranz
James Hamidy @Jimsox511🔁@JGuilbault11 Obviously pomeranz and sale are far superior pitchers but fister matches up better with this Astros team.
Go Pats @redsoxchimp🔁@BostonStrong_34 Not sure he is gone. Sale and Pomeranz pitched awful. We need a HR guy. This series has not been his fault
Pat Henson @arquimedezpozo🔁@OverTheMonster What about pomeranz and sales sept led you to believe they would be good? Drew can't throw in the 90's anymore.
John Farrell 0-6 @RedsoxMookie🔁Never seen a manager pitch his whole rotation in two games. Sale Porcello Pomeranz Price Erod.I truly believe there is something wrong w him
EPB @elysianparkball🔁Sale was a wildcard coming in to his first postseason with mixed results lately, and Pomeranz no one should have real ly trusted
Joe Elwell @justjoedesign🔁This series is on Mookie, Bogey, Pedey, Benny, Hanley, Sale Pomeranz and Farrell. Price, you actually did fine. #RedSox
Matthew Kory @mattymatty2000🔁If I told you Chris Sale Drew Pomeranz Eduardo Rodriguez Addison Reed and Carson Smith were shit how would you think this series would go?
Tom Cammalleri @Broncfan07🔁@keithlaw Are you sure? Looking at the score, it seems Pomeranz stopped the Red Sox from winning.
Stephen Sears @Evenflow226🔁We imagined Sale/Price/Porcello as the top 3 in March. We got Sale/Pomeranz/Fister. Also, doesn't help that they can't hit.
Zac Simoneau @zacsimoneau🔁Restart and retry next year. Trade price, porcello, pedroia, Hanley, bogaerts, Bradley, pomeranz, Erod. Yeah his team doesn’t amount to shit
Kaleb Estes @kalebestes🔁 Drew Pomeranz is finished after 12 batters. 4-1, Astros.
Bill Simmons @BillSimmons🔁This is good and lasts almost as long as Drew Pomeranz did.

James Hamidy @Jimsox511🔁@rossmandoo12 @LouMerloni Game 3 ok. Over fister. Not over pomeranz.
James Hamidy @Jimsox511🔁@AdamFriedman9 @LouMerloni Who cares how much money he makes. It was a terrible contract. Pomeranz was our best starter down the stretch.
Michael @fdrnewdeal🔁the silver lining in all of this. Sale, Price, Pomeranz, Rodriguez, Poercello is a hell of a 2018 rotation.
Ross Crowell @rossmandoo12🔁Some good that did him today. Pomeranz style doesn't suit well in small park.price firing bullets lately, just not re ady I guess.
Tim @Sole0526🔁Boston's two starters _ Sale and Pomeranz _ combined numbers in first 2 games against Houston: 7 innings, 11 runs (14.14 ERA), 14 hits, 5 HR
hektor @hectorbass🔁 Red Sox probably going to be blaming #Padres for that two-run homer Pomeranz just served up to Correia
Fake Kaplan @realfakekaplan🔁4/ Pomeranz had been really bad for awhile. Glad we rocked him early. He's not locating his breaking ball, making his fastball murderable.
C @Benintendibase🔁((This is a bit sarcastic cause those fans were benign classless to Pomeranz))
C @Benintendibase🔁Wow Pomeranz and Keuchel got the same standing ovation
James Hamidy @Jimsox511🔁@rossmandoo12 @LouMerloni Why? Pomeranz was our best starter down the stretch
James Hamidy @Jimsox511🔁@AdamFriedman9 @LouMerloni Pomeranz was our best pitcher down the stretch, why wouldn't you want him starting this game?
Hub Happenings @HubHappenings🔁@RedSox "aces" in ALDS Games over past 2 yrs: 14.2 IP, 21 ER. Sale & Pomeranz match Porcello & Price suck for suck @PeteAbe @TonyMassarotti


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