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Marcus @YourBoySlade🔁 Tune in to understand why this #taxbill is a disaster right now via #PoliticsNation
Reverend Al Sharpton @TheRevAl🔁I do believe that grace will see us through, not regular grace, but AMAZING grace. Thanks for tuning in to twitter.com this morning.
Reverend Al Sharpton @TheRevAl🔁Closing out #PoliticsNation this morning, the struggle continues.
Reverend Al Sharpton @TheRevAl🔁Getting the scoop on the #AlabamaSenateElection from MSNBC's Alex Wald. #PoliticsNation
zaril🐍 @Zarill955🔁 President Trump donated his salary👍
1st quarter-Antietam National Battlefield

2nd quarter-Department of Education to host science, technology, engineering, and math camps for children

3rd quarter-HSS To Help Fight Opioid Epidemic

Keystone Speculator @KeySpeculator🔁 report reaction is explained simply at keystonethescribe.blogspot.com twitter.com
Chris11962 @Chris11962🔁“Meet the Press” was never the same after Tim Russert passed away. Gregory & Todd are just rabid libs, pushing propag twitter.com anda for the DNC, just like the rest of the Leftie MSM. The show became unwatchable long ago. Evangelical Republican
Joey Allen Tucker @joeyallentucker🔁 I live in Alabama & I am a supporter of a Godly man who has withstood the lies of the left & the Establishment right,I am a Proud Voter for the Next Senator from Alabama,The Honorable Judge Roy Moore!
Jason Killingsworth @Jayson510🔁 This pic is going to upset so please RT for eternity.
SuperbBeatmaker @TheOnlySB_🔁Listen to Thanksgiving Special- Episode 16 by The Sharp TakeOver on twitter.com
Candor Schatz @candorschatz🔁Things in USA are going to pot. That's probably because it's been legalized in more states.


RogueTrumpLeaks @rogueTrumpleaks🔁With all his whining about , here's another tweet POTUS wants to delete today

Evangelical Republican
twitter.com Meet the Press

Jason Killingsworth @Jayson510🔁

1.5 years debate & 163 Republican amendments to Obamacare.

Republican was passed, in 4 hours, with no debate.

Andrew Goldstein🌹 @AndrewMakeTweet🔁Doctors and other health professionals of #SundayMorning #PoliticsNation #AMJoy twitter.com
barry angel @KV2BARRY🔁Finland: the only country where fathers spend more time with kids than mothers theguardian.com twitter.com
impala @pahl_brighteyes🔁in case you don't read it, the short version is, americans got f*cked by 45 again. twitter.com
Grillin G @bigshowfishin🔁 fat ass thankfully not on much anymore


bonnie kipperman @BonnieKipperman🔁 @IRdotnet @realDonaldTrump "ANTI-AMERICAN PRESIDENT LED AMERICA INTO THE HANDS OF RUSSA"
#SundayMorning #politicsnation
Colleen Grotti @colleengrott🔁How would you like to be sleeping on a cold winter night & have someone legally shoot you for sport? That’s what happ twitter.com ened to this hibernating bear thanks to Trump rolling back bill protecting them.
SC: PacboyBeats808 @PacboyBeats808🔁#PoliticsNation more followers please
cov @911covfefe🔁 Trump
(History Reimagined : Trump Hypocrisy in Action)
The Scene - Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009
The Of twitter.com fense - President Obama says, "President Bush wasn't born in America"
The Speedy Rush to "Justice" - 🔽
jeffg @jerseyjeff88🔁 I saw this trending I thought Al paid his taxes and asked for forgiveness from the Jewish community for all his past twitter.com anti-Semitic comments, oh well there's always next Sunday
Jacques @jacquesbot42🔁Oh me to. #PoliticsNation
Hermit @hermitme1🔁 There is soooo much wrong with what I just heard!!! So, if they think this was a norm back then... So, they trying make all this mess okay for today!!!!! Heck nawl!!!! what else is okay lynching blacks!? When will it stop! So much wrong!!! 😲
James Thompson @JETBallin🔁I do believe that grace will see us through, not regular grace, but AMAZING grace. Thanks for tuning in to this morning.


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